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JMP Development Planning

  1. 1. development planning & infrastructure
  2. 2. JMP appreciates the complementary role that transport planning, highwaydevelopment planning & engineering and urban design can playinfrastructure in helping to deliver quality places where people want to live, work and socialise.Ê feasibility studiesÊ transport assessments Our skills enable us to deliver a completeÊ sustainable transport solutions infrastructure solution for developments. WeÊ flood risk assessment provide expert consultancy advice from assistingÊ highway & access design in site allocations, supporting the planningÊ drainage design application process and delivering highwayÊ streetscape design infrastructure.Ê transport modelling JMP’s ethos is to enable sustainable developmentÊ safety audits through the delivery of integrated transportÊ access & movement audits solutions in a responsible manner. We achieveÊ influencing travel behaviour this by incorporating sustainable methods at everyÊ smarter choices & travel planning stage of the process from conception to deliveryÊ expert witnesses and at all scales from the individual to the national level. This is demonstrated by our market-leading personalised travel planning; innovative work in the field of transport psychology and our input into national transport policy. Our infrastructure engineers provide a powerful and flexible design service to assist developers fulfil their statutory obligations. We offer a full range of services from feasibility advice and site appraisal extending through the design process to site supervision.
  3. 3. barking riversideJMP is the appointed street designer for the firsttwo stages at Barking Riverside. We have workedon successful planning applications with ourpartners to deliver the first 4,000 units andsupporting community facilities for one of the mostimportant new communities in London where26,000 people will enjoy new homes, schools,shopping and parklandJMP’s involvement encompassed the engineeringdesign of high quality streets, shared streets andother public and private spaces, incorporation ofstep-free designs and integration of East LondonTransit and Docklands Light Railway infrastructureand interchanges into street space.JMP has also provided strategic transport anddesign advice on car and cycle parking, andundertaken Road Safety Audits for thecomprehensive network of streets and sharedsurfaces. Client: London Borough Barking and Dagenham Partners: Barking Riverside Ltd Sheppard Robson Architects Maccreanor Lavington Location: Barking, London Date: 2007 - ongoing
  4. 4. public realm will play a critical rolein the success of the William StreetQuarter development. This is described WiLLiaM sTreeT QUarTerin the preceeding chapters. The followingchapters descibe the Phase 1 PlanningApplication.Following the successful joint venture betweenEnglish Partnerships, the London Borough ofBarking and Dagenham and JMP on the BarkingRiverside team, JMP provided urban andinfrastructure design consultancy services to atown centre site in Barking, formerly occupied bythe Linton Estate.The new William Street Quarter will see 500residential units and a local business enterprisecentre among other facilities. Based on amasterplan by Maccreanor Lavington architects,JMP worked with Karakusevic Carson Architects,Gillespies landscape architecture and mufarchitecture/art to bring the scheme to planningapplication stage by the end of 2008.JMP provided streetscape and home zone designadvice to the team, as well as technical highwaydesign advice, drainage, lighting, parking solutions,services and other infrastructure design. Client: LB Barking & Dagenham Partners: Karakusevic Carson Architects Gillespies Landscape Architecture Location: Barking, London Date: 2008 - ongoing
  5. 5. The rock, bUry Following a previously successful planning application for this site in Bury town centre, JMP was commissioned by Thornfield Properties to undertake a revised mixed-use development on the same site. The £350 million scheme proposals include 1.6 million square foot of retail, leisure, food and drink, a medical centre and car parking. In highway terms, the major difference between the proposed scheme and the previous scheme, which had planning approval, is the closure of The Rock to through traffic and the construction of a major new link road along the eastern edge boundary of the site. The Transport Assessment for the scheme investigated the design of a new link road set along the eastern boundary of the development, the redesign of existing junctions and the design of a new retail park access. Clients: Thornfield Properties Location: Bury Image courtesy of Date: 2002 - ongoingGillespies Landscape Architecture
  6. 6. ceMeX ProjecTsJMP is commissioned to provide developmentplanning and highway design support to anemerging masterplan for a 10 hectare site inHorsham, West Sussex. The site is expected togenerate about 80-100 new residential units, anetwork of generous open spaces and will add acrucial link to the Rights of Way network of theforthcoming South Downs National Park.JMP has been tasked to provide strategic transportadvice, formulating the Transport Assessment andTravel Plan, as well as designing transportinfrastructure improvements.JMP has also recently been commissioned toprovide support to the promotion of a site west ofRadlett, Hertfordshire, for land representationwithin the LDF. In support of the land promotion,JMP has undertaken an access feasibility studyfor the site. The study considers the potential toprovide traffic calming measures, and also toprovide an evaluation of vehicular and pedestrianaccess options. Client: CEMEX Ltd Partners: Drivers Jonas Deloitte Hydrock Location: Storrington & Radlett Date: 2009 - ongoing
