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Political Figures Of WW2
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Political Figures Of WW2


Political Figures of World War 2

Political Figures of World War 2

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  • 1. Political Figures Of WW2.
  • 2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    • Born in 1882 - Hyde Park, NY
    • 3. President during World War 2
    • 4. Directed organization of the War after attack on Pearl Harbor
    • 5. Had thought of creating a United Nations to keep peace
    • 6. Died April 12, 1945
    “The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself”
    This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division under the digital ID cph.3c17121
  • 7. Winston Churchill
    • Son of Lord Randolph Churchill (politician)
    • 8. Born November 1874
    • 9. Became member or Parliament in 1900
    • 10. Critic of the Prime Ministers appeasement of Nazi Germany in the 1930s
    • 11. Took over as British Prime Minister in the 1940s
    • 12. The British Public rewarded Churchill for victory in WW2 by voting him out of office in 1945
    his is photograph No. NYP 45063 from the Imperial War Museum Collections Author British Government
    “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility”
  • 13. Neville Chamberlain
    • Became infamously known as the Prime Minister who appeased Hitler
    • 14. In 1938, Chamberlain traveled to Berlin to make a deal with the German dictator
    • 15. Returned with a declaration signed by Hitler promising peace
    • 16. Reputation was dented by his trust of Hitler
    • 17. After the trouble caused, Chamberlains ideas were seen to be clever for the appeasement allowed Britain to put a stop to Hitler successfully.
    Time-magazine-neville-chamberlain.jpg: Time Magazine
    derivative work: Wehwalt (talk)
  • 18. Charles de Gaulle
    • Born November 22, 1890
    • 19. Led the Free French Forces during World War 2
    • 20. Attacked German Tank Forces at Montcornet
    • 21. Rebelled Against The French Government
    • 22. Allies gave support to de Gaulle’s efforts
    • 23. In Office: July 3, 1944 – January 20 1946
    This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division under the digital ID cph.3b42159
  • 24. Adolf Hitler
    • German Fascist Dictator
    • 25. Joined German Fascist Workers Party after serving in WW1
    • 26. Wanted to rid the world of “undesirables”
    • 27. Only wanted the Aryan race
    • 28. Shot himself on April 30 1945
    DeutschesBundesarchiv (German Federal Archive), Bild 183-S33882
  • 29. Benito Mussolini
    • Italian Fascist Dictator
    • 30. Led the National Fascist Party
    • 31. Admired by a variety of World Leaders
    • 32. Led Italy into World War 2
    • 33. Was executed after an attempt to escape to Switzerland
    • 34. Born in Dovia di Predappio (which was known as “Duces Town” during fascism era
  • 35. Josef Stalin
    • Credited with the murder & suffering of tens of millions, majorly innocent Russians
    • 36. Born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzuhugashvili
    • 37. Adopted the name Stalin, meaning “man of steel”
    • 38. 1922 he was made General Secretary of the Communist Party
    • 39. By the late 1920s, was dictator of the Soviet Union
    his image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs Division under the digital ID fsa.8e00858
  • 40. Harry Truman
    • Became US President after the death of FDR
    • 41. Ordered the Atomic Bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    • 42. Responsible for Wartime Spending During World War 2
    • 43. Selected by FDR to be his running mate in the 1944 election for presidency
    United States Army Signal Corps
  • 44. Hideki Tojo
    • Japanese Prime Minister during World War 2
    • 45. Executed as a War Criminal
    • 46. By the Summer of 1940, became Minister of War
    • 47. Accused of Instigating Japans Foreign Policy
    • 48. Authorized attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941
    This Image was captured by the United States and published by the US Army.
  • 49. sources
    All information gathered from the Prentice hall text book: America pathways to the present-Civil war to present (1995)