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Experience most popular provinces in thailand



This is the 10 days 9 nights to visit the most popular provinces of Thailand so, you can experience the different feeling of this wonderful country. Hopefully, you guys like my trip that I have ...

This is the 10 days 9 nights to visit the most popular provinces of Thailand so, you can experience the different feeling of this wonderful country. Hopefully, you guys like my trip that I have operated it by myself.



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Experience most popular provinces in thailand Experience most popular provinces in thailand Document Transcript

  • 1 Experience most popular provinces in Thailand10 days 9 nights trip only 23,990 THB duration: 13 March -22 March, 2012 Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, KrabiItinerary: Introduction of Kanchanaburi : Kanchanaburi is Thailands third largest province.It covers an area of 19,486 square kilometres, most of which is forested mountains. Thereare fertile plains around the meeting point of the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai Rivers where thetown is located. To the west, Kanchanaburi shares a border with Myanmar and has theTanaowasi Range as its borderline. Beyond the compact provincial capital, some 130 kilometres from Bangkok,Kanchanaburi unfolds in progressively arresting scenic beauty in a landscape characterisedby several waterfalls, caves once inhabited by Neolithic man, national parks and tranquilriverside and reservoir settings. Many of its major attractions are also connected with theSecond World War, and more specifically the years 1942 to 1945.Day 1 Bangkok – Kanchanaburi (Visit World War II cemetery, World War II museum &Bridge over the river Kwai, Hell-Fine-Pass Memorial museum and Sai Yok Noi waterfall ) L, D06:30 Pick-up from various hotels in Bangkok by A/C minibus.09:30 Arrive to Kanchanaburi, first stop at the World War II cemetery.10:00 World War II museum & Bridge over the river Kwai to look at surrounding.12:00 Arrive to the train station trip on the train around 1 hr.13:00 Have lunch at KITTI rafts restaurant.
  • 214:00 Visit to Hell-Fine-Pass Memorial museum and walk to see the mountain cutting forbuild the rain way by prisoner of world war II.16:00 Relax at Sai Yok Noi waterfall.17.00 Return to KITTI rafts restaurant have dinner. Served in local Thai style.18:30 Check in at KITTI rafts house enjoy your free time and then fallowed relax with coolbreezy and stay overnight.Resort info. Floating resort : KITTI RAFT is Famous River House & Float in Kanchanaburi,Thailand.Kiiti Raft iswaiting to welcome you in a nature and relaxing setting. Here you will touch of moreexperience comfortable atmosphere along river Kwai Noi, with surrounded by the beauty ofnature that warmly cuddle you.‖ Kiiti Raft ― you will find simplicity privacy and happiness onyour holiday relax at Kiiti Raft , where nature surrounds you and is in touching distant.KITTI RAFT is created in a middle of green environment and peaceful river.In every cornerin Kitti Raft is surrounded with variety of greenery to comfort and sooth your holiday. KITTIRAFT is very centre of Kanchanaburis attractions amidst river valleys and mountains. Notfar from here, you can find waterfalls, caves once inhabited by Neolithic man, nationalparks, and tranquil riverside and reservoir settings. Kiiti Raft ‗ s Room : air conditioner –private bathroom.
  • 3Day 2 Kanchanaburi (Visit Erawan national park & Erawan waterfall, Trekking into cavenearby KITTI rafts restaurant) B, L, D07:00 Breakfast (Thai cuisine buffet)07:30 Relax your free time.08:00 Trips to Erawan national park.09:30 Arrive to Erawan national park and visit to Erawan waterfall, it seven steps waterfall isa most beautiful in the western area of Thailand & enjoy your time trekking, swimming,relax at waterfall.13:00 Return to KITTI rafts restaurant have lunch at KITTI rafts restaurant.14:30 Trekking into cave to see stalagmite, stalactite and limestone.17.00 Return to KITTI rafts restaurant relax have dinner.18:30 Enjoy your free time and then fallowed relax with cool breezy and stay overnight
