Headphone buying tips


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Headphone buying tips

  1. 1. What Headphones to choose?Shopping for new headphones can be overwhelming, its a good idea to go over what you think youwill use your new headphones on. This article will go over some of the different types of headphonesthat you can purchase and why they are different. More and more types and sizes of headphones arepopping up all the time. A good idea is to find what headphone type fits you best.So you decided you want a new set of headphones but exactly what are quality headphones just foryou? Knowing what you will be using them for is a nice first step.Ok, so do you want to use your headphones mostly in your house, airplane, outside, at work? Theirare many options to explore.The following paragraphs will go over the main types of headphones available right now.When you purchase a new ipod or mp3 player a lot of times you will get earbud headphones. On theother side there are quality earbuds that can outperform a lot of full-size headphones.Earbuds can come as clips though most come with different sizes that fit in your ear.Positives - Earbuds are great for blocking outside noises and they are also great if you travel a lot.Theyre the best for traveling for sure.Downsides - Sound quality in particular bass response is usually not to the standard of largerheadsets, possible discomfort after extended use, putting something into the ear canal can beuncomfortable for some people; two cables increase chance of wire tangling.If youre really an active person have a look at the active or sports style headphones. They usually gobehind your neck or clip-on and make it easier to workout.These sports headphones are a lot of times earbuds. They could have a neck band or a headbandthat goes over the head. Some models have clips that secure to the ear itself with small speakerssitting over the entire ear.These headphones are almost always of an open backed design so as not to block out all the ambientnoise, which will hopefully lead to less danger of being hit by a car while jogging.Positive aspects - Sports style headphones dont get caught up in earings, hair etc. They also areusually secure for running and designed to hear more outside sounds.CONS - They might lack in high audio quality compared to the other styles and types of headphones.Semi-open headphones - These headphones are not like full-size headphones where they usually siton the out ears and dont fully cup the ears.Positives - Comfortable, less overheating of the ears than full-sized phones; some fold for easytransport.Negatives - A lot of times the sound escapes more, which is not as good outside of the house.Circumaural Headphones (Full-Sized Headphones) - Headphones that fit more fully around the earsand cup the ears more, these isolate and protect sound more.Positive aspects - Usually have better bass and loudness. They also black out noise better than otherheadphones.
  2. 2. Reasons against - They are more bulkier and dont travel around as nice, they can also make yourears sweat more and might be more uncomfortable after awhile.Those are some of the more popular styes of headphones to choose from, hopefully this informationwill help you think about what type of headphone would be best for you.Happy listening.Have a look at many more of the best headphones.