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PR 2.0 presentation Emerson College

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Pr 2.0

  1. 1. PR 1 dot OH, PR 2 dot OH,PR 3 dot OH,and counting… Emerson College, Boston Kasteel Well
  2. 2. What’s in a name?
  3. 3. • Ward van Beek• In PR since 1990• Datastream (now Thomson Reuters)• Sun Microsystems• Whizpr (2000 – 2010)• Communications agency• All about content• International PR & Social Media
  4. 4. PR 1.0a.k.a. traditional PRTools and Instruments?
  5. 5. PR 1.0a.k.a. traditional PRTools and Instruments?Press ReleasePress ConferenceOne-one briefingInterviewPhoto-opp
  6. 6. PR 1.0 evolvingMedia used• Letters• Faxes• Face to Face• One-one• One-many• Photo’s• Phone calls/LobbyingNames and Network
  7. 7. PR 1.0 evolvingMedia used• Letters• Faxes• Face to Face + • E-mail • Web sites • Blogs • Microblogs• One-one • Wikipedia• One-many • Video• Photo’s • Games • Social Media• Phone • Twitter calls/LobbyingNames and Network •USER Generated Content
  8. 8. PR 2.0, online PR• Interaction• User generated content• Real-Time• Fragmentation of media• Disintermediation• Losing Importance of Gatekeeper/Journalist• Less Control• (News)media are suffering• Advertising down, budgets down
  9. 9. Flat Earth News Nick DaviesTraditional PressLosing authorityLosing readers/viewersLosing advertisersLosing budgetsLosing timeLosing… – Publishing on web is easy – Need great content to feed and capture target audience
  10. 10. New trends forPR: Journalism becomes Churnalism• Individuals are gatekeepers• Individuals as publishers: – Blog – Wiki’s – Podcasts – Citizen journalists – Cybersmears / gripe sites – No scrunity -> often inaccurate, incomplete, biased, poorly written: CHURNALISM
  11. 11. On the upside• PR is all about relationships; online and offline• PR knows how to write• PR knows how to tell a story• PR has the resources• PR has the credibility• PR can now communicate directly with audience, no more gatekeepers• More need for content• Press has less more time…
  12. 12. On the downside• Everybody is now gatekeeper• Everybody can write and publish• The audiences are all over the place• 10 times more media and contacts• Monitoring and webcare: fultime jobs• Listening added to talking• Constant hunger for good and fast content• Press has too little time• Media disappear• No more embargoes
  13. 13. GotContent?– Deal with fragmentation– Produce for multiple uses: write once, publish everywhere– Be alert, open, honest– Be willing to share, and give– Listen before you talk– Earn Friends, earn ‘likes’
  14. 14. POEM–Paid Media (bannering/advertising)–Owned Media (Blog, Twitter, Newsletter)–Earned Media (third party)
  15. 15. When things go wrong• admit the error in the social space where the error was made• apologize – make a genuine apology, and contact directly those who have complained• take corrective action – contact key influencers in the target audience, asking them for feedback on how to make amends, and be seen to use the feedback.• Be fast• Be visible• Be open and honest, transparant
  16. 16. But please consider• Social media are not a replacement for the old tactics: It’s and… and… and…• Always combine message, public and channel• Advanced technology is useful tool• Adapt content to media: Social Media Release, Video Release, Blog• Think before you start• Combined tactics strengthen a campaign
  17. 17. Issues• Astroturfing• Faking identity (Spoofing)• Anonymous mudslinging (Facebook vs Google)• Wrong material for media selected• Deal with loud & unhappy customers• Answer argument or not?• Twitterized Press Release?
  18. 18. Trends• Infographic• Video (not same as Viral)• Sharing on Facebook• Further merge of editorial and commercial• Merge of Paid/Owned and Earned• (press release next to editorial articles)• Combined tactics!• Growing role of Webcare• Measurement ROI/Dashboards• Spinning and Framing become more difficult
  19. 19. ConclusionThe future is socialIs real-timeIs all about relevant contentabout transparancyabout multiple way relationships and interactionThe future is all about PR