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2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure

2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure






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    2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure 2012/2013 Hult's Global MBA bochure Document Transcript

    • One One-Year MBAGlobalEconomy.OneGlobalMBA. hult.edu 1
    • The London Eye is the tallestFerris wheel in Europe.GetPluggedInto TheWorld2
    • “ Today, success in business is as much about understanding cultures and globalization as it is about understanding finance and marketing. With our exceptional faculty, rigorous curriculum, and unique campus network, Hult International Business School is committed to educating not just leaders of business, but leaders of the world.” Bertil Hult Chairman Emeritus of Hult International Business School. Founder of EF Education First—the world’s largest private education organization—and educational philanthropist. hult.edu 3
    • OurHistoryOur legacy in training global business leaderssince 1964 shapes our future as the world’s mostinternational business school.A practical The world’s 7th largestbusiness education MBA programIn 1964, the school was established as Hult’s compelling vision of a practical andAmerica’s rst corporate university, then global business education has attractedknown as the Arthur D. Little School of many students from around the world.Management (ADL). ADL focused on Today, the school has grown to becomedelivering a practical business education the world’s 7th largest MBA program,for managers. The teaching pedagogy with nearly 800 students across bothwas different from other business schools’ full-time and part-time programs. Ourbecause it emphasized “action learning”— growth demonstrates the tremendousapplying classroom theory in the real world. demand for an innovative and practicalThis methodology was honed over 40 years business education.and is central to Hult’s pioneering approachto practical business education today. The world’s largest MBA programs 1 University of Chicago, Booth 1115 2 Insead 994The world’s most 3 Northwestern, Kellogg 942international 4 Harvard 937 5 IE 869business school 6 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 862In 2003, one of Europe’s most successful 7 Hult 790*entrepreneurs, Bertil Hult, nancially 8 NYU, Stern 778supported the school to expand its teaching 9 Columbia 737methodology to not only train effective 10 UCLA, Anderson 638managers, but also prepare them to thrive Source: Annual intakes of ranked business schools from The Economist 2010 MBA rankings.on a global stage. Bertil Hult strongly *Based on Hult 2011 intake gures.believed students must experience culturaldifferences and global business practices rsthand, growing the school from itssingle Boston location to a global networkof campuses including London, Dubai,Shanghai, and San Francisco under thename Hult International Business School.1964 Arthur D. Little 1976 The 1998 Forbes identifies 2002 The Economist 2003 The schoolInc., the world’s oldest business school is the school’s Action ranks the school the third is renamed Hultmanagement consulting officially accredited by the Learning curriculum best business school International Businessfirm, establishes the New England Association as “highly distinctive,” in Massachusetts, School, honoringManagement Education of Schools and Colleges ranking it in the top five after Harvard Business benefactor Bertil Hult’sInstitute, which develops (NEASC), the regional MBA programs in the U.S. School and the personal vision andan innovative, accelerated accrediting body for all Massachusetts Institute commitment toone-year Master degree academic institutions in of Technology (MIT). educating internationalprogram to train the northeastern U.S. business leaders.business leaders.4
    • Hult is the world’s 7th largest MBA program.2005 Hult’s one-year 2008 Hult welcomes 2009 The Financial 2010 Hult is ranked #1 Present Hult’sMBA program earns its first class of students Times adds Hult in International Experience flagship campus in Chinathe accreditation of the to the MBA program in International Business by the Financial Times. The opens in the heart ofAssociation of MBAs Dubai. Hult is the first School to its prestigious school’s fifth campus in Shanghai. Former U.S.(AMBA), making Hult U.S. academic institution Top 100 Global MBA downtown San Francisco President Bill Clintonthe first business to be licensed in the U.A.E. rankings. Hult’s London is opened. The first Hult awards Hult’s USD1school in the U.S. to campus welcomes Global Case Challenge is million prize to Water.orgbe recognized by this undergraduates launched, revolutionizing at the Hult Global Caseprestigious international and graduates. the business of giving and Challenge in New York.accrediting body. benefiting One Laptop per Child. hult.edu 5
    • Why Hult? Why students choose the world’s most international business school: Global Campus Rotation Top-ranked MBA A U.S.- Hult offers students a unique Hult continues its rapid ascent in accredited degree opportunity to see the world while business school ratings, currently American-style graduate they study. As an MBA student, you ranking in the top 1% of business programs have long been the can start anywhere and go anywhere. schools. Hult is ranked #1 for premier standard in business On Global Campus Rotation, you can International Experience and #5 education. Hult International Business pick your home campus and then for International Business by the School is accredited by the New spend up to three months studying Financial Times, as well as #17 for England Association of Schools and at two others. Students could begin best business school in the U.S. and Colleges (NEASC) and Association of in Boston, then travel to Shanghai #27 in the world by The Economist. MBAs (AMBA). That means that no via London or San Francisco via matter where you decide to pursue Dubai. You’ll get an inside look at the your MBA, you will graduate with a world’s fastest growing economies U.S.-accredited degree. and examine international business practices close-up. Almost 90% of our students choose Hult because they are interested in this option, and over Fastest return Thought- half of our students spend time in more on investment leading education than one campus. Hult is on the cutting edge of Our 12-month intensive program results in the fastest return on business education in several key investment compared to higher areas: emerging markets, digital Hands-on priced two-year MBA programs. marketing, social entrepreneurship, business experience Equipping yourself with a Hult and crowdsourcing. The school degree in 12 months results in lower launched the rst dedicated Master Unlike other business schools that degree covering digital marketing, cost, less time away from work, are research-oriented, 80% of Hult’s search engine technology, and the and quicker re-entry—with an MBA faculty have real-world experience. impact of social media. The school salary. Hult currently ranks #1 in Many have worked for companies also organizes the world’s largest post-graduation salary increase by like P&G, Motorola, and Credit business school competition—the The Economist and our students, Suisse, while others have run their Hult Global Case Challenge—that on average, are able to recoup their own businesses or created their own crowdsources ideas from students investment in a little over a year.* patents. Hult empowers students to all over the world to help a leading develop their own real-world skills non-pro t organization tackle a major by completing a six-week Action Payback Comparison social challenge. Project consulting for a Fortune 500 Hult 1.2 years company like Levi’s, Philips, Xerox, IMD 3.8 or IBM. This reinforces our mission to Cambridge, Judge 4.9 prepare job-ready graduates who can Oxford, Saïd 4.9 deliver results from day one. MIT 5.4 Insead 5.7 University of Pennsylvania, Wharton 6.2 Harvard 7.1 Thunderbird 7.2 LBS 7.6 *Source: Economist Intelligence Unit Ranking 20106
    • Canary Wharf is at the center of London’sthriving financial center. hult.edu 7
    • 8
    • YourNetworkJust WentGlobal120 nationalities... 105 languages...Countless new connections hailingfrom different industries, cultures, andbackgrounds... all united by one goal—to get plugged into the world. HultInternational Business School givesyou an astoundingly diverse networkof professional and personal contacts.The breadth of experience, insight, andperspective that your classmates have willmake your network a lot more interesting.Snapshot of 2011 MBA class:Regions of origin Pre-MBA industry31% South Asia 21% Financial Services19% Europe 19% Technology14% North America 9% Consulting13% Middle East / Africa 9% Manufacturing12% Latin America 5% Consumer Products11% Asia 5% Telecom/Media 5% Medical/PharmaceuticalProfessional experience 3% Energy34% 3-4 years 2% Legal/Government/Non-profit35% 5-7 years 2% Agriculture31% Over 7 years 1% Professional Services* Average of 7 years 19% OtherAge of Hult MBA students Pre-MBA function5% Under 25 21% General Management57% 25-29 16% Technology/Manufacturing24% 30-34 16% Marketing/Sales9% 35-39 12% Consulting5% Over 40 12% Finance/Accounting* Average age of 30 5% Operations/Logistics 18% OtherMore Hult student photos at hult.edu/lifein hult.edu 9
    • OneGlobalEconomy.OneGlobalMBA.10
    • BostonSan Francisco London Dubai Shanghai hult.edu 11
    • 1212
    • GlobalCampus RotationAn international perspective is crucial tounderstanding today’s business issues. Hult offersyou the extraordinary opportunity to live and study inBoston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai.Immerse yourself in Seamless experience, A closer look atthe world’s most from Hult to Hult international businessinfluential cities Our Global Campus Rotation is fully By learning international businessHult’s Global Campus Rotation integrated into our MBA curriculum. in a global setting, you’ll be ablegives you the chance to study at In contrast to most business schools to put complex issues into contextup to three of our ve campuses. that offer their students study abroad and gain new market insights. StudyThis provides you with a unique opportunities through exchange nance on our Dubai campus andopportunity to experience rsthand programs with other schools, Hult compare your ideas to what regionalthe emerging markets of the Middle prides itself on being the full provider thought leaders will do. Discuss aEast, the powerhouse economy of of the Global Campus Rotation. case study about the manufacturingChina, or to develop a broad network industry in China and then go on No matter which Hult campusof corporate contacts across a tour of the world’s largest textile you are on, you will use the samemultiple continents. factory. Nothing can replace the electronic library, the same Course experience of getting an on-the-Once you start your MBA on your Management System, and will be ground understanding of what ishome campus, you can decide familiar with the way our Career happening in different parts of thewhere to take elective courses. Services and Student Services work. world—international business cannotChoose to stay on your home You’ll mingle with classmates from just be taught in a classroom.campus for the full year or spend other campuses during your Globalup to 12 weeks on one or two other Campus Rotation and build valuablecampuses. Imagine starting your contacts as you study alongsideMBA program in London and then new faces and learn from differentspending time in Shanghai before faculty on our campuses. Our globalgraduating in Boston. It’s a truly life- network ensures that your MBAchanging experience that only Hult experience is uninterrupted andcan deliver. hassle-free. hult.edu hul .edu hult.edu hult.edu u e 13 13
    • Boston Hult’s Boston campus.America’s top student town Strong school spiritSet on the banks of the Charles River with great views of downtown Our intensive one-year MBA program fosters a strong sense ofBoston from your classroom, Hult Boston is in a prime location, school spirit. At any given time you may listen to guest speakersdown the street from the great universities of MIT and Harvard. Within like Steven Forbes, publisher of Forbes magazine, or Michaelwalking distance from historic Beacon Hill, our campus was designed Dukakis, former U.S. Presidential candidate and former Governorby renowned Swedish architect Thomas Sandell. This internationally- of Massachusetts. Join any number of Hult’s student-run clubs:acclaimed building has excellent facilities that include an on-site the Hult Student Association, Asian Business Club, Latin Americanrestaurant with a bar and outdoor patio. The birthplace of the Club, Consulting Club, Marketing Club, or Entrepreneurshipmanagement consulting eld, Boston also serves as headquarters to Club. Hult Boston is always buzzing with events, from alumnibiotech, fund management, and a host of other key industries. This is gatherings, networking receptions, and distinguished speakera great place to build business contacts, as our campus is a magnet talks to Celtics basketball and Red Sox baseball outings, familyfor an impressive array of speakers. barbeques, and drinks at Lingo—the list goes on. Families and partners are readily integrated into the student community and are always welcome to join activities.14
    • Somerville Vermont East Charlestown Boston Boston Naval Shipyard Cambridge HarvardHult Boston Programs offered Boston business glimpse University Boston MIT Financial District Inner Harbor1 Education Street MBA Headquarters of consultingCambridge, Massachusetts giants Bain, BCG, and Monitor Charles Boston Master of River02141 U.S. Top of Innovation Cities International Business Global Index Knowledge- Back Bayhult.edu/boston Boston based economy stems from University region’s educational excellence: Harvard and MIT are close by Northeastern Financial services center— University South global headquarters for Fidelity Boston Boston University and State Street Strong Medical Campus reputation for venture capital Prestigious healthcare industry New York with 17 renowned hospitals “Rotation is a challenging but remarkable experience. On rotation, I worked with incredible individuals and had the chance to really explore the cities. These experiences truly allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person. With over 120 nationalities in the school, it doesn’t matter where you go after your MBA—you will have classmates from that country who can share local knowledge and help you make connections quickly.” Audrius Leipus Lithuania, Class of 2011 Interiors designed by renowned architect Thomas Sandell. Boston campus life, snapshot of past events Visits to Fortune 500 companies TJX and Philips Healthcare LinkedIn training session with president of headhunting firm Dubin & Lee Tour of Federal Reserve Bank Hult Entrepreneurship Club’s Democamp Charity fashion show for Water.org Hosted President of Coca-Cola Central and Southern Europe, Nikolaos Koumettis Hult Energy Conference Women’s Executive Luncheon hosted by Kathrin Winkler, EMC Chief Sustainability Officer hult.edu 15
    • San FranciscoHult’s downtown San Francisco campus.Epicenter of the high-tech world Study in the heart of San FranciscoSan Francisco’s Bay Area is the epicenter of the world’s high- Hult’s San Francisco campus is located in Levi’s Plaza, adjacenttech industry. Silicon Valley, just south of the city, is home to an to historic Telegraph Hill. The entire city of San Francisco and theextraordinary array of breakthrough companies including Google, surrounding Bay Area are easily accessible: the campus is walkingApple, and eBay. The city’s entrepreneurial culture, breathtaking distance from the financial district and Fisherman’s Wharf andscenery, and economic clout make it a remarkable place to live close to the city’s vibrant cultural and shopping venues. Coveringand study. San Francisco affords a wide range of networking and 45,000 square feet over three floors, Hult San Francisco offersleisure opportunities, like the Venture Capital Summit, which was a vibrant, contemporary studying experience—fitting for a cityhosted on campus this year, featuring Silicon Valley’s movers that leads the world’s high-tech industry. Formerly a dot-comand shakers in the VC world. Join the Entrepreneurship Club, headquarters, Hult San Francisco’s spacious and modern campusConsulting Club, the Innovation Club, or establish your own boasts four amphitheater-style classrooms, a video conferencingstudent club to show your commitment to a eld. station, a fully equipped computer center, student breakout rooms, and stylish student lounges, all with high-speed wireless access.16
