More interesting provinces in the Northern Thailand
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More interesting provinces in the Northern Thailand



The northern Thailand will offer you more interesting stuff to take a look..So, let's see how interesting of the Northern Thailand through this ppt!

The northern Thailand will offer you more interesting stuff to take a look..So, let's see how interesting of the Northern Thailand through this ppt!



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More interesting provinces in the Northern Thailand Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome toPhrae & Uttaradit
  • 2. Members of group1.Ms.Tipaporn Hngosakul Id.526234330062.Ms.Radtiyakorn Khumpong Id. 526234330113.Mr.Apisit Namkod Id. 526234330174.Ms.Wanida Phoothongkan Id. 526234330195.Ms.Khanaporn Limpanich Id. 52623433022
  • 3. PhraeLocation It is located on the banks of the Yom River, some 550kilometers from Bangkok. Phrae covers an area over 6,500square kilometers and surrounded on all sides by mountainswith level plains in the middle. Neighboring provinces arePhayao,Nan,Uttaradit, Sukhothai and Lampang.
  • 4. Terrain - Plains : the area where is the slightly slope, you cansee this area in the central and the southwest of the province. - Wavy slope plains : it is the area between the plainsand the mountains which is quite steep. Almost areas are thefallow ground and the forest. - Mountains complex : it is the forest area which housesthe large number of teak tree.
  • 5. Mountains There are 19 important mountains in this province suchas Doi Luang , Doi Pae Mueng, Doi Sam Sao , Doi ChangPha Daan and Doi Mae Ra Nang.Rivers There are 76 small rivers which almost flow down intothe Yom River such as Nam Mae Poong, Nam MaeTen, Nam Mae Ngaw, Nam Mae Sai and Nam Mae Song.
  • 6. Waterfalls There are 6 waterfalls in this province as follows: TadSaw Wa Waterfall, Tad Mhog Waterfall, Mhor PaengWaterfall, Huay Long Waterfall, Mae Cam Waterfall andMae Kueng Waterfall.
  • 7. Tourist Attractions
  • 8. SWOT Analysis• Strength: There are many interesting things to encourage and attract the tourists.• Weakness: There are some buildings that we have to renovate because it was built for long time ago.• Opportunity: It is a convenience place to access so, there are many people visit there every year.• Threat: According to the economics problem so, the number of tourist will be decrease.
  • 9. SWOT Analysis• Strength: There are many wonderful stalagmites and stalactites where you can learn from what you see.• Weakness: According to this is a cave so, there are some dangerous areas.• Opportunity: It is located in a well-know location so, people can get there easily.• Threat: It is the natural attraction so; it is not good place to visit in some season and it depends on climate.
  • 10. UttaraditLocation The province is located in the valley of the Nan River.Neighboring provinces are Phitsanulok to the east andsouth, Sukhothai to the west, Phrae to the north, Nan tothe north and Loei to the east. It borders Xaignabouli ofLaos to the east.
  • 11. Terrain - The Nan basin plains are located in Tron district, Phichaidistrict, Mueang Uttaradit district, Lablae district and ThongSaen Khan District. - Valley & wavy slope plains, situated north and east ofthe province - Highlands & mountains, located north and east of theprovince.
  • 12. Mountains There are 3 important mountains in this province asfollows: Phu Soi Dao, is the most famous tourist attractionof the province, Phu Look Krad and Khao Phu- miang.Rivers There are 7 rivers in this province such asThe Yom River , Pad River, Klong Tron River , KlongMae Prong River and Klong Phoo River.
  • 13. Waterfalls There are 6 important waterfalls in this province suchas Sai Thip Waterfall, Phu Soi Dao Waterfall and KlongTron Waterfall.
  • 14. Tourist Attractions
  • 15. SWOT Analysis• Strength: There is “Phra Thaen Sila Art ” the most famous interesting thing that can encourage and attract many people to visit all year.• Weakness: There are not many activities to do in this temple so; some people would like to visit another place.• Opportunity: It is located near another temple so, when people visit that temple they will also visit Wat Phra Thaen Sila Art.• Threat: Some people who is not Buddhist they don’t like to visit this temple.
  • 16. SWOT Analysis• Strength: There are many activities to do over here so; almost people like to visit here every year.• Weakness: It is a place where is a large area so, it is too hard to take care all tourists and then some of them will get lost.• Opportunity: It is located in the area that covers the area in Uttaradit Province and Phitsanulok Province so; there are two ways to access there.• Threat: There is some problem in May to October because it is the rainy season which is not good to visit this place.
  • 17. Thank you inadvance foryour attention.