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The digital landscape is evolving by the minute and so are we! Presenting the ever-evolving and prevalent Walnut Media, the only agency who creates milestones and crosses them in the blink of an ...

The digital landscape is evolving by the minute and so are we! Presenting the ever-evolving and prevalent Walnut Media, the only agency who creates milestones and crosses them in the blink of an eye.




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Walnut Media Profile Walnut Media Profile Presentation Transcript

  • Who We Are We’re crazy people. We’re the brains behind some of the most exceptional campaigns ever done on Digital and endorsed by the platforms. Almost everyone at our workplace has a knack for an art form, ranging from music, acting to sketching. Most of the times you get to see the demo at our work place. Our average age is 27, making us one of the youngest teams any brand can work with. We believe in being a catalyst of change for the community we exist in. This also has helped us achieve many of our partners’ business objectives.
  • Who We Are We dare to experiment and raise the standards by breaking through the status quo. We empower our teams to think out of the box. Over the past years, we’ve evolved from a small startup to a fully functional media agency for region’s top notch brands. Almost 70% of our work is first of its kind, so yeah – we respect our partner brands for bearing with our experimental creativity. We’re good at conceiving ideas, creating eco-systems and providing engaging and scalable solutions to our partner brands.
  • What we do, Is what we love!
  • We’re designers by nature. User Experience is what drives us. We like anticipating how our consumers will behave on our touch points. We want to surprise them by our intuition. We do: 1. Responsive Web (Interface/UX) 2. Social Media Application 3. Mobile Application (iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian and BB) 4. Integrated Design (offline/online hybrid) Design
  • Development A great design can easily collapse on a poorly developed platform. We realize the importance and thus are using some of the most advanced, scalable and secure development platforms. We develop: 1. Websites/Portals 2. Social Media Applications 3. Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, BB) 4. Content/User Management System (CMS/UMS) 5. Integrated Platforms (Web, Social, Mobile) 6. Web development on PHP, .net, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby-on-Rails, Python, HTML5 etc.
  • Social Social is where we belong. Winning Facebook Studio award – says it all. We think, Social is more important than any other media touch point because it gives freedom to your consumers for voicing their opinion and if not channeled properly, things can get messy. On Social, we do: 1. Digital Reputation Management 2. Community Management 3. Engagement and Talkability 4. Applications and User Generated Content activation 5. Viral Seeding 6. Consumer Research 7. Insights and Analysis
  • Content In 2007, we started off as region’s first ever artist-direct mobile content company. Later, we delivered the biggest white labeled content campaign on mobile – Coke Studio II & some of the biggest viral content driven campaigns. Today, as Walnut Studios – We’re the only independent record label in the region producing artists free of cost for the past 2 years and launching them through our virtual concerts. This is our belief in content! We do: 1. Audio Production (Walnut Studios) 2. Video Production (35MM, RED, HD) 3. Animation (2D, 2.5D, 3D) 4. Concept/Storyboarding 5. Talent Sourcing
  • Mobile Technology kept on changing, but our connect with this touch-point never rusted. Today, we talk to more than 200 M consumers, through our partner networks, content partners and whitelabled services. On Mobile, we do: 1. SMS services (Enterprise and Content) 2. IVR services 3. Operator side – Premium services 4. SMS2TV/Radio/Outdoor 5. IVR2TV/Radio 6. UGC platforms on IVR 7. Mobile Financial solutions
  • Advertising Paid media is an important element of a successful digital strategy and in markets, where digital is growing exponentially – this becomes even more important. In Advertising, we do: 1. Media planning 2. Media Bidding/Investments 3. Creative development – Rich Media, User triggered ads 4. Partnerships with global platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. 5. Investing in owned properties and partnering with brands.
  • Some of our work, Over the years.
  • Pakistan’s biggest music show. We made it even bigger on mobile platform when Coke generated 5 million unique interactions in 70 days. SMS/IVR/WAP/RBT were used for content delivery
  • Pakistan Idol (Mobilink, Clear, QMobile)
  • Our first 360 degree campaign (TV, Web, Mobile) – resulting in 23% sales uptake of McDonald’s in the first quarter. For McDonald’s it was the first ever change of their call-in number anywhere in the world. Gyara Bara actually became the most hummable jingle for McDonald's after the pa-ra-rapapaa- I’m lovin’ it!
  • Partnering with FIFA in the World Cup 2010, we launched Pakistan’s first ever CLEAR Football fantasy league where more than 2,500 people took part in the game spending over 25 minutes every day on our portal. We were the second most active Fantasy League Portal after the official English Premier Fantasy League.
  • MasterChef Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s biggest Fashion event goes live on Digital. With all of our activities synced to create a major buzz around style and fashion on ground and online, we introduced the region’s first Invisible Fashion Show and with over 7,500 on ground viewers, we became the talk of the town, stating it all as ‘nothing less than magic!’ PR value from this activity alone was over PKR 1.5 M.
