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The deployment of LTE systems is the main industry direction.
Mobile phones, computer and consumer electronic devices including notebooks, netbooks, UMPCs, tablets, gaming devices, cameras, PMPs and more will have embedded LTE connectivity.

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Gsa lte ecosystem_report_june_2011_130611

  1. 1. REPORT: Status of the LTEEcosystemJune 13, 2011 rev1This updated report from the Global mobile Suppliers Association(GSA) confirms how a robust user device ecosystem is rapidlyestablishing to support LTE which is the fastest developing mobilecommunications system technology everGlobal mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)www.gsacom.comGSA LinkedIN Group: Group:
  2. 2. The deployment of LTE systems is the systems are launched and at least 81 networks are anticipated to be in commercial service by end 2012.main industry direction. LTE is the fastest developing mobile systemMobile phones, computer and consumer electronic technology ever.devices including notebooks, netbooks, UMPCs,tablets, gaming devices, cameras, PMPs and more willhave embedded LTE connectivity. The eco-system of LTE-capable user devices is rapidly developing to meet current and anticipated futureHuge growth in M2M apps enabled by LTE is forecast. needs of operators and their customers.The LTE standard supports hand-over and roaming toexisting mobile networks and most devices ensure Several LTE user devices are in commercial use orubiquitous MBB coverage from day one. announced and many more are in the pipeline.GSA regularly surveys mobile broadband market This updated report includes LTE product launchesdevelopments, and publishes a regularly updated and announcements by 42 manufacturers up to thereport which is called “Evolution to LTE” detailing present day, and confirms how a robust LTEoperator commitments to LTE, network deployments, ecosystem is rapidly establishing.launches, trials, regulatory and market developmentsworldwide. In the latest report (May 11, 2011) GSA 137 LTE user devices are confirmed, which is 40%confirmed that 208 operators are investing in LTE, with higher than the total referenced in the previous GSA154 LTE network commitments and 54 additional pre- Status of the LTE Ecosystem report (March 16, 2011).commitment trials on-going. 20 commercial LTE See the following pages for GSA’s list of 137 LTE User Devices announced in the market
  3. 3. 137 LTE User Devices (Source: GSA – June 13, 2011)Supplier Model LTE Operating Other ZTE Light2 TBC HSPA Frequency modesMODULES ZTE Light LTE 700 EV-DOAnyDATA DTP960S LTE AWS, L-band HSPA+ ZTE V11L 800, 1800, 2600 HSPA NOTEBOOKSCisco EHWIC-4G-LTE-V 700 EV-DOCisco EHWIC-4G-LTE-A 700, AWS, 2100 DC-HSPA+ GammaTech D12C 700 TBCCisco EHWIC-4G-LTE-G 800, 900, 1800 DC-HSPA+ HP Pavilion dm1- 700 TBC 2100, 2600 3010nrEricsson F7500p 700, AWS TBC HP Compaq CQ10- 700 TBCGCT GDM7240 chipset Quad TBC 688nr Panasonic Toughbook 53 TBC HSPAFranklin M700 LTE/HSPA+ TBC HSPA+ EV-DOWireless Samsung N350 TBC HSPA+Franklin M700 LTE/EV-DO 700 EV-DOWireless Samsung N150 2600 HSPAHuawei EM920V TBC TBC Samsung X430 2600 HSPALG WM300 700 TBC PC CARDSLG L2000 700 TBC Fujitsu Xi F-06C 1500 HSPANovatel Expedite E351 700 EV-DOWireless IP Wireless LTE PEM Card Includes 700 NoneNovatel Expedite E362 700 HSPA+ 2600Wireless EV-DO PHONESNovatel Expedite E371 700, AWS HSPA+Wireless EV-DO HTC Thunderbolt 700 EV-DONovatel Expedite E373 Multiband DC-HSPA+Wireless Huawei Revo TBC TBCQualcomm MDM9625 chipset Multiband DC-HSPA+ LG VS910 Revolution 700 EV-DO EV-DO TD- Motorola Droid Bionic 700 EV-DO SCDMAQualcomm MDM9225 chipset Multiband DC-HSPA+ Samsung Galaxy S 4G LTE 700 EV-DO TD- Vibrant SCDMA Samsung Craft SCH-R900 AWS EV-DORenesas SP2531 modem Multiband DC-HSPA+ Samsung Galaxy S SCH- AWS EV-DORenesas MP5225 Multiband DC-HSPA+ R910 IndulgeSequans SQN3010 TD-LTE Bands 38, 40, 41 None Samsung Droid Charge 700 EV-DO SCH-i510 ZTE V5L 800, 1800, 2600 HSPASierra Wireless Airprime MC7700 700, AWS HSPA+ ROUTERSSierra Wireless Airprime MC7710 800, 900 1800, HSPA+ Actiontec 4GRN-DV 700 (Band 13) None 2100 Actiontec 4GRN-D 700 (Band 13) None 2600 Actiontec 4GRN-L 700 (Band 13) NoneSierra Wireless Airprime MC7750 700 HSPA+ Actiontec 4GRN-LV 700 (Band 13) None EV-DO Actiontec 4GRN-DL 700 (Band 13) NoneST-Ericsson M710 Multimode Quad HSPA Actiontec 4GRN-DLV 700 (Band 13) None LTE AVM FRITZBox 6840 