Perspectives of Others on Walt Metz


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Summary of the recommendations given Walt Metz by those who have worked with him during his career.

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Perspectives of Others on Walt Metz

  1. 1. WALTER R. METZ, JR.7325 Laurel Oak Drive, Suwanee, GA 30024770-888-3720waltmetz@live.com OF OTHERSRECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PRIVATE LEGAL CONSULTANCYBob Goldberg>Was Executive VicePresident and CFO, GordonTrucking, Inc.>Worked directly with Waltat Gordon while Waltcompleted a financing/legalprojectExecutive Vice President andCFO, Gordon Trucking, Inc.For a lawyer, Walts actually a pretty reasonable guy. Walt and I workedtogether on our biggest financing project to date. He held his ground vs. anopposing counsel who was very insistent. His counsel was wise, and hisattention to detail assured that we got all the issues addressed.Christopher Algeo>Was Vice President andSenior Relationship Manager,Key Bank>Was with another companywhen working with WaltVice President and SeniorRelationship Manager, KeyBank“I worked with Walt on the opposite side of several transactions as herepresented a mutual transportation client. I found Walt to be extremelydetailed oriented and represented his client as GC with the highest levelof integrity. Walt took the time to fully understand the nature of thetransactions, listened carefully to the concerns and needs of the lender,and made appropriate adjustments and recommendations as needed. Iwould recommend Walt highly.”Jamie Wally, CLP>Was Vice President of Salesand Marketing, WOWLogistics>Worked directly with Waltat WOW Logistics when WaltconsultedExecutive Vice President ofSales and Marketing, WOWLogistics“I recently had an opportunity to work with Walt on a couple of projects.I was extremely impressed with his aptitude, knowledge of warehouselaw, and attention to detail. My company was in the process of hiring anew general counsel and I was up against a deadline. He went out of hisway to provide feedback and guidance, so I could bring the matter to aspeedy and successful closure. I would highly recommend Walt toanyone that needed an attorney for matters concerning third partywarehousing or transportation."
  2. 2. 2RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTMarc Blubaugh>Was Partner, Co-Chair ofTransportation & LogisticsPractice Group, Benesch,Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff> Was with another companywhen working with WaltCo-Chair of Transportation &Logistics Practice Group,Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan& Aronoff“I have reviewed Walts work product in my capacity as First VicePresident of the Transportation Lawyers Association and Editor of TheTransportation Lawyer journal. Walt has submitted well-writtenbulletins and articles that have merited publication. He has a firm graspof current regulatory issues facing the transportation industry.”Gordon McAuley> Was Of Counsel,Gumbiner & Eskridge> Was with another companywhen working with WaltOf Counsel,Gumbiner & Eskridge,Former Chair ofTransportation LawyersAssociation“Ive had the pleasure of working with Walt for the past several years,and appreciate his keen insight into the legal and business challenges ofthe transportation industry. He has a fine legal mind, but also quite apractical approach to problem solving. He is an excellent attorney, wellrespected among his colleagues, and a valuable asset to thetransportation community.”Eric Baker> Was General Counsel, CRST> Was with another companywhen working with WaltGeneral Counsel, CRST “Ive worked with Walt in the industry and have found him to be veryknowledgeable about the transportation industry. The transportationnewsletter he writes is very informative and evidences hisunderstanding of the complex issues facing the industry, today. I trulylook forward to receiving Walts updates and reading his insightfulcommentary.”Dan Fulkerson> Was Attorney, Lorance &Thompson, P.C> Was with another companywhen working with WaltAttorney, Lorance &Thompson, P.C“I have consulted with Walt on a number of wide ranging legal topics.The legal and statutory framework in which the transportation industryoperates is constantly shifting. Walt can quickly drill down to the coreissues. His keen insight has been an asset and he has my highestrecommendation.”