    • Fisherman’s San Francisco Wharf Bay North Beach Financial San Francisco- Chinatown District Oakland Nob Hill Bay BridgeHult San Francisco Programs offered San Francisco business glimpse1355 Sansome Street MBASan Francisco, California San Francisco Bay Area Union Master of Pacific Square94111 U.S. center of social media Heights International Business revolution Home to Google,hult.edu/sanfrancisco Master of Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco International Marketing Intel, Twitter Consumer industries in retailing, clothing, Master of and wine—beloved American Davies Social Entrepreneurship Symphony brands like Levi’s, Pottery Hall San Francisco Barn, and The Gap were born Haight-Ashbury International San Jose here Hub for new global Mission Airport green technology industry Silicon Valley “I learned about international business both in the classroom and from my classmates. The one-year intensive program provided an environment that enabled us to establish solid connections and true friendships. San Francisco itself is awesome— with Silicon Valley close by, it’s relatively easy to access international, inspirational high-tech companies.” Kenji Yamamura Japan, Class of 2011 Enjoy our newly refurbished and contemporary school. San Francisco campus life, snapshot of past events Venture Capital Summit featuring Guy Kawasaki, top Silicon Valley VC blogger and investor Career fair with leading employers on campus for recruiting San Francisco Giants baseball game at 3M Stadium Hult fitness boot camp along the Embarcadero U.S. Culture Quest American 4th of July Celebration Tech trek tour of Silicon Valley Intramural football match in Golden Gate Park Dim sum in Chinatown hult.edu 17
    • LondonHult’s central London campus.The world’s most influential city Central London at your doorstepLive and study in the world’s economic hub—London. The British Located in the center of London, Hult’s campus is a newlycapital is home to 100 of Europe’s top 500 companies, with one refurbished landmark building that overlooks Gray’s Inn Gardenof the most diverse populations of any city on the planet. With so in the famous literary and academic district of Bloomsbury. Asmany leading companies headquartered in London, our campus a Hult student, you will bene t from what economists call theis the perfect launch pad for a successful career in international “cluster effect”: the added value of studying in London wherebusiness. Student-led clubs like the Consulting Club, Creative the close concentration of so many top academic institutionsIndustries Club, Finance Club, Hult Global News Online, Model creates learning and networking opportunities. You are withinUN, and more keep the campus buzzing with fun activities and striking distance of the best that London has to offer: world-classtop guest speakers from companies like Facebook, Real Madrid museums and parks, Oxford Street’s shops, Covent Garden’sFootball, and Accenture. theaters, Marylebone’s boutiques, and Soho’s exciting nightlife, all at your doorstep.18
    • Regent’s Park Senate Russell Library Square Barbican Museum of London OxfordHult London Programs offered London business glimpse Circus Covent37-38 John Street MBA Home to 100 of Europe’s Garden St Paul’sLondon, U.K. top 500 companies Top of Cathedral Master ofWC1N 2BJ Global Financial Centers Index International Business Most visited city in the worldhult.edu/london Trafalgar Master of Biggest economy in Europe, Square Southbank International Marketing generating more than USD400 Centre billion a year Destination of Green St James’s Master of Finance the 2012 Olympic Summer Park Waterloo Park Master of Games Global leader in Big Ben Social Entrepreneurship wealth management, private banking, hedge funds, and Executive MBA financial planning Victoria “Hult was a great opportunity for me to realign my career and learn new skills. The diverse culture in London encouraged me to reach out of my comfort zone and to do things I’d always wanted to do. I got to meet amazing people from all over the world and to travel the globe. Hult has changed my life.” Inger Stapleton U.S., Class of 2011 Relax in our comfortable student lounges. London campus life, snapshot of past events John Sculley, former head of PepsiCo and Apple, spoke about game-changing innovation Young Global Entrepreneur and founder of Teach a Man to Fish, Nik Kafka, talked about social enterprise Faculty vs. student football tournament in Hyde Park Mid-module drinks at the Gherkin “Trooping the Colour” at the Queen’s birthday Parade Celebrated European Food Festival and Eurovision Excursions to Paris, Brighton, Oxford, and Stratford-upon-Avon hult.edu 19
    • DubaiHult’s Dubai campus.East meets West in Dubai Dynamic city, dynamic campusModern, fascinating, and safe, Dubai is an important gateway Hult’s Dubai campus is located in the Dubai Internationalfor trade ow between the East and West. As one of the most Academic City (DIAC), an exclusive cluster of universities andcompelling cities in the Middle East, Dubai has also been institutes. Our secure, modern student accommodation isreinventing itself as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan—it is located ve minutes from Mirdif City Center, one of Dubai’sthe region’s center for nance, logistics, shipping, and aviation. largest commercial outlets and shopping malls. Designed byHome to more than 150 nationalities, with over 80 percent of internationally renowned architects, Hult’s futuristic campus isthe population hailing from outside the United Arab Emirates, bathed in natural light and is a beehive for activities. From terri cDubai is the preferred regional headquarters for many of the speakers to networking events with top executives (the campusworld’s multinationals operating in the Middle East. Hult Dubai’s hosted over 50 guest speakers last year), our campus is aimpressive contact list means that our students get to meet with gathering point for international talent.experts in industries from logistics to nance, all year round, atcompany visits and on campus.20
    • The GulfHult Dubai Programs offered Dubai business glimpse Burj Al Arab Burj Khalifa7 Floor, Block 10 th MBA Middle Easts leading city forDubai International international business, founded Dubai Investment Master of Park Dubai AirportAcademic City on reputation for cultural International BusinessDubai, U.A.E. tolerance More than 80% Master of of the population are expats,hult.edu/dubai International Marketing most of them MBA-age Major retail center with biggest Dubai Silicon Oasis Executive MBA mall in the world Regional Saudi Arabia hub for financial services Growing Islamic finance Dubai Outsource Zone industry One of the world’s busiest international airports Dubailand Oman India “The Global Campus Rotation is unique and exciting. I rotated to Dubai in order to be exposed to the Middle East—it was a great experience. The MBA is intensive and sometimes you forget what a full night’s sleep feels like, but in the end, it’s all worth it. My Hult MBA has given me the con dence and skills to take my career to the next level.” Jessica Burroughs U.S., Class of 2011 Hult Dubai’s ultra-modern school. Dubai campus life, snapshot of past events Kayaking around the man-made Palm Jumeirah island Desert safari on camels and sand dune buggies Company visits to Emirates Flight Catering, Cisco, and the Tourism Development Investment Corporation Arabic lessons at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding Larry Hochman, Customer Relationship Expert, hosted workshop on Customer and Brand Value in the 5 6 Digital Age PADI diving certificate courses hult.edu 21
    • ShanghaiHult’s Shanghai campus.Live in the world’s fastest Amazing downtown locationgrowing economy Hult’s downtown People’s Square campus sits in the heart of theShanghai is a city of breathtaking transformations—towering city’s commercial, nancial, retail, and social scene. Footstepsskyscrapers springing up next to ancient lane houses, away are Shanghai’s most famous shopping street, Nanjing Road,sophisticated boutiques emerging out of open-air markets. The and the extraordinary Shanghai Museum. Our school recently wonascendancy of China as an economic superpower centers around rst place in an architectural interior design competition for itsShanghai. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient,” Shanghai boasts state-of-the-art classrooms, computer laboratories, and studentunrivaled cultural status in China as the birthplace of new trends lounges. Feel the incredible energy behind the world’s mostand life-changing ideas. With nearly 23 million residents, Shanghai populous nation at our centrally-located People’s Square school.is one of the world’s largest cities and is considered China’s most Convenient subway and public transportation access makecosmopolitan metropolis. Hult puts you in the center of one of the exploring the city easy, while residential accommodations are amost transformative cities on earth. short commute away.22
    • Children’s Park Huzhou Assembly Hall Beijing Shanghai Railway Museum Jiaotong Park Hanzhong SquareHult Shanghai Programs offered* Shanghai business glimpse Huangpu River Huangpu4th Floor, Jinling Haixin Building MBA Biggest city in the world’s The Bund Oriental Pearl666 Fu Zhou Road largest emerging economy Nanjing Road Master of Television TowerHuangpu District Center of China’s growing People’s Square International BusinessShanghai 200001 affluent middle class Home to Municipal Library Shanghai Grand Theatre Jinmao TowerChina Master of Finance China’s largest stock exchange World’s busiest container Shanghai Museumhult.edu/shanghai Executive MBA Pudong port Growing pharmaceutical Yuyuan Garden *Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus hotspot Capital of China’s are not available for China nationals. We Huaihai Park encourage Chinese nationals to apply to Hult’s fashion scene Host of 2010 other campuses in Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai World Expo, the Xintiandi London, and Dubai. best-attended trade fair in Fuxing Park Pudong world history International Airport “Hult’s rotation was a truly memorable experience. By working with professionals from around the world, I gained priceless experience about opportunities and challenges in different markets around the globe. The connections and friendships that I have created are not only additions to my network, but are impacting my career choices and global movements moving forward.” J. Alex Mason Canada, Class of 2011 Experience China firsthand at Hult Shanghai. Shanghai campus life, snapshot of past events Company visits to Chinese factories of Giant, Tyco Electronics, Alibaba, Ferrotec, Baosteel, Wahaha Roster of C-level speakers on doing business in China Toured World Expo China Pavilion Chinese acupuncture demonstration Mandarin lessons Kung fu sessions Toured ancient water town Huangpu river cruise Talk on special careers and Chinese leadership styles by a partner at headhunting 5 6 giant Korn Ferry Excursions to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guilin, and Beijing hult.edu 23
    • “ A life-changing opportunity to study in 3 cities in 1 year.” Learn firsthand about “There’s so much “San Francisco is the international business happening in Boston. center of technology. during your Global All kinds of sports, from marathon Silicon Valley offers loads of Campus Rotation. Study running to kayaking, not to mention the opportunities. People do business academic pursuits—everything combined differently here—they’re pioneers. at up to three of Hult’s creates an amazing overall experience. There are brilliant people open to new campuses in Boston, San Boston offers a great combination of ideas and constantly generating amazing Francisco, London, Dubai, academics and a thriving social life. stuff. Not to mention, the weather is or Shanghai. There’s an expression that ‘the business of great, too!” America is business,’ and it’s very true.” Rashmitha Matta Arun Varma India, Class of 2010 India, Class of 2010 San Francisco Global Campus Boston Global Campus Rotation highlights Rotation highlights • Visit to Napa Valley to investigate the • Visit to Philips Healthcare, division economics of the wine industry and headquarters for one of the world’s running a vineyard biggest electronics companies • Tech trek to Silicon Valley, to Sandhill • First annual Hult Energy Conference Road, Palo Alto, and Mountain View on campus, including guest speakers, • Sciences industry career workshop led exhibitions from clean-tech companies, by Dr. Toby Beth Freedman, President and industry networking session and Founder of Synapse Search • American cultural immersion with trips • Company visit to Autodesk, the leading to Red Sox baseball games, Cape company in 3D design, engineering, Cod beach, and amphibious tours and entertainment software of Boston • San Francisco Giants baseball game • Social get-togethers including karaoke, at 3M Stadium BBQs, and outings for students, families, and alumni • Spectacular fireworks display on the Charles River on Independence Day Your classroom overlooks downtown Boston and the Charles River. 24
    • “London is the financial “Ultimately, I want to “My experience incapital of the world. work in Dubai. I wanted to Shanghai changedFor one thing, there are very few placeswhere you can have a conversation about see how business functions in a different context. There are different ways of my life. My Global Rotation there empowered me to understand how Iwhat’s happening in Russia, the Middle doing business around the world—how would be able to do business in ChinaEast, and Asia on the way to the snack can you approach global management and develop my career there. Everymachine and back.” if you haven’t seen it in a different way? class I took in Shanghai was taught byJoshua Boone Wilcoxson In Dubai, it’s all about your relationships. phenomenal professors with extensiveU.S., Class of 2010 People communicate more to reach a international experience and I loved our decision. It’s a very friendly culture.” factory visits and field trips. There is Heather Kanabe probably no better place to experienceLondon Global Campus Canada, Class of 2011 the value and impact of globalization inRotation highlights business than China.”• Welcome boat party on the River Thames Dubai Global Campus Jenny Liu Rotation highlights U.S., Class of 2011• Wide range of speakers on campus— from former CEO of Apple to head of • A desert safari, indoor skiing trips, and sustainability at a Fortune 500 company a diving and snorkeling trip to Dibba Shanghai Global Campus• Experienced the best of Britain, from • Impressive range of speakers from a Rotation highlights West End plays, Wimbledon tennis managing director of HSBC to a best- • Company tours of: Giant, China’s tournament, and the London food selling Middle Eastern business author largest bicycle manufacturer; the Tyco festival, to Olympic Walking Tours and • Panel discussion on Supply Chain Electronics factory; Baosteel, the Royal parades Management and Logistics, led by world’s largest steel company; the• Networking events with executives from Sean Bradley, Managing Director of data monitoring center of Alibaba, the Nokia and Grapple Mobile and one- Barloworld Logistics largest e-commerce group in China; on-one career service sessions with • Workshop on Customer and Brand and the solar power panel plant of personalized job advice Value in the Digital Age by guest Ferrotec, a Japanese-listed company• Social activities, including football speaker, Larry Hochman, former • CEO of Sapa Group, COO of Tally- tournaments, drinks at the Gherkin, Director of British Airways and Weijl, and Founder of Qingyu trading wine tastings, and the Hult’s Got European Business Speaker of the company speak and offer advice on Talent Show Year (2011) doing business in China and strategy • All students received Arabic lessons sessions on winning the Asian consumer markets • Business networking opportunities with senior executives in Shanghai • All students received Mandarin lessons hult.edu 25