800, 2600 NoneST-Ericsson Thor M720 Multiband HSPA+ C-motech CLR-960 700 EV-DOST-Ericsson Thor M700 Quad None Cradlepoint CBA750 700 EV-DO Cradlepoint CTR500 700 HSPAST-Ericsson Thor M7400 Includes 700 DC-HSPA+ EV-DO 2600 Cradlepoint MBR1000 700 HSPAM-TABLETS EV-DO Cradlepoint CBA250 700 EV-DOAcer Iconia Tab A500 700 HSPA+ Cradlepoint MBR1200 700 EV-DO Cradlepoint CTR35 Travel 700 HSPA+Cisco Cius 700 EV-DO router Dovado 4GR 700 DC-HSPA+Motorola Xoom 700 EV-DO Dovado 3GN 700 DC-HSPA+ Fujitsu Si-R G200 Japan HSPARIM 4G Playbook 700 EV-DO Huawei E589 personal HS 700, 900, 1800, HSPA 2100, 2600Samsung Galaxy Tab LTE 700 EV-DO Huawei B390/B391 800 None Huawei B593 800, 900, 1800, HSPA 2100, 2600
  4. 4. Huawei Vodafone B1000 800 None Samsung GT-B3710 2600 NoneLancom 1681-4G 700 HSPA+ Samsung GT-B3740 800 NoneLG FM300 800 TBC Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U 800, 1800, 2600 DC-HSPA+LG Xi L-09C Japan HSPA Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U 800, 1800, 2600 DC-HSPA+Buffalo Xi BF-01C Japan HSPA Ventus V1000 Multiband HSPA+NEC BBRide TBC HSPA EV-DONetComm Liberty LTE WiFi TBC HSPA+ Ventus V2000 Multiband HSPA+Netgear MBR1000 700 HSPA EV-DONetgear MBR1000 HSPA+ 700 HSPA+ Ventus V4100 Multiband HSPA+Netgear MBR1515 Multiband DC-HSPA+ EV-DO EV-DO Ventus V4200 Multiband HSPA+Netgear MBR1517 Includes 2600 HSPA+ EV-DONetgear MBR2000 Multiband HSPA+ Ventus V4500 Multiband HSPA+Nexaira Business Class II TBC HSPA+ EV-DONovatel MiFi 4510L 700 EV-DO ZTE AL600 TBC HSPA+Wireless EV-DOProLink PWH2004 TBC HSPA ZTE AL620 TBC HSPA+Samsung 4GLTE Mobile 700 EV-DO ZTE AL621 2600 HSPA+ Hotspot SCH-LC11 plus 1800 laterSierra Wireless AirCard 754S TBC HSPA+ ZTE MF820 1800, 2100, 2600 HSPA+Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 700 HSPA+ ZTE MF820D 800, 1800, 2600 HSPA+ EV-DO ZTE MF29L TBC HSPA+Teradek CUBE-150 700 EV-DOTeradek CUBE-250 700 EV-DO LTE User Devices – June 13, 2011 © Global mobile Suppliers Association – GSAZTE MF91 mobile TBC DC-HSPA+ hotspot NOTES:ZTE MF92 mobile TBC HSPA+ 1. Errors & Omissions Excepted. hotspot 2. User devices may not be available in all marketsZyXEL ZLR-2070S 700 TBC 3. The stated LTE operating frequency is an indicationZyXEL MWR-211 700 HSPA of which band(s) the device is capable of working EV-DO in; details are included where known (otherwiseZyXEL MWR-222 700 HSPA TBC = to be confirmed). Actual frequency band EV-DO configurations may be market or carrier- specificUSB Modems 4. Broad announcements relating e.g. to future product collaborations or launches are not includedAnyDATA ADU960S TBC HSPA+BandRich BandLuxe C501 1800, 2600 DC-HSPA+ Updates to info@gsacom.comBandRich BandLuxe C505 AWS, 700 (B17) DC-HSPA+BandRich BandLuxe C506 700 (B13) DC-HSPA+ About GSABandRich BandLuxe C508 TDD 2300 DC-HSPA+Franklin U700 LTE-EVDO TBC EV-DO GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) representsWireless GSM/EDGE/WCDMA-HSPA/HSPA+ and LTE suppliers,Franklin U700 LTE-HSPA+ TBC HSPA+ providing reports, facts, analysis and information explainingWireless market developments and trends. GSA-organized seminarsHuawei E392 800, 900, 1800, DC-HSPA+ facilitate enhanced dialog between operators, members and 2100,2600 developer communities. GSA member organizations:Huawei E397 700, 2100 DC-HSPA+ Aeroflex • AnyDATA Inc • Avassi • Bytemobile • Ericsson •Huawei E398 700, AWS, 800, DC-HSPA+ Huawei • inCode • mimoOn • MindTree Ltd • Nokia • Nokia 1800, 2600 Siemens Networks • Qualcomm • Renesas Mobile • SonyIP Wireless USB-032038-AL- 800, 1800, 2600 None Ericsson • SpiderCloud Wireless • ST-NXP Wireless • 03-E Talking Eye • Telcordia Technologies • Velocent SystemsIP Wireless USB-121341-AL- 700, 2600 None 03-U GSA brings together a global industry community ofIP Wireless USB-041213-AL- 700, AWS None telecoms professionals including 40,000 registered website 03-U users for dialog, knowledge gathering, and informationIP Wireless USB-40-AL-03-A 2300 None sharing of key facts, trends and analysis.LG LD100 1500 NoneLG Xi L-02C 1500 HSPA Register for free downloads of reports, information papers, maps, charts, etc. VL600 700 EV-DOLG Adrenaline AD600 700, AWS HSPAMotorola USB-LTE 7110 TBC TBC GSA Secretariat: info@gsacom.comNokia RD-3 multi mode TBC HSPA+ Website: www.gsacom.comNovatel Ovation MC551 700 EV-DO RSS Feed: LinkedIN group: USB551L 700 EV-DO Twitter: Facebook: UML290 700 EV-DO Suppliers-Association-GSA/123462771012551Samsung GT-B3730 2600 HSPA+