  • 4DAY 3 Kanchanaburi (Visit elephant camp) - Chiang Mai B, L, D07:00 Breakfast (Thai cuisine buffet)09:00 Relax your free time & Check out and deposit your luggage at the resort lobby.10:00 Trip to rafting on bamboo raft downstream a leisurely picturesque along the Kwai Noiriver.11:30 Arrive to elephant camp for elephant ride trip into the jungle.13:00 Return to KITTI rafts restaurant have lunch.14:00 Depart from KITTI rafts to Chiang Mai.18:00 Have dinner on board by the Thai food set. Introduction of Chiang Mai : Chiang Mai, the ―City of Life & Prosperity‖ of its ownunique culture and nature with 715 years old city (Ancient Kingdom of Lanna). Chiang Mai isthe largest and most culturally significant city in northern Thailand, and is the capital ofChiang Mai Province. It is located 700 km north of Bangkok, among the highest mountainsin the country. The city is on the Ping river, a major tributary of the Chao Phraya river. In recent years, Chiang Mai has become an increasingly modern city and attractsapproximately 1 million visitors each year. Chiang Mais historic importance derived from itsstrategic location on the Ping river and major trade routes. The city has long been a majorcenter for handcrafted goods, umbrellas, jewelry (particularly silver) and woodcarving. Thailands traditional cultures come to life with the Lanna Village Experience. You willspend three days around Chiang Mai interacting with the local Hmong, Lanna and Lisuhilltribes and learning more about their lifestyles and customs. With plenty of localinteraction and hands-on activities, this Thailand tour is a truly unforgettable experience.DAY 4 Chiang Mai (Visit Doi Suthep – Mae Taeng) B,L,D07:00 Arrive to Chiang Mai, first stop to have breakfast at Kon Tai (คนไท) restaurant in thecentre of the town.09:00 Set off from Chiang Mai this morning to travel north of the city to the hilly northernareas of the country. Along the way visit the famed golden pagoda of Wat Prathat DoiSuthep and the Chang Khien Coffee Research Project, where you can enjoy a cup of thelocally grown brew.12:30 Have lunch at Ka Rare (กาแล) Traditional Northern Style restaurant.14:00 Next, a visit to a white Hmong Village provides insight into the traditional customs ofthese people.
  • 515:30 Check in at Lisu Lodge.16:00 Touring at Lisu Lodge this evening where you will be immersed in the culture of thishilltribe with visits to a local medicine mans house, a walk through the village and aperformance of dance.17:00 Have the traditional Northern dinner ―Kon Tok‖ at Lisu Lodge while enjoying the localperformance.18:00 Enjoy your free time and relaxing at the rich of natural environment of the areas.Resort info. Mountain-based resort :Lisu Lodge Named after the hill tribe village called Lisu, settling nearby the lodge, LisuLodge is part of a community-based project that aims to conserve the natural heritage of hilltribes of northern Thailand. Lisu is one of the hill tribes that migrated from southern Chinaand Tibet in the early 20th century. Built in traditional Lisu style with an eye for western comforts, the lodge overlooksthe lush fields and hills surrounding the valley and serves as your base-camp for a magicalblend of adventure, relaxation and insight. During the tour, a family elder will guide youaround the village to sample a portion of Lisu customs and culture. You will view the localshrine, admire the work of skilled silversmiths and marvel at fine embroidery work, and maybe invited into someones home for a cup of local tea. You can enjoy various activities at thelodge such as Hilltribe Experiences, Soft Adventure (cycling, elephant riding and white waterrafting) and Trekking.
  • 6 The facilities include inside the room such as comfortable King-size or twin beddedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, electric fans (non air-conditioned), meals and drinks andother facilities.DAY 5 Chiang Mai (Visit Mae Taeng- Phrao) B,L,D07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at Lisu Lodge.08: 00 Start this morning with a bike ride around the Lisu Lodges surroundings.09:30 Visit a nearby camp where you will climb on the back of an elephant for a ridethrough the jungle, take an exhilerating rafting ride on the Mae Taeng River and enjoy lunchon the river banks.13:00 Continue, this afternoon, to Khum Lanna, a charming Lanna village where you willexperience this culture first-hand. Don traditional clothes and try your hand at preparinglocal dishes with your host and friends and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the village.16:00 Check in at Lanna Farm.17:00 Have local dinner at Lanna Farm.18:00 Enjoy your free time and relaxing at the rich of natural environment of the areas.
  • 7Resort info.Lanna Farm Is Located 100 Kilometres North Of Chiang Mai, Three Kilometres South-WestOf The Small Town Of Phrao. Set in a plateau about 40 minutes outside Chiang Mai, LannaFarm is a subtle yet breathtaking place. This large traditional teak house sits amonglandscaped gardens and is a great place to relax and just take in the fresh air and scenery.In the early evening there is a spectacular sunset framed by a backdrop of rice paddies andmountains.
