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Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
Cbi ace final project
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Cbi ace final project


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Only 15% of the typical polystyrene or polypropylene hangers are properly recycled. The rest end up in landfills and can leach dangerous chemicals into the ground water such as benzene and bi-phenyl A, a hormone disruptor. neglected ecological impact new hangers to provide multi-function with eco friendly materials with advertising mechanism
  • To keep clothes dry in a humid environment Prevents clothes from absorbing moisture from air Prevents growth of molds Replace use of moth balls and other insect repellant products Using silver ions UV ray technology
  • Marketing Strategy on DOPAI framework [Direction] [Innovation/Improvement] [Positioning] [Alliance] [Implementation]
  • Just some example how the hanger would appeal some customers
  • Distribution - Distribution consist of “BtoB (Advertising)” & “BtoC (Retail)”. Our main target is “BtoB” partners because of high-volume of hanger usage. Our advertising target is customers in these partners. “ BtoC” Individual user also considered in the distribution, They are important in terms of creating Network “Community”, and they would be willing to purchase hangers in variety. We can use the customers feedback and apply it to mass partners. As we are a startup company, we will sell the hangers via our website.
  • Very simple assumption of revenue / Cost -> Manufacturing Cost: Approximately US$0.