    • San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.AnIntenseOne-YearMBA26
    • “ Hult was an experience of a lifetime. I learned the importance of teamwork and gained the tools that I need to run a profitable business. I highly recommend Hult to anyone who is looking for a strong business education among experienced managers and exceptional faculty.” Andre Carvalho Business Development Manager, Bunge Brazil, Class of 2009 hult.edu 27
    • Our hands-on approach to learning helps youbecome job-ready from day one.28
    • OurLEAP MethodEmployers want MBAs who are job-ready. We’vedesigned our curriculum so that you don’t just studyabstract theory—you also get hands-on experience.Our innovative curriculum is based on three compo-nents, “Learn, Experience, Action Projects”: LEAP.1. Learn 2. Experience 3. Action ProjectHult’s LEAP method is an integrated Experience is a critical component Participate in a real-world projectapproach to learning that enables of our LEAP method. Your year for a major company. Advised byyou to be able to put classroom will include panel discussions a mentor (typically an experiencedtheory into practice. with industry experts, company management consultant), small visits, and exclusive networking teams of students compete withStart your MBA by learning theory opportunities. These features will one another to develop a businessand business fundamentals in the give you an opportunity to relate strategy for a Fortune 500 company.classroom. Like most top business theory to practice.schools, Hult faculty employ the No other business school offerscase study method to illustrate how Meaningful dialogue with prominent such access to key decision-makersbusiness principles are applied in business leaders will offer valuable of the world’s leading companies.practice. Professors encourage insights into how executives Over a period of six weeks, eachthought-provoking class discussion make decisions in a fast-moving, team will consult with companyto facilitate the exchange of ideas competitive environment with managers to make a businessand the sharing of experiences. Hult imperfect information. case for the development of aprovides you with the theory, tools, novel idea. Each team will present Past classroom speakers include aterminology, and trends to give you its recommendations to a senior senior executive of the Real Madrida broad perspective on business. company leader (typically a C-level Football Club, who explained theHowever, unlike other top business executive or board member). economics of running one of theschools, Hult goes beyond the world’s largest sports franchises; Hult’s Action Projects are designedtheoretical to the practical. the co-founder of Apple Computer, to emphasize innovation and growth. who discussed how to maintain Though the scope of Action Projects innovation in a changing business varies, most projects focus on environment; and the head of a the paramount challenge facing a major Silicon Valley venture capital company: identifying new pathways rm, who advised students on for growth. how to evaluate potential venture capital opportunities. hult.edu 29
    • Be prepared for an intense year. Innovative One-Year MBA Curriculum MBA Toolbox Module A Module B Module C Module D Foundations Fundamentals Advancement Mastery Global Application September October—December January—February March—April May—June When Acquire the prerequisite skills Build your financial and Design strategies for posi- Learn how to communicate, Hult’s Global Campus and basic knowledge that analytical knowledge, and tioning a business in the execute, and advise corporate Rotation: Learn about are essential for successfully gain the functional skills global marketplace. Learn clients. Prepare yourself for business practices in one Focus completing Hult’s intensive, that all managers need to how to sustain a healthy the capstone Action Project part of the world by taking one-year program. lead a high-performance business and to maintain a through teamwork in a global electives at one of our five organization. competitive edge during peri- simulation of a start-up global campuses. ods of unexpected change. business. • Introduction to the • Financial Management • Corporate Finance • Consulting Methods* Sample Module D and MBA Program • International Accounting • Strategy • Technology Management* E electives: • Accounting and Finance • International Marketing • Operations • Business Execution “Boot Camp” • Managerial Economics • Global Management* • Management • Applied International • Introduction to Career • Lifetime Career • Lifetime Career Communications* Derivatives Strategy and Tactics Management Management • Corporate Social • Islamic Banking (continues through Responsibility* • Financial Statement Modules A, B, and C) • Lifetime Career Analysis • Introduction to Management • Financial Modeling and Case Analysis Valuation • Leadership and Team • Investment Banking Building • Capital Markets Subject • Quantitative Analysis • Digital Marketing • Global Strategic Valuation • Cooperative Strategy • Management Consulting • International Negotiations • Leadership in the Global Village • Entrepreneurship • Doing Business in the Middle East • Solutions Marketing • New Product Development • Self-Discovery Project • Executive Seminars • Executive Seminars • Guest Lectures • Executive Seminars Projects • Team-Building Exercises • Career Skills Practice • Career Skills Practice • Company Visits • Networking Events • Leadership Training Credit Toolbox: 4 credits 14 credits 12 credits 12 credits 9 credits * Courses may be offered out of sequence.30
    • Join us on campus Hult Campus Visits Prospective students and applicants are welcome to visit any one of Hult’s ve campuses to take a tour, meet with current students, staff and faculty, or sit in on a class. For more details, please visit hult.edu/campus-visitsModule E Executive TrackAction Learning Special Admission RequiredJuly—August Hult’s Executive Track is an innovative training program within the MBA curriculum for exceptional candidatesHult’s LEAP Action Project: with outstanding academicSolve a “real-world” problem qualifications, leadershipfor a corporate client while potential, and professionaltaking advantage of the experience.opportunity to take electivesat another of our five global Each Executive Track MBAcampuses. student is paired with a professional mentor who shares industry insights, current hiring practices, and career advice.• Managing People: The program includes Business, Government, exclusive events and access Social Policies, and to alumni, recruiters, and Trends executives, as well as• Growth Through invitations to represent Hult Innovation at career fairs and events,• Doing Business in China plus advanced seminars• Applied Positioning covering personal branding, Strategy effective leadership, and• Pricing Policy/Strategy high-impact presentations.• Consumer Behavior• Mergers and Acquisitions To be considered for our• Project Management Executive Track, you• Principles and Certification must meet minimum work Review experience and GMAT• Management Practices: requirements. Qualified From Attitude to Strategy applicants are invited to• International Marketing one of our global campuses Communications for an intensive one-day• Management Information evaluation prior to the start Systems of their MBA program. A small group of the highest caliber students will be selected for each campus.• Action Project To apply for this program, speak to your recruiter after applying for the MBA program at7 credits hult.edu/apply-now hult.edu 31
    • Teamwork and collaboration are keyingredients to your success.32
    • ActionProjectsApplying classroom learning to a real business—your Action Project—gives you a powerful platformfrom which to develop strategic thinking aboutinnovation and growth.How your Innovation and Growth Participating Companies (2008 to 2011)Action Project works Recognizing that innovation isWe place you in small teams and key to sustaining competitiveassign each team to a leading advantage and driving growth,business or company to help solve Hult has launched projects baseda real business problem. Each team on the theme of “Innovation andis led by a faculty advisor. At each Growth.” This program targetsof Hult’s international campuses, the most important and difficultwe have created partnerships with problem facing every company:Fortune 500 companies and leading identifying new pathways forbusiness executives. Within each of growth. Students work towardthese companies, ve student teams solving this problem by drawingwork intimately with a high-level on a curriculum that emphasizesexecutive in charge of the company’s both theory and practice. Studentsgrowth and development. Student can take advantage of some of theteams are further motivated to work distinct strengths of Hult: our globalat high standards by competing with presence, a widely diverse studenteach other. body, and world-class leaders in the field of innovation.Over six weeks, these teams meetwith the company executive(s)four times while facing the task of Gain board-levelcoming up with a full- edged planfor growth. Simultaneously, they exposureare aided through the process by Presenting to the seniorone of Hult’s world-class consulting management of a Fortune 500coaches. At the end, they present company is an exciting conclusiontheir proposal to an executive to a life-changing year. The projectteam of the corporation. During gives students the opportunity tothis distinctive project, each team develop solutions to the pressingwill develop insights about the challenges of leading multinationalparticular industry and business, organizations. Companies bene tidentify breakthrough ideas, develop from the ability to crowdsource newa business concept, and build an ideas and insights from diverseimplementation plan to present to international teams with studentssenior executives and CEOs. from over 120 countries. hult.edu 33
    • “ My Action Project was a phenomenal learning experience.” Action Projects are Making up the future Fashioning the future a cornerstone of our Boston campus: San Francisco campus: innovative curriculum, Online buying in cosmetics Social media in retail which help you get job- Cosmetics companies are furiously trying Social media is a key tool in the to find the answer to a billion-dollar puzzle: marketing of the future, as consumers ready from day one. how much of their market can they move spend increasing amounts of their time Every year, each Hult online, in a sector where customers like to on Facebook, Twitter, and other social campus offers distinct try before they buy? Hult Boston students networks. A leading U.S. clothing and examined how to make online cosmetics fashion brand gave Hult San Francisco projects for major feasible and fun, presenting their findings students the challenge of thinking companies. to the Director of Innovation and Research beyond existing social media to the next and Development at a major Brazilian generation of virtual pathways essential cosmetics company. to marketing its products. Students were asked to focus specifically on exciting growth opportunities in emerging Flexible thinking in a markets. They reported their findings to mobile market the Head of Global Marketing. Boston campus: New markets for a Fortune 500 Creativity in credit cards A Fortune 500 company sells printers, Dubai campus: Payment methods photocopiers, and digital printing presses, and it wants to maximize Wanted—clever, dedicated, and business opportunities in the rapidly imaginative young people to explore growing niche of printing from mobile futuristic and innovative ideas that devices. But this is a tough market to go beyond conventional credit cards. understand—competitors have to draw Students at Hult Dubai were tasked by a up business plans in a sector where new Middle Eastern banking giant with looking technology and new competitors are into how consumers are going to pay for rapidly appearing. Hult Boston students goods and services in the future. They had identified business opportunities in mobile to think up solutions that met a challenging printing, putting the case forward to the double set of criteria: convenient and Chief Technology Officer. To do so, they attractive to customers and commercially Scan this barcode with deliverable for Hult’s financial services your mobile phone to had to reject short-term trends and threats in order to look at the longer-term future of client. Hult Action Project teams proposed learn more about Action Projects. the mobile sector. their solutions to the Head of Leadership and Management Development. 34 4
    • Mobile payments for Logical logistics Action Projectmobile customers Shanghai campus: students and clients say:London campus: Business travel Logistics in online B2BA global travel company specializing in Small businesses are increasingly keen “During our Action Project, my team andbusiness clients wants to know about the to use online services to purchase vital I had to solve real-time problems that anfuture of mobile payments—a fast and equipment—they can choose from an organization faced. We had to dig downconvenient method for this ultra busy amazingly wide range of products, and and use the tools and techniques weclient segment. Hult London students can buy cheaply and efficiently. But learned in class and got to interact withassessed the technology, developed an how can the intermediaries that operate very senior executives. There is no otherunderstanding of customer needs, and the purchasing platforms keep the business school that lets students learnpresented their workable and long-term transaction costs as low as possible— at this level.”business plan to the Innovation Manager and make delivery as rapid as possible Rochak Vermafor Corporate Strategy. at the same time? Hult Shanghai Action India, MBA Class of 2011 Project teams looked at the future of logistics, working with the world’s largestDoubling digital revenue online B2B trading platform for small “The teams seem to grasp the fineLondon campus: News media businesses. They reported to the Director details of creating a medical data pricing of Payments and Logistics for Small- model as well as the necessary ‘win-win’One of the world’s leading international Order Global Trading at one of China’s environment that could sustain such anbusiness newspapers wants to double most robust e-commerce websites. operation. They did a great job.”its digital revenue to remain profitable inthe 21st century. Across the news media Dr. Eric Silfenand a range of other industries, the Chief Medical Officerfuture is digital—but it is extremely hard Philips Healthcareto monetize digital content. Hult Londonstudents analyzed the newspaper’s “For us, harnessing innovative andopportunities in this medium and creative ideas from student teams frompresented their findings to its senior all corners of the globe is a powerfulexecutive team. source of fresh business insights and opportunities.” Michael Perman Senior Director, Global Marketing Levi’s hult.edu hu t.e hult.edu hult.edu ul 35 35