  • 8DAY 6 Chiang Mai (Visit Phrao) – Krabi B,L,D07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at Lanna Farm.08: 00 Spend this morning exploring the Phrao countryside by bike. Pedal along rural roadsand small canals to the early morning market, visit several local shops and farms and makean offering at a village temple.11:30 Upon returning to the Lanna farm, walk around the garden to collect ingredients forthe days lunch which you will enjoy with your village hosts.12:30 Enjoy preparing local dishes with your host and friends and after enjoy the localtraditional lunch with the hosts and friends.14:00 Arrive at Chiang Mai International Airport.15:30 Take flight FD 3235 from Chiang Mai to Bangkok16: 35 Arrive to Suvarnabhumi International Airport with safety18:10 Take flight FD 3167 from Bangkok to Krabi and have dinner on board19:25 Arrive to Krabi International Airport with safety.20:00 Transfer to Ao Nang Buri Resort.20:30 Check in at Ao Nang Buri Resort. Enjoy your free time and relaxing at the goodatmosphere surroundings the resort.
  • 9Resort info. Beach resort : Ao Nang Buri Resort is located close to Nopparattara Beach and is a 5minutes walkfrom Ao-Nang Beach so you can enjoy both beaches and choose the perfect holidaydestination. While Staying at Ao-Nang Buri Resort with serene views of Had NopparattaraBeach, you will have a stimulating range of holiday activities to choose from nearby: islanddaytrip, scuba diving, elephant trekking, sun bathing on quiet beaches , waterfall andtemple discoveries.Introduction of Krabi Krabi, a province with 160 kilometres of coastline along the Andaman Sea insouthern Thailand, is home to some of the most extraordinary natural wonders of the world.Idyllic islands and coves, powder-white beaches, stunning coral reefs, dramatic limestonekarst formations, lush jungle and mangroves are all within easy reach. Just 80 minutes fromBangkok by air and a few hours by road or boat from Phuket, Krabi is a dream locale fornature lovers, adventurers and romantics alike.
  • 10 Many plan to come to Krabi only for a day or two, but end up falling in love with theplace; Krabi is an itinerary changer. Its power of attraction is born from the beauty of itsnatural surroundings combined with the graciousness of its residents. There‘s no place onearth quite like Krabi.DAY 7 Krabi (Visit Koh Poda,Talay Wak , Koh Kai and Tam Phranang) B,L,D07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at Ao Nang Buri Resort.08: 30 Arrive at Ao Nang port and start to enjoy your holiday09:00 Start the trip to visit the beautiful beaches and islands at the port with a life jacket totravel safety.10:00 Arrive at Koh Poda and make the first visit here with the rich of natural resourceshere.11:00 Continue to visit Talay Wak or Wak Sea and its beautiful beach.12:00 Enjoy lunch on board while taking the boat to visit Koh Kai and Had Tam Phranang12:30 Arrive at Koh Kai and spend your time to see the wonderful of the island.13:30 Next,visit the beauty of Had Tam Phranang and get to know some history of thisbeach.14: 30 Travel back to the port.16: 00 Arrive to the port and sent you back to Ao Nang Buri resort.16: 35 Enjoy spending your leisure time before having dinner.17:00 Have dinner at the resort.18:00 Enjoy your free and relaxing time with the facilities and services of the resorts.Moreover, you can walk down on the nearby beach.
  • 11DAY 8 Krabi (Visit Hot waterfall, Khao nor jujee, Emerald Pool, Tam Sue Temple) B,L,D07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at the Resort.08: 30 Depart to Klong Tom District to visit the hot waterfall.10:00 Arrive at hot waterfall Unseen in Thailand natural spa. You are invited to soak inwarm water of the geothermal water, which flows through the limestone. Temperature ofabout 38 to 45 Celsius, which is suitable for Healthy soak ( To get the best of health shouldbe soak for about 15 minutes).11:30 Demonstrations of the rubber tree economic crops of the South. Hear the story ofrubber and rubber processing in different forms.12:30 Departure to a low flat tracts Khao nor jujee (เขานอจู ้จี) natural tropical rain forest of ้Thailand. This is a place for Gurney‘s Pitta birds (นกแต ้วแร ้วท ้องดา). Bird that once on theextinction on the world, but you can found this place with just a few. Then, invite you toswim in the emerald pool Unseen in Thailand. The emerald pool in the center of forest is likea swimming pool in nature water. Your delicious lunch will be served here with relaxingatmosphere14:30 Departure to Tam Sue Temple. This place is the famous temple of Krabi province.Take you watch 1 thousand year trees in Keereewong Mountain and pray homage to KuanIm (เจ ้าแม่กวนอิม), Luang Pu Tuod pavillian (ศาลาหลวงปู่ ทวด). If you have a good luck youmay have worshiped his teacher Jamnien. This is revered by Buddhist all over the world.16:00 Travel back and sent you to the resort.17:00 Have dinner at the resort after that enjoy spending your leisure time with the facilitiesof the resort.
