The Friends of the Cardall Collection
Southam Heritage Collection (incorporating the Cardall Collection) comprises artefac...
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We have spent the first months of 2014 gradually
getting organised. Quite a few things got
misplaced, but we h...
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on the new exhibition for opening times) we can
search our database for a picture of your choice
and we will t...
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long brooches dated it to early Anglo-Saxon and
Nothing more significant was found during 2007/8...
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Southam Heritage Collection
General Information:
The Collection belongs to the people of Southam. It is manage...
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Friends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of ...
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Southam heritage newsletter spring summer 2014


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Transcript of "Southam heritage newsletter spring summer 2014"

  1. 1. The Friends of the Cardall Collection Southam Heritage Collection (incorporating the Cardall Collection) comprises artefacts, documents, photographs and memorabilia associated with Southam and its surrounding villages. The County Museum Service inspectors agree that it is an important record of the life and times of our historic market town. The Collection urgently needs a permanent home in Southam where it can be displayed, used and appreciated by the general public, local history societies, schools, reminiscence groups and researchers. NEWSLETTER No 14: Spring / Summer 2014 Chairman’s Update Last Winter was never going to be an easy time. The lease on the Old Labour Exchange in Warwick Road - home of the Collection for the past five years - expired at the beginning of January 2014. Since our landlord, Major Mills, had sadly passed away earlier in 2013 there was no realistic possibility of renewing the lease for a further period. Much of the Autumn was therefore spent looking for new premises. We wanted the Collection to stay in Southam as near to the town centre as possible, and we needed to keep our storage and working/display space in the same location. Most importantly, the rent and rates etc had to be affordable. We have applied for space within the new Orbit Town Centre development (currently under construction,) and we received a letter from Southam Town Council saying that, subject to further (unknown) lease conditions, we would be allocated a community room of 33m 2 . For the interim period, Jenny Frith came to our rescue and offered us the basement of Vivian House subject to us paying the service charges. This we could afford and the space available was virtually identical to that at the Old Labour Exchange. However the basement is down a flight of stairs and the configuration of the space is very different. So this led to some interesting ‘challenges’ in accommodating all our items, equipment and space for displays. Removal day was the weekend of January 4/5 th - one of the wettest weekends of the Winter. It was unbelievable how much rain poured down on our valiant helpers that day – it is a long time since I have seen people so wet and my sincere thanks go to all of them especially those who did most of the outside work. We had to move around 150 cardboard boxes in the pouring rain, plus our computers, display equipment, desks, clothing racks and some large items which were too big to fit in boxes, as well as dismantling and re-erecting all our storage racking. It took the best part of two days to complete the move and then we had to start the business of squeezing the Collection into its new home. Moving Day at the Old Labour Exchange The Old Labour Exchange was left looking very empty - bereft of any furniture or fittings - and indeed we were sad to leave it as we had enjoyed our time there and achieved much. Initially everything at Vivian House was stacked up in piles. We did erect the shelving quickly to ensure we had some room to manoeuvre, but this still left us with a large quantity of ‘stuff’ in piles and heaps making it quite difficult just to move around. A well-earned cuppa at Vivian House basement
  2. 2. Page 2 of 6 We have spent the first months of 2014 gradually getting organised. Quite a few things got misplaced, but we have found them all now! Stratford District Council has caught up with us for the business rates, and we have paid our first electricity bill, so Vivian House basement is well and truly our home for the time being. We are currently finalising preparations for our Grand Opening Day which will be on Carnival Bank Holiday Monday, May 26 th . We will be open for visitors to drop in between 12 noon and 4pm, but please note the basement is down a flight of stairs so access will be difficult for those with mobility problems. Now that we are in the Town Centre we plan to have our rooms in Vivian House basement open to the public on many more occasions especially throughout the Summer months. Members are being invited to visit Vivian House and preview our new display before it opens to the public. Exhibition at Vivian House We now have a brand new display and exhibition at the Collection’s new home in the basement of Vivian House on Market Hill. The exhibition is called “Southam Women in World War 1” and tells