    • Learn From Professors Who Have Real Business Experience Hult’s faculty have hands-on experience running and growing businesses. Faculty members include: Nick Amdur, Professor of Operations John C. Edmunds, Professor of Finance M.B.A., Boston University Ph.D. in Business Administration, Harvard Business School; Professor Amdur has over 30 years of line, staff, and executive M.B.A., Boston University; M.A., Northeastern University; A.B., policy experience in engineering, manufacturing, computer Harvard University systems, and education settings. He is President of Amdur Professor Edmunds specializes in finance with particular interest in Associates, an operations consulting firm that focuses on the areas of capital markets and emerging markets, international enterprise and supply-chain solutions. He has taught graduate finance, and derivatives. A member of the faculty at Babson courses in Operations Management at Northeastern University, College, he has teaching experience at other Boston universities Bentley College, Boston University, and Simmons College. as well as in Spain, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Rob Anthony, Professor of Global Management Viktoria Dalko, Professor of Finance M.B.A., Harvard Business School; A.B., Occidental College Ph.D. and M.A., University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthony has pursued a dual career as a general Professor Dalko has served on the faculties of Harvard and CUNY management consultant and an educator. As a consultant, he has Baruch College. She was a visiting scholar at the University of a broad practice in assisting global corporate clients in change Munich and a visiting professor at Thunderbird, The Chinese management, strategy innovation, and leadership development. University of Hong Kong, Corvinus University Budapest, the Hong At Hult, Professor Anthony has taught Organizational Behavior, Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Leadership, Strategic Management, and Strategic Innovation. Illinois. Dr. Dalko has also served as Advisor to the President of the National Bank of Hungary and Chief of Staff of the Budget, Tax, and Finance Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. Federic Chartier, Professor of Finance Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Professor Chartier has worked 21 years in banking at American Daniel Deneffe, Professor of Managerial Express, Dresdner Bank, and Bank of Boston. His banking Economics and Strategy expertise ranges from credit analysis to domestic and cross- Ph.D. and M.A. in Industrial Organization/Strategy, M.A. in border lending, treasury sales, foreign exchange, and hedging Economics, Cornell University; A.B. University of Toronto interest rate risk. He has taught economics and finance at Professor Deneffe is an international partner in consulting at Arthur several schools including Babson College and Boston University. D. Little. Prior to teaching at Hult, Dr. Deneffe taught strategy Professor Chartier received an Outstanding Faculty Award, at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He is widely presented by the New England College of Finance. published in economic and managerial journals and co-authored a book on market evolution. Julie Yao-Cooper, Professor of Marketing M.B.A., A.B.D., D.B.A. Program, Harvard Business School; William Hancock, Professor of Accounting, A.B., Harvard University Finance, and Business Professor Yao-Cooper specializes in marketing, brand loyalty, M.B.A., Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania and quantitative methods. She has also lectured at Harvard Professor Hancock has over 30 years of experience as a senior Business School, Boston University, and Hua Zhong University management consultant for IBM, Ernst & Young, and Keane. in Wuhan, China. Professor Yao-Cooper has over 15 years of He was also worldwide marketing manager for a division of consulting experience in market research, strategy, and Digital Equipment Corporation, where he created the world’s corporate training. first business-to-business online e-commerce site. He is listed in “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in the World,” and “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry.” Patrick Courtin, Professor of Negotiations Ph.D. in EE and Systems Sciences, Columbia University; M.A. in EE and Computer Science, Columbia University; Diplôme George Kastner, Professor of d’Ingénieur de l’Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité de Paris Management Practices Dr. Courtin has extensive experience as the CEO for a series of Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill successful high-tech, Boston-based companies. As CEO, he Professor Kastner has over 30 years of experience in negotiated alliances, joint ventures, and partnership agreements in management, consulting, and strategic planning. He is CEO more than 30 countries. Dr. Courtin currently serves on the boards of REDITUS International, a management consulting firm that of directors of Kashya Inc. and OpenNetwork. develops strategic plans for corporate executives. Professor Kastner has served as Director of the Nomos Project at Harvard’s Center for International Studies. He has taught at IESA in Venezuela and UNIANDES in Colombia. He has also been a visiting scholar at New York University, Cornell, and MIT.36
    • Agnieszka Kuzniarski, Associate Dean, Shawn O’Donnell, Professor of ManagementProfessor of Management Communication Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPh.D. and M.Phil. in Applied Linguistics and English, Cambridge Professor O’Donnell is an engineer-turned-industry-analyst for theUniversity; M.A., Warsaw University telecommunication and media industries. His research focusesBefore joining Hult in Dubai as Associate Dean and Professor on the intersection of technology, policy, and economics in theof Management Communication, Dr. Kuzniarski taught at the development of new markets. He has studied consumer andUniversity of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where she also market reactions to new communications technologies for theengaged in curriculum development and research on intercultural MIT Media Laboratory and corporate and NGO clients. He alsoaspects of professional communication. teaches international communications courses at Tufts University’s Fletcher School.Joanne T. Lawrence, Professor of Hitendra Patel, Professor of InnovationGlobal Citizenship Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University;M.B.A., New York University; M.A. in Corporate and Political M.B.A., Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern UniversityCommunication, Fairfield University Dr. Patel chairs Hult’s Innovation and Growth Action LearningProfessor Lawrence has extensive experience with transforming Program in conjunction with the IXL Center. Prior to Hult,global organizations for greater economic and social impact. Dr. Patel was a senior leader and co-founder of the MonitorShe has been engaged in cross-border mergers, alliances, and Group’s Innovation Practice responsible for Asia and Latinrestructurings, and her clients have ranged from Morgan Stanley America. Dr. Patel has worked at Motorola in the portable energyand the World Bank to small social enterprises. Prior to Hult, she space and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder oftaught at INSEAD’s MBA and executive education programs. Her various venture-backed companies. Dr. Patel is the co-author of20 years of corporate experience include being Vice President of 101 Innovation Breakthroughs and The State of Innovation at theCorporate Communications for SmithKline Beecham. Firm Level in Singapore and Greenovate! Companies Innovating to Create a More Sustainable World.Lawrence Louie, Professor of Accountingand Finance Bill Ryan, Professor of AccountingM.B.A., Stanford Graduate School of Business; B.A., Ph.D., M.B.A., University of LondonUniversity of California, Berkeley Previous to Hult, Professor Ryan held a number of seniorAs the founder of Alibris, Professor Louie transformed it from a management positions in accounting and strategic changestart-up to a highly successful online retailer. Professor Louie went management in companies such as Chrysler and the 3Mon to become a faculty advisor at the University of San Francisco’s Corporation, where he completed assignments in the U.K.,School of Business Incubator and direct the business school’s Europe, and the U.S. His research and publishing coversNew Venture Center. He has also directed the MBA program management control, accounting, and business strategy.at University of San Francisco and helped pioneer the school’sCareer Services. He has won many awards as an educator. Wahyd Vannoni, Professor of Marketing M.B.A., Boston UniversityKeith Merron, Professor of Consulting Professor Vannoni has more than 15 years of internationalPh.D., Harvard University experience in media, corporate communications, digital marketing, and social media. He holds an MBA from Boston UniversityProfessor Merron is the founder and Managing Partner of Avista and began his career at CNN’s World Business Today show.Consulting Group, an organizational consulting and leadership Dr. Vannoni’s current clients include a USD4 billion market-capdevelopment firm dedicated to helping organizations with bold company as well as the Italian energy regulator. In 2005, hevisions achieve sustainable high performance and industry was elected member of the Board at the American Chamber ofleadership. With over 25 years of experience assisting executives Commerce in Croatia.in business, government, and education, he has also successfullyconducted over 25 large-system strategic, cultural, and technicalchange efforts. Professor Merron has authored multiple books, Michael Wagemans, Professor ofincluding Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization for Global ManagementEnduring Success, and The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul ofRemarkable Leadership. Ph.D., London School of Economics Dr. Wagemans is a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, leading the Public Services Advisory Practice. Prior to PwC, he was aAgnes Naim, Professor of Marketing strategy consultant at Arthur D. Little. He holds a Ph.D. in PoliticalPh.D., University of Bath; M.B.A., Manchester Business School; Economy from the London School of Economics. He was thePGCE, University of London; B.A. (Hons.), Cambridge University recipient of the Hoover Foundation Fellowship while at Brown University and has been a Visiting Fellow at Oslo University.Professor Naim has over 15 years of experience teaching. Herarea of research expertise is the ethics of marketing to youngpeople. She works as a consultant to a range of governments, Yael Zif, Professor of LeadershipNGOs, and corporations including UNICEF, Family and Parenting Ph.D. in Humanistic, Developmental, and Organizational Studies,Institute, Coca-Cola GB, Unilever, and Mothercare. She has Boston Universityserved on government panels for the U.K. Department ofEducation and the Department of Health to conduct a major Dr. Zif has extensive experience in leading training andreview of the impact of the commercial world on children’s development programs for managers in different cultures andwellbeing. She is a frequent press, radio, and TV commentator environments. She has served on the faculty of the Executiveon the ethics of marketing to children, and published a book, MBA Program of Tel-Aviv University since 1982, and at theConsumer Kids. Graduate School of Management of Boston University since 1987. Her areas of expertise include leadership, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural communications.John Newman, Professor of EntrepreneurshipM.B.A., Harvard Business School; B.A., University of California, For a full list of Hult’s current faculty, please visit hult.edu.Santa BarbaraProfessor Newman has extensive experience withentrepreneurship and small businesses. The founding director ofthe entrepreneurship program at Boston University, he has alsotaught entrepreneurship at Babson College for over a decade.He has consulted to universities and government bodies on thedesign and delivery of entrepreneurship programs internationally. hult.edu 37
    • We apply the latest technology to help enhanceyour MBA experience.38
    • GetConnectedAccess Hult’s MBA program anywhere. Our mobileinitiatives are designed to enhance and extend yourlearning beyond the classroom.iPad-enhanced learning HultTVAt Hult, we apply technology and Watch Hult professors and classmatesinnovation to make sure your MBA debate or watch top speakers presentexperience is extraordinary. We embrace current trends, available across Hult’s velearning using tablet and mobile world-class campuses via HultTV. LEAPtechnology, which is why we provide an lectures, Executive Speaker Series, caseiPad for every incoming MBA student. challenge competitions, and eventsThe iPad that awaits you on campus is taking place on Hult’s campuses areintegrated into your learning experience broadcast on the internet. Whether youand will be loaded with a series of useful are in Boston, San Francisco, London,apps, including productivity and study tools Dubai, or Shanghai—with HultTV, youlike iAnnotate, media-rich supplementary can access what’s happening on campusvideos, interactive textbooks, and access anywhere in the world.to campus and class information. Life inHult Tutors on Demand There will be times when you’llHult TOD (Tutors on Demand) Podcasts want to close your textbooks andare short tutorials that feature engaging get out of the house, but you might not beor complex topics accessible to Hult 100% familiar with social offerings availablestudents all around the world. Download to you. That’s why we created Life in—aTOD Podcasts and useful apps to enrich website featuring social content generatedyour learning experience, and review key only by Hult students. The site featuresconcepts from the classroom available extensive galleries of user-submittedon iTunesU. For example, students who photos and a wealth of student reviews ofneed extra help on speci c concepts, like restaurants, cafes, night clubs, local bars,the Black-Scholes option pricing model and attractions to help you plan your freeor analyzing nancial statements, can time. When you’re ready to add to thedownload a Hult TOD on the topic. discussion, you can upload photos and reviews of your own. The site can even be accessed through your existing FacebookiHult campus app pro le. Take a moment and see what Life in is all about at hult.edu/lifein. iHult is a simple app that keeps you connected to the latest eventsat our ve global campuses. iHult storesmaps, recommendations on restaurants,and things-to-do guides, as well as the fullschedule of workshops, guest speakers,and special events happening around theHult world. hult.edu 39
    • Be Serving as judges at the Hult Global Case Challenge Final, from left to right: George Fisher, former CEO of Kodak and Motorola; Jeffrey Fulgham, GE’s Chief Sustainability Officer; Michael Birch, Co-Founder of Bebo; and Peter Thum, Co-Founder of Ethos Water.InspiredHult’s Executive Speaker Series brings to ourcampuses the brightest minds from a widerange of industries and backgrounds to sharepath-breaking business trends and sageprofessional advice.Illuminating insight Great guest speakers Previous speakers at Hult include:From Former U.S. President Bill Clinton toSteve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple, Bill Clinton,to John Sculley, former CEO of PepsiCo 42nd President of the U.S.and Apple, Hult attracts an impressive array John Sculley,of guest speakers. We make sure you get Former CEO, Apple Inc. andout of the classroom and in front of some of former head of PepsiCothe best business people and companies inthe market. Our Executive Speaker Series Steve Wozniak,are open forums for questions, answers, Co-Founder, Apple Inc.and the latest business practices and Michael Dukakis,industry insights. Former U.S. Presidential candidate and former Governor of MassachusettsAccess all areas Ronald Jonash, Head of Innovation, MonitorNo matter which campus you study at, youwill have access to speaker broadcasts Harry Markopolos,around the Hult world through HultTV. “The Madoff Whistleblower”Previous speakers on campus form an Ulrich Nielsen,impressive roster, from industry mavericks CTO, Merrimack Pharmaceuticalto distinguished corporate titans: JimmyWales, Founder of Wikipedia; Steven Guy Kawasaki,Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine; Founder, Garage Technology VenturesGeorge Fisher, former CEO of Motorola Dave Balter,and Kodak; and Jim Rogers, investment Founder and CEO, BzzAgentguru. Hult’s speakers also include YoungGlobal Leaders (under 40), a select group Jonathan Rowe,of representatives of business, government, COO, GeneExpresscivil society, arts and culture, academia, David Contrada,media, and social enterprise. Partner, Palladium Anil Kapur, Jimmy Wales, Formerly of the World Bank, Citigroup, Founder of Wikipedia, is a featured Hult and McKinsey & Co. Executive Speaker. Howard E. McNally, Former COO, AT&T Scan this barcode with your mobile phone to watch an Executive Speaker event.40