  • 12DAY 9 Krabi (Visit Ao Lane ,Kayak Tour at Ao Lane and Scuba diving at Ao Nang) B,L,D07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at the Resort.08: 00 Travel to Ao Ta Lane.09:00 Arrive at Ao Ta lane. Listen to lectures and guide about how to use equipment andcanoe.Then, Have a tea or coffee service before paddle to see a beautiful mangroves.Between paddles, everyone will past crocodile cave, past limestone and lagoon or sea in AoTa Lane and found the cemetery of the fisherman who had lived here for a long time.12:00 Have lunch with relax atmosphere at restaurant in Ao Ta Lane.13.00:Travel back to Ao Nang and continue to enjoy scuba diving14:00 Arrive to Ao Nang then enjoy spending time for scuba diving with Poseidon DiveCentre.16 :30 Travel back to the resort and spending the leisure time before having dinner17:00 Have dinner at the resort and spending the free and relaxing time at the resort or youcan walk down to get the atmosphere nearby at the beachAbout Poseidon: Provide service 09:00-21:00 daily. Poseidon is a friendly and individualdive centre in Thailand that offers trips to Ko Phi Phi as well as to famous local dive sites,such as Koh Sii, Koh Haa, Koh Talu and others. They offer a big range of courses frombeginners up to professionals, fun dives, free-diving and specialties in different languages
  • 13DAY 10 Krabi – Bangkok (Visit) B,L,DIntroduction of Bangkok: Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and, with a population ofover eleven million inhabitants, by far its largest city. Its high-rise buildings, heavy trafficcongestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife do not immediately give you a warmwelcome — but dont let your first impression mislead you. It is one of Asias mostcosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces, authentic canals, busy marketsand a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone.07:00 Have Thai Buffet Breakfast at the Resort.08: 00 Spending leisure time for relaxing at the resort. You can enjoy swimming, doing amassage and spa. If you don‘t prefer to stay at the resort,there is some optional tour to takeyou to see the local products at local market of Ao Nang.10:30 Check out at the resort.11:00 Depart from the resort.11:30 Arrive at the Krabi International Airport.12:15 Take flight FD 3164 to Bangkok and have lunch on board.13:40 Arrive to Bangkok with safety.14:20 Depart from the airport to do a Thai massage at Health Land, Sathorn to relax yourmind before taking the cruise trip experiences.15:30 Arrive at Health Land, Sathorn you can pick one of our offer service that you prefer to
  • 14do include traditional Thai massage, therapeutic massage and foot reflexology.17:30 Depart to Chao Phraya River to have dinner at Chao Phraya River Cruise.18:30 Arrive at River City pier in front of Oriental Hotel then check in to the GrandChaophraya Cruise.19:00 Boarding on the cruise and take the trip along Chao Phraya River while having dinnerwill the entertainments and other performances.21:00 Depart from the Star cruise then sent you back to your accommodation with safety.The Grand Chaophraya Cruise info. The Grand Chaophraya Cruise is deal for any charterfrom private party, wedding reception, or meeting and incentive groups. This cruise is oneof the most elegant and luxurious cruise in Thailand. Capable of serving up to 500passengers, this vessel boats her charm with modern Thai décor embracing your dinnercruise experience at its best. Served in buffet style, guests can enjoy various choices offlavorful cuisine from authentic Thai to international variety with the sushi bar adding moreto your expectation. Moreover, the live band and professional singers string along as youdine in the timeless moment.
  • 15The Pier to line of the cruise
  • 16Price: 23,990 THBPrice Included: 1. Transportation : A/C Minibus ,Airline tickets, Boat fees 2. All meals (Thai Buffet, Thai food set and dinner on cruise) & snakes and soft drink on board 3. All accommodation = Kitti Raft 2 nights, Lisu Lodge 2 nights , Lanna Farm 1 night, Ao Nang Buri Resort 4 nights 4. Thai speaking guides and local guides 5. All entrance (National Park,The World War Museum, Elephant Camp) and activity fees (Elephant riding, Bamboo rafting, Trekking, Biking, Scuba diving, Massage, Cruise) 6. Insurance feePrice Excluded: 1. Personal Expense 2. Tax or VATPayment policy: 1. Please pay deposit 50% at the confirmed date kindly sent the pay in slip to our office via fax number 2. Pay another 50 % before departure date at least 15 days and kindly sent the pay in slip to our officeRemark: 1. Cancellation or no show charge 1,000 THB 2. Time & program are subjected to change without notice due to unexpected circumstances.