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  1. 1. (202)286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  2. 2. Corporate Marketing Piece Habitat for Humanity International Project: Design a collateral multimedia hand-out that outlines the core principles of Habitat for Humanity International. Backdrop: A pledge to work together with corporate sponsors, global affiliates, new employees, volunteers and homeowners . My Role : As the Managing Art Director, I initiated this project to support the grassroots brand of Habitat for Humanity International communications departments including: web, multimedia, editing, content, marketing and my creative team. Outcome: Overwhelming congratulations from all departments and affiliates for providing them with a tangible marketing package. Link here to view PDF (202) 286-2334| Telephone [email_address]
  3. 3. 2006 Annual Report Habitat for Humanity International Project: Habitat for Humanity 2006 Annual Report. Backdrop: Create a 42 page plus velum intro page with a four color section and two color section for the figures. My Role: As the Managing Art Director, I initiated the size A4, the velum intro page and the over-all concept, “Opening more Doors”. I art directed and proofed all pre-press color proofs and signed off on all in-house printing and bindery. Outcome: The concept “Opening new Doors” became the theme for several other campaigns. Link here to view PDF (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  4. 4. International Wall Displays Habitat for Humanity International Project: Concept and design innovative wall displays for five Habitat area offices around the world. Backdrop: There was a need to make a visual statement in several Habitat for Humanity International main area offices with images and content relating to the work done in each area. My Role: Because of my research and dealings with several suppliers, I was able to find a unique technique using plexiglass, gator board and special stand-offs to produce these three-dimensional wall displays. Some of the 18 we produced were up to 44’ X 8’ Outcome: This unique concept transformed into several other projects including the Malachi Awards. Link here to view PDF (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  5. 5. Inspirational Display Habitat for Humanity International Environmental Wall Displays Project: Wall display for Habitat International main lobby Americus, GA. Backdrop: A need to represent the clean-up effort after the 2007 Tornado in Americus, GA. One area on the display had an interchangeable image building up to Mother’s Day and the gift to re-build a long time resident Mary Smith’s, home. My Role: I worked with my Jr. Graphic Designer, Photographers, Copy Writer and Print Shop to produce this 3-panel display to commemorate the gift of hope. Outcome: On completion of the re-build, the Smith Family was awarded this display along with the key to their new home. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  6. 6. Capital Campaign Habitat for Humanity International Link here to view PDF Project: Layout and design a comprehensive collateral piece to jump-start a very large capital campaign. Backdrop: Habitat for Humanity’s four-year, five billion dollar capitalization campaign for constructive philanthropy and community formation represents an unprecedented worldwide initiative. My Role: Conceptualize and direct this initial brochure with art, copy, corporate and external PR agency for stage one of this four-year campaign to help end poverty housing around the Globe. Outcome: This is just one of several parts to this campaign. After many layouts. All departments involved agreed to go forward with this concept. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  7. 7. Home Builders Blitz 2008 Habitat for Humanity International Project: The Home Builders Blitz kick-off at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida February 2007. Backdrop: Create a contest that involved our sponsors and drive contestants to the HBB booth. Each sponsor had our display with the builder’s permit and special stamps. The participant needed to get at least three of the four sponsor stamps and drop off the stamped permit for entry to win several large prizes. My Role: Conceptualize the theme for the whole program using drafting plans and the builders permit to engage all partners at the show. Outcome: This was just the beginning of many campaigns that started the program rolling with over 200 builders getting involved. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  8. 8. Home Builders Blitz 2008 Habitat for Humanity International Project: Magazine raps, advertising and direct mail for Home Builders Blitz 2008. Backdrop: These are just a few of many campaign materials produced after the IBS event in Orlando. The biggest success came from mailing 2000 affiliates across the country, the paint bucket with over 15 supporting items to help them promote their local market and get involved. One of the most important pieces in this bucket mailing was the 4-fold BRC brochure with a CD that included all the downloadable materials they would need to market with their local affiliate name. My Role: Concept of overall theme and design of the bucket mailer with all collateral and multimedia materials. Outcome: The bucket mailing alone got us at least one affiliate in each state across the Country which gave Home Builders Blitz a real national campaign for the first time. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  9. 9. Mosaic Poster Habitat for Humanity International Project: This three by two foot mosaic poster was designed for a mailing of 8000 pieces with a thank you letter to sponsors, affiliates and volunteers who helped re-build in the Gulf. Backdrop: 3,145 cells made up of 1,100 homes built in the Gulf since Hurricane Katrina create this one lager image of a Habitat development. My Role: Select all photographs with photo department, select the printer and worked with editing for copy. Proof all printing and designated the fulfillment with the stuffing and mailing of 5000 posters in tubes. Outcome: Many sponsors and affiliates framed them and several requested signatures from Jimmy Carter which we were able to achieve. Some affiliates are using them for meetings and conferences today. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  10. 10. Jimmy Carter Work Project 07 Habitat for Humanity International Project: Jimmy Carter Work Project 2007 in Los Angeles. Logo lockup and secondary graphic element. Backdrop: After many versions to create the over-all feel and look for the LA project, these became the final approved signifiers. My Role: I worked with a freelance designer in LA, so we could cleanup the LA affiliates bad direction and abuse of the Habitat brand. Once all parties agreed to the direction, we had very little time left to mass produce over 400 advertising and marketing materials for this major event. Outcome: The project was a grand success. All my suppliers, internal web, art, printing and content, delivered everything on time to the shock of everyone involved. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  11. 11. Jimmy Carter Work Project 07 Habitat for Humanity International Project: Jimmy Carter Work Project 2007 in Los Angeles. Identifier Usage Guidelines. Backdrop: As with all our programs it is necessary to provide everyone involved with specifications that pertain to branding guidelines. My Role: After approval on the lockup and signifiers. This was the next step for everyone involved with the JCWP-07 program event. Outcome: Anything out of compliance was either removed from the program, or revised to conform to the Guidelines before the event. Link here to view PDF (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  12. 12. Malachi 3:10 Award Habitat for Humanity International Project: Awards to donations of $500,000 or more. Backdrop: Affiliate Tithe department for HFHI wanted to design a completely new award for their donors. After seeing the designs we did for the area offices with the plexiglass theme, they wanted something similar. My Role: I worked with my top designer and our best supplier to design and manufacture these award winning displays. Outcome: They were so well received the Tithe department produced another 50 unites for future awards. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  13. 13. Delta Plane Rap & Banner Habitat for Humanity International Project: Delta and Habitat for Humanity International join forces to build communities in India. Backdrop: As a new donor and sponsor with Habitat. Delta Airlines wanted us to design plane raps and many other promotional materials for two large builds in India. My Role: All creative was produced in my art department with my designer’s, Habitat corporate resource and development as well as Delta creative personnel. Outcome: The builds in India were a great success. The press created inspired many others to get involved. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  14. 14. Gospel Music Awards 2007 Habitat for Humanity International Project: Gospel Music Awards-07. We worked with GMA, several bands and other sponsors for this event with a Habitat build on site. Many volunteers on the build where award winning musicians. Backdrop: Several items were designed and produced for this event. Multiple types of merchandise, signage and trade show booth display’s. My Role: I worked in conjunction with marketing, several sponsors, media, outside vendors and internal creative staff to produce all items requested for this very large event. Outcome: Habitat gained a lot of attention and respect from many industries to provide sponsorship, funding, volunteerism and over-all public awareness. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  15. 15. Corporate Brochure and Branding Pratt Industries USA Project: One of the worlds largest paper recycling corporations in Australia and USA. Backdrop: Design their corporate brochure using all recycling materials in the whole process. Photography development, printing and paper materials. My Role: I designed the logo and directed the photography, editing, printing and illustrations. Outcome: Received several awards for creative design and innovative production techniques for environmental awareness. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  16. 16. Collateral and Direct Mail Campaign Sandcastle Resorts Project: Create a memorable travel agent promotion including: direct mail, print ads, specialty items, & collateral. Backdrop: Illustration, specialty items and graphic design. My Role: Art directed two artists and one illustrator. Contacted all vendors and specialty suppliers to produce every item. Outcome: Increased room nights booked beyond all projections and room nights booked months after the promotion. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  17. 17. Collateral and Direct Mail Campaign Cullasaja Club Project: Create incentive program to spur local real estate community, and coordinate a multi-event grand opening. Backdrop: Illustration, specialty items, and graphic design. My Role: Art directed two artists and one illustrator. Contacted all vendors and specialty suppliers to produce every item with fulfillment for delivery. Outcome: Real estate referrals up more than 50%, well attended by the media, and increased local and national awareness. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]
  18. 18. Targeted Direct Mail Sheraton Grand Resort Project: Utilize upscale direct mail newsletters to penetrate key market areas. Backdrop: Target several markets with these quad-fold self mailing newsletters to introduce the island resort and all their accommodations specific to the mailing list. My Role: Art direction of photography, creative design, printing and fulfillment. Outcome: Increased room nights booked beyond projections and room nights booked months after the campaign. (202) 286-2334 | Telephone [email_address]