    • Michael Dukakis, former U.S. Presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts, speaks to students on campus.John Sculley, former head of PepsiCoand Apple, talks to Hult students aboutgame-changing innovation. 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton addresses the audience at the Hult Global Case Challenge Final.Hult Professor Hitendra Patel conducts a forum Gary White, Founder ofwith Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak. Water.org, discusses social entrepreneurship. hult.edu 41
    • Experience China’s kinetic economic growth atHult’s downtown Shanghai campus.YourFuture42
    • “ The most valuable thing Hult has provided me with is the opportunity to connect with people from anywhere. By interacting with people from every continent, you learn about different customs and business practices and how the former may affect the latter. This has prepared me for a career in any part of the world.” Lola Adenekan Senior Consultant, Averda Nigeria, Class of 2010 hult.edu 43
    • Don’t just step ahead of the rest,propel yourself into the future.44
    • Global CareerOpportunitiesA Hult MBA immediately amplifies your careeropportunities. We specialize in helping yousecure jobs around the world.Career Services Corporate recruiting MBA career placement statistics*Hult’s global Career Services has Hult has established relationships • Average startingdedicated staff in Boston, San with top companies around the salary: USD97,400Francisco, London, Dubai, and world. Hult’s Corporate Relations • 82% of graduates were employedShanghai who work with you to team has a multifaceted approach within three months of graduationprepare you for the job search to maximizing recruitmentprocess and the international job opportunities for students that Post-MBA Functionmarket. Our approach is detail- includes company presentations, 6% 9% 24% Sales & Business IT/Engineering/ Otheroriented and personalized according internships, on-campus recruiting, Telecommunications Developmentto each student’s needs. Teams a corporate visitation program, and 4% Researchof experienced professionals video conferencing for international 7% Consultingare at your service, from Career interviews. We publish a student 14% 8% GeneralServices to Corporate Relations to pro le book and provide employers Finance Management 11%an active alumni network. Tap into with access to our online database Operations/ 17% Project Management Marketingthe relationships that Hult Career of student resumes. Employers whoServices and Corporate Relations have recently hired Hult graduates Post-MBA Regionhave forged with companies, include Goldman Sachs, McKinsey 5% Africarecruiters, and executives. & Co., J.P. Morgan, Johnson & 36% 10% Asia North America Johnson, Siemens, and Amazon. 10% EuropeLifetime Career 13% IndiaManagement 15% 11% Middle East Latin AmericaOur Lifetime Career Managementcourse is a two-credit class that Post-MBA Industryprovides students with the necessary 3% 12% 15% Construction/ Other Finance/skills to begin their job search and Real Estate Banking 5%achieve their professional and 8% Marketing/Media 10%personal goals. This course includes Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals/ Consultingclasses, group discussions, and Life Sciences 4% 10% Manufacturing/one-on-one counseling sessions, in Oil & Gas/Energy FMCG 4%addition to special guest speakers Non-Profit/ Government 23%and panel events. Seminars will 6% IT/Technology/Telecom Educationfocus on the fundamentals in resumeand cover letter writing, networking, *Based on reported gures from Class of 2010, adjusted for cost of living. Average starting salary non-adjusted for costinterviewing, communication, and of living was USD79,431.salary negotiation skills. hult.edu 45
    • Broaden your horizons.YourNewNet Worth46
    • A RewardingFutureThe value of your Hult degree continues togrow after you graduate. You will have alifelong network of friends and contacts thatspans continents, languages, industries, andcultures. Join our international community ofalumni with unparalleled global connections.Where do Hult graduates work?Automotive UBS Fuji Xerox MitsubishiBMW Wells Fargo Bank Hewlett-Packard MonsantoContinental Tires Huawei NéstleFord Motor Credit Construction/ IBM OlympusCompany Real Estate Infosys Technologies Osram SylvaniaGeneral Motors Cemex LG Electronics PepsiCoHonda Gerdau Ameristeel Lionbridge Technologies Procter & GambleSAAB-Scania AB RAK Microsoft RenaultToyota Motor POSCO Motorola SwarovskiVolvo East Asia W.R. Grace & Co. N.E.C. Technologies SiemensVolkswagen Nokia Wal-Mart Mexico Consulting OracleBanking/Finance Accenture Samsung Media/CommunicationsABN AMRO Arthur D. Little SAP Asia AvayaAIG Bain & Company Sasa Solutions BBCAfrican Development Booz Allen Hamilton Siemens Bloomberg L.P.Bank Boston Consulting Softek ConectelBanco Itaú Holding Group Panasonic Shikoku CommunicationsFinanceira S.A. Capgemini Consulting Electronics Korean BroadcastingBank of America Deloitte Consulting Quorum Telecom SystemBBVA Group Ernst & Young Sony MTV NetworksBanco de Credito de Forrester Research T-Mobile OgilvyPeru Imaginatik Technoserve Universal PicturesCitigroup Telefonica del Peru iProspectCredit Suisse Education S.A.A. IPSOSDeutsche Bank EF Education First United OnlineGoldman Sachs Oxford University Vodafone Non-Profit/Hong Leong Bank University of Nigeria Zapoint GovernmentHSBC Moroccan EmbassyJ.P. Morgan Healthcare/ Logistics Royal Thai EmbassyKPMG International Pharmaceuticals/ Agility Logistics UNICEFLiberty Mutual Science DHL Express United NationsLloyds TSB ASEBIO World BankMcKinsey & Co. Baxter Manufacturing/FMCGMasterCard Bayer 3M Oil/Gas/EnergyMerrill Lynch GlaxoSmithKline Ahold BPMorgan Stanley Merck Amazon General ElectricNew Energy Finance Philips Avon Cosmetics Nippon OilNomura Securities Bristol Myers Squibb Bunge National GridPricewater- Genzyme Coca-ColahouseCoopers Inotech Compaq TravelReserve Bank of India Maruho Colgate-Palmolive American AirlinesSequoia International Novartis Grupo Modelo British AirwaysSmith Barney Heinz Hilton HotelsPrudential IT/Tech/Telecom Honeywell Japan AirlinesStandard Chartered Apple Jaeger-LeCoultre LufthansaBank AT&T Japan TobaccoState Street Corporation Dell Johnson & JohnsonThe Export-Import Bank Enterprise Solutions Kraft Foodsof Korea Ericsson L’Oreal hult.edu 47
    • What Our Graduates Say Unver Sahlin, Turkey, Class of 2009 Mauricio Gil, Colombia, Class of 2008 Manager, General Electric Regional Manager, Apple “Hult provided me with invaluable opportunities “We received continual support from Hult’s to learn about all aspects of business. During the Career Services team during our job search, in MBA program, I improved my skills in nance, the form of votes of confidence, practical advice, accounting, business strategy, management, and company introductions, and our instructors pricing, communication, and sales. Moreover, provided us with practical and relevant guides Hult’s diverse culture and unique LEAP approach to succeed not only in finding a job, but also in gave me the tools and training to be a much more distinguishing ourselves in our professional lives.” well-rounded professional.” Melissa Espinoza, Venezuela, Class of 2009 Jocelle Fernandez Munoz, Mexico, Class of 2008 Senior Tax Analyst, Boston Scientific Senior Operations and Strategy “One of the things I most appreciate from my Consultant, Deloitte MBA experience at Hult is to have been exposed “I came to Hult to accelerate my professional to such a diverse group of professionals. It was maturity and make a career transition. My like being in 30 different business trips in a year background in Engineering and Supply Chain and ve job rotations—exactly what it is to do Management taught me the processes, business in today’s global economy.” procedures, and psychology behind customer expectations. Then, building on my background, SeungSu Sonny Kim, Korea, Class of 2001 Hult gave me the technical skills in nance and Senior Vice President, CJ Entertainment strategy that every global manager needs to succeed and that I needed in order to make “Hult really seems to attract incredible professors. a career change. Hult provided me with the I have been impressed by all of my professors integrated thinking and exibility to adapt to the and the small class sizes have made it possible to changing business world.” really get to know my professors and interact with them. I look forward to taking what I have learned at Hult and applying it to a challenging new Alessandro Apicella, Italy, Class of 2010 position with new responsibilities.” Consultant, KHIDR and Entertainment Entrepreneur Omer Weinberger, Israel, Class of 2010 “China is the new direction of the global Senior Associate, Corbett Keeling Ltd. economy, and Shanghai is the final destination of future decision makers. My Global Campus “Although I have lived in several major cities and Rotation in Shanghai was a tremendous eye- worked in many industries in my life, the one year opener and gave me a chance to acknowledge I spent with Hult had the strongest impact so what I had been reading in the newspapers.” far. The relationships created and methodologies learned will be with me for many years to come. Hult’s graduates de nitely t the ‘global player’ Soichiro Saito, Japan, Class of 2002 description—we see the world as a global village Business Solutions Professional, IBM Global and can easily be placed in a new location and Business Services operate there with no hesitation.” “I came to Hult because of the school’s focus on action learning, or ‘learning by doing.’ I also really Xin Wang, China, Class of 2009 wanted to gain a U.S.-style education and AVP, Risk Department Head, SAS Business liked the fact that Hult had a campus in Boston. Analytics Software At Hult, I learned how to lead a team in a multinational environment.” “Hult’s students come from around 120 different countries. That has built up the basis of my international social network, and on top of that, it Aya Fisher, U.S., Class of 2010 has also enhanced class discussions with diverse Regional Senior Marketing real-world experiences from various cultures. The Executive, Archimedia faculty, consisting of sophisticated academicians, “Hult Dubai’s campus was a great place to entrepreneurs, and practitioners, allowed me to experience the Middle East. Dubai’s balance consolidate two key skills of mine: solid academic between the cultures of the East and West, knowledge and hands-on experiences working coupled with the many different nationalities effectively in the real world. All those contribute a you’ll find among your classmates, means that lot to my career opportunities around the world.” all students find their own niche and will have the opportunity to thrive.”4848
    • Teresa Wu, Taiwan, Class of 2009 Chaya Keshavamurthy, India, Class of 2006Sales and Business Development Manager, 3M Analyst, State Street Corporation“Hult’s MBA was the perfect program for me— “I found that the career advice sessions andcapitalizing on the opportunity to live amongst resume review workshops that we received atthe locals through the campus rotation program, Hult were very helpful—they helped me to land aI studied in Shanghai and Dubai during Module job at one of Boston’s best financial companies.”C and D. Through this adventure, I put myselfto the test on adjusting to new environments. I Yael Wagner, Israel, Class of 2004absolutely loved the experience.” Senior Public Relations Manager, Oracle “Working with international students reflectsMark Tan, Singapore, Class of 2000 reality in the business world. You learn aboutHead of Mortgage Financing, Hong Leong Bank how to navigate tensions and address concerns“The international nature of Hult’s one-year MBA across all cultures. At Hult, working with myappealed to me. One of the best things was that classmates is similar to the way I work every dayno one nationality dominated the classroom—it now—except back then, we were all in the samefelt very balanced. With a good mix of business time zone. It was an amazing experience, oneand student life, being at Hult accelerates your which stayed with me.”career by letting you meet your best friends andfuture colleagues all under one roof.” Rene Nardi Rezende, Brazil, Class of 1994 Managing Director, InotechRicardo dos Santos, Paraguay, Class of 2009 “Working in a group with people from all over theGeneral Manager, Terport S.A. world was one of the most gratifying experiences.“I am amazed by how much I have learned It’s amazing to see how you can achieve yourabout my management style during my MBA. A objectives from so many different perspectives.sophisticated understanding of how you work as It’s a very powerful experience. That was one ofboth a member and manager of a diverse team the best things about Hult.”of people will prove invaluable in your career.” Hui Ming Lim, Singapore, Class of 2007Yukiko Teshima, Japan, Class of 2009 Solutions Consultant, Wincor NixdorfExecutive Director, Teshima “My experience in Shanghai was my mostInternational Corporation memorable part of Hult’s MBA program. The“I established my own marketing company in people I met through the elective courses andBoston. In my business, I use the skills and networking sessions helped me explore myknowledge that I learned at Hult every day.” possible future business endeavors in China. It was an exceptional experience to actually beGlen Pak, U.S., Class of 2009 immersed in the culture and history of China.”Enhancement Manager, Ipsos“I took advantage of Hult’s Global Campus Pankaj Gupta, India, Class of 2006Rotation to travel the world. In Dubai, students AVP, Department Head, Reliance Capitalall lived together and spent a lot of time together. Asset ManagementThe energy of Shanghai brought out the character “Hult’s intense one-year program helped improvein everybody. It was so freeing. Boston has a very my business perspective and provided mestrong academic foundation and a lot of history. with a platform to interact, learn, and applyBeing at Hult connected me to the world—if I management theories. I learned not only fromhad stayed in my hometown, I wouldn’t have exceptional faculty, but also from my fellowunderstood the world as I do now.” international students. Hult’s wide choice of electives ensured I got the right knowledge forXavier Cahiz, Spain, Class of 1991 the right job.”Vice President, Supply Chain,Baxter Healthcare Maria Pia Segovia, Philippines, Class of 2010“I’ve always wanted to develop an international Associate Advisor, KPMGcareer, and graduating from Hult really opened “I knew I wanted to go to an international schoolthe doors to my career in international operations to experience different cultures so I could learnand business. It provided me with the language how to adapt to different types of people. I alsothat enabled me to understand the functions wanted a one-year program in a good campusof business. The understanding, knowledge, location. Hult gave me just that—it’s a globalconfidence, and experience I gained really school with a global scope.”springboarded my career opportunities inmultiple countries.” hult.edu hult.e hu t.edu hult.edu ul .ed 4 49
    • At Hult, your professors become your mentors,your classroom becomes your community, andyour peers become your lifelong friends.50