  3. 3. 3RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OLD DOMINION FREIGHT LINE, INC. (2011)Mark Scudder>Was Partner, Scudder LawFirm>Was counsel for theunderwriter and Walt was thelead in-house attorney for theissuerPartner, Scudder Law Firm,Lincoln, NE“I worked opposite Walt Metz on a public offering by his client, whereScudder Law Firm was counsel for the underwriter and Walt was thelead in-house attorney for the issuer. Walt was tireless in his efforts tonegotiate the best possible terms for his client. He was diligent,resourceful, and tenacious when making, supporting, and defending hisclients point of view. He has a strong work ethic and was always readyto work as hard as anyone else on the team. Moreover, his broad anddeep knowledge of the transportation industry, combined with hisability to separate the important from the unimportant, streamlinednumerous issues, which was critical in a fast-moving process. He alsomaintained a rigorous sense of value, insisting on a process and resultthat respected both quality and cost. Walts skill set would be valuablefor a broad range of companies in the transportation and logisticssupply chain.”Ross Parr>Was Partner, WombleCarlyle Sandridge & Rice,PLLC>Was an outside counselworking with Walt at OldDominionVice President-Legal Affairs,General Counsel & Secretary,Old Dominion Freight Line,Inc.“I had the opportunity to work with Walt on an equity transaction with avery short timeline. Although Walt had only been with Old Dominion forabout a week, he immediately became involved with the internal andexternal transaction team and helped get the transaction completed in atimely manner. His careful attention to detail and thoughtful approachwas certainly appreciated.”Dave Bates>Was Regional Vice President,Old Dominion Freight Line,Inc. >Worked directly withWalt at Old DominionSenior Vice President-Operations at Old DominionFreight Line“While Walt was at Old Dominion I had the opportunity to travel withhim over a 3 day period. Walt is very knowledgeable of thetransportation industry. Walt was able to build immediate workingrelationships with all co-workers he met as well as get along witheveryone he came in contact with.”
  4. 4. 4RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTMike Venegoni>Was Vice President, SupplyChain Services, Old DominionFreight Line, Inc>Worked directly with Waltat Old DominionPresident, Vault Logistics, OldDominion Freight Line, Inc“Walt is a real pleasure to work with. He always made himself availablewith practical, ethical and solid counsel. You can count on Walt todeliver an excellent work product.”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AMERICOLD REALTY TRUST/AMERICOLD LOGISTICS(2005-2010)Tony Schnug>Was CEO at AmericoldLogistics>Managed Walt at AmericoldLogisticsFormer CEO at AmericoldRealty Trust and AmericoldLogistics, LLC(Recently deceased)“I came to Americold as CEO after The Yucaipa Companies acquired aminority interest, but had operating control. Previously, I was a Partnerat Yucaipa. At the time, Americold outsourced all legal work, and it wasdecided that we required dedicated staff counsel. Walt was selected forthat position from amongst several candidates. In this position, Waltreported to me and developed a comprehensive in-house legaloperation. He worked with diligence on many projects. Primarily, hislegal efforts centered on the full portfolio of business issues: contracts,environmental, employment. Americold employed 7,000 in 98 locationsnationwide and generated revenues in excess of $700 million. Waltrepresented the firm well in all manner of work. Walt also worked withthe owner group (Vornado, Crescent and Yucaipa) on projects broughtforth by the sponsors. Of note, was a major bank refinancing completedin 2007. His experience at Americold both utilized and enhanced hisprofessional experience.”
  5. 5. 5RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTMaryam Komejan> Was Executive VicePresident, HR, AmericoldLogistics>Worked directly with Waltat Americold LogisticsCEO and Managing Director atThe Zeika Group LLCWhile working with Walt at Americold Logistics, I found him to be highlyconscientious and helpful. He would be a dedicated, hard-working attorney inany corporate environment (I have had a great many years of experienceworking with corporate attorneys). He is also very principled and trustworthy.Greg Bryan> Was Executive VicePresident, Transportation,Americold Logistics>Worked directly with Waltat Americold LogisticsExecutive Vice President-Transportation at AmericoldRealty Trust and AmericoldLogistics, LLC“Walt worked with me at Americold Logistics and did an excellent jobhandling our contract and other related issues for my team. He has anexcellent knowledge of the Transportation industry. Walts uniquecombination of business and legal skills enables him to effectively workthrough difficult contract issues to arrive at mutually acceptable terms.He would be a fine asset to any organization.”Chris Hughes>Was EVP—BusinessDevelopment at AmericoldLogistics>Worked directly with Waltat Americold LogisticsChris HughesPrincipal at SherbornVentures, LLC“Walt and I worked together at Americold Logistics on legal mattersinvolving the company in general as well as business development itemsspecifically. Those items included, among others, contract developmentand resolution, claim settlements, litigation, and arbitration. Waltswork ethic was excellent and his deliverables were always detailed andwell-researched and supported. Walt always took the necessary time tofully understand the issue at hand prior to delivering the appropriatelegal counsel. I highly recommend Walt and believe that his skills andattitude will be a huge asset for any company fortunate enough to hirehim.”
