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Student weekly report_6th

  1. 1. Student Weekly Report Student Name: Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Student ID: 52623433019 Major: Tourism Industry Name of Host: Exotissimo Travel (Thailand) Ltd. Department: Inbound Reservation (4, English Speaking Guide and Asian Market) Supervisor: Krit Nipamanee (Mr) Senior Reservation Supervisor Duration (Month): 2 April – 25 May 2012 (The sixth week: 7 – 13 May) Duration of Working Hours: 8.30 – 17.30 Hrs.Activities and Work assignments Activities  I studied about the product pricing plan 2013 of a company. It included the new products in many destination countries of the company and their prices such as products of Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.  I studied about a product survey of the company which showed all customers’ comments about the accommodation, tour, guide, meal and transportation services provided by the company and the local suppliers who co-worked with the company.  I studied about travel product elements of the company.  I studied about how to compose the proposal itineraries and learned more about virtuosos.
  2. 2.  I studied about the package tours in Thailand and other destination countries that provided by company.  I studied about the contracts that hotels made with the company. Moreover, I also could study about the hotels tariff, promotions, room types, policies and any conditions of the hotels.  I studied about how to cancel the bookings on Tourplan program.  I studied about the initial or code of each province and other destinations of the company in order to use the codes when I have to create the new bookings. Assignments  I was assigned to create the new bookings by using Tourplan.  I was assigned to make a cover paper of each customers’ trip in order to summaries all services provided by the company.  I was assigned to make a contact with many hotels in order to check about the available rooms, room rates and service rates provided by the hotels. For example, I had contacted Gajapuri Kho Chang and Mercure Hideaway Koh Chang in Trat province, The Shore, Six Senses, Outrigger Laguna and Six Senses Hideaway Yao Noi(formally Evason Hideaway Yao Noi) in Phuket province, Sheraton in Hua Hin and The Rose Hotel in Bangkok and Soneva Kiri by Six Sense, Koh Kood in Trat province. Training  I participated the training program of the company about how to use the Amadeus program which is one of the most famous global travel distribution systems. The program is very beneficial and helpful to travel agencies and tour operator to make a flight, hotel, and car booking.Benefits or Experiences I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences when I was studying about the company’s data and information that all of them will absolutely enhance my future
  3. 3. career as well as support my ideas about how to work effectively and accurately in thetravel industry. According to myself study for the whole week and I got to know lotsof things as the following benefits : I got to know about the new products of the company and I could learn how the company planed its products of Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Moreover, I got lots of ideas about how to establish the interesting package tours and what can we sell to our customers and how to make things different from other competitors. I now got to know about what the real and current problems of a company that the company has to confront are which were collected from the customers’ comments and complaints. Therefore, I have an idea of the weaknesses of the company and what needs to be improved or adjusted in order to satisfy our customers. I got to know about the travel products elements of the company included accommodation, transportation, guide, attraction, activity and restaurant. I now got to know exactly how to compose the company’s proposal itineraries and virtuosos. I obtained the ideas of how to create the interesting package tours, how to position the tourist attractions differently from other competitors, and how to co-work with other destination countries in order to operate the trips. I experienced lots of hotel data and information and how each hotel made the contrast with the company. I had got a lot of knowledge from the contrasts such as the hotel’s location, class, room types and room rates, promotion of each period, policies and the conditions. I got the new idea of how to cancel the booking on Tourplan when there is some duplication or the bookings are cancelled by travel agents or customers. I got lots of ideas about the provincial codes that were established by IATA to specify the airport, province and primary destinations.The more I could practice by using Tourplan, the more I got better and felt familiarwith it. I have been using Tourplan to create the new bookings and summaries thereservation for a month. I can exactly evaluate myself that I am the intermediatelyuser of Tourplan now because I already learnt and practiced a lot from the programand I have experienced the different cases to create the new bookings.
  4. 4. I could practice a lot of how to communicate with other people in appropriate, easy and correct ways in order to impress and try not to make the misunderstandings about my conversations. Therefore, I could deliver my massage to the listeners effectively. It was my good opportunity to learn and experience the Amadeus program once again because I have been leaving my Amadeus concepts and procedures since I left my airline reservation class at the college. So, I could recall my Amadeus recognitions since the time I attended the company’s training program.Problems or Obstacles to the work I still had the same problem of last week about my computer because I still didnt have my own computer to work so that I needed to use my internship friends in order to work which was the waste of time because sometimes my friends needed to have their works done too. Therefore, I needed to wait until my friends finished their works. There was not so much work for me to do so; sometimes I got a little bit bored. Anyway, I needed to understand about the company work system because the company is pretty big and well-organized so, my supervisor just allowed me to do only the basic jobs and usual jobs that I have already got familiar with them. There was nothing new for me in the whole week. There were some problems when I was working on phone but it was not from me. It was because there was no contrast rate of 2013 between a hotel and my company so that I needed to contact to that hotel directly in order to get the room rate and to check about the availability of the room. However, when I called to the hotel then they asked me to wait for 1 hr so that they could check the rate correctly and there was some charge needed to be added to the rate. Therefore, I could not get the answer directly and I needed to wait. After 1 hr, then I called to hotel directly 1 time and hotel staff replied me that a person who had got my call was out to have lunch. Later, I wait for 15 minutes and tried to contact the person who I have asked for the room rate a few times then she still went out. Therefore, I just tried to contact again to another person then I could get the answer directly without any wasting of time. I thought that this problem came from the wrong connection and I also thought that I asked for the
  5. 5. room rate with the new staff of the reservation department of the hotel therefore, she could not answer me immediately. Moreover, I needed to spend approximately 1.30 hrs to have my answers done. Finally, I would give my last problem which happened when I was training about the Amadeus program because the company just inform companys staff and internship students via email so that some of my internship friends didnt aware of this training so, they missed the training. It was a little bit sad for them. Moreover, while I was training there was no computer provided to practice the Amadeus program so, all people who attended the training just listened and asked a trainer questions. Therefore, I just trained that program without any practices.Student’s opinion I think that it would be better if I have my own computer to work even I have only 2 weeks left to work here so, I dont have to use other people computer and I really dont want to disturb them. However, I need to understand about the companys management because there are new employees of the company so; the company needs to provide the computer to their new employees first. I think that its about the priority to work for the company. I would highly suggest that my supervisor should assign or give me more works and new interesting works because I think that the more my supervisor assign me to work and the more he assign me the new jobs then, the more I can practice and enhance my working skills and I can experience new things which is very challenging for me. There was nothing new for me this whole week. Anyway, I think that the major reason why my supervisor didn’t assign me the new job because he really has no time to train me and he already has a lot of work to be done every day. For the hotel contact problems, I think that for the next time even the hotel staff asks me to wait but I will try to contact again because maybe another person will get my call and I would get the answer suddenly. Because if I can get my answer quickly then I can get the answer for my supervisor and he will move on to next step to reply our clients about the room rates promptly and this is a good way to impress and make the clients rely on our services and the way we works.
  6. 6. I think that for Amadeus training program, the internship students need to practiceand train more because this program is very beneficial for the tourism industry so thatit completely can support our future careers.