    • GlobalAlumni NetworkThe Hult experience lasts beyond your one yearon campus. After you graduate, the Hult AlumniAssociation provides you with continual supportthrough a series of initiatives designed to boostyour career.Exclusive network Master classes in Hult Connect App forof alumni alumni cities alumni to stay in touchOne of the most enduring bene ts of 85 percent of our alumni live outside Once you graduate, it’s easy toyour Hult MBA degree will be joining of a campus city, so we bring Master stay connected with the school andthe global network of Hult alumni. Classes to them—free of charge. your classmates. Hult Connect is anThe Alumni Association alone—run Examples offered this year include: app installed on your iPhone/iPad,by a committee of past graduates allowing you to nd alumni through • Leading in Multiculturaland current students—produces its worldwide map (including a GPS Organizations (Moscow, Madrid)an excellent annual return on your feature that will guide you to the • Bidding Strategies (Brussels,investment in a year at Hult. We alumni you want to connect with). Frankfurt)have more than 5,500 alumni around Follow school announcements, • Social Media (Milan, Munich)the world who span a wide cross- reunions, social gatherings, and • Entrepreneurship (Abu Dhabi)section of industries and include executive speaker events throughan impressive number of CEOs, this application.entrepreneurs, government ministers,diplomats, and well-connected Free electives for thesenior executives. From Tokyo to rest of your life Hult LinkedInCaracas and Seoul to Madrid, Hult Come back to the classroom to Join the Hult Alumni LinkedInalumni chapters are active in 23 keep your knowledge at the cutting group to connect with over 1,400world cities. edge. As an alumnus, every year members around the world in various you can take one elective at any of industries. Our alumni engage in our campuses at no cost—an option discussions, share information, worth USD3,000 annually if you used and post job offers and relevant a professional training rm. You may business news through this group. join a course at any campus if you The school manages this group, have a valid visa to study in that makes announcements, and posts country. We give you the exibility invitations to events. The Hult to arrange your own ights and LinkedIn group is an exclusive online accommodations. forum to network with high pro le senior executives, open to Hult alumni only. hult.edu 51
    • OtherDegreePrograms52
    • Get plugged into the business hub of the Middle East on Hult’s Dubai campus.“ Hult’s one-year Master is something special—not just a Master degree, but a degree completed in two or three different countries. I’ve lived and worked with people from many different cultures and have learned how to handle business situations with colleagues from all over the world.” Katya Gomer Master of International Business Germany, Class of 2011 hult.edu 53
    • Other Hult ProgramsExecutive MBAA part-time MBA designed for professionals whoseek to enhance their credentials and knowledgewhile gaining an international perspective.Highly flexible part-time program Hult’s LEAP Method gives you board-available weekly or monthly level trainingOur Executive MBA curriculum, identical to Our curriculum is based on threeHult’s fully accredited, top-ranked, full-time components: “Learn,” “Experience,” andMBA program, is delivered over two years “Action Project”—LEAP. Hult’s LEAPinstead of one, allowing busy professionals Method means that you don’t just simplyto continue working while they pursue their sit in a classroom, but actually apply thedegree. Study weekly, with classes onweekday evenings and limited weekends over tools and concepts you learn to real-worlda 24-month period, or study monthly, with business situations. During your finalclasses taught over four consecutive days a module, you will participate in an Actionmonth. In addition, we allow our Executive Project and work in a small team to solveMBA students to start and stop their studies a current business problem for a Fortunemodule-by-module. Whether you are based 500 company.in the same city or region as our campus, orneed to take the time out to travel, we havea schedule that suits your requirements. Global Campus Rotation provides anOn average, Hult Executive MBA students extraordinary opportunity to study in thegraduate in two years. world’s fastest-growing economies To be successful in today’s business world, it is essential to know how to conductFor exposure to international business, business across international boundaries.there is no better place to study Hult’s Global Campus Rotation allowsAcknowledged as the #1 business school you to gain critical insights into the world’sfor International Experience by the Financial key economies. During your ExecutiveTimes (2011), Hult gives you unparalleled MBA program, you have the option toopportunities to utilize new business tools, pursue your electives on any of one ofgain valuable credentials, and meet a our five campuses.diverse and impressive group of internationalbusiness professionals. In addition, Hult’sglobal Career Services teams are experts onidentifying and securing job opportunities forglobal professionals.Executive MBA Schedule Summary Executive MBA Monthly Schedule Example1 Weekly Monthly Thursday2 Friday Saturday and Sunday Monday The Executive MBA weekly The Executive MBA program typically runs over monthly program typically Morning Group meeting with Marketing lecture Group work on 3 evenings per week and runs over 4 consecutive the Dean and marketing assignment occasionally you may have days per month, including Executive Director classes over the weekend. the weekend. In Dubai, Introduction of Group presentations Lecture followed by classes run from Thursday marketing professor class wrap-up Example Schedule: to Sunday. In London and discussion Monday 7pm–10pm Shanghai, clases run from Career Services Marketing seminar Brie ng for coming course Tuesday 7pm–10pm Friday to Monday. consultation upon prior Thursday 7pm–10pm appointment Afternoon Check into hotel in Marketing lecture Marketing lecture Examination your own time Evening Attend optional guest Group activity/dinner Course-related work Depart from venue speaker lecture and travel home 1 The above example has been created only to represent a typical weekend and should not be considered final. 2 Please note that in Dubai, classes run from Thursday to Sunday.54
    • Who is this program for? Campus locations* General contactBusy executives who prefer to London • Dubai • Shanghai** Online Mexico Cityremain in the workforce while hult.edu/contact-us Tel +52 55 5283 3307 Start datecompleting their MBA. Boston Asia Paci c Weekly SeptemberProgram Schedule Tel +1 617 746 1990 Tel +852 2111 2399 and monthly Program lengthWeekly: 3 evenings per week San Francisco Europe scheduleand occasional weekends 2 years Tel +1 415 869 2900 Tel +44 207 341 8555Monthly: 4 consecutive days available How to apply Miami Middle East, Africa, South Asiaper month including weekends Tel +1 305 648 9746 Tel +971 4 375 3088 hult.edu/apply-now * Rotation available to all ve campuses. ** Programs offered on Hult’s Shanghai campus are not available for China nationals.Sample Two-Year EMBA Curriculum1Year One Program Outline Year Two Program Outline EMBA Toolbox Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E Sept Oct—Dec Jan—Feb Mar—Apr May—June July—Aug Sept—Dec Jan—Feb Mar—Apr May—June July—Aug Introduction to the Financial Operations Management Elective 12 Elective 22 Managerial Corporate Consulting Elective 32 Elective 42 MBA Program Management Management Communications Economics Finance Methods Introduction to International Global Global Sample of past electives offered in IT for Business Business Strategy Sample of past electives offered in Accounting & Finance Marketing Management Citizenship Modules D and E: Managers Execution Modules D and E: • Applied • Capital Markets • Business, • Growth Through Introduction to Career International Lifetime Career Management International • Digital Marketing Lifetime Career Management Government, Innovation Strategy and Tactics Accounting Derivatives • Global Strategic Social Policies, • Doing Business in • Islamic Banking Valuation and Trends China • Financial • Cooperative • New Product • Pricing Policy/ Introduction to Statement Strategy Development, Strategy Case Analysis Analysis • Management Marketing, and • Consumer • Financial Consulting International Behavior Leadership and Modeling and • International Expansion • Mergers and Team Building Valuation Negotiations Acquisitions • Investment • Leadership in the Banking Global Village Quantitative • Real Estate Action Project Analysis Finance1 Courses may be offered out of this sequence and are subject to change.2 Electives may be taken at any Hult campus. hult.edu 55
    • Other Hult ProgramsMaster ofInternational BusinessLaunch your career directly after undergraduatestudies with a one-year, intensive Master ofInternational Business.Meet the challenges of the Action Projects give you great exposure Enhance your employabilityglobal marketplace Our Action Projects give students exposure Hult’s Career Services team works closelyA strong understanding of how the world is to real-world companies as they work in with students in their job search, arranginginterconnected through finance, marketing, small teams led by a faculty advisor to recruiting fairs, campus networkingoperations, technology, and strategy gives solve a business problem or think of growth opportunities, and internship placements.students an immediate head start to launch channels for leading companies. MIB Major multinationals, like PepsiCo,their careers. Hult’s Master of International students are given the chance to apply what PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deutsche Bank,Business (MIB) degree helps students they have learned in a true business setting, and Accenture actively recruit graduatesacquire practical business knowledge with preparing them fully for their future careers. who have strong business skills anda focus on international and cross-cultural possess international perspectives.understanding of the marketplace. This Project Management specializationdegree is particularly well suited to recent We recognize that the demand for talented Accelerated Leadership Trackuniversity graduates (both business and people who can effectively manage and With no work experience required uponnon-business majors) who do not have lead projects within budget and under admission, this degree can jump startextensive work experience. This degree deadline is urgent and growing. Hult offers your career. For the most promising MIBis also appropriate for those with work MIB students the opportunity to specialize candidates, we have an Acceleratedexperience who seek to move into the in Project Management. Our unique Project Leadership Track program with specialinternational business realm. Management specialization allows MIB access to events and advanced career students to earn a specialization certificate management training. For more information,Hult’s Global Campus Rotation Program in Project Management concurrently with please visit hult.edu/contact-us.Our business school has been ranked their MIB degree. This Project Management#1 for International Experience and specialization equips you with the technical A seamless path to a rewarding future#5 for International Business by the and people skills required to manage Hult’s MIB is taught by the same facultyFinancial Times. We firmly believe that major projects for multinationals, family as Hult’s top-ranked MBA program, andan international perspective is crucial to businesses, and NGOs. To be eligible for follows an abbreviated version of theunderstanding today’s business issues. the specialization, MIB students must take MBA curriculum. Because our MIB andHult’s Global Campus Rotation Program 9 additional credits of additional project MBA curricula are highly synchronized,allows students to gain critical insights into management electives and successfully MIB graduates can convert to a Hult MBAthe world’s key economies and firsthand pass a certification exam. degree after three years of work experienceinternational business experience. You can and an additional 23 credits, with nopursue your MIB in Boston, San Francisco, re-application requirements.London, Dubai, or Shanghai. Duringthe elective module, you can choose toremain at your home campus or study at a Hult’s one-year Master of International Business degree pathway—different Hult campus. no work experience required for admissionCurriculum combines hard skills withlessons in decision making and strategyHult’s MIB curriculum delivers an Launch your careerunderstanding of today’s global Hult’s Master ofmarketplace. Initially, students focus on University graduate Internationallearning hard skills in international finance, Business degree Conversion tomarketing, operations, and strategy. Hult’s top-ranked MBA programSubsequently, through fieldwork and 3 years of workhands-on projects, they also gain the experience + 23 creditsanalytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills necessary to make decisionsin a rapidly evolving, cross-cultural world.56
    • Who is this program for? Campus locations General contactCandidates with zero to three • Boston • San Francisco Online Mexico Cityyears of work experience who • London • Dubai • Shanghai hult.edu/contact-us Tel +52 55 5283 3307are interested in fields related Start date Boston Asia Paci c Projectto international business. September Tel +1 617 746 1990 Tel +852 2111 2399 ManagementCandidates who would like tofocus on project management Program length San Francisco Europe specialization Tel +1 415 869 2900 Tel +44 207 341 8555and earn a specialization 1 year availablewhile earning their Master of Miami Middle East, Africa, South AsiaInternational Business degree. How to apply Tel +1 305 648 9746 Tel +971 4 375 3088 hult.edu/apply-nowSample One-Year MIB Curriculum1 Toolbox Module A Module B Module C Module D Module E September October—December January—February March—April May—June July—August Accounting and Finance Global Financial Strategy Standard electives:2 Action Project “Boot Camp” Management Management • Digital Marketing • Project Management3 • Corporate Finance • Entrepreneurship Leadership and International Technology Corporate Team Building Accounting Management Social Responsibility Sample additional electives2: • Valuation • Entrepreneurial Presentation Global International • Capital Markets Finance Skills Economics Marketing • Management • Managing People Consulting • Leadership in the Study Skills Business Math Consulting • New Product Global Village Methods Development • Management • Doing Business in Information Lifetime Career Management China Systems Leadership Training Career Skills Executive Guest Lectures Networking Events Seminars1 Courses may be offered out of this sequence.2 Electives may be taken at any Hult campus.3 An MIB specialization in Project Management is available. hult.edu 57
    • Other Hult ProgramsOther HultDegree Programs Master of Master ofMaster of Finance International Marketing Social EntrepreneurshipEvery year, financial companies Marketing drives profit, product Social entrepreneurship—usingdemand more and more longevity, and brand loyalty. business methods to solve socialspecialized knowledge from Hult’s Master of International problems—is the emergingtheir employees. Hult’s Master of Marketing explores marketing approach to some of the world’sFinance gives you the credentials on a global scale. toughest problems.to make your resume stand out. A highly relevant education in both Make change happen As one of the onlyEquip yourself for the world’s most business and marketing Hult’s Master of business schools to offer a Master in thiscompetitive industry Today’s global International Marketing (MIM) equips you important field, Hult’s Master of Socialeconomic climate underscores the critical with valuable general skills in management Entrepreneurship provides you with equalimportance of the financial sector in and strategy, and with specialized skills measures of business skills, knowledge ofshaping both markets and current events. in market research, branding, consumer how to navigate social and political issues,A firm grasp of this area gives graduates behavior, sales, and new product and a full understanding of how to makeof Hult’s Master of Finance a unique and development. This combined business and change happen.competitive edge in the job market. A marketing experience prepares graduatesMaster of Finance signals that you possess for a wide array of careers that go beyond Don’t just think, do Social Entrepreneurshipa high degree of financial knowledge and functional marketing. is about “thinking” and “doing.” Hult Actionskills. During the program, you will gain Projects, the capstone of this program,an in-depth understanding of corporate Specialize in digital marketing Today, challenge you to put the knowledge andfinance, investments, and capital markets, digital marketing plays a vital role in every skills you learn into action and consultand prepare for the CFA. major business and has changed the global for actual organizations facing real-world marketing landscape for good. You can business situations.Learn from experts in finance Hult’s choose to focus on digital marketing duringfaculty draws from real-world practitioners. your Master of International Marketing Become part of Hult’s commitment toStudents study best practices with former program and earn a specialization in social change As a Clinton Global Initiativefinance executives, managing directors, Digital Marketing. To be eligible, you must member, Hult is committed to tackling theand expert accounting professionals. take three digital marketing electives and world’s toughest social challenges through successfully pass a digital marketing crowdsourcing innovative ideas from theUnderstand cutting-edge finance This certification exam. world’s best and brightest business schooldegree program gives you the most up-to- students. The annual Hult Global Casedate tools and knowledge on finance to Become a marketing whiz MIM graduates Challenge (hultglobalcasechallenge.com)prove to potential employers that you have will understand the power of media in all its has become the best crowdsourcing event,the skills to be an equity analyst, research forms and have the critical communication helping Water.org and One Laptop peranalyst, or qualified investment manager skills to add value to any venture. MIM Child in previous challenges. Hult awardsfor a major bank. Hult alumni now work at graduates continue on to industries as USD1 million to implement the winningABN Amro, State Street, Morgan Stanley, diverse as retail, fashion, technology, proposal.Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, branding, manufacturing, financial services,and Standard Chartered Bank. leisure and tourism, and consumer goods.58
