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  • 1. Power YourPeople Power Your Business Leadership and Talent Consulting
  • 2. Talentis NoT JusT an HR issue.
  • 3. CEOs rank talent as the most important challenge behind business growth - The Conference Board CEO Challenge Strategy for managing talent ranks #1 on the CEO agenda - PricewaterhouseCoopers 14th Annual Global CEO Survey Up to 25% of high potentials plan to leave their jobs in the next year, compared to 10% five years ago - Corporate Leadership Council SurveyIt’s a CEo IssuE. Korn/Ferry International 1
  • 4. Talent Drives Business Performance Korn/Ferry is the industry leader in leadership and talent consulting Successful organizational change requires strong leadership and talent. However, recruiting the right people is only the beginning. To sustain a high level of business performance, organizations must be able to continuously adapt and change due to today’s volatile, complex, and ambiguous market dynamics. Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting helps organizations link their people strategy to their business strategy. And that is the ultimate competitive advantage.2 Korn/Ferry International
  • 5. Largest global footprint u More than 300 worldwide professionals with u Expert qualifications based on our clients’ deep expertise in leadership, talent, and needs—from decades of consulting organizations experience with C-level clients, to Ph. D. rigor to support our research, to an extensive u A global client roster from more than bench of consultants with top government 20 countries including a third of the security clearance Fortune 100 u Proprietary intellectual capital and core u More than a dozen leadership, talent, content delivered in eight main languages, and organizational assessment options with additional capabilities in 11 other administered by our global survey and languages assessment centers Broad leadership and talentDeep content and expertise consulting solutions u Capabilities rooted in a common language In addition to Korn/Ferry’s deep heritage as of talent leveraging the well-regarded the world leader in executive recruitment, our Lominger competency framework, based on Consulting team serves Boards, CEOs, CHROs, scientifically-validated research CLOs, and EVPs, as well as heads of OD and u Market leadership in research and tools Talent Management with a full suite of solutions: to assess, identify, and develop learning u Board Effectiveness agility—the single best predictor of high potential u CEO & Top Team Effectiveness u Industry expertise in all major sectors u Integrated Talent Management including Consumer/Retail, Technology, u Organization Transformation Financial Services, Industrial, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Higher Education, and u Leadership Development the U.S. Government & Enterprise Learning We Are Talent Korn/Ferry International 3
  • 6. Board Effectiveness Korn/Ferry focuses on the behavioral aspects of boardroom performance to help boards of directors improve strategic decision making, manage risk, and establish independent oversight of company results. More Effective Board Decisions Board and CEO succession A wide variety of research suggests that most boards do not devote sufficient time to succession for the top leadership team. Korn/Ferry partners with boards and CEOs to assess their members’ and the senior leadership team’s capabilities and establish succession plans to support stable and orderly transitions. Board alignment Effective boardroom work demands a shared vision and understanding of a company’s strategic direction, key competitive issues, and business priorities, as well as a clear articulation of the board’s role in driving corporate growth and market success. Our rigorous methodologies help boards align around these critical objectives. Governance model To truly lead and influence as a board member requires a keen understanding of regulatory requirements and the associated business risk. Korn/Ferry assesses for strengths and gaps that may impact the board’s ability to effectively govern the organization and mitigate risk. Board composition An effective board combines breadth and depth of skills and varied perspectives to provide strong governance and meet its obligations to shareholders. Our board assessment and recruitment capabilities focus on maintaining appropriate and diverse board composition. Team effectiveness With a deep understanding of the characteristics of high-performing teams, we use several approaches including Team Architect® to bring clarity to the complex dynamics of teamwork, enabling the board to fulfill its role.4 Korn/Ferry International
  • 7. CEo & Top Team Effectiveness Working directly with CEOs and their top executive teams, Korn/Ferry consultants help clients improve alignment on strategic direction, position the right people in the right roles, and build the leadership capabilities necessary to deliver sustained business results. Collaborative andCapable Executives Executive capability Acknowledged by Fast Company as the “Mayo Clinic” of executive development, Korn/Ferry’s Chief Executive InstituteSM and Executive to Leader Institute® are two core elements of an extensive portfolio of approaches designed to accelerate the capabilities and effectiveness of senior leaders. Top team succession Research shows two-thirds of global companies do not have disciplined and meaningful processes for finding and nurturing the next generation of executives. Leveraging a suite of approaches to assess for learning agility—the single most reliable indicator of high- potential—Korn/Ferry is the industry leader in identifying and in grooming high-potential talent for succession, a critical driver for sustained organizational performance. Strategic alignment Using rigorous, research-based methods, we help executive teams articulate and prioritize their strategic initiatives, align roles and accountabilities with business strategies and operating structure, and discern the organization’s tolerance for risk in order to achieve essential goals. Structure and governance To operate effectively and seamlessly, senior teams need an appropriate work structure and governance model. Are the right people in the right positions? Are the management routines appropriate and efficient? We help senior teams assess structural and decision- making issues and navigate toward more effective governance. Collaboration and culture change Diagnosing top team cultural issues is delicate work. Our experts bring out the best in individuals and teams to help synchronize their vision, mission, and goals to provide inspiring and focused leadership to the enterprise. Korn/Ferry International 5