the story of Southam’s Red Cross Hospital at the Grange. It will feature photographs and letters together with artefacts kindly loaned by relatives of the soldiers and volunteer VAD nurses. The display has been painstakingly put together by Val Brodie from Napton and she will be pleased to answer questions about her work. The exhibition will open for the first time on Carnival Day (Monday 26 th May) in the afternoon. Thereafter from June 3 rd until September 30 th it will be open from 10am to 12 noon every Tuesday morning (Southam’s Market Day) and also on the second Saturday of the month, to coincide with Southam Farmer’s Market. Do come along and take a look at one way in which Southam’s women contributed to the War effort. Tithe Lodge Community Space As mentioned above we have received a letter from Southam Town Council stating that they intend to offer us one of the three Community Rooms in the new Tithe Lodge development in High Street. This is an excellent location for a Heritage Collection, being very close to the new Library facility and restaurant. However, at this stage all we have been offered is approximately 33m 2 which is very small relative to the space we now occupy in Vivian House. Tithe Lodge is due for completion in Spring 2015. However we have no information about how much the space will cost or any other conditions that may be imposed. We are in touch with the developers, Orbit Housing, and hope to discuss the space and any options there may be for additional storage. Storage space is an integral part of our requirements because without accessible storage, housing the Collection in the development would not be viable. We have come a long way in the past eight years and are within sight of achieving our primary objective of giving Southam a permanent Heritage Facility in the Town Centre. It could make a major contribution to the prosperity of the town by raising its profile, providing a research facility for local schools and community groups, and attracting visitors into the town centre. We hope that over the next twelve months we can demonstrate at Vivian House how heritage tourism can benefit the town. Photographs Available Many people who have visited our talks and displays over the years or have seen our 2014 Calendar (look out for the 2015 edition) have expressed interest in obtaining copies of our old photographs. Well now you can. Starting with the opening of the “Southam Women in World War 1” exhibition we will be offering the opportunity to obtain a print of one of our old photos for a small charge. If you come along on one of the open days (see article
  3. 3. Page 3 of 6 on the new exhibition for opening times) we can search our database for a picture of your choice and we will then produce a 7” x 5” (unframed) copy for you for £5. If you have a specific subject that we can search for – like a street, house or other object or event, we can show you a selection of photographs. If you would like a larger copy we will be happy to give you a price. To make sure someone is available to do the necessary search and show you what your picture would look like please phone 01926 613503 in advance or email Volunteers for Market Days Can you spare a few hours on a Tuesday morning? Or can you spare some time on the second Saturday of the month? As mentioned, at Vivian House we are in a better position to open our doors to the public for a few hours each week. As an experiment we will be open on Tuesday mornings and Farmer’s Market Saturdays from June to September. We are looking for one or two members who are able to help greet visitors and generally be on hand to assist between 10am and 12 noon. There will be an experienced Committee member present at all times, and we will provide you with all the information you need to show visitors the current display of Southam Women in WW1. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the Collection and help us to spread the word. If you can assist, if only for a couple of mornings, please get in touch with Linda on 01926 814214 or by email to Our 2015 Calendar Following the success of last year’s calendar, we are planning to produce another one for 2015. We hope to keep the cost at £5, and include another batch of interesting photos of old Southam from the Collection. We are also seeking ‘sponsors’ for each month of the year to help pay for the printing. For the sum of £25, our sponsors can have their name and/or logo included on the month of their choice, (first come first served) and also on the cover of the calendar - unless they choose to remain anonymous of course! If you would like to sponsor a month, or have any suggestions for a potential sponsor (business or private), please let us know. Archaeology Afternoon As part of our programme of heritage events, on Saturday April 12 th , the Feldon Archaeological Society came to Southam and gave a most interesting talk and exhibition of small finds from their twelve year archaeological dig at Granslet Farm near Burton Dassett. The speaker was Peter G. Spackman BA(Hons) PIFA, who also compiled the presentation and exhibition on behalf of the Feldon Archaeological Society. The Society provides an opportunity for local people to take part in a community project and be part of the quest for knowledge of past cultures and communities that inhabited our area. The Granslet Farm site was completed in 2012, but the Society is now working at