Mobile marketing is now, the profits are real


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Mobile marketing is now, the profits are real

  1. 1. ==== ====To build your empire why not start here? ====Smartphones have suddenly become the device to have. No longer a novelty, or a tool for the rich,everywhere I look I can see someone using their iPhone or Android phone. Doing everything frommaking calls to searching for information. Thats new eyes in a new market with new customers.How could you incorporate a business model using mobile marketing as a part of your EmpireBuilding?The surprise arrival of the iPhone a few years ago and its incredible growth has given rise toexplosive growth in the mobile market. Over 2 million phones were sold recently by Apple. Therecent launch of the iPhone 4 was Apples most successful yet. Then there are all the otherhandset manufacturers that are scrambling to catch up. Lets stop and consider for a moment thenumber of people that are connected to the internet from their smartphone right now... Mostpeople have their phones within 3 feet of them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Furthermore, over half of all new connections to the internet are from these new mobile phones.Smartphone marketing - What is it? In its broadest definition it is providing customers withpersonalized information that is time and location sensitive using media sources that is interactiveand wireless to promote goods, services and ideas, such as from Google search.There are not many marketers in this market yet. I will emphasize the word "yet". With mobileadvertising your ad is the ONLY ad that will be displayed on the page. With a bit of tweaking andpersonalizing your ad using a bit of research and geo marketing and you can begin to see howeasy it would be to get someones attention without all the noise and distraction of other AdWordsand flashing banners on the page.Everything that you are using now in affiliate marketing using ClickBank, CPA offers, and buildinga list will also work the same with the mobile market as it does with a PC. The difference is that itis not as competitive.The mobile marketing potential has just started, and there appears that it is not going to slow downanytime in the near future. The number of people going mobile continues to rise - using theirsmartphone for so many more things than just making calls.How you could use this developing market to build your Empire?Hi, My name is Jai Grishin and Im currently building my Empire and I love life! If you like the ideasabout mobile marketing and your interested in more ideas on building YOUR Empire, please go to
  2. 2. [] to receive a Amazing FREE 158 Page Information packed bookon How a broke college student went to make his FIRST $300,000 online- the complete formula.Its completely FREE - just great information.Article Source: ====To build your empire why not start here? ====