Childrens magazines


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Childrens magazines

  1. 1. Childrens MagazinesCHAPTER ONE: ASUH AS A MUSLIM’S CHILDREN MAGAZINE.‘Asuh’ is a magazine published by Galeri Ilmu Sdn Bhd has been in the Malaysian market for the pastcouple of years. It is a magazine that targeting on the children. Since the title itself bring meaning “teachingwith nursing”, suitable with it, Asuh do bring that kind of impact. This magazine is about teaching childrenhow to lead this life according to Islamic way. But since this magazine targeting readers at the age of 6-12years old, the material is simple and easy to understand. There are no tough words either in Malay, Englisheven Arabic language.Asuh wants to bring the scope of Islamic teaching to children but in a form of simple yet understandable.There is almost every page full of illustrations so that children will understand and find it more interesting.This magazine also adds Arabic words for readers to learn more. The Arabic alphabet that is printed in Asuhis also clear and easy to understand, suitable to their target. Most of the pages also colored to make it moreinteresting.There are sessions for readers to read, do some exercise, mind storming, facts about world things and a lotmore. Even though this magazine is an Islamic magazine, but still it is not...There’s lots of it in the cyber world. So far, the gift winners get is VCD of animation produced by the samecompany. At the same time magazines can also be one of the methods to spread Islamic dakwah becauseof the contents. It is part of dakwah if writers of these magazines manage to successfully open the readersmind. State how less nutrient they can get and how it affects their health and brains. Also they can identifycertain junk food in Malaysian market that can be doubtful of the ingredients. Action should be taken in orderto make Islamic magazines in the same level as other magazines. These magazines are targeting on reallyreligious Muslim rather than liberal Muslims.Magazines can be tools to spread Islamic knowledge but there’s more hard work to do besides writing aboutwhat Muslims already know. Some of the words are spelled wrongly, and the articles are not interestingenough.Asuh should play an important role by being the favorite magazine among Malaysian children especiallyMuslim children. For example, computer for the grand prize, tickets of nasyid concert, tickets to theme parkwith family, free subscription of the magazines for a year and lots more.Asuh in becoming a better magazineThere are a lot of things to improve by Asuh in order to be one of the methods to spread Islam. Instead ofgiving this kind of information on nutrient, Asuh can get information on junk foods that children usually eat.