  6. 6. 6RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTTony Cossentino>Was SVP and CFO,Americold Logistics>Managed Walt indirectly atAmericold LogisticsChief Financial Officer atEnvironmental LogisticsServices, Bridgewater, NJ“Walt and I worked together at Americold Logistics on several generalbusiness and legal matters, including contract negotiations, litigationand insurance claims. Walts work product was always excellent and ontime. His "get the job done" work ethic was essential as Americoldcontinued to grow in a fast paced and highly competitive environment.In addition to being an outstanding lawyer, Walt took the time tounderstand the business aspects of the issues we faced which made hisadvice and counsel extremely valuable. I have met and worked with anumber of good lawyers, but only a few that have the combination oflegal skills and business sense that Walt possesses. He will be a greataddition to any company he chooses to join.”Dion Kohler>Partner , Jackson Lewis, LLP>Was an outside counselworking with Walt atAmericold LogisticsPartner at Jackson Lewis LLP,Atlanta, GA“I had the privilege of working with Walt during his tenure as GC ofAmericold. I would highly recommend Walt as an intelligent, practicalproblem solver who would be an asset to any organization. He isprofessional and works well with his internal client and outside legalproviders. He always added value to our discussions, prioritized mattersappropriately and was a pleasure to partner with. He has a broad rangeof knowledge and is a skilled legal counsel as well. I would recommendwithout hesitation.”Lee Hamann>Was Partner at McGrathNorth Mullin & Kratz, PC LLO>Was attorney for anothercompany doing business withAmericold LogisticsPartner at McGrath NorthMullin & Kratz, PC LLO,Omaha, NE“I have worked opposite Walt on very large, complex businesstransactions and am impressed with his diligence, integrity, courtesyand win-win approach to getting the deal done. He has a can-do,problem-solver attitude and the skill to back it up.”
  7. 7. 7RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTHoward Rosenburg>Was Business and SecuritiesLitigation Attorney, DLA PiperUS LLP>Was an outside counselworking with Walt atAmericold LogisticsPartner at Kopecky,Schumacher & Bleakley, P.C.,Chicago, IL“Walt and I worked together closely on a legal matter. Walt was GeneralCounsel and I was outside counsel. The matter was highly technicalrequiring deep analysis of accounting and legal principles. As GC, Waltmanaged the matter smoothly and methodically. While he maintainedattention to detail, he did not lose sight of the big picture. I enjoyedworking with Walt and would look forward to doing so again.”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY (2002-2005)David Chameli>Was Associate GeneralCounsel - SupplyChain/Logistics, IT andCorporate Procurement, SearsHoldings Corporation> Worked directly with Waltat SearsVice President, GeneralCounsel, Moving ServicesWorldwide at SIRVA“I have known Walt since 2002 when he joined the Sears lawdepartment in 2002. Walt enjoys an excellent reputation in thetransportation, warehouse and supply chain industry based upon hisknowledge of the legal and operational issues that arise. He isparticularly well-versed in transportation litigation ranging from riskmanagement to the recent trends in owner-operator misclassification,hours of service and safety rankings.”Peter Brennan>Was Associate GeneralCounsel, Sears, Roebuck andCo.>Managed Walt at Sears,Roebuck & Co.Partner at Jenner & Block “Walt is a terrific person to work with and I was privileged to be hiscolleague. He is thoughtful, thorough, and brings a fresh perspective toevery new problem. He has excellent judgment and any organizationwould be lucky to have him as part of its team.”
