IT security for all. Bootcamp slides
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IT security for all. Bootcamp slides






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IT security for all. Bootcamp slides IT security for all. Bootcamp slides Presentation Transcript

  • IT security for startups all Bootcamp, MIPT, 21/12/2013
  • BIO • Whitehat (Facebook, Google,Yandex rewards) • Security researcher • CEO • @d0znpp
  • Security? • Not for our budget now • Not affected revenue • We are not interesting for hackers • No one had hacked us before • Rocket science • QA job
  • Security! • We have firewall • We have admin • We have antivirus • All is OK
  • Security! • External network level • Application layer • Internal network layer • Staff awareness
  • Best practice!
  • Security like bookkeeping • A process • Nondiscrete • You can not start it retroactively
  • Enterprise way • SDL - security development lifecycle • Works but hard to implement
  • All in clouds! ! For what i need security?
  • Typical cases • Marketing site (almost static content) • Cloud CRM • Cloud mail • Cloud dev (github/bitbucket private reps) • And what about DNS? • What about integration between it? • What about client-side security?
  • PCI DSS! ! Our payments protected
  • Typical cases • «These materials include a framework of specifications, tools, measurements and support resources to help organizations ensure the safe handling of cardholder information at every step» • And what about other information? • What about MY data/money? • Nothing...
  • Platform (CMS, framework, etc) based application ! Our security depends from platform security
  • Typical cases • On what basis did you choose the platform? • Is your platform have security guide? • Are you read it? • Do you all understand there? • Whether your application can run on the new version of the same?
  • A little from history • HTTP - 1991 for links at science articles • PHP - Personal Home Pages • ...
  • Typical questions after security audit • Why so easy to hack us? • Why this has not been done before? • How do we know whether it's someone did earlier?
  • What i can do now? • Scan your addresses using nmap -p1-65535 • Add nmap scanning to QA tests • Create «Security basics» page in your Wiki • • • ...
  • Q/A or QA ;) Contact anytime: • • @d0znpp