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Public good ppt


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โดยวรรณพงษ์ ดุรงคเวโรจน์

โดยวรรณพงษ์ ดุรงคเวโรจน์

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  • 1. LOGO “ Add your company slogan ”
  • 2. Contents 1 2 3
  • 3. II : Leicester 'free running' park opens The £40,000 funding was awarded through the Youth Opportunity Fund following a successful bid by the teenagers. Free running group Leicester Parkour applied for city council funding and helped design the park, which will open to the public on July 24. Free running, or parkour, is a form of urban acrobatics involving jumping off buildings and bouncing between benches, phone boxes and street signs. The group was founded in 2007 with the help of the estate's Magpie Youth Club, which helped the 11 teenagers to apply for a grant.
  • 4. Congested goods It's congested goods The marginal cost of additional consumer isn't zero. The availability for using this park will be exist until it reaches at some quantity of citizen used
  • 5. I : Health Government provides care blueprints The first framework will provide standards for coronary heart disease. This will be the blueprint for all services offered to people with coronary heart disease up and down the country. These standards will be monitored by the Commission for Health Improvement which is due to established in 1999-2000.
  • 6. pure public good Consumption in care blueprints by one person does not reduce the availability of care blueprints to others. . Non-payers can take a free ride and enjoy the benefits of care blueprint. All the patients will consume the same quantity of pure public good
  • 7. III : Probe finds China train crash “avoidable” High-speed rail crash Public outrage was completely avoidable The probe had found design defects Suspending approval of the new railway Recalling 54 bullet trains
  • 8. Contents 1 2 3
  • 9. Case study Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change in Belarus.
  • 10. How to run this programme
  • 11. 1 2 3
  • 12. Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change programme is public goods Collectively consume 1. One person’s consumption does not prevent another person It is impossible to exclude one to derive benefit Public goods
  • 13. Contents 1 2 3
  • 14. Altrunism and Voluntary provision of public goods Personal Meaningful Profile (PMP) Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (VCM) Study people altrunism affects their behaviour in a voluntary contribution to public goods and investigate the difference of contribution among people Lenne Ma Katerina Sherstyyuk Malcolm Dowling Oliver Hill Researcher Context Tools
  • 15. Altrunism and Voluntary provision of public goods Personal Meaningful Profile (PMP) Voluntary Contribution 57 questions 7 Levels Altrunist ,Intermediate and Non Altrunist VCM show how much the subject contribute Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (VCM) Altrunism
  • 16. The Result
  • 18. Conclusion 1 Any populalist policy government promised to citizen can lead to ruin in economy and importantly, Raising awareness of economy is duty of not only government but also everyone. 2 Global Public goods is worldly collective consumption that be required the consensus to agree upon it. If we equally concern about it, surely the disaster wont be taken place 3 Let’s pay attention to the any provision of voluntary contribution of public good because it benefiting to everyone. So it’s invaluable ordeal provided everyone carry on.
  • 19. LOGO “ Add your company slogan ” WE LOVE PUBLIC FINANCE