  7. 7. MiLTon keynes eXPansionThe 372 hectare Western Expansion Area ofMilton Keynes was the largest developmentcommission JMP had undertaken for JJ Gallagherand will eventually support approximately 6,550homes, some office, light industrial andwarehousing use, secondary and primary schoolsand a local centre on a greenfield site to the westof Milton Keynes.JMP was responsible for the detailed infrastructuredesign and technical submissions, including theentire length of the main city street (approximatelength 3 km), along with some 5 km of secondaryroads and all footpaths/cycleways (Redways),numerous junction improvements and liaison withother design team members. In addition, wedeveloped a surface and foul water drainagestrategy and completed the detailed design,reviewing the Transport Assessment produced byothers, negotiated public transport provision andassisted in production of a movement and roadhierarchy design code that formed the basis of theinfrastructure design. The detail designencompassed off-site highway work and on-siteinfrastructure design. Client: Redlawn Land Ltd. Location: Milton Keynes Date: 2007 - 2008 Image courtesy of the Milton Keynes Partnership
  8. 8. eLePhanT & casTLeIn order to facilitate the regeneration of theElephant and Castle area, the London Borough ofSouthwark identified a series of residential ledredevelopment sites, ranging from 18 to 300 unitsto accommodate existing residents displaced fromthe Heygate Estate.JMP was commissioned to provide transport inputto the planning applications for 10 of the sites.Given the sustainable location and constrainednature of the sites, input focussed on ensuringaccess to a range of local services and publictransport facilities. Parking provision was limitedto disabled and car club spaces only, howeverprovision was made to allow servicing at each ofthe sites.Design input was also provided to potentialstreetscape and public realm improvements toenhance the environment surrounding individualsites. JMP also obtained the Stopping Up Orderrequired to develop one particularly constrainedsite. The sites are now all under construction, withfirst occupations anticipated in 2011. Client: London Borough of Southwark Partners: Cass Associates WA Fairhurst Location: Bishopton Date: 1999 - ongoing
  9. 9. PeUgeoT, covenTry JMP were appointed as lead designers for Section 38 and 104 elements of the design of this two phase 1,200 house development on the former Peugeot site in Coventry. JMP were involved from the initial stages and carried out full horizontal and vertical preliminary and detailed highway design to DB32 and Manual for Streets; drainage detail design to Sewers For Adoption 6th Ed., construction drawings, specification, Section 38 and 104 approvals, 3-D earthworks using PDS, and vehicle swept path analysis. JMP liaised extensively with Coventry City Council and Severn Trent Water Limited to secure statutory approvals and provided regular design office support during the construction phase. JMP’s consultancy services ensured that technical approvals and consents were obtained for each land parcel on time and to budget in order to effect the contract delivery dates. Throughout the commission, JMP has provided information to the client to enable cost effective and sustainable solutions to be constructed, and have provided value engineering advice throughout the development process. Client: George Wimpey Location: Coventry Date: 2006 - 2008 Image courtesy ofLondon Borough of Southwark
  10. 10. PeTerboroUghJMP is providing expert advice on highways anddrainage matters to the Church Commissionersfor England for three sites to the north ofPeterborough. The initial two sites are forresidential-led development totalling approximately3,500 new homes; with a further site beingpromoted for commercial business development.The first site has received planning consent andJMP recently produced detailed designs for thespine road running through the site as well asdeveloping an approved site-wide drainagestrategy in order to address reserved matters inphase 1. The second site is adjacent to thealignment of a new bypass under construction bythe Highways Agency. JMP has undertakenstrategic assessment of this site including potentialaccess arrangements, trip generation and optionson additional land uses.The third site is currently being taken through theLDF core strategy process. JMP has assisted withthe promotion of this site through the evaluation ofits access, archaeological and flood risk impact. Client: Church Commissioners for England Partner: Atkins Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Date: 2009 - ongoing
