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This is a PR plan for a Chinese calligraphy exhibit of Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

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  • WHY:
  • WHY: 1. Art Newbies – based on profile – influencers
  • WHY: Jerry Yang connection Silicon Valley huge tech area Pitch to tech media because of the Jerry Yang hook
  • Contest Flow: Three “celebrity” judges choose the top 12: San Francisco Mayor Jerry Yang Young celebrity (to be named) Then the public votes via website to narrow down to top six to be displayed in AAM lobby and SFO exhibit Who will be pre-invited: Reach out to calligraphy clubs in area Reach out to art schools Promote on website Allow for day of entry Why important & valuable event: Generates news Highly visual Local Artists will be featured Drive traffic by featuring on website and encouraging voting
  • EDIT: Add second column for specifics
  • EDIT: Add second column for specifics
  • This slide could be more specific about media OUTLETS OR THE Tactics slide could identify which outlets we have chosen Create Media Slide List List out categories (tech, art, etc) and which media groups going after by name Three key messages for the press when we pitch Types of Messages: Hidden world of calligraphy Why calligraphy still relevant or becoming relevant again Beauty of calligraphy & what is it and what makes it beautiful What makes world tech tycoon in calligraphy
  • AAM Project

    1. 1. Wianjiao Fu (Grace) 1
    2. 2.  Background SWOT Analysis Competitive Analysis Media Strategy  Goals, Objectives  Media Messages  Target Market  Pitch, Tactics, & Channels 2
    3. 3. Create Media Strategy for upcoming exhibit Challenges  Private Collection  No evening events scheduled at museum  AAM Foundation Connection with Private Collector Expectations  Smaller audience  Education – few calligraphy works exist outside of private collection 3
    4. 4.  Strengths  Weaknesses  Asian population more  Exhibit too focused on interested in their calligraphy cultural history  Existing member base  Competing museums and other activities in  Good Brand Image and city Reputation  Lack of recognition of new brand 4
    5. 5.  Oppor tunities  Threats  Expand Media Reach  Holiday and travel season (i.e., Promote via KQED and 96.1 & Tech Media)  Other art exhibits and activities vying for public attendance  Strengthen relationship with Asians and other new audiences  Tech community lacks interest in art  Increase membership and attendance  2012 Presidential Campaign Media Coverage  Holiday Traffic 5
    6. 6. Museum Description Position Prices (General Admission) Works explains the culture and One of the finest Adult $17.00Asian Art religion in different countries of museums in San Senior $13.00Museum the Asian continent. Francisco. College $12.00 Youth $7.00 A large exhibition of American Art Fine arts museum located Adult $ 11.00De Young between the 17th and 20th in the heart of Golden Senior $ 8.00Museum centuries. Of equal importance is collection of African and Pacific art. Gate Park Student $ 7.00 Youth $ 7.00 Works of artists such as Matisse, Cultural Star of the city – Adults $18.00SF MOMA Picasso and Dali on display 2nd most important Seniors $12.00 museum in the U.S. after Students $11.00 the NY MOMA Works of Rodin, Rembrandt, Best collection of works of Adults: $10.00Legion of Monet as well as many other art of the city is shown Seniors $7.00Honors famous artists. Youths Students $6.00 $6.00.Note: Children under 12 or 13 and Members are Free at all Museums 6
    7. 7.  Goal  To raise awareness of the exhibit and museum among art- lovers and new alternative audiences by 10% to 20% between 5 Oct. and 30 Dec. 2012 Objectives  Increase interest and attendance among people in the technology industry and new audiences  Educate and engage the Asian community locally and internationally through exhibit and programs  Increase and acquire publicity for both the museum and the calligraphy exhibit 7
    8. 8. 1. Asian2. Art3. Tech 8
    9. 9.  Asian Families  Calligraphy lovers  2nd Generation Asian  Older generation Asians immigrants who love calligraphy  Asian Family: teach children about Asian  New Asian artists who culture want to learn from the  Mix race marriages: exhibit show spouse the Asian culture 9
    10. 10. Cultural Vultures (Core) Art Newbies • Females, Caucasian  Interested in whatever is new • Tourist (especially (technology, store openings, European/German) etc.) • Well-educated  Fashion-conscious • Visits other art-focused  Cultural Influencers/Leaders events/activities  Not easily intimidated • Incomes over $100k; half with  Open-minded under 25k  Likely to frequent underground • Actualizers (art professionals/students) activities  Middle-class socio-economics • Galleries essential to quality of life • Social Spacers (attend fundraisers,  Not comfortable with art art openings) terminology • Sensualists (seek emotional, highBased onsensory or Wallace and Trust grantees Psychographics Roundtable 5/20-5/21/09 presentation by intuitive experience) 10
