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Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire
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Repurpose Your Content, Build Your Empire


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Discover how to use content you already have to bulk up your funnel. If you’re growing your business, you probably have a book idea or a book in progress. Why wait until it’s finished to start sharing …

Discover how to use content you already have to bulk up your funnel. If you’re growing your business, you probably have a book idea or a book in progress. Why wait until it’s finished to start sharing your content with the world? Instead, repurpose that content for social media; licensing to websites and print publications; publishing e-books; and creating apps. This session is designed to help you get your content into formats that build your platform and increase your visibility.

Brooke Warner is the founder of Warner Coaching Inc., publisher of She Writes Press, and author of What’s Your Book?

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • ----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:29) -----How many of you here want to write a book? How many of you feel really clear about your content.Tie in Stedman's talk.
  • Harnessing your content. Value of your content goes way beyond your blog posts, social media strategy, and engaging videos.  Today’s entrepreneurs are media publishers like CNN, The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.  Content needs to reflect this and be focused on engaging readers. The key is providing value to your readers. Think about the way in which you browse headlines and consume media and emulate until you have it down.----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:29) -----value of having a content strategy.
  • As entrepreneurs, most of us are so busy that it can be hard either to focus or to follow through on our top-of-the-funnel products. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs who have so many ideas they don’t know where to start, or they’re so overwhelmed and busy that they know they’re supposed to be doing X, Y, & Z but other aspects of the business are making them more money. ----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:29) -----What are some of the products that you currently have at the top of your funnel?
  • Take a look at your content and ask a few questions about where all your energies are going. Red—every day priorityOrange—every week or monthly — talk about PinterestYellow—longer-term goals
  • The thing about the boxes you saw in the previous slide is that the yellow in fact should be getting our highest priority. Remember, yellow for gold—and also for most people’s lowest priority.The long-term content goals are your money-makers and your calling cards. Legitimacy, speaking gigs, visibility, etc.Client or personal example here—WriteTip Tuesdays on Facebook. By the time your readers get their hands on your book they’re not going to remember that you posted something similar on FB last year. ----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:41) -----Shift into talking about overwhelm here. Reframing the way you think about content and making your content work for you.A common strategy is to blog and to turn that content into a book. But starting with the book can make more sense. Book will be attended to. Book has more gravitas; more at stake. Expression. — reference Stedman—a book can be a way to articulate your identity.
  • What is creation vs. repurposing. How to prioritize what to do. Start by practicing. Take an existing blog post and turn it into five to ten social media posts. Lots of young talented students who can excerpt from existing writing.Transcribers are cheap, and you can usually hire them to do this work as well.Sample client—RUTH—who recently turned her chakra articles into an ebook.----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:41) -----Identify what freewriting is and what it means.
  • Intro to my products.My book; a CD—repurposed from a class I taught; contributed to an e-book. If you don’t have an opportunity to do something like this in your own field, consider creating an anthology.
  • You are your content—and therefore the practical piece of this presentation has to do with this ongoing idea of thinking like a publisher and making your content and your writing stand out.The importance of titles and headlines. For most of you, it’s going to be important to just be straightforward. Say what it is. We are offering how-to’s.----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:41) -----Branding and identity.Thinking like a publisher.You have to have good content.
  • Same goes for images and graphics. Don’t do a blog post without one. Again, work with a graphic designer. I had this image made for just $200, and I’m using it on my new site and on Pinterest. The media has picked it up and reprinted it in various places because people love how to graphics. Where graphics are concerned, for a service-based biz—1. infographics2. tutorials3. useful info and how-to's—image w text overlay with a direct link to a blog post. drop poeple off at a place that addresses what you're promising.4. How to images—How To directly to youtube5. Pin videos from youtube.
  • Sample free reports—both of these are free downloads. Me and Judi Snyder, who I want to thank for graciously allowing me to use her very compelling front page here.----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:41) -----Is Your Money Your Honey: Read Now to Discover your perfect Match—by Judi Snyder.
  • For those of you working on a book, keep doing that. Remember, the long-term content goals are goal. You can turn over your work-in-progress to someone else, or extract your shorter pieces yourself. Hugely important to have FOR-SALE items at the top of your funnel. They shouldn’t all be give-aways. ----- Meeting Notes (7/30/12 19:41) -----passive income.
  • Transcript

    1. Repurpose YourContent, BuildYour EmpireBrooke WarnerTable 61Warner Coaching
    2. You Are Your ContentContent is any creativework: Text Graphics Images Audio VideoContent is the driving forcebehind every product at thetop of your funnel.Entrepreneurs are media publishers, sothink like a publisher.
    3. Who’s Brooke Warner?• Former Executive Editor at a major tradepublishing house.•13 years in the book publishing industry.• Founder of Warner Coaching Inc, coachingwriters to publication since 2007.• Publisher of She Writes Press, a brand new self-publishing company for women writers.• Author of What’s Your Book: A Step-by-Step Guideto Get You from Inspiration to Published Author.• Motivated entrepreneur.
    4. What’s at the Top of Your Funnel?Top-of-the-funnel content-driven products/giveaways: Free reports E-books Videos Audio/mp3s Social media strategy “Generosity is the new currency.”
    5. Assess Your Content Priorities What’s getting most of your time and effort?EVERY DAY: Facebook Twitter EVERY WEEK or MONTHLY:  Blog posts Google+  Articles  Videos  New pins for Pinterest 2 MONTHS - 1 YEAR:  E-books  Print books  Audio series
    6. Build Your Empire Strategically1. Long-term content goals are gold. “We hear 24562. Don’t be afraid of repetition—your messages a day;customers have short memories and we recall 56 ofaverage retention. those vaguely, 24 of them we can3. Do an inventory of your existing actuallycontent, and start MY CONTENT folder. remember; we act on 4.”4. Set aside time each week to mapout your blogs and social media postsand then don’t think about it again.
    7. Manage Overwhelm—Repurpose Focus on creation—repurpose and/or outsource the rest.• Write your own social mediaposts but don’t post them.• Turn your free-writing over tosomeone else to create blog &social media posts.• Hire someone to turn your free-writing, webinars, or free calls intoan e-book. Until you prioritize your long-term content goals, your short-term content will hijack all your time.
    8. Your Products Send a Message
    9. Titles & Headlines• Use Google Adwords Keyword Search• Look for results between 10K-100K hits.• Use titles that are being actively searched.• Use title enhacers: Easy ways to… Cheapest solutions… Best ways to… Call to action Fastest solutions… Provocative question
    10. Images & Graphics• Work with professionaldesigners, not templates• Invest in stock images    • Use infographics• Remember, think like apublisher
    11. Start with What You Already HaveUse your book in progress tocreate an e-book or a freereport.Hire someone to transcribe awebinar or online class.Create an e-book or a cheapdownload of your mostpopular blog posts.Ask Brooke to help you brainstorm one contentstrategy to implement after Alumni—and then commit!