Warmington Herb Centre and Hanwell Castle and new members are always welcome. The excavations at the base of Burton Dassett Hills were started in 2000 in an area of a ploughed field where scattered stones had been observed. A stone wall was uncovered dating to the 3 rd or 4 th century. Alongside the wall was late Iron Age occupation, which had been covered by low status Roman building that had later been robbed and demolished for early Anglo Saxon use. This trench was closed in 2003 and a second one opened in 2004, but it was not until 2005 that more building evidence was discovered, when a large sunken cellar was uncovered. The function of the cellar is still open to debate, but artefacts found included animal bones, Roman pottery and metal finds including a bronze bird. This trench was closed at the end of 2005 and a third trench opened to reveal a substantial stone wall. Artefacts showed it to be from a late Roman building and to their dismay 2006 saw the building progressing under the spoil heap, so it all had to be moved! Later that year a new volunteer was given an insignificant area to learn trowelling skills and promptly found a skull. The authorities were informed and a licence obtained to excavate the skeleton. It proved to be a middle aged female, laid to rest in a shallow depression in the cobbled courtyard of the Roman building. A pair of small
  4. 4. Page 4 of 6 long brooches dated it to early Anglo-Saxon and 6 th century. Nothing more significant was found during 2007/8. 2009 concentrated on the cobbled area near the north of the now back-filled building to clarify dates and its association with the building. Artefacts here dated as expected to the middle 3 rd and early 4 th century and below the cobble was evidence of late Iron Age occupation. 2010 saw a new trench positioned to investigate a suspected structure and started with the usual metal-detection survey. This coupled with detailed results of all the find spots and the correct handling of finds are all part and parcel of the quest for historical knowledge. This season saw the uncovering of an area of unrobbed cobble, a horseshoe shaped feature and the terminus of the Iron Age gully. With artefacts it confirmed the previous evidence of late Iron Age below Roman occupation. An area was excavated from the boundary of England Field and the pottery, stone, tile and bone artefacts reflected the land use over very many years, and here was found the largest slab of worked stone on the site. The stonework here appeared to be mainly building demolition of larger stonework with slate and ceramic roof tiles. During 2011 a number of insignificant structures were found, but also an unrecorded Roman road and when 2012 saw the completion of this work, the area was all backfilled. Further information may be found on: Photograph by courtesy of Peter Spackman and Feldon Archaeological Society. What’s In A Name? For some time now the Committee of the Friends has been considering whether our original name “Cardall Collection” is still appropriate in this age of internet searching and rapid communication. We are aware that people searching online for Southam’s history are not being directed to the Cardall Collection. This is mainly because that name is not specific enough about what the Collection comprises – it could be a collection of anything – stamps, vehicles, even teddy bears! Furthermore, since 2006, the original Collection given to the town by the Cardall family has been expanded. We have received the Alan Griffin photographic archive, made oral history recordings, accepted the writings of other local people, and received donations of various local artefacts, pictures and documents. After consultation with the Cardall family, we have therefore agreed to start a gradual process of ‘re- branding’ and we have chosen the new title “Southam Heritage Collection”. We will keep our distinctive blue fireman’s helmet logo, and we will always retain the Cardall name in our literature and publicity to acknowledge the enormous contribution of our original benefactors. However, our internet presence will now focus on the words “Southam” and “Heritage” rather than “Cardall”. Hopefully whenever anyone searches online for the history of Southam they will now find us. Our Facebook page has been renamed “Southam Heritage Collection” and we hope to develop our own website when time and resources permit. Once we are settled in our new room in Tithe Lodge (fingers crossed!) we will also be reviewing our Constitution to make sure it is still appropriate and ‘fit for purpose’. 200 Club The Friends 200 Club was launched in May 2013 and was so successful that we intend to repeat it again this year. A draw was made each month starting in June 2013 and the winners were: • June 2013: S Hill No 116 • July 2013: J Toner No 154 • August 2013: B Cadogan No 86 • September 2013: T Grey No 97 • October 2013: S Simpson No 79 • November 2013: A Graham No 6 (£40 prize) • December 2013: R Cardall No 129 • January 2014: J Thorne No 150 • February 2014: K Morris No 68 • March 2014: C Evans No 134 • April 2014: A Graham No 2 • May 2014: (£40 prize - to be drawn in May) It costs only £5 to take part in the monthly 200 Club draw for a whole 12 months. There are 10 draws for £10 and two draws for £40 in the year. All proceeds go towards supporting the work of the Friends. For a 200 Club entry form, please contact Jenny Frith on 01926 814643.