  • 8. Integrated Talent Management Korn/Ferry helps CEOs and CHROs to design and implement integrated talent processes that are aligned with strategy and leverage our deep portfolio of research-based methodologies to effectively differentiate talent. sustainable Talent Processes Strategic alignment Successful talent strategies are aligned with business needs, future-focused, and drive integrated talent processes. We help organizations articulate their unique combination of organizational capabilities and create an action plan that addresses gaps in workforce needs and supply.  Talent processes A common behavioral language is critical for integrated talent processes to successfully support talent strategies. Using our Lominger-based processes and product offerings we help organizations integrate talent processes focused on acquisition; performance management; development; rewards and recognition; succession management and deployment; and engagement.  Effective implementation Four enablers support the effectiveness of talent processes:  Technology, Talent Management Governance, Culture, and Change Management/Agility.  Technology. Integrating all talent information results in effective, data-based decisions. Korn/Ferry helps clients decide which talent management technology to use and how to implement, optimize, and sustain full cycle implementation. Talent Management Governance. An effective TM governance framework facilitates efficiency and mobility across geographies and businesses. We partner with clients to determine the right balance of consistency and control while maintaining agility for quick adjustment to business demands. Culture. Talent processes are most successful when they fit within the culture. Our proprietary, research-based tools are used to diagnose organizational culture and align it with talent processes and strategy. Change Management/Agility. Successful and durable process change requires a structured yet agile approach. Our change management model helps lead organizations through their transformation to drive improved thinking and behavior.6 Korn/Ferry International
  • 9. organization Transformation Using world-class, science-based methodologies, Korn/Ferry consultants dig deep into a client’s organizational DNA to help their people, teams, and culture become more adaptable to change and sustain their transformation. Adaptability and ExecutionStrategic alignment and communicationLeveraging our Strategic Effectiveness Architect® approach, we help clients establish ashared vision for change, which is critical to mobilizing resources so they can perform,adapt, and grow in times of constant volatility.Execution leadershipThe right people with the right leadership competencies are required to translate strategyinto results. The foundation of our reputation is based on identifying the right leaders toexecute on organizational goals.Organization designConstructing the right organizational framework to align talent and strategy is an essentialfoundation for sustainable change. We design organizational structures that bring out thebest in leaders and their teams.Culture changeInspiration and engagement are at the root of successful cultural change. Our structuredTalent Engagement Architect™ approach to employee engagement helps clients alignbehaviors and actions in support of a new culture and environment.Organizational agilityCreating the conditions necessary to adapt and thrive during the “change journey” startswith leadership that is agile enough to react quickly to opportunities and disruptions. Wehelp organizations improve their agility through the differentiated development of theirpeople and systems. Korn/Ferry International 7
  • 10. Leadership Development & Enterprise Learning Korn/Ferry is one of the world’s top consulting firms for leadership development.We have maintained this ranking by successfully helping clients identify and develop their next generation of leaders into global, strategic, and results-driven people, while fostering a culture of learning. A Pipeline ofPrepared Leaders High-potential development Less than one-third of high performers are high potentials. Korn/Ferry helps organizations segment their talent using a portfolio of assessments including the recently launched viaEDGE™ individual assessment of learning agility. High-potential development is then built into the organization’s business strategy to support internal succession planning and overall business performance. Expedited leadership development Whether the client need is a customized solution or a menu-based approach such as Korn/Ferry NavigatorTM, our leadership development and enterprise learning programs offer a comprehensive range of options to advance the pace of development implemented in the client’s preferred learning mode. Accelerated technical leadership Talent development in critical business functions such as sales and business development is also part of the Korn/Ferry enterprise learning suite of capabilities. Culture and organization change Creating a learning culture requires purposeful change management. Korn/Ferry’s learning programs are designed to systematically engage an organization’s talent in the learning process.8 Korn/Ferry International
  • 11. Ranked top 3 in LeadershipDevelopment by LeadershipExcellence, three consecutive yearsAwarded China HR ConsultingFirm of the Year, two consecutiveyearsSelected as Bersin & AssociatesLearning Leader, 2011One in three top-rankedbusiness schools rely onKorn/Ferry to develop their leadershipcurriculum Korn/Ferry International 9
