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Work of eis1

Work of eis1






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    Work of eis1 Work of eis1 Document Transcript

    • My School Essay
    • Sawiwittata School My School My name is Varisara Maknitikul. Secondary 1/8 (EIS 1). Education in Sawiwittaya School. Sawiwittaya School is located in Napho District, Sawi District, Chumphon Province. The school is next to him and is secondary school regular Sawi District. My school very big. We have 2,513 students and have 105 teacher.Have 5 building. Have technology the modern, stadiums wide and a large auditorium. Canteen will be a hub of students at lunch. After I eat lunch already. I read books to the library. Afternoon session prior to my friends and I face will go room to learn. My favorite subject is Science, Art and Computing. I usually go home at 03:30 p.m. Varisara Maknitikul class 1/8 (EIS 1) number 28
    • Sawiwittaya school My school My school named school swiwittaya is located at klong Na Pho amphoe sawi chumphon provinces the school is a located nearthe mountain with students about human teacher number 2053 105 people I students room is a room(EIS 1) with students of 34 people man 11pepole are woman s College 23 people leaning a learning journey Dear Sinai peninsula 7 per dare per 55 min in a row at 7 :40hrs quit School at 15:30 Hair master class 4sudjects to study English is the arithmetic mean, Science ,English ,cafeteria with many in many food Sales cooperatives and many bread.
    • My School My school mane Sawiwittaya school. I like my school. School is big and beautiful. There are 105 teacher. There are 2053 student. My school surround have tree and flower beautiful. School many have flower place fragrant. School have condition clean beautiful School have big field.Food fo school delicious Student orderly. Teaching have quality. School many have class room such as library, drawing room and music room. My school have teacher kind. School have air pure. School have nature clean and beautiful. Student have order. My school have happiness. ก F กF 4 F 1/8 ( EIS 1)
    • MY SCHOOL My school name Sawiwittay school teachers have 105 and 2053 students have set school year to a secondary battle in the sixth. Sawiwittaya school District Level. Regular school color is puple-yellow . School is clean. Children have manners. Wheyein a shady tree. The teaching Going Map EIS. The school has a focus on graduate students a place to learn all new. All incoming students will not Sawiwittaya school sweet words words into a disappointment to learn tnis school .
    • Sawiwittaya School My school My school name is sawiwittaya. There are 105 teachers and 2053 students. My school is in Chumphon. I like my school. It is big and beautiful. In my school there are many plants and flowers. The school has basketball field and football field. Regular school color is purple- yellow. The school building 4 buildings. I go to school by school bus. There are students aged between13-18. I love my school.
    • Sawiwittaya school My school It name sawiwittaya school. A iarge cateteria. And belicious food. Inmary schools there are trees and good weathen. The beautiful scenery. My school has many sports Teachers in schools with 105 students in 2053 people. Leaming nours a day,7 days.
    • Sawiwittaya School My School My school name is Sawiwitaya school. At located Napho, Swee,Chumphom.There are 2053 students and 105 teachers.I like my school because clean, delectable food, fresh air and teach good. I learned in secondry school 1. I came to school by car-school. The walking is a learning school. There are many trees do shady and cool . Natrition is good and be healthy . This school portfolio is the pee many students who can make sure the university is the pride of the school . So I came to the school is considered a good the subject . It has a good education.
    • Sawiwittaya School It’s name is Sawiwittaya school. I like my school. My school is beautiful and big. School start study at 08.10 am. and we will go to the house at 15.30pm. There are 2,053 students and 105 teachers in school. It lives in Napho district Chumphon province. It many building . Mr. Suchin Bunpan is a school principal in the Sawiwittaya school . I’ve been have about two months. There are 34 students in my class. Everybody are friendly but others are rude. Nobpason and Banjarat. They are my best friends. My favorite’s subjects are English and Chinese. Because teacher is pretty and friendly. This school vary good. I would like to invite everybody to my school. Tanyarat Ponpakdee NO.19
    • My school My name is Kamolchanok Sakpatita. My name Shool is Sawivittaya. My School be in Sawi and Chumphon city Grade education Mata yomsugsa one to siv and absolutely 2053 persons,and me Teacher105 persons. School My school Age 51 year and before My school name is School Sawi Kuansiter. Flterwards vary name alive Sawivittaya School because alive School class Stationed Secondary education be stationed district Sawi at present Director name is Suchin bunpen.
    • Sawiwittaya School My school Sawiwittaya School is in Chumphon. 2053 people are all students and teachers have about 105 people.My school is a large school school and beautiful.Regular school color is purple – yellow.. The school building 4 yellow buildings. I go to school by van. I love my school.