Main different between china & western country


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Main different between china & western country

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Main different between china & western country

  1. 1. The main differences betweenChinese and Western (includingRussian) painting and wedding clothing culture Task of Prof. Victor course November 2011 Created by Ace
  2. 2. Calligraphy (Chinese motto)
  3. 3. Middle EastCalligraphy
  4. 4. Chinese painting is one of the oldestcontinuous artistic traditions in the world. Theearliest paintings were not representational butornamental; they consisted of patterns or designsrather than pictures Painting in the traditional style is known todayin Chinese as guó huà (国画), meaning nationalor native painting, as opposed to Western styles ofart which became popular in China in the 20thcentury. Traditional painting involves essentiallythe same techniques as calligraphy and is donewith a brush dipped in black or colored ink; oilsare not used. As with calligraphy, the most popularmaterials on which paintings are made of are paperand silk. The finished work can be mounted onscrolls, such as hanging scrolls or handscrolls.Traditional painting can also be done on albumsheets, walls, lacquerware, folding screens, andother media.
  5. 5. Don AndrewsDon Andrews is a nationally known watercolor artist and workshop instructor. Heis a graduate of the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, and a resident ofFairhope, Alabama
  6. 6. Watercolor painting Steve Hanks US
  7. 7. Watercolor painting Steve Hanks US
  8. 8. Chinese oil painting“xun yang yi yun浔阳遗韵”Yifei Cheng(dead)
  9. 9. Repins PaintingThe Volga Barge-Haulers
  10. 10. Temple of Heavenchinese opera戏曲
  11. 11. The Phantom of the Opera歌剧魅影
  12. 12. History of KungFU The Ancient Chinese martial arts are called Gong Fu.They arose from the hand combat discipline of the army.And are extensively detailed in “the art of war” by SunTzu. Chinese Legend states that the Yellow EmperorHuangdi, before becoming the leader, was a famousgeneral who wrote in detail on martial arts and used it inwar. (circa 2650BC) Confucius suggested to a duke in 509BC that thepeople should practice the martial arts. So even at thistime, Gong fu was used outside the Army and religioussects.
  13. 13. Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipThe Ultimate FightingChampionship (UFC) is anAmerican mixed martialarts(MMA) promotion company andthe largest in the world. It hostsmost of the top-ranked fighters andproduces numerous eventsworldwide
  14. 14. Chinese MarriageChinese marriage is a ceremonialritual within Chinese societies thatinvolve a marriage established bypre-arrangement between families.Within Chinese culture, romanticlove was allowed, and monogamywas the norm for most ordinarycitizens
  15. 15. Clothes Many wedding dresses inChina are red, the traditionalcolor of good luck. However,in modern Chinese weddings,particularly those held inWestern countries, the brideopted for Western dress orchanges generally white in ared dress with a white dressthroughout the day.
  16. 16. Now a days Chinese Wedding dress
  17. 17. Classic wedding dress style between china and westerncountry (common people ) The at the beginning of 21thcentury
  18. 18. August 6, 2000 Wedding Mindy Kittay married MikeWoelke on August 6, 2000. Photoincludes Mindys daughter Shira Anne Mailes
  19. 19. August 6, 2000 Wedding Mindy Kittay married MikeWoelke on August 6, 2000. Photoincludes Mindys daughter Shira Anne Mailes
  20. 20. 1980S改革开放初期
  21. 21. 1980s Weddingwedding hold in May 1985.
  22. 22. Period of the People’s Repbulic of China(Mao era) later 1940s-later 1970s
  23. 23. Taken by Selma Sahlberg, Munkedal, Sweden. 1951 or 52.
  24. 24. Taken by Selma Sahlberg, Munkedal, Sweden. 1951 or 52.
  25. 25. Wedding Ad.
  26. 26. Period of the Repbulic of China 二战时期
  27. 27. 1920s NanJing 1940s HeiBei 1940s NAnjing
  28. 28. 1941 Florida
  29. 29. Eichhoffen - Wedding 1926.7.1Camera: HP PhotoSmart R717 In France
  30. 30. Period of theLater QingDynasty
  31. 31. At the end of19 century
  32. 32. Bibliography:
  33. 33. ManyThanks