Warm Gun: Evolution & The Central 6 Traits that Make Consumers Tick (and CLICK!)


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Geoffrey Miller, Author, “Spent” & “The Mating Mind”

Warm Gun: the 1-day conference about measurable design

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Warm Gun: Evolution & The Central 6 Traits that Make Consumers Tick (and CLICK!)

  1. Evolution and Consumption<br />Geoffrey Miller<br />Evolutionary Psychology <br />University of New Mexico<br />gfmiller@unm.edu<br />
  2. Conspicuous consumption: Display elite wealth & taste?<br />
  3. But no elites in prehistory …<br />
  4. Evolutionary consumer psychology<br />
  5. Products<br />Practical: survival commodities<br />Pleasure premium: private vices<br />Display premium: everything else<br />
  6. ‘Consumption’ ‘Display’<br />
  7. Displays to:<br />Attract mates<br />Deter rivals<br />Impress parents<br />
  8. Display principles<br />Conspicuous:<br /><ul><li>cost (size, materials, energy, time)
  9. precision (typicality, symmetry, repetition, fit, finish)
  10. creativity (novelty, utility, symbolism)
  11. reputation (status, fame, brand)</li></li></ul><li>Central Six mental traits<br /><ul><li>Intelligence
  12. Openness
  13. Conscientiousness
  14. Agreeableness
  15. Stability
  16. Extraversion</li></ul>All are:<br /><ul><li>Ancient across species
  17. Genetically heritable
  18. Stable across life & cultures
  19. Attractive to mates, friends, kin
  20. Judged & measured accurately</li></li></ul><li>Intelligence<br />Verbal, spatial, social, emotional<br />Bumper stickers:<br />+ A PBS mind in a Fox news world <br />+ Sane, paululumlinguaeLatinaedico<br /><ul><li>TV is gooder than books
  21. Mommy says I’m special</li></li></ul><li>Openness<br />Novelty, fantasy, aesthetics, liberalism, globalism<br />Bumper stickers:<br />+I like it sloppy and weird<br />+ Legalize freedom<br /><ul><li>If God didn’t want us to eat animals, he wouldn’t have made them out of meat.
  22. Gun control means using both hands</li></li></ul><li>Conscientiousness<br />Discipline, planning, ambition, order<br />Bumper stickers<br />+ Today is the tomorrow you forgot to plan for yesterday<br />+ Jesus would have used his turn signals<br /><ul><li>Oral sex is always a great last minute gift idea</li></ul>- Drive it like you stole it<br />
  23. Agreeableness<br />Kindness, honesty, modesty, tenderness<br />Bumper stickers<br />+ Commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty<br />+ Who would Jesus bomb?<br />- You suck and that’s sad<br /><ul><li>If you can read this, you’re in my kill zone</li></li></ul><li>Genetic quality<br />Intelligence<br />Educational credentials<br />Skilled employment <br />Facebook, chat <br />Income <br />Conspicuous consumption<br />Mates, Friends <br />
  24. Consumerist capitalism = ? <br />Conservatives: rationality + free markets<br />Radicals: blank slate + oppression + ideology<br />Darwinians: display instincts + display norms<br />(+ markets, oppression, ideology, media, technology, governments, corporations, lobbyists, historical accident, cultural inertia,)<br />
  25. 21st century trait-display?<br />Shanghai<br />Dongtan<br />
  26. Questions?<br />