  11. 11. faiLsWorTh JMP was commissioned to provide transport and highway consultancy advice for a proposed food development with a petrol filling station within Failsworth District Centre, Oldham. The scheme involved the upgrade of a priority junction to a signalised junction together with a new link road connecting Oldham Road and Ashton Road West, allowing vehicular movement over the Rochdale canal bridge, which at that time was only used by pedestrians. JMP produced a number of Transport Assessments on the various access options and a Travel Plan to support the planning application for each scheme option. JMP has subsequently undertaken the detailed design of the highway works for each of the approved schemes, and JMP co-ordinated all the sub-contractors for signals, street lighting, highway drainage and bridge design work. Working closely with Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, JMP obtained the necessary approvals and Oldham Property Partnership will enter into a Section 38/278 agreement with Oldham MBC as part of the works. Client: Oldham Property Partnership Location: ManchesterImage courtesy of Atkins Date: 2003 - 2009
  12. 12. Waddon, croydonJMP prepared a Transport Assessment and TravelPlan in support of a successful hybrid planningapplication for a mixed use residential developmentin Croydon. The team worked to a challengingprogramme on this project with only 6 months toprepare the application. JMP worked closely withother members of the design team to providedesign advice regarding both the internal roadlayout and access arrangements.The development proposals include a leisurecentre, approximately 180 residential units and achildren’s education centre. The development siteruns alongside the A23 Purley Way which requiredclose liaison with Transport for London regardingthe transport aspects of this scheme.JMP maintained close liaison with both LondonBorough of Croydon and Transport for Londonthroughout the development of the masterplanand transport strategy for the site in order toaddress any concerns raised. Clients: Croydon Urban Regeneration Vehicle John Laing Partners: Levitt Bernstein Tibbalds Planning & Urban Design AECOM Location: Waddon, Croydon Date: 2009 - ongoing
  13. 13. Mardyke esTaTe JMP was the transport and travel planning lead for the proposed masterplan regeneration scheme by Old Ford Housing Association for the Mardyke Estate (Orchard Village), for which planning consent was recently obtained for Phases 1-3. The existing estate’s access problems are compounded by very poor levels of public transport accessibility. The Estate is directly served by one bus route that runs along its main access road which is narrow and has acute s-bends. This road layout precludes two-way bus flow. Working closely with the project’s highways contractor, JMP advised on infrastructure improvements including the realignment and widening of the main access carriageway to allow two-way bus flow. The evidentiary basis of the Transport Assessment report was derived from site audits, desk-based research and independently commissioned surveys which included car park occupancy counts and junction turning counts. The draft Residential Travel Plan was informed by a household transport survey designed and conducted by JMP. Client: Old Ford Housing AssociationImage courtesy of Levitt Bernstein Location: Rainham, Havering Date: 2008 - ongoing
  14. 14. briTannia MUsic siTeJMP was commissioned by Durkan New Homesto prepare a transport assessment and travel planin support of this mixed-use development, whichincludes 320 residential units, office space and aretail frontage.The site is located adjacent to Ilford Gyratory, acritical part of the town’s road network. In order tocorrectly assess the impacts of the developmentand the proposal to realign and signalise theexisting bus stand, JMP prepared a VISSIM modelin accordance with TfL’s modelling requirements.JMP undertook extensive negotiations with thehighway authorities (TfL, LB Redbridge) in orderto demonstrate the impact of the development andto agree suitable servicing arrangements for thesite. This was particularly challenging as asignificant slope across the site limited the numberof vehicular access points. Client: Durkan New Homes Streetscape Study & Detailed Design Location: Ilford, Essex Client: London Borough of Southwark Date: 2007 - 2009 Location: Borough, London Date: 2009 - ongoing
  15. 15. access sTaTeMenTsJMP provides Access Consultancy services,working with architects, developers and townplanners to help devise accessible design solutionsfor clients and to articulate these through AccessStatements.The Access Statement forms an integral part ofthe Design and Access Statement, which arerequired to accompany all planning applications(with few exceptions).Depending on the scale andnature of the development, JMP often consultswith key stakeholders, such as Local Authorityaccess officers, access groups and localcommunities, to establish user needs and discussany particular access issues.Two aspects of access are considered; Vehicularand Transport Links, and Inclusive Access. Byconsidering these together, the Access Statementexplains movement patterns through thedevelopment site and shows how the proposalswill provide convenient and inclusive access forall. JMP has considerable experience in theassessment of movement opportunities for NonMotorised Users, especially through the use of thePedestrian Environment Review System (PERS).Expert Access Consultants at JMP have preparedand reviewed Access Statements for a wide rangeof schemes, including major regeneration sites,transport infrastructure proposals, schools, leisureand health facilities.
  16. 16. key contacts paul smith Director - London T +44 20 7536 8082 E victoria balboa Director - London T +44 20 7536 8083 E paul corbett Director - Manchester T +44 161 831 5605 E Kelvin Clarke Director - Glasgow T +44 141 226 6920 E by jmp urban design team. Printed on 75% recycled paper. 130309