    • San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long.Bachelor inInternational BusinessEarn a U.S.-accredited Bachelordegree in International Business atHult’s central London campus.Focus on international business OurBachelor program provides you with astrong foundation in international businessthat gives you a competitive edge. Corecourses in business fundamentals build afirm bedrock of learning, which gives youthe freedom to dig more deeply into thefields that fit your personal ambitions. Youcan accumulate extra expertise by focusingon finance, marketing, management, socialentrepreneurship or general business. Plus,participating in an Action Project gives youthe opportunity to study on a Hult campusin the U.S., Middle East, or China.Undergraduate education in the“Knowledge Capital of the World” Hultlooks out over one of London’s largestand most beautiful gardens—RussellSquare—in Bloomsbury, the academicand literary heart of London. You will bestudying in an unbeatable central locationin the world’s most influential city.Combined Bachelor and Master degreeprogram; earn two degrees in four yearsStudents can graduate with a Bachelor andMaster in International Business in fouryears through Hult’s fast-track combineddegree program. Just four years after you rst enter Hult as an undergraduate, youcan graduate with two valuable degrees,increasing your knowledge, academiccredentials, and earning power. www.hult.edu hult.edu 59
    • Other Hult ProgramsIntensiveEnglish MBAHult’s Intensive English MBA program (IE-MBA) helpsyou gain the language skills you need to thrive in anyMBA program.3- or 6-month comprehensive A curriculum that combines intensive Network with talented Hult MBA studentsEnglish training language training with MBA preparation and alumni, participate in a wide range ofHult’s IE-MBA is designed for candidates Along with English language learning, Hult executive seminars, attend projectwith other experience and quali cations, but Hult’s IE-MBA curriculum is designed to presentations and guest lectures,who have insuf cient English pro ciency to equip you with other relevant skills required and get to know your professors inpursue a top-ranked U.S.-accredited MBA. to complete an MBA in English, such as relaxed settings.The IE-MBA is offered over a 3- or 6-month applying your English skills to solve a Hultperiod, depending on your language needs. business case, building your vocabulary Who is this course good for?The program is composed of three major in specific business disciplines, learning Candidates who possess the business experiencebuilding blocks: basic language skills, to write and compile a presentation, and to enter Hult’s intensive MBA program but lack the requisite English skills.business English, and the case study business reporting.method. The program also has an optional Where is this offered?module on GMAT test preparation. Apart A professional atmosphere with highlyfrom traditional classroom training, you Hult’s Boston campus and Hult’s affiliate— experienced classmates EF Executive Institute in London, U.K.are granted unlimited access to self-study During Hult’s IE-MBA, you will studycontent from the world’s most flexible online with a group of mature and experienced Length of programEnglish school, EF Englishtown professionals. They work in middle- to top- Comprehensive 6-month IE-MBA(englishtown.com). level management and come from diverse (March 5, 2012 – August 17, 2012) industry backgrounds. You can count on This course has been specially designed for students with lower-level English skills who need to masterSmall class size for personalized attention learning as much from your classmates as basic building blocks of the language before movingHult’s IE-MBA course is taught by an expert you will from the program. on to more advanced English training.English instructor in a small class setting 3-month Advanced Skills IE-MBA(maximum class size of six)* to ensure you Access to Hult’s MBA community (May 27, 2012 – August 17, 2012)receive the individual attention necessary for One big advantage of doing your pre- This course has been specially designed for studentsmaximum language learning. A small class who have intermediate-level English skills but who MBA language training at Hult is that may lack a number of the more advanced English andsize also guarantees that your individual you will have a head start in getting communication skills needed to be successful in Hult’slanguage needs are addressed and fulfilled. acquainted with Hult’s MBA community MBA program.*In the event that the class size is below six persons, and establishing yourself at the school.you may be placed in a class with other non IE-MBA Tuition Feecorporate language students at your level. You are welcome to participate in any of Hult’s numerous weekly student activities. Boston (U.S.) 3 months (12 weeks): USD12,000 6 months (24 weeks): USD21,000 London (U.K.) 3 months (12 weeks): GBP8,100 6 months (24 weeks): GBP14,100 General contact Online hult.edu/contact-us Boston Tel +1 617 746 1990 San Francisco Tel +1 415 869 2900 Miami Tel +1 305 648 9746 Mexico City Tel +52 55 5283 3307 Asia Paci c Tel +852 2111 2399 Europe Tel +44 207 341 8555 Middle East, Africa, South Asia Tel +971 4 375 308860
    • Financeand InsuranceAn MBA is a significant investment. We help you findthe most beneficial funding options to cover youreducation-related expenses.Making it easy to afford your MBA Education loans Erika Travel InsuranceOur one-year program is very cost-effective The majority of our students utilize some For peace of mind while yourelative to other MBA programs, since most form of education loan even if they receive are enrolled at Hult, we haveother programs take two years to complete. a scholarship or fellowship. Students worked with a student insuranceHult students save a year of tuition fees, requiring financing for their tuition costs company, Erika Travel Insurance, toliving expenses, and the opportunity cost have two main loan options: customize insurance for internationalof being out of the workforce. students studying at Hult. This plan coversNonetheless, we understand that financing Bank loan travel and medical for the duration of youran MBA can be challenging, particularly Financial institutions in many countries degree program.* Once you are admitted tofor international students. Furthermore, offer MBA education financing specifically Hult, you can apply for this insurance.because the course is so intense, it is not to local citizens. These loans are typically Highlights of Erika’s worldwide coverage:possible for students to work in parallel with repayable after completion of the course, • 24/7 assistanceunderstanding their studies. We work with although terms vary widely. We are happy to • Unlimited and worldwide medicalyou to help find the most beneficial funding work with our students to help them identify coverage, including prescriptionsoptions to cover your education-related suitable financial institutions to apply for • Unlimited emergency evacuation andcosts. These options include scholarships, these loans. repatriationfellowships, and education loans. • Erika pays for two family members to visit GoEd Student Financing in case of very serious illness or accidentScholarships Hult has established a partnership • Cash-refund of part of the tuition in caseHult offers a range of merit-based and with GoEd Student Financing to you need to interrupt the program due toneed-based scholarships to reduce the offer student loans to international serious illness or family deathtuition cost burden. These are available to students. These loans offer very • Coverage for all Hult-organized activitiesall students regardless of citizenship. To competitive interest rates. The loans such as internships and excursionsbe considered for these scholarships we are typically offered over five years • Generous property coverage, includingencourage you to apply early. Decisions on with repayments starting six months valuables and cashscholarships are made only after an offer of after graduation.admission has been made. • Liability and legal coverage • School staff can help you on the spot with claim forms and emergency contact detailsFellowshipsA limited number of fellowships are *Erika Travel Insurance may not be available at all Hult campuses, in which case Hult will endeavor to provideavailable to accepted students. These other suitable insurance for purchase.fellowships offer students the opportunityto work with Hult faculty and staff membersfor approximately eight hours per week.The number of fellowships varies from yearto year and from campus to campus.The fellowships available each year arecommunicated to students at the time ofapplication. All accepted students mayapply for any fellowship position for whichthey feel qualified. hult.edu 61
    • Application InformationHow to apply for the MBA Citizens of countries where English is not • Official results of the TOEFL must be sentStart your online application at an official language must also provide: directly from the Educational Testing Servicehult.edu/apply-now. (ETS). We will not accept institutional TOEFL • TOEFL or IELTS score, or equivalent score, results (i.e., those given by language training if applicable programs, institutions, or other colleges).To apply to the program, students need to • Certified translations of official transcripts, Your official TOEFL score must be lesscomplete and submit the following: if applicable than two years old to be considered valid.• Application form Information and registration forms are• Statement of purpose Special notes about GMAT and TOEFL available from TOEFL Program, Educational• Current resume Graduate Management Admission Test Testing Service, Rosedale Road, Princeton,• Two letters of recommendation (GMAT) score report: New Jersey 08541 U.S. or visit toefl.org.• Official transcripts from all universities and • Official results of the GMAT must be sent Our institutional reporting code is 3015. The colleges attended directly from the Graduate Management department code is 02. Please remember• GMAT score Admission Council (GMAC). Your GMAT that only official results will be accepted;• TOEFL or IELTS score, or equivalent score, score must be less than five years old to photocopies or faxes are not sufficient to if applicable be considered valid. Score reports may complete a Hult application.• Application fee of USD150 be ordered online at mba.com. Hult’sMBA requirements institutional reporting code is LJZ-DX-29. Application deadlines Please remember that only official results will • Round 1 Deadline: Sunday, Oct 30, 2011Hult International Business School seeks students be accepted; photocopies or faxes are not • Round 2 Deadline: Sunday, Dec 11, 2011with proven leadership ability and potential. sufficient to complete a Hult application. • Round 3 Deadline: Sunday, Feb 5, 2012 Test of English as a Foreign Language • Round 4 Deadline: Sunday, March 18, 2012Successful applicants generally: (TOEFL) score report: • Round 5 Deadline: Sunday, May 6, 2012• Have at least three years of work experience • For students who do not meet GMAT or • Round 6 Deadline: Sunday, June 24, 2012• Possess a Bachelor degree or equivalent TOEFL proficiency levels, the Admissions• Are 24 years or older Hult International Business School, Inc. is a non- Office may require the applicant to take an profit corporation organized in the Commonwealth of• Have English proficiency Intensive English course. Massachusetts and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.Estimated Tuition and Living Expenses1 Master of International Business (MIB) Master of International Marketing (MIM) Master of Finance (MFIN)Hult Programs MBA Executive MBA2 Master of Social Entrepreneurship (MSE)Campus San San Boston Francisco London3 Dubai3 Shanghai3 London3 Dubai3 Shanghai3 Boston Francisco London3 Dubai3 Shanghai3 USD USD GBP AED CNY GBP AED CNY USD USD GBP AED CNYAnnual Tuition Fee 64,500 64,500 44,600 236,700 464,400 22,300 118,350 232,200 39,100 39,100 28,900 143,500 281,500Medical Insurance1 1,600 1,600 700 4,200 8,300 N/A N/A N/A 1,600 1,600 700 4,200 8,300Accommodation N/A N/A N/A 40,0004 4,5005 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 40,0004 4,5005Estimated ExpensesHousing 13,000 16,000 12,000 40,000 54,000 N/A N/A N/A 13,000 16,000 12,000 40,000 54,000Living 10,000 11,000 7,000 25,000 48,000 N/A N/A N/A 10,000 11,000 7,000 25,000 48,000Books 1,500 1,500 900 5,500 10,200 N/A N/A N/A 1,500 1,500 900 5,500 10,200Computer 1,200 1,200 750 4,400 8,200 N/A N/A N/A 1,200 1,200 750 4,400 8,200Application Fee (in USD)3 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150Confirmation Deposit 3,500 3,500 2,200 12,800 22,600 2,200 12,800 22,600 2,500 2,500 1,600 9,200 16,200Installment Plan Fee 1,200 1,200 700 4,400 7,800 350 2,200 3,900 700 700 400 2,600 4,500Rotation Deposit 500 500 300 1,800 3,200 300 1,800 3,200 500 500 300 1,800 3,200Additional ProgramsIntensive English MBA 3 months 12,000 N/A 8,100 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12,000 N/A 8,100 N/A N/AIntensive English MBA 6 months 21,000 N/A 14,100 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 21,000 N/A 14,100 N/A N/AMIB—Project ManagementSpecialization N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 48,100 35,600 N/A 346,500MIM—Digital MarketingSpecialization N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 48,100 35,600 N/A N/A1 All prices are subject to change.2 2-year program.3 At the time of printing this brochure, the exchange rates were USD1 = AED3.67 and USD1 = CNY6.46, and USD1 = GBP0.62.4 For shared twin per academic year.5 For shared twin per month.62
