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Eliminating Application Bottlenecks that Derail Cloud Implementations
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Eliminating Application Bottlenecks that Derail Cloud Implementations


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This presentation outlines the key application-related considerations for CIOs or senior IT professionals responsible for charting the next cloud steps for their organizations. …

This presentation outlines the key application-related considerations for CIOs or senior IT professionals responsible for charting the next cloud steps for their organizations.

- Specific consequences of not rationalizing your application portfolio before embarking on a cloud transition.
- How to gain the rich, detailed insights into users, application usage and device usage needed to completely understand –and then rationalize –your existing environment.
- The type of analytics required to get the “big data” on end-user computing that will result in an efficient transition.
- How to decide which applications make sense for the cloud and which are best served by other delivery methods.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Eliminating Application Bottlenecks thatDerail Cloud ImplementationsWally MacDermidHead of US OperationsCentrix
  • 2. Premise Knowing the number and type of applications in your end user environment is like the proverbial jelly bean jar • How many applications? • What type (local, cloud, etc.)? • What’s actually being used? • What is user profile? • Which apps are used on which device in which location? • What is being installed or used without your knowledge?
  • 3. You Have More Apps Than You Think Average Company Supports 1,370 Applications Source: Forrester/Dell Customer Survey:
  • 4. You Are Supporting Unused Apps% of application usage 90% of usage comes from top 10 apps 90% of apps are used less than 10% of the time 50% of apps are never used Unique applications Source: Centrix Software, 100+ enterprises customers
  • 5. Users Are Adding Apps Without You Knowing Source: “On Blindness – The Cloud Veil,” by Dani Shamron:
  • 6. You Care About This Problem How Concerned Are You About Controlling Rogue Applications? (10 = Very Concerned) 67% rate as “7” or higher Source: Forrester/Dell Customer Survey:
  • 7. You Care About Analytics Top Priorities for 2012 – Survey of 2,300+ CIOs Did You Get Your Analytics in 2012? Source: Gartner CIO Survey:
  • 8. You Need To Rationalize • 81% say they have unused applications • 91% say unused apps have associated data • 75% say apps unused for three or more years • Estimated annual expenses of ~$2.8M Source: Dynamic Markets Survey: Rationalizing Your Application Estate Will • Lower support and license costs • Reduce infrastructure costs (e.g., hardware, storage, etc.) • Free budget for new apps • Free resources to focus on new cloud initiatives
  • 9. You Need To Understand Cloud App Usage Traditional Inventory Tools Don’t Help – You Need User Profiling and Analytics URL Resource, Extension No. of visits Unique Visitors Webex, php 81 62 71 40 Employee HR, GBL 28 17 Employee Finance, GBL 14 9 Livelink, dll 12 12 Service Desk, do 11 8 11 9 Portal 11 10 Offsite, jpf 11 11 rDirectory, aspx 10 1
  • 10. You Need To Connect The Dots 5 Pillars of End User Profiles / Roles Computing Users Business Unit / Departments .exe Desktop .msi Apps Match and Devices Mobile shell Tablet scripts Rationalize Across All 5 Pillars Local LAN Internal shares Content Location VPN Web Public
  • 11. You Will Save Money How Much Will Better Understanding of Application Usage Save? Source: Forrester/Dell Customer Survey:
  • 12. Customer Example – Centrica Top 30 FTSE100 – leading integrated energy company in UK and North AmericaProblem• Increasing software costs due to lack of processes and visibilityWhat They Did• Applied analytics on top of traditional asset, SW, and license dataResults• Found 33,000 desktop devices – 3,000 more than they thought• Removed 7,000 applications within three months• Saved $15M ($6M+ in software license savings) Source: ComputerWorld Customer Profile
  • 13. You Need To ActYou have unused applications (and associated data) that are costingyou time, money, and resources – Rationalize!You have cloud applications in use today (with more coming…) –Measure Them!You must Match Apps to Devices to Users to Content to Location inorder to optimize delivery of which apps to which devices/users.
  • 14. Thank YouWally MacDermidHead of US OperationsCentrix