Vastrm homework part 1


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Skillshare class homework on Digital Strategy.

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Vastrm homework part 1

  1. 1. Vastrm digital strategy jason Dempsey
  2. 2. makes custom fit polos using a home try on program that willgive you the ability to make custom fit adjustments to all of our apparelProblem: vastrm has little brand awarenessgoal: drive 100,000 people to by june 2013 to learn more abouttheir custom polo shirtsstragegy: ?Solution: ?
  3. 3. goal to strategyHow do we drive 100,000 people by june of 2013?
  4. 4. questionswho are vastrm’s customers?how do people view polo shirts online?who are vastrm’s competitors?
  5. 5. who are vastrm’s customers? (Facebook analytics)
  6. 6. who are vastrm’s customers? (Facebook analytics) 25-34 year olds other likes include: Golf, golf channel, tennis, sailing, nike, puma, other custom shirt and polo companies, toms, gq, mr. porter & gilt men
  7. 7. who are vastrm’s customers? (google trends)
  8. 8. who are vastrm’s customers? (google trends)Residents of california, arizona, texas, florida, georgia, mid-atlantic, northeast &midwest (warm weather and golfing states)city dwellers - new york, boston, washington d.c., atlanta, charlotte, houston,dallas, los angeles and san Franciscoglobally - u.k., nigeria, south africa, india and australia (golf, tennis, cricket andsailing are popular sports)search of golf in google trends shows overlap in countries and cities for people whosearch polo shirts. adding a search for the term tennis adds in more south americanand african countries.
  9. 9. how are polo shirts viewed online? (
  10. 10. how are polo shirts viewed online? (
  11. 11. how are polo shirts viewed online? ( shirts are offered through tweets by discount sites sellingdiscounted ralph lauren or lacoste - @mainlinemenswear or@frugalmalefashionpolo shirts are tweeted by manufacturers - @southerntidemajority of polo shirt tweets that are not selling them orpromoting sales are jokes about those who do where them orinside jokes about friends or yourself wearing them
  12. 12. who are vastm’s competitors? (
  13. 13. who are vastrm’s competitors?ralph lauren - name that comes up the most in all searcheslacoste - one of main names in topsy searchtendencies is a popular search on topsysoutherntide comes up in topsy and twitter searches and is company i’venever heard. however, they appear to associate with the warm weather andfishing culture that goes with polo shirt purchasers.high end design company’s come up too, in twitter and topsy searches -alexander mcqueen, gucci, etc.
  14. 14. findingspolo shirts are purchased mainly by people who live in warm climates, largecities and countries that are part of british commonwealth.polo shirts are also directly related to searches with golf, tennis, fishing,sailing and other sports that are associated with having money.need to establish the importance of having a fitted polo to these consumers.fitted clothes for men are part of the current culture.