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  • 1. Express Yourself, Sept 30
  • 2. Lost in thought.. Observing the lyrics of a song- a Dylan or a Jagjit Singh
  • 3. Touched… By a warm gesture of the granny outside the temple
  • 4. Feeling Nostalgic… Humming your college canteen song along the taxi radio
  • 5. Anxious… Waiting for your interview
  • 6. Disturbed… By the sight of the morning news
  • 7. Inspired… Reading a Steve Jobs Speech
  • 8. Feeling Playful… Watching kids on a see-saw
  • 9. Feeling Romantic… As you walk home in the rain
  • 10. Flattered… With his wake up and good luck call on your D day!
  • 11. Overwhelmed… By the little note Pa left for you…
  • 12. Confused… Whether to tell ma or not.
  • 13. Thankful… You made it in time!
  • 14. Proud… Of having kept your promise to yourself.
  • 15. Sentimental… As you bid farewell…
  • 16. Little things that occupied your mind.. And then faded away… Tell your world about them, Express Yourself
  • 17.
    • Anytime, Anywhere, using Any media
    On the road, your voice – make a Phone Call (No premium charges) Quick line or sight? Just drop LiL an SMS/MMS (again, no premium charges!) In office.. Send LiL a quick e-mail (Include the attachments too!) Quick random thought? Just drop a line on Gtalk (Yeah, we capture your status changes automatically) Post yourself and respond to others on the Website (And see Friends’ lives, manage their access and more)
  • 18. With privacy, the way you want it to be… Someone Special Whisper to World At Large Acquaintances Close Friends Keep to yourself
  • 19. Capturing life’s moments as they happen…