Cyber laws


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Cyber laws

  1. 1. Cyber lawsThe concept idea of cyber terrorism has always been a great treat for computertechnology since the first computer was invented in the late fifties; and grown up with thetechnology that has developed extremely. The use of the computers within the businessand government sector have rapidly increased; this therefore provides a whole newprospect for a distinctive criminal to prosper in most cases. The advances in the computertechnology has brought a new methodology in crime. Electronic crime has beenresponsible for some of the most financially devastating victimizations in society.In the recent past, society has seen different kinds of unauthorized access into classifiedgovernment computer files, phone card and credit card, and electronic emails. All thesecrimes are committed in the name of "free speech." These new breed of criminals claimthat information should not be suppressed or protected and the information should befreed. They think that the crimes they commit are really not crimes at all. Noone can denythat the internet is the most useful tool for computer abusing.There are many forms of computer abuse and yet they have not come to any solution.Computer crime appears in a number of forms; malicious damage, un. . .They find these crimes less violent or public. Many adults go on to the net and accesspornographic material that would be unsuitable for children. Anyone or person can findchild pornography on the internet with just a few clicks of the mouse using any searchengine. These crimes are all that have been started with someone who accessed to otherscomputer and start getting into other peoples computer files. This brings a need for a caseof ethics in the Internet realm. Another reason for computer crime not being reported iswhen the crime is discovered companies demand tremendous sums of money. To preventchildren from these actions, the pornographic sites has set, user and password loginprotection for accessing into them illegally.There are people who accept pirated software, pornographic pictures, animations, andtexts, instead of buyin registered ones. The pornographer will then post the pictures ontheir web site. These numbers are looked at by hackers and then used again, when thehacker calls the number he is accessed with a logon prompt, this is where the hackingreally begins, the hacker tries to bypass this to gain access to the system.The computer systems are under attack from a multitude of sources. Many children firstcome in contact with the Internet at a very young age. If any unauthorised accesshappens, that carries a penalty of six months imprisonment. According to this, sexbecomes more popular and is spreading to children at a younger age.On the other hand, if we look at the ethics of the internet, in conditions of the terms ofcyber crimes, we can say that many racy, illegal, and controversial materials are availableon the Internet such as pornography and pirated software; on the other hand, manyeducational tools are on-line as well.Common topics in this essay: