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This will show you about my benefits, problems as well as opinion through my pre-internship hours with Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. This edit is for my seventh week.

This will show you about my benefits, problems as well as opinion through my pre-internship hours with Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. This edit is for my seventh week.



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Student weekly report_7th Student weekly report_7th Document Transcript

  • Student Weekly Report Student Name: Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Student ID: 52623433019 Major: Tourism Industry Name of Host: Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. Department: Inbound Reservation (4, English Speaking Guide and Asian Market) Supervisor: Krit Nipamanee (Mr) Senior Reservation Supervisor Duration (Month): 2 April – 25 May 2012 (The seventh week: 14 – 20 May) Duration of Working Hours: 8.30 – 17.30 Hrs.Activities and Work assignments Activities  It seemed like I had a good chance to do some tasks for the Product Department this week because I was willing to assist my internship friend to deal with the Product Department database about the hotel information included its location, its reservation telephone numbers and its fax number by getting the information from Tourplan program then put the information in the excel files in order to facilitate the users of the company who would like to get the hotel contact information. I needed to match the information of the hotel with its name correctly, carefully and quickly.  I also assisted my friend from Product Department to match each hotel contrast rate paper with its file. After that, I needed to keep the file in the file cabinet according to the location of the hotel such as I needed to keep Mandarin Oriental,
  • Bangkok into Bangkok’s file cabinet and I also needed to order the file according the English alphabets. I attended the hotel presentation that was about the overall information of a new hotel in Phang Nga province. I attended the Operation Department meeting because I was assigned to work for an incentive trip then I had a chance to meet the MICE manager (Khun Tim), professional tour guides who are good at Portuguese, Spanish and English and the other operation staffs then I could share some ideas and experienced lots of knowledge from the meeting. According to at the end of this week was the Big Cleaning Day of my company, therefore I could help my company to clean by clearing the old stuffs, documents and the dirty areas of my company.Assignments I was assigned to be an assistant of tour guides of the company in order to accommodate and create the impression of clients. It was a great opportunity for me to work for the Operation Department so that I could work outdoor sometimes. I was assigned to study about the incentive trip of my company which held on 19- 26 May because I needed to work for this trip. I was assigned to create the new bookings by using the Tourplan program as usual. I was assigned to make a cover paper of each customer’s trip in order to summaries all services provided by the company as usual. I was assigned to make a contact with many hotels in order to check about the available rooms, room rates and service rates provided by the hotels. For example, I had contacted Verandah Hotel and Zeavola, Phi Phi Island in Krabi, Royal River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Kantary Hotel and Iudia Hotel in Ayutthaya, Greenery Resort in Khoa Yai, Elephant Hill Tented, Khao Sok in Suratthani, Katathani in Phuket, The Sarojin, Khoa Lak in Phang Nga, The Millenium Hilton Hotel in Bangkok. I was assigned to make a photocopy for Account Department which was about the rental contrast between the company and the Smooth Life tower building.
  • Training  This week was the next step for me to experience the new booking program because I had a chance to participate the training program of the company about how to use the Galileo program which is one of the most famous global travel distribution systems. The program is very beneficial and helpful to travel agencies and tour operator to make a flight, hotel, and car booking.Benefits or Experiences I got to know to know more about the hotel information when I assisted my friend such as location, contact number, and fax number. I also could learn what the class of each hotel is. Moreover, I always thought that as much as I could help my friend that would be a good way for me to build a good connection with him and it was the best way for me to share experiences and knowledge with him when we worked together. I was always willing to assist him; therefore he usually shared his tasks with me. I was really happy to work with him and could learn how to work with other people. Even we are from the different universities and we also have the different knowledge but we needed to work as a team in order to get the accurate and prompt work. When I assisted my friend about the matching of hotel contrast rate with its file then I could learn a lot about the room types of hotel, the room rates, the conditions, policies, the validity of each room and etc. I thought that I could learn from everything that I did in my workplace so; I always tried to learn and experience new things. I got to know about the new hotel in Phang Nga and experiences lots of its information. I also could learn from the presenters that how to present the hotel interestingly and outstandingly and how the presenter delivered the hotel’s information to the audiences. I thought that was always great chance for me to work for this company because I didn’t only work for the company but the company paid the knowledge, experience and training programs for me in return. I was really excited to have a meeting with Operation Department Team, the MICE manager and Professional Tour Guides because I never thought that I could be part of this meeting. However, I could share some ideas in the meeting and could experience
