Collections trust security seminar


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Collections trust security seminar

  1. 1. “Providing effective security for collections while improving public access is a key objective formuseums of all sizes. The Collections Trust is ideallyplaced to deliver Arts Council England’s objectives in relation to museum security through this special programme of seminars.” Nick Poole, CEO, Collections Trust Contact Details Collections Trust WC209 Natural History Museum Cromwell Road London SW7 5BD 0207 942 6080 Organisations
  2. 2. Building Capacity for Museum Security to you by the
  3. 3. S ix expert security seminars are being organised by the Collections Trust, with funding provided by Arts Council England, to promote awareness of goodpractice in museum security. These FREE seminars arebeing presented in Arts Council England Major partnermuseums across England to help museum staff buildtheir confidence and capacity so that collections remainsecure from loss, theft and damage.To support the seminars a wide range of material willalso be made available, including a Museum SecurityChecklist and online resources, on the CollectionsLink website. Existing published museum securityguidance will be audited, collated and refreshedalongside the seminars.The campaign is aimed at all those responsible for, orinvolved in, providing security at museums, whetherthey are medium and small museums or majorregional institutions. All face similar challenges, andthe seminars and support materials will be equallyrelevant and important, providing both immediate andlonger-term support.The aim of the seminars is to ensure museums areright up-to-date with good security practice. It will:• Increase awareness of museum security as a core element of good Collections Management practice• Improve capacity and expertise in basic museum security and housekeeping• Enhance awareness of the Arts Council England’s support through the National Security Adviser• Refine and develop existing published material on the subject• Establish an online repository of expertise and examples of good practice
  4. 4. Location Date Manchester, Manchester Museum 20th November 2012 London, Museum of London 28th November 2012 Birmingham, Birmingham Museum & Art 7th January 2013 Gallery Newcastle, Discovery Museum 8th February 2013 Cambridge, Scott Polar Research Institute 14th February 2013 Exeter, Royal Albert Memorial Museum 13th March 2013Knowledgeable speakers will be sharing theirexpertise on museum security to help develop capacityand confidence to manage risk and protect yourcollections. Each seminar, chaired by the CollectionsTrust, will include presentations from:• William Brown, National Security Adviser, Arts Council England• A representative from the Association of Chief Police Officers Crime Prevention Committee• Case studies from regional museum practitionersEach seminar will address the issues surroundingsecurity while considering how to balance themwith access to collections. Security is a vital partof collections management, but one that mustoccur in an unobtrusive way that does not hinderthe visitor experience. Can such a perfect balanceever be struck? What would this look like? What arethe common elements that must be managed in allmuseums?To book onto one of these FREE seminars, please