  5. 5. Page 5 of 6 Southam Heritage Collection General Information: The Collection belongs to the people of Southam. It is managed by Trustees and a Committee of the Friends of the Cardall Collection. Membership of the Friends is open to anyone with an interest in the history of Southam and the surrounding area. If you would like to find out how you can support our work, please telephone either the Chairman, Bernard on 01926 613503 or Secretary Linda on 01926 814214. Alternatively, you can email us on: or message us via our Facebook page “Southam Heritage Collection”. (If you are a Facebook user, please ‘Like’ our page to help spread the word about Southam and its heritage.) Visiting the Collection at Vivian House, Market Hill: Starting in June 2014, the Friends will be welcoming ‘drop in’ visitors on Tuesday mornings, and also on the second Saturday of the month between 10am and 12 noon to view our latest exhibition. Please note access to the basement is via stairs, so may be difficult for those with mobility problems. If you would like to arrange a private visit outside these opening times, please contact Bernard on 01926 613503. Volunteering, Membership, Donations: If you would like to join the Friends or make a donation, please complete and return the attached form, with your payment. The form includes a Gift Aid Declaration that taxpayers are asked to sign to enable us to reclaim the tax you have paid on your subscription or donation. (Membership is renewable on 1st October each year.) You can also donate online at Southam “Walk and Talk”: A short guided tour of Southam on level footpaths to see some of its most interesting buildings, and hear something about their history, followed by an opportunity for tea and chat at a town centre venue. Available for groups of up to a maximum of 20 people, the Walk and Talk lasts about 2 hours and costs £5 per person. Contact: Linda on 01926 814214. Presentations, Talks, Exhibitions: We can attend one of your group meetings or visit your premises and give a presentation and talk about aspects of Southam’s history tailored to your interests. Contact Bernard on 01926 613503 or Linda on 01926 814214 to discuss your requirements. (A fee will be charged by agreement.) Events & Festivals: If you would like us to have a stall at your event or festival please contact Jenny on 01926 814643 200 Club: Tickets cost just £5 per annum, and your number is entered into a monthly draw. Proceeds go towards supporting the work of the Friends. All enquiries to Jenny on 01926 814643 Copies of Photographs: All enquiries to Bernard on 01926 613503 Thank you for reading this Newsletter. Please feel free to pass it on to your friends, relations and colleagues.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 6 Friends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of the Cardall CollectionFriends of the Cardall Collection The Basement, Vivian House, 21 Market Hill, Southam CV47 0HF MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / DONATION FORMMEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / DONATION FORMMEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / DONATION FORMMEMBERSHIP APPLICATION / DONATION FORM / GIFT AID DECLARATION/ GIFT AID DECLARATION/ GIFT AID DECLARATION/ GIFT AID DECLARATION Full Name: ............................................................................................................................................................... (please print) Address: ............................................................................................................................................................... Postcode: ........................................................................ Telephone: …………..............…………………….. Email:.…………………………………………………………… I would like to become a member of the Friends of the Cardall Collection or renew my annual Membership, and I enclose herewith my subscription. (Current annual subs are: £15 for individuals, £20 for a couple, £5 each for the over 70s) I would like to donate the following amount to support the objectives of the Friends of the Cardall Collection. Signed: ………………………………………. ...................................................... Date: ........................................................……………………………………… Please return this form with your payment to the Treasurer: Pam McConnell, 19 Tattle Bank, Southam CV47 1NU. Cheques should be made payable to: The Friends of the Cardall Collection. Payments by internet banking to: HSBC Account Sort Code: 40 42 15 Account No: 31436848 Ref: (your name). Membership is renewable on 1 st October each year. Many thanks for your support. Please tick this box if you require a receipt: GIFT AID DECLARATION If you pay Income Tax, the Friends of the Cardall Collection can claim back the tax you have paid on your subscriptions and donations. In order for us to claim this tax back, please complete the following Gift Aid Declaration: Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of money today in the past 4 years in the future Please tick all boxes you wish to apply, and sign the Declaration below. I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand the charity will reclaim 28p of tax on every £1 that I gave up to 5 April 2008 and will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give on or after 6 April 2008. Signed: ............................................................................ Date: ......................................................... Please notify the charity or CASC if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains. Note: If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self Assessment tax return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code. £ £