  • a lot about how the company operated the incentive trip. I could learn what we needed to concern when we operate the trip, what we should offer to our clients, how we could satisfied clients, how we should operate each service such as transfers, meals, activities and other related concerns. After I studied about the incentive trip that I was assigned to work for and consulted with the Operation Department Staffs then I got to know what I was supposed to do and how could I launched my duties successfully and satisfactory. I could learn more about Tourplan program when I worked for my usual works which were creating the new bookings, creating the detailed itinerary and summarizing the reservation. I could learn more about how to contact with hotel suppliers appropriately and promptly when I was assigned to contact many hotels about the available rooms and the transfer rates. Furthermore, I could learn about how each hotel greeted theirs customers and I also could knew what the weaknesses and strengths of hotel’s receptionist, reservation and concierge were from their speaking and services. I got to know some conditions of the company and its building because when I was assigned to make a photocopy then I have read a few pieces of papers. It was my good opportunity to learn and experience the Galileo program for the first time and I now got to know about the differences between the Amadeus program that I have trained last week and the Galileo program. Moreover, I got familiar with how to use this program even I have never used this program before because the trainer gave me the clear points of how to use this program and also she delivered the easy way to deal with this program when there was some problems happened while using the program. I could learn how to corporate work with other people in my company when we had to work together in order to make our company become cleaner and have better environmental areas to work. I could build many new connections with the other staffs from different departments of my company.Problems or Obstacles to the work The most important problem of this week was that I was not assigned many tasks as I expected to get from my supervisor therefore, I was trying to get new interesting jobs as much as I could by rotating my duty to assist the Operation Department, Product Department and Account Department sometimes. According to my own personality, I
  • would be really bored when I had nothing to do so, I could find the best solution for this problem that I should ask for the new jobs by myself, try to rotate duty sometimes and try to study about the new company information about its products. When I was attending the meeting about the incentive trip with Khun Tim, the MICE manager then I could followed up his words sometimes because he spoke really fast and I always had to pay my intention on his speech then I could get the main point of speech. Moreover, I had to discuss with other people in the meeting about our duties and how we could satisfy our clients then sometimes I didn’t confide to raise up my ideas because all the people who attended the meeting were the expert people in tourism, professional tourist guides, and etc. I was a little bit confused when I was attending the Galileo training program because I have not acknowledged about that program before. Therefore, I had a lot of questions in my mind to ask the trainers. Finally, the problem that I could not forget was that when I phoned the hotel reservation about the transfer rates from Khoa Lak hotel to Phuket Hotel then the reservation staffs were not available to pick my call up therefore, I needed to spend my effort to call them so many times and the calls took around 30 minutes. I could not get the exact answer eventually because the receptionist picked the phone up instead of reservation staffs in case that the reservation staffs were not free.Student’s opinion According to I have touched the new departments such as Operation, Production and Account Departments and new kinds of tasks this week, therefore I know myself that I really like the Operation tasks rather than the Reservation tasks as I am doing now because for the operation tasks I have to deal with many suppliers such as transportation providers, guides, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and etc. The operation department is kind of the back of house to operate the package tours of the company and the staffs in this department are supposed to know what their products really are. Moreover, the operation department staffs need to inspect about hotels, restaurants, destination, routing and so on before they set up the itinerary and operate
  • each trip. Therefore, there is more challenging to work in this department but I never feel sorry to work for my current department. From the meeting that I have attended, I know exactly that I need to study and learn more about tourism products. Moreover, I need to experience more tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants as well as the characteristics of clients which relate directly to the consumer behaviors that I have learnt in my class because the professional tourist guide told me that the tourists even came from the same region like Europe but there still had the different style of taking a trip. That’s the main reason to inspire me to experie nce many cultures and people from differen t countri es round the world. I think that I need to learn more about the Galileo program because it will be really useful and beneficial for me when I am going to work for the reservation department in the future then I will know exactly how I can deal with the program because the trainers told me that when you are working for this program then you would face different problems and barriers to work through it. Banner to welcome clientsMy shirt
  • Cold towels I was getting ready to work outdoor because all staffs are ready now and I can’twait to work for my company.
  • I was working for the Account Department to separate the documents of eachyear on the Big Cleaning Day in order to clear the documents.
  • We all are internship students and we were really happy to work together. I ama kind of friendly person and pretty talkative sometimes so, I never have conflicts withmy internship friends and other company staffs.