  • 12. Case studies Board Effectiveness Global resources company Challenge: This Fortune 50 company sought to strengthen its overall board performance. Solution: Korn/Ferry conducted a review of competence gaps within the current board and recommended specific competencies to look for when recruiting new board members. Key developmental feedback was delivered to existing members to help strengthen their individual performance and impact, and our consultants recommended changes to key operating and governance procedures to enhance board/management team dynamics. Outcome: This review resulted in: targeted board member recruitment as part of planned and ongoing strategic board renewal; chairman coaching of remaining board members; and specific development with the CEO and management team to change operating dynamics and improve board engagement with company issues. CEo & Top Team Effectiveness Top five pharmaceutical firm Challenge: This top five pharmaceutical company was in the midst of fast growth and culture change after the acquisition/merger of two businesses. Retention and development of top senior talent was a major issue. Solution: Korn/Ferry provided talent acquisition services for top global positions, and onboarding and senior team effectiveness services to key global executives. Outcome: External hiring of senior talent fell by 57percent, and data concerning quality and retention of external hires, as well as trust measures of the senior team, increased significantly.10 Korn/Ferry International
  • 13. Integrated Talent ManagementGlobal internet technology firmChallenge: This leading global Internet technology company needed aconsistent executive coaching program for high-potential directors and VPs.They also sought to accelerate the adoption of a new strategic leadershipmodel.Solution: Korn/Ferry provided coaching that prioritized specific competency-linked behaviors. Each executive’s progress was measured in initial, midpoint,and final evaluations.Outcome: Significant behavioral improvement in 90 percent of the coachedexecutives was observed, and alignment of coaching with strategy led to moreeffective measurement of individual improvement.organization TransformationLeading nuclear energy providerChallenge: This nuclear energy client needed a rigorous succession plan andintegrated talent management processes in preparation for the retirement of amajority of its workforce.Solution: Korn/Ferry created new performance management processes toidentify future leaders and critical skills gaps, aligned the business and talentmanagement strategies, and recruited critically needed managers.Outcome: The leadership model is now tied to the business strategy,targeted recruitment goals have been met for key positions, and there is asuccession planning system in place to develop future leaders.Leadership Development & Enterprise LearningTop 20 university and medical centerChallenge: This institution wanted to build leadership skills across theuniversity and medical center, with a focus on cultivating the next-generationof academic leaders.Solution: Korn/Ferry provided executive assessment and feedback sessionsfor top leaders, and designed a Leadership Academy program of workshopson three themes: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Institution.Outcome: This school was recently ranked by Leadership Excellencemagazine as the 11th top university for leadership development; its U.S. Newsrankings have risen by eight since the start of our partnership. Korn/Ferry International 11
  • 14. The Korn/Ferry story The beginning Today 1969: A year of innovation The premier global provider of talent In a global time of political, military, cultural, and management solutions inflationary turbulence, the year 1969 had several For more than four decades, Korn/Ferry has important milestones in world history. established industry leadership through a deep understanding of people, culture, organizational Man landed on the moon. A UCLA programmer dynamics, and business strategy. transmitted the first digital message over an emerging network dubbed the Internet. And, on Today, we have evolved from our roots as the November 14, 1969, two young entrepreneurs world’s top ranked executive search firm to being with a shared vision pooled their resources to known as a trusted advisor delivering a wide range establish a firm focused on delivering leadership of premier talent management solutions. We to top organizations around the world. Stepping have elevated talent management to a business into virtually uncharted territory, Lester Korn and discipline, infusing unique and proprietary Richard Ferry founded Korn/Ferry International, science-based methodologies and approaches and a new industry was born. to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients, including: u Board Effectiveness u CEO & Top Team Effectiveness u Integrated Talent Management u Organization Transformation u Leadership Development & Enterprise Learning u Recruitment12 Korn/Ferry International
  • 15. As a result, organizations globally turn to AlwaysKorn/Ferry to support their most complex humancapital challenges—from finding their next CEO, A world-class leadership advisor andto cultivating critical leadership capabilities, employerto enhancing efficiency through recruitment As an innovative industry leader, we know thatprocess outsourcing. despite all technological advances of the pastIt is a responsibility we take seriously and work decades, it is people who will always makeevery day to meet with unsurpassed results and business work.integrity. We work closely with our clients to attract, deploy, develop, and reward the very best talent around the globe. We apply these same exacting standards with our own people, striving to be the premier career destination in the industry. Korn/Ferry International 13
  • 16. Asia Pacific +65 6224 3111 EMEA +44 20 7024 9000 Latin America +55 11 2114 2222 North America +1 416 365 1841 Lominger Global Products and solutions +1 952 542 1466www.kornferry.com | www.lominger.com | www.kornferryinstitute.com 0112LTCBRO