    11. 11.  Research and buy multiple tech products Like to stay up to date on the latest gadgets Often represent early adopters of new technologies 51%* of Gadget Lovers read news online revisiting these sites several times per day:  MSNBC, Foxsports and Wonderwall 11
    12. 12. Exclusive The Cultural Private Asian Significance ofCollection Community Calligraphy Art LoversThe Beauty EXHIBIT KEY MESSAGES of Visual Hidden World of Highest Poetry -- Calligraphy… form of artCalligraphy It’s relevance, in China uniqueness and impact on the world Tech Gurus AAM’s New Branding, TechJerry Yang’s Unique Tycoons Unique and Exhibitions & PassionExclusive Art Innovative for the Collection Programs Arts 12
    13. 13. 1. Existing Members2. Press3. General Public 13
    14. 14. Receive Special invitation with quote from Jerry Yang… ”Like all great art – the best calligraphy looks like water flowing and words signing off the paper…” 14
    15. 15.  Press Conference  Feature museum director, curator, Jerry Yang and Xu Bing  Private Tour  Personalized Framed Calligraphy  Receive Press Kit 15
    16. 16.  Create Media Kit to include:  Press Release  Bio for Jerry Yang and Xu Bing  Press FAQ’s (external only)  Interview list or Information  Calendar Listings  Ticket to Museum and Exhibit  Link to online Press Gallery with photos, release, interviews with Jerry and Xu, and curator or director 16
    17. 17.  Calligraphy Competition  Pre-Invite 30 to 50 calligraphers  Local Celebrities Serve as Judges (i.e., Mayor of SF, President of SF Art Assoc., Jerry Yang and Young Star)  Public observes contest and judging  All work and photos from event featured on AAM’s website  Viewers can vote for top 10 Calligraphers  Winners’ artwork displayed in SFO Airport – International Terminal 17Image from: http://www.yesan.go.kr/eng/sub/sub02/sub_02_06_05.jsp
    18. 18. Media – Events Online Collaboration Traditional and (including social Electronic media)Technology &New GroupsArt LoversAsianCommunity(local andinternational) 18
    19. 19. Objective: Increase interest and attendance among people in thetechnology industry and new audiencesReach out to San Francisco and California Bay Friends of Calligraphygroups to offer discount group tickets in exchangefor promotional opportunities (newsletter listing orarticle, website link and button, announcements,SM, etc.)Pitch to Tech focused newsletters, social media Tom Foremski – Silicon Valley Watcher Jon Swart – NBC Bay Areasites, print media and companies. Angle on Jerry’s @TechChronicle - The technology blog ofsuccess in the technology industry and art world the San Francisco ChronicleWebsite Contests Winners receive discounts/special offersRaffle off private dinner and tour with Jerry Yang Dinner for 5 people. Enter via website – perks for entering 19
    20. 20. Objective: Educate and engage the Asian community locally andinternationallyPitch to Asian focused newsletters, social media Asian Week China dailysites, printed media and radio. weibo.cn (social media)Angle: The education and importance of calligraphy ICN (TV channel)in the Asian cultureReach out to Asian community groups, associations Asian American Women’s Art Associationand youth groups (including schools) to promoteevent and invite to contestsPartner with travel industry newsletters and on Korean Airlineboard magazinesRaffle off private dinner and tour with Xu Bing, Jerry Dinner for 5 people. Enter via website – perks for enteringYang and Curator of AAM 20
    21. 21. Objective: Increase and generate publicity for both the museum andthe calligraphy exhibitPartial Exhibit at SFO Museum or in International Feature Calligraphy contest winnersTerminalOnline Contests like guess the Celebrity Tattoo and Receive discounts/special offers Pinterest ContestOnline activities such as free translations of wordsinto calligraphy via websiteAdvertising BART, MuniCalligraphy Content and Promotions Promote contest including voting opportunities, celebrity judges and feature pieces 21
    22. 22. August September October November December EXHIBIT EXHIBT OPENS CLOSESPitch Media Press Launch Social Announce Holiday Conference Media Sites & contest and Contests Online raffle winners ContestsInvite Press Partner w/ Gala Host dinners Announceand Public to clubs & with Jerry contest Calligraphy associations Yang and Xu winners Contest BingContact SFO Host Announce Set up Display Calligraphy Calligraphy at SFO Contest Contest Winners 22
    23. 23. 23
    24. 24.  Public Relations  Social Media  Print – Local and National Art  Pinterest Magazines  Facebook Page  Press Conference  Twitter  Radio – Interviews  Blogs (Asian, Tech and Art)  Television Interviews  Linkedin targeting Tech  Magazines (travel, art and Companies and Prof. technology)  Social Network & Bookmarking  Direct Mail Sites  Postcard Community Relations  Tech Cos. And Groups Newsletters and Websites  Public & Private Schools  Special Events  Exhibit Display at SFO International 24