Social Media for Lawyers: How to achieve your online goals without throwing away chargeable hours.


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With the legal market still in a state of radical evolution, these remain challenging times for lawyers in the relatively early stages of their careers. Effective use of social media can undoubtedly help lawyers not only develop a strong personal brand, but it can also be a powerful business development tool. This presentation will consider how you can produce powerful results through social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs without wasting your time.

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Social Media for Lawyers: How to achieve your online goals without throwing away chargeable hours.

  1. 1. #TANQsocialSocial Media for Lawyers:How to achieve your online goals without throwingaway chargeable hours. Gavin Ward Search & Social Media Marketing Manager Moore Legal Technology Ltd Director YouBlawg Ltd @GavWard
  2. 2. #TANQsocialDiscussions• Top 5 reasons for lawyers and trainees to use social media• Top 7 benefits of social media for your firm• The key platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ & Blogging• Top 10 tips to help you avoid social media fatigue• Social Media and The Law Society• Questions + (More) Live Tweeting
  3. 3. #TANQsocialSocial media advertising will top £5billion by 2016
  4. 4. #TANQsocial Some other key stats (from the US)• 4 in 10 law firms are winning new clients through socialmedia• Over 60 percent of law firms noted that they have atleast one law blog.• Nearly 85 percent of law firms are making use of socialmedia tools including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. 5. #TANQsocialTop 5 reasons for lawyers and trainees touse social media1. Become a fish: Develop your own personal brand2. Engage with the legal profession3. Tick the “business development” box4. Show responsibility and trust by getting it right5. Develop legal knowledge and increase current awareness
  6. 6. #TANQsocialTop 7 benefits of social media for your firm1. Increase awareness of your firm and services with a targeted audience2. Increase relevant traffic to your firms website3. Build word of mouth reputation4. Increase search engine rankings for your website by virtue of social media bookmarking5. Keep up-to-date with relevant news6. Develop business relationships7. Generate new business
  7. 7. #TANQsocial
  8. 8. #TANQsocialWhat is Linkedin?•LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking site that allowsmembers to create business contacts, search for jobs, and findpotential clients.•Individuals have the ability to create their own professional profilethat can be viewed by others in their network, and also view theprofiles of their own contacts.•Through the site, individuals can then maintain a list of knownbusiness contacts, known as Connections.•Individuals can join groups relevant to their field to ask questionsor contribute to relevant discussions
  9. 9. #TANQsocialWhat is Linkedin? Statistics:-•More than 175 million users representing 150 industries•Over 6 million UK professionals•Millions of different company profiles•Over 60% of people looking for a professional service will useLinkedIn as their starting point•Around 93% of job recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates
  10. 10. #TANQsocialTip 1: Optimise your profile
  11. 11. #TANQsocialTip 1: Optimise your profile
  12. 12. #TANQsocialTip 2: Join Relevant Groups
  13. 13. #TANQsocialTip 3: Engage in Group Discussions
  14. 14. #TANQsocialTip 4: Find Relevant Contacts
  15. 15. #TANQsocialTip 5: Connect with relevant contacts
  16. 16. #TANQsocialTip 6: Start Recommending
  17. 17. #TANQsocialTip 6: Start Recommending
  18. 18. #TANQsocialTip 7: Connect your website and twitter account(s)
  19. 19. #TANQsocialTip 8: Select a unique URL
  20. 20. #TANQsocialTip 9: Promote your linkedin profile to your other social networks
  21. 21. #TANQsocialTip 10: Monitor who is viewing your profile
  22. 22. #TANQsocialWhat are the benefits of Linkedin?•build your professional network•increased visibility online•enhanced search engine results•increased website traffic•scope out competition or partners•get more clients
  23. 23. #TANQsocial
  24. 24. #TANQsocialTop Twitter Tips1. Think of a good username, keyword-rich or otherwise2. Follow and follow-back relevant twitter accounts3. Create lists and add relevant groups of people; and/or set up saved searches e.g. #law or #familylaw or #ukemplaw etc. Also see other lists eg. Recommend people or businesses especially on Friday using the #ff hashtag. @ffhelper can assist5. Contribute more than you promote yourself or your firm6. Connect by commenting and retweeting others- stay positive7. Don‟t just rely on RSS feeds from your firm‟s website8. Don‟t spam eg via mentions or DMs9. Find the best time for you to tweet (see eg Set up a dashboard using
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  26. 26. #TANQsocial
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  33. 33. #TANQsocial
  34. 34. #TANQsocial
  35. 35. #TANQsocial Top 10 tips to help you avoid social media fatigue 1. Plan ahead 2. It‟s about quality, not quantity 3. Don‟t be confined to the Internet 4. Postpone replies where relevant 5. Schedule posts when appropriate – see Bufferapp or Hootsuite 6. Automate some activities – see Twitterfeed,, Hootsuite 7. Guest blog – see YouBlawg, DeferoLaw or JDSupra 8. Invite guest bloggers 9. Outsource some activities 10. Take breaks
  36. 36. #TANQsocialSocial Media Professional GuidelinesLaw Society of Scotland social media guidance:“Participating in social media can present significant personal andbusiness benefits, and members of the legal profession shouldseek to engage with social media in a positive way.”“Two key pieces of advice can be given:1) To remember that all professional responsibilities applyregardless of the medium of communication.2) For law firms and in-house legal teams to have a social mediapolicy in place for partners and staff. Individuals considering usingsocial media in any way related to their work should checkwhether a policy is in place, and, if not, may want to discussissues in this note in advance with an appropriate manager anddocument that discussion.”
  37. 37. #TANQsocialConclusionsDon’t stick your head in the sandwhen new business issitting waiting for you
  38. 38. #TANQsocial But don’t get carried awayParents Name Newborn Daughter Hashtag„!11/27/2012
  39. 39. #TANQsocialSocial Media for Lawyers:How to achieve your online goals without throwingaway chargeable hours. Gavin Ward Search & Social Media Marketing Manager Moore Legal Technology Ltd Director YouBlawg Ltd @GavWard