  • Pakistan Superstar
  • Celebrating the undiscovered yet rich talent of Pakistan; giving them a platform to make it big for themselves, we launched Cornetto Music Icons. Pakistan’s first ever music reality show with a nationwide digital recruitment on web, social and mobile. The show was aired on National and Satellite Channels.
  • Youth brand of Pakistan’s biggest telecom giant, Mobilink. Jazba became the voice of Pakistan's youth on digital. We featured Atif Aslam, streaming his Rockumentry online with a 360 degree coverage. We also seeded the branded viral video - Dekha Na Tha feat. QB & Bilal Khan generating 1M+ viral views in 7 weeks
  • Innovation at its best, we came up with Pakistan's first Viral Saeen, featuring the infamous Ali GulPir (who crossed 4M views for his video – Waderay ka beta), set out to find the one person who would go viral in the blink of an eye. Sending out a series of episodes, we encouraged our audience to send us their viral video ideas. In less than a week, we got 9,000 entries.
  • Everyone knows that kids use digital. But how should a brand get in touch with them, especially if the TG is 6-12? We used TV2SMS campaign partnering with Cartoon Network, Pogo and Nickelodeon to air one of the all-time favorites, Ben10 and tried creating legit leads and took them to our web platform for retention. We also developed Pakistan’s first online Mathematics competition - Mathelete, by creating a stand-alone portal where children got a chance to showcase their academic talents. More than 25,000 kids took part online.
  • Joining hands with Instagram, Lipton and Walnut initiated an online photography contest across 27 countries with a different theme every week. In ten weeks more than 10,000 entries were received. The content was seamlessly integrated on all Digital touchpoints.
  • An Award winning application, which integrated the social media giant, Facebook and Pakistan’s leading news channel Samaa. A real time Social2TV platform allowed user feedback to be portrayed in the form of graphs. The video stream of the channel was being broadcast on Facebook in parallel for maximum user engagement.
  • Pakistan’s biggest consolidation by any brand on digital. Mobilink consolidated its brands Jazz, Jazba, Indigo to one brand – Mobilink. All social media partnerships were straightaway brought to action when the major migration took place and we crossed 1M fan base, making us the fastest growing youth brand on Social Media.
  • Paddlepop launched the latest of their Adventure sequel. Brand faced a lot of problems as the kids felt alien to the characters, so a massive on ground activation and consumer promotion was planned. More than 8million sticks carrying codes were placed in the market and consumers were to send the numbers on a shortcode. It was integrated with Social too, so we generated organic leads as well.
  • After doing Pakistan’s first ever virtual concert in 2011, we brought Music Latte’ to life again. This time, it was louder, more fun and engaged more than 5,000 people online as live viewers. Live from Levi’s flagship – 6 artists performed and entertained more than 8 M facebook users across Pakistan. The show was recorded live (Audio/Video) and content was released in episodes on Social.
  • Ramadan is a very tricky period for a brand like Closeup, which always talks about the confidence to express. We gave it a spicy twist, and launch Pakistan’s biggest Aftar party. Menu? Well, you decide. We placed a lot of options and users voted for the best aftari items. The application instantly went viral and generated more than a million organic impressions in less than 3 weeks.
  • With our partner network in more than 86 universities across Pakistan, we launched Pakistan’s first ever Digital Apprentice program in partnership with Unilever and endorsed by CLEAR. From the first form submission till the final interview by the Chairman, everything was on Digital. The candidates spent 8 weeks at Unilever with an opportunity to work with the regional team in the official Digital Accelerator Program at Unilever, Srilanka.
  • A responsive design for Cornetto Music Icons Portal, made it an easy- to-access touch point, on both internet and mobile. For the talent and viewers there were separate categories and the API utilization of Facebook, Soundcloud, Vimeo gave us a fantastic organic growth too!
  • Pakistan Idol, one of the biggest reality show to take place in Pakistan was sponsored by Clear. We came up with Last Chance Auditions, to give those individuals a chance to be a part of the shortlisted contestants who were talented but were unable to audition.
  • Cornetto Cupidity- one of the most innovative outdoor integration in Pakistan was brought by Walnut Media, in the form of SMS to billboard integration. Individuals were encouraged to send message for their loved to a short code which appeared on a billboard.
  • We came up with Clo & Su Kahaani for Close Up. Individuals were encouraged to make stories by creating one scene and then taking the help of 9 friends to complete it. Two main characters with various scenes were given to the users in the form of an application.
  • Launching our own Predict & Win portal as the World Cup 2014 began, named: ‘CLEAR FIFA LOUNGE’. With more than 3,500 predictions made everyday, it is one of the most active local portal featuring fixtures, score database and predictions.
