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Community mobilization
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Community mobilization






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  • All participants will be be given story of Elephant and they will be asked to share that what they think after reading the story. All their views will be mention on the flip chart. After writing views from all groups the purpose of story will be shared. Communities are different, have different cultures, different set up of life, each community differ from other communities. Every one see community from his or her state of mind. Every one has different opinion about communities. Each communities will be handled differently.
  • Reading the slides and discussion on the basis of views generated by participants in last slides.
  • Participatory learning and Mobilization tools handout
  • What we are suppose to do under community mobilization ? Why we should do that? Linking with the previous slides
  • Think of a person who can help the community most. If you want to, you can also draw a picture. You can
  • Divide participants into groups of four or five. Give each group a piece of flipchart paper, and ask them to draw the characteristics of a good facilitator.
  • Discussion Sharing the example of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (Raja Irfan, related to Doga village)
  • Discussion after the wrapping up the last slides

Community mobilization Community mobilization Presentation Transcript

  • Community Mobilization Waqas A. Khan Master Trainer SYBAN
  • Community Mobilizations What is communitys What is community MobilizationWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community What comes first in your mind when you think or hear the word “COMMUNITY” ?Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • What is a Community A Community is a set of people living together with common interest” We all live in a community. There are different things that bind us together. Let us try to identify them.  Territory  Sharing resources  Administrative unit  Language  Religion  Culture  OccupationWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community Mobilization s Community Mobilization refers to the process of building social relationships in pursuit of common community interests. s Community Mobilization is seen as being the foundation of the community development process. s Community development seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing these groups with the skills they need to affect change in their own communities.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community Mobilization Explore the common issue & Set prioritiesPrepare to mobilize Organize the community Plan together For Mobilization Prepare to scale up Evaluate together Act together Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Steps in Community Mobilization s Step 1: Identify the problem/issue. s Step 2: select a strategy to solve the problem s Step 3: Community Mobilization s Step 4: Implementation through people’s participation s Step 5: Assess the results and improveWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Selecting Core Areas s Identify core areas of community development s Poverty s Health – Maternal and child mortality, HIV/AIDs, Malaria s Education – Pre-primary, primary, secondary s Women empowerment s Water and Sanitation s Prohibition of HIV/AIDS s Agriculture and allied sector s Skill ImprovementWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Prepare to mobilize s Identify a common issue that the whole community can get involved s Gather information about the issue and the community s Identify resources and constraintsWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Select a strategy sDepending on problem, plan for community dialogue and select a strategy. s Some problems – require sensitization on the issue. – call for mobilization of community – need interaction with individual family members.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community Mobilization s A process whereby a group of people become aware of a shared concern or common need and decide to take Mobilization in order to create shared benefits. s A continual and cumulative process that involves communication, education, and organization, which together lead to community Mobilization and development.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community Mobilization linkages Capacity building Outside Community Group resources Participation Mobilization EmpowermentWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Key Task Involved in Community Mobilization s Developing an on-going dialogue between community members s Creating or strengthening community organizations (Committees etc.) s Creating an environment in which individuals can empower themselves to address their own and their community’s needs s Promoting community members’ participationWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Implementation s Implementation and constant monitoring s Assess the results s Revise the strategy wherever necessary s Scale upWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Community Mobilization Community mobilization – model film Movie 1 Movie 2 Movie 3Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Who are you? You are working for people, with people as a SYBAN Volunteer, and so… What is your role? How can you help the people in the community?Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Facilitator s A pearl is beautiful but alone it doesnt make a necklace. It is the thread which makes the necklaceWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • A facilitatorWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Role of SCM SCM is community mobilizer. A mobilizer is a person who mobilizes, i.e. gets things moving. Social animator. A Catalyst s Bringing People Together s Building Trust s Encouraging Participation s Facilitating Discussion and Decision-making s Helping Things to Run Smoothly . s Facilitation in community mobilization processWaqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Skills needed for SCM Attitudes include: s a willingness to examine and challenge their own assumptions, opinions and beliefs s a genuine respect for all community members s a non- judgmental and accepting approach s an understanding that different people have different views and perspectives s a belief in community capacity to take effective Mobilization.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • …… Continued Skills include: s good communication skills, especially listening s good facilitation skills to enable communities to conduct their own analysis of their lives and situations s techniques to help facilitation awareness of political, gender and cultural issues and relationships s an ability to challenge assumptions sensitively (e.g. about the role of women).Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • …… Continued Knowledge includes: s the community mobilization process s the principles of community mobilization s knowledge of related Issues and problems, causes and effects s understanding of the ethical issues related to community mobilization. .Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Conflict management s Conflict is an inevitable result of social interaction and is not necessarily negative. A distinction must be made between positive and negative aspects of conflict. When constructively managed, conflict may lead to clearer ideas, innovative solutions and increased effectiveness and commitment.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Factors contributing to conflict1) Diverse groups2) Strategic disagreement3) Competition between groups4) Unreasonable expectations5) Lack of common understanding6) Goal conflict7) Poor communication skills8) Unclear/unfair expectations9) Power-plays and manipulation Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Conclusion s Community Mobilization needs continuous efforts s Using its available resources for the community effectively s Obtaining support from the community, s Explore cooperation with other agencies.Waqas A. Khan SYBAN Community
  • Thank youwaqas@hazara.edu.pk