    • Terms and ConditionsPayment Terms and Deadlines Primary Personal Factors 2. In the case of a student who receives financial aid from Hult in the• An application fee of USD150 is payable at the time of the 1. National origin, ethnicity, gender (to ensure diversity) form of a scholarship and/or fellowship, the amount of any credit application submission. 2. Career goals refund will be net of such aid, prorated over five modules• A non-refundable Confirmation Deposit, which contributes towards 3. Entrepreneurial skills as follows: the tuition price, is payable within 14 days of acceptance into the 4. Evidence of program, and will hold the student’s place. See pricing table on • Leadership Withdrawals before: Credit refund will be net of: Page 62 for fee details. • Professional promise First day of Module A 100% total financial aid received• 50% of the total fees (less deposit) is payable 60 days before the • Motivation and drive First day of Module B 75% total financial aid received start of the program. The remaining balance of the total fees is • Overcoming adversity, including disabilities First day of Module C 50% total financial aid received payable 30 days before the start of program. First day of Module D 25% total financial aid received• Students have the option of paying via an installment plan. See Secondary Personal Factors First day of Module E No refund will be due pricing table on Page 62 for fee details. 1. Professional certifications• The School reserves the right to withdraw any previously confirmed 2. Honors and awards Grading Procedure campus seat, should the above payment terms and conditions not 3. Publications 1. Grading Standards be met. The School will endeavor to relocate any student who fails 4. Membership in professional or business associations Course instructors will evaluate and assess participant to meet the payment deadlines. 5. Community or national service performance. Grades are assigned according to the Instructor’s• The School reserves the right to assess a late payment surcharge of 6. Extracurricular activities assessment of performance on the intellectual and professional 2% per month on all outstanding accounts. criteria established for the course. The Instructor has full authority The above factors are not exhaustive. They may be weighed and responsibility to establish performance criteria, evaluateMethods of Payment differently. They may not, however, be subsumed to a standard participant performance, and award grades. The Faculty uses theThe Application Fee and Confirmation Deposit can be paid: formula or ranking. They will be considered in conjunction with all following grading system to evaluate participant performance:• By online by credit card or bank transfer/wire (ACH, EDI) other admissions criteria and factors, in light of the School’s mission Points Grade PerformanceThe remaining Fees can be paid: and purpose. 4.00 A Outstanding• By bank transfer/wire (ACH, EDI) or; 3.67 A- Excellent• By bank check (cashier’s check) Financial Aid Policy 3.33 B+ Very Good The Hult financial aid policy is intended to advance the School’s 3.00 B GoodPayment Instructions mission to deliver a useful and enduring business education to 2.67 B- AcceptableAny and all transaction and bank fees are the responsibility of the international professionals. It is based on the following objectives: 2.33 C+ High Marginalcustomer. Hult will credit the customer’s account with funds received only. (1) to promote a nationally, culturally, and ethnically diverse student 2.00 C MarginalBeneficiary name: Hult International Business School Limited body, (2) to encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the Hult 1.67 C- Low MarginalBeneficiary bank: The Royal Bank of Scotland N.V., Program, (3) to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in 1.00 D Unsatisfactory (Hong Kong) Branch need of such assistance. Consistent with these objectives, Hult has 0 F FailPayment in GBP: Account # 008 784 000 67 20951 GBP set forth the following guidelines for the awarding of scholarships, Acceptable graduate-level work is a B- or better. The RegistrarPayment in USD: Account # 008 784 000 67 20951 USD fellowships, and other forms of financial aid: releases official final course grades at the end of each module inPayment in CNY: Account # 008 784 000 67 20951 CNY the form of a transcript. Individual grade breakdowns (participation, All such awards should be based on the following criteria:Payment in AED: Payment can be made in USD to above homework, and exam grades, for example) are available only from 1. Country of origin to ensure national, cultural, and ethnic diversity account or to AED account in Dubai, details Instructors. Every Hult student is entitled to know the manner in 2. Financial need of Dubai account available upon request which his or her course grade was calculated. 3. Specialized knowledge, skills, and/or expertiseSWIFT code: ABNAHKHH 4. Career goalsBank address: 16F, Lincoln House, Taikoo Place 2. Grade Point Average 5. Entrepreneurial skills 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay A weighted grade point average (GPA) is computed by multiplying 6. Community, public, or national service Hong Kong the numerical grade received for each course or module by the 7. Evidence of:Please note that Hong Kong banks do not use IBAN numbers. number of credit hours per course, totaling these figures, then • LeadershipAll financial queries should be directed to the Hult Finance Department dividing the sum by the total credit hours. “Pass” and “Incomplete” • Professional promiseat hult.finance@hult.edu. grades and their corresponding credits are not factored into the • Motivation and drive weighted average. A “Fail” will be factored into the weighted • Overcoming adversity, including disabilitiesMedical Insurance average as a numerical grade of zero. The above criteria are not exhaustive. They may be weighed differently.All students are required to have adequate accident and health They may not, however, be reduced to a standard formula or ranking.insurance as defined by Hult. Hult has negotiated favorable premiums Every course in which a student has enrolled, and for which a They should be considered in light of the School’s admissions criteria,for our students with an international insurance company, Erika Travel student has been assigned a letter grade, will be denoted on his or its mission and purpose, and U.S. Equal Opportunity laws.Insurance.The policy protects against expenses incurred by accident her transcript. Every letter grade denoted on the transcript will beor illness and provides coverage for loss or theft of baggage and factored into the calculation of the student’s overall GPA. Withdrawal Policypersonal effects. Full details will be sent to you along with confirmation A student may withdraw from the MBA program at any time uponof acceptance. Students who do not wish to purchase this policy are Graduation Requirements giving written notice to the School’s Registrar. The withdrawingobliged to obtain alternative and adequate insurance and provide 1. Basic Requirements student may re-enter the program at a later date (up to five yearsa copy of the insurance policy. Erika Travel Insurance may not be Participants must complete 58 credit hours of course work to be after original enrollment), without having to reapply for admission.available at all Hult campuses, in which case Hult will endeavor to eligible for the MBA degree. Course credit is awarded for achieving He or she may use any unexpired refund credit (see “Refund Policy”provide other suitable insurance for purchase. a satisfactory grade on a course. All courses in Module A or B below) toward the receipt of educational services or materials, priced as well as the skills track courses must be completed with a at the rate prevailing at the time of re-entry. Course choices and studyData Protection satisfactory grade. Should a participant receive an “F”on a required program will be subject to space and scheduling availability. In additionAny information provided to the School may be held on computers course, this course must be re-taken at Hult or an approved to providing written notice to the Registrar, all students must meet withand shall be used by the School and its authorized agents in institution within a period of three years from the participant’s the Dean prior to withdrawing.accordance with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act. original enrollment date and the participant must achieve a satisfactory grade. Those who satisfy all program requirements Resource and Capacity ConstraintsCancellation or Changing of Programs and Locations (including: participation in all courses, payment of all financial Global Campus Rotation ProgramAll programs are offered in good faith but in the event enrollments for a obligations, return of all library materials, and completion of all The Global Campus Rotation Program is subject to capacity constraints.specific program are deemed not sufficient to viably run the program, evaluations), who receive a grade other than “Incomplete” for each Students must be in good academic standing and be up-to-date onHult reserves the right to cancel or move any offered program to course, who have no outstanding Honor Code issues, and who tuition payments to participate in this program. A deposit of USD500 oranother campus location. Hult will endeavor to offer any affected have a final GPA of 2.70 or better are granted the MBA degree. equivalent is required to secure each rotation (if students wish to rotatestudents other programs to attend. Degrees are recommended by the Dean to the Faculty and the in Module D and Module E they will be required to pay two deposits Board of Trustees and awarded by vote of the Faculty and the each). This deposit is refundable upon participation in the rotation.Background to the Programs on the London Campus Board. In addition, for visa purposes, the student must meet full-• Hult International Business School Ltd, London, is a company with time student residency requirements of the campus host country. Electives registration number 3005603, incorporated and existing under the 2. Dean’s List Electives are subject to capacity and scheduling constraints; not laws of England, Charity No. 1092321, having its registered office Participants who earn a GPA of 3.60 or above for any Module are all electives will be available on all campuses. In general, when at 46/47 Russell Square, London WC1B 4JP, United Kingdom (the formally named to the Hult International Business School Dean’s oversubscribed, elective spaces are allocated based on preferences “School”); and List for that Module. Qualifying participants receive notification elicited from the students.• The School is authorized to operate various undergraduate and from the Dean with appropriate recording in the participant’s postgraduate degree courses and does so at its London campus permanent academic file. With the participant’s approval, formal iPads situated at 46/47 Russell Square, London WC1B 4JP. announcement of this scholastic achievement will be made to Hult’s intention is that all students receive an iPad as part of their Hult• Hult International Business School Ltd, Hong Kong, is a company respective sponsors and agencies. The School is very pleased to program. Hult cannot, however, be responsible for iPad availability and with registration number 500186, incorporated and existing under offer this achievement award and hopes this award will serve as the supply of the iPads will therefore be subject to availability. the Laws of Hong Kong, having its registered office at 23/F Shell added incentive for all participants. Tower, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (“Hult”); and 3. Graduation with Honors Refund Policy• Hult is a world-recognized provider of business and finance-related Participants graduating with a cumulative GPA at or above 3.60 The School grants only credit refunds that may be used within a five-year education, operating in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong and who are in the top 10% of the class will be designated a Hult period for future educational services. It does not grant cash refunds. Kong, Shanghai, and Dubai. Through its global reach, marketing Scholar and will receive their degree “with Distinction” indicating capabilities, multi-cultural understanding and past experience, Hult the highest honor. Those whose cumulative GPA is 3.60 or above The date on which the notice of intention to withdraw and not re-enter attracts students from around the globe to its own courses and but who are not in the top 10% of the class will receive their is received by the Registrar, or the date on which the student is makes various other services available both to its own students and degree “with Excellence,” as recommended to the Faculty and informed of his or her dismissal from the School, will determine that those of the School. Board of Trustees by the Dean. student’s liability for tuition and other program-related costs.Hult Shanghai Campus Dismissal from the Program 1. If the notice of intention is received before the first day of the MBAHult International Business School does not accept Chinese citizens The School reserves the right to dismiss any participant at any time Toolbox, the student will be entitled to a full credit refund of anyinto its Shanghai campus. We invite Chinese nationals to apply to whose academic performance is unsatisfactory, whose conduct paid tuition and other program-related costs, less the programHult’s other campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, or Dubai. constitutes unacceptable professional behavior, or whose legal or deposit, application fees, and insurances fees, which are non- medical problems hinder satisfactory performance. In such cases, refundable. After the first day of class in the MBA Toolbox or in anyAdmissions Policy the Dean will notify the participant in writing, a degree will not be module, the amount of any refund will be based on the followingThe admissions policy of the Hult International Business School is awarded to the participant, and, as appropriate, the participant’s schedule:intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit sponsor will be notified.from an intensive graduate business education in a culturally diverse Withdrawals after: Will receive a credit refund for:institutional environment. It reflects a “holistic approach” to application First day of Toolbox Tuition for Modules A, B, C, D and Ereview based on (1) Basic Admissions Criteria, (2) Primary Personal First day of Module A Tuition for Modules B, C, D and EFactors, and (3) Secondary Personal Factors, as set forth below: First day of Module B Tuition for Modules C, D and E First day of Module C Tuition for Modules D and EBasic Admissions Criteria First day of Module D No refund will be due1. Substantial business experience and satisfactory GMAT score required for MBA2. Undergraduate degree3. Undergraduate transcript4. Two letters of recommendation5. English language proficiency hult.edu 63
    • Accreditation & Rankings Hult International Business School Hult International Business is a global institution that transforms School is ranked in the top 20 lives by providing an exceptionally business schools in the U.S. useful and enduring education that and top 30 in the world by The Economist. brings together people, cultures, and ideas from all around the world. TheHult International Business School is ranked school encourages personal growth,in the top 100 business schools by the intellectual integrity, global sensitivity,Financial Times (up 33 spots from 2010). local engagement, and civic values so that students are able to succeed in the global economy and are empowered to contribute meaningfully to theirHult International Business School’s business and community.worldwide operations are accredited bythe New England Association of Schoolsand Colleges (NEASC).Hult International Business School’s MBAprogram is accredited by the Associationof MBAs (AMBA).Hult International Business School isrecognized as efficient by the BritishAccreditations Council of IndependentFurther and Higher Education.The AmericasBoston 1 Education StreetCambridge, MA 02141, U.S.Tel: +1 617 746 1990San Francisco 1355 Sansome StreetSan Francisco, CA 94111, U.S.Tel: +1 415 869 2900Miami 3390 Mary StreetSuite 250, Coconut GroveMiami, FL 33133, U.S.Tel: +1 305 648 9746Mexico Jaime Balmes 8, Loc. 10Col. Polanco Mexico, D.F. 11510, MexicoTel: +52 55 5283 3307Asia Pacific4th Floor, Jinling Haixin Building666 Fu Zhou Road, Huangpu DistrictShanghai 200001, ChinaTel: +852 2111 2399Europe46-47 Russell Square, BloomsburyLondon WC1B 4JP, U.K.Tel: +44 207 341 8555Middle East, Africa, South Asia7th Floor, Block 10Dubai International Academic CityP.O. Box 345003Dubai, U.A.E.Tel: +971 4 375 3088To apply, please visithult.edu/apply-nowhult.edu Scan this barcode with your mobile phone to learn more about Hult.64