  • Giving into the latest trend on the internet; we came up with Supreme Apnapan Memes. It started with generating memes for users with the phrase: Apnapan Is… to giving them a meme generator to make memes themselves. With more than 9,200 entries on the application, ‘Apnapan Is…’ became the most viral local trending memes.
  • We aimed to start Pakistan’s biggest dance event, with Lipton’s campaign: Lipta-Dance; featuring one of the most celebrated artist of Pakistan, Ali Zafar. Users were encouraged to send in their videos imitating the dance steps of Ali Zafar, to see if they were good enough to dance with Ali Zafar on the stage in the grand event, to be held in London O2 Arena.
  • A Virtual Hair Centre, Style My Locks, was launched to give the TG a portal to try on different hairstyles and experience a new look and feel. Individuals had to upload their picture on the portal and try on different hairstyles. Entries started rolling out as soon as the Virtual Hair Centre went live, with more than 1500 entries on the day of launch.
  • A Pinterest themed website was designed for Sunsilk. We kept it graphically appealing and fluid in design – so that our female TG is constantly retained. It had a backend CMS which allowed us for a multiple source content syndication from different contributors ranging from Lawn experts to Hair Stylists. We had something for everyone!
  • December, 2012 and we had all the brands going crazy on Digital with heavy investment on Paid media. Closeup on the other hand had a major budget cut, but still being a strong believer in the brand, we proposed an idea of owning the resolutions! We asked our fans to give us their top resolutions for 2013, so we make a charter for Pakistani Youth! With negligible media investments, our Share of voice, was over 12%!
  • Cricket can be easily termed as the second religion of our nation. T20 World Cup; was the meet up of Gods. We tried capturing the same energy and launched the first ever live fb commentary on Jazba’s page. With the organic shares going in thousands and impressions in millions, we were able to do an organic recruitment of more than 10,000 fans during the series.
  • Cornetto Youth Campus – will feature an integrated network of all colleges across the country and the top three activities of today’s youth – Music, Hangout and Food! We’ll create virtual hotspots for them to bond with each other. 2013 was all about – “Enjoy the Ride and Love the ending!”. We created this experience online.
  • Garnier wanted to own the Hair Styling Category with special focus on Hair Color. We launched Hair Color Workshop and a Virtual Hair Studio. Both gave users first hand experience of how to select hairstyles and hair colors. Hair Stylists were hired by L'Oreal Paris which actually responded to the queries of our users and created the highest level of authenticity and consumer engagement.
  • Pakistan’s biggest online media campaign – Har Dil, Har Din, where we got roadblocks on all major properties online and utilized Google Search, Display, Contextual and Topical placements for highest Share of Voice. We maintained a decent frequency of less than 5, using Media Mind ad placement engine and served more than 1 Billion Impressions in 20 days.
  • Nesvita wanted to take Women Empowerment to a whole new level by launching ‘Women of Strength’, where the brand recognized and rewarded the most inspirational females of our country. The only way to take part in the campaign was through a dedicated SMS and an IVR. Almost 5,000 entries were received from which the jury chose 10 contestants to be on the TV show.
  • An iOS application for our partner TV Channel – Samaa. The application because of it’s user experience and content syndication soon became one of the most downloaded news apps on iOS (iPhone and iPad) from Pakistan. Today, we have over 200,000 users using the application.
  • ‘Ask Garnier’ and ‘Garnier Mobile Club’ were launched for our Facebook family members to ask anything related to hair care and get the response in the form of an SMS on their mobile phone. We also created weekly tutorials and mobisodes for the consumers.
  • We love creating our platforms. As huge as a recording studio, as tiny as a music mood player. Some screen grabs to give you an idea.
  • Mycinema.pk
  • AurBajao.com
  • Womenzone.pk
  • GoMobile.pk
  • …and today, we Talk to over 5M users everyday, on Social Media Interact with more than 5M users on mobile devices Already served more than 5 Billion ad impressions More than 1M users have interacted with our apps We’ve set more than 350,000 statuses and responded to more than 100,000 customer queries We change perceptions, create positive emotions and give birth to our brand advocates. This happens, everyday.
  • Walnut Media TodayBecoming the first independent digital agency in the region to partner with Cannes Lions.
  • Walnut Media partners with Eurobest, the biggest European festival of creativity.
  • Talk to us. 123 E-1, Unit 13, Hali Road, Gulberg III, Lahore. Pakistan +92 42 35870530-31 info@walnut-media.com
  • DISCLAIMER: The concepts and ideas submitted to you by this company are of a confidential nature and are submitted to you on the understanding that they are to be considered by you in the strictest confidence and that no use shall be made of the said concepts and ideas, including communications by yourselves directly or indirectly or to a third party, without Walnut Media’s prior consent under any and all circumstances.