  8. 8. 8RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTDan Dupre> Was Senior Counsel atSears, Roebuck & Co.> Worked directly with Waltat Sears, Roebuck & Co.Deputy General Counsel,Federal Signal Corporation“Walt is a highly experienced litigation counsel who was able to quicklybecome familiar with and master new areas of litigation that he had nothandled before such as complex consumer class actions. My sense ofWalt is that he is a person of high integrity, intelligent, diligent,conscientious and mindful of the budget and costs of litigation. He iswell-versed at managing outside counsel and providing sound advice tohis in-house clients. He was well-liked as a person within our lawdepartment, well-respected, and known for his sense of humor. He hasgone on from Sears to take a position as a General Counsel, which hasonly broadened his experience and added to his strength as a corporatecounsel.”Roger Longtin>Partner , DLA, Piper>Was an outside counselworking with Walt at Searsand Americold LogisticsPartner at DLA, Piper, US, LLP,Chicago, IL“I have worked with Walt in complex litigation arising out of businesstransactions at two different companies. Walt understands both thebusiness and litigation context as well as anybody I ever worked with--plus he has a sense of humor.”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WERNER ENTERPRISES, INC. (1995-2002)Duncan Manley>Was Partner, Christian & SmallLLP>Worked directly with WaltPartner, Christian & SmallLLP, Birmingham, AL“I have known Walt Metz for many years. He has served as GeneralCounsel to several companies, including some in the transportation fieldand is acutely aware of the legal issues trucking companies deal with ona daily basis. I recently had the opportunity to read several legalarticles he has written regarding transportation law which clearlyillustrate his knowledge of the industry in general and his knowledge ofthe FMCSA and CSA in particular. I highly recommend him as a sourcefor consultation about these matters and their applicability and impacton decision making in this highly regulated industry.
  9. 9. 9RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXTGrant B. Smith>Was Partner , Dennis, Corry,Porter & Smith, LLP>Was an outside counselworking with Walt atAmericold Logistics Walt atWerner Enterprises, Inc.Partner at Dennis, Corry,Porter & Smith, LLP, Atlanta,GA“Walt was a sophisticated attorney managing multiple large exposurecases across the United States. He understood the myriad of issues thatarose in large trucking cases and provided just the right balancebetween supervision and freedom for outside counsel to do the job. Hewas a pleasure to work with.”Robert Franklin>Was Principal , Franklin &Prokopik, PC>Was an outside counselworking with Walt atAmericold Logistics Walt atWerner Enterprises, Inc.Principal at Franklin &Prokopik, Franklin &Prokopik, Baltimore, MD“I have known Walt for many years. We worked quite a bit back whenWalt was with Werner Enterprises. He was the primary person atWerner to whom I, as one of Werners outside counsel, reported. Waltwas always a consummate professional - well knowledgeable, prepared,thorough, and reasonable in his assessment of claims and what hewanted done. Moreover, dealing with Walt was a positive experiencebecause he was always pleasant and personable. Walt would definitelybe a valuable asset to any business.”David Williams>Was Workers’Compensation Manager ,Werner Enterprises>Worked directly with Waltat Werner Enterprises, Inc.Vice President - Claims & RiskControl at Aon Risk Solutions,Omaha, NE“Walt was always a great guy to work with. Walt supervised Wernersoutside counsel, and he provided direction to the claims people in theliability dept. and workers comp. dept. His door was always open, andhe provided quality and creative legal advice to us claims people. Ilearned a lot from him professionally and personally during our timetogether at Werner. We also had a few discussions about the state ofHusker football....................”Doug Pedersen>Was Senior Director HumanResources , WernerEnterprises Inc.>Worked directly with Waltat Werner Enterprises, Inc.Business Founder at HRSystems, Omaha, NE“Walt was a great resource while we worked together at Werner. His isstrong in his knowledge base and deals with all situations in a fair andethical manner.”
  10. 10. 10RECOMMENDING PERSONAND POSITION THEN HELDRECOMMENDING PERSONSCURRENT POSITIONLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION TEXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GENERAL LEADERSHIP ROLESFrederick J. Krebs>Was President, Associationof Corporate Counsel (ACC)when Walt was a volunteerleader at ACCStrategic Corporate CounselAdviser, Clearspire,Senior Adviser, ACC“Walt was an active volunteer leader in ACC who had the ability to bringpeople together and organize as well as motivate other volunteers to getthings accomplished. He is knowledgeable, articulate and well-regardedby his peers.”Susan Hackett>Was Senior Vice Presidentand General Counsel,Association of CorporateCounsel, when Walt was avolunteer leader at ACCCEO, CLO, Legal ExecutiveLeadership, LLC“Walt has been a great leader in ACC for many years - on everythingfrom our public interest work (such as pro bono and diversity projects)to substantive presentations that have helped in-house counsel do theirjobs better. Ive known him for far longer than our youthful featuresmight belie (:-), and so Ive had the pleasure of seeing him in action overtime, in several working environments, and under all kinds of differentpressures: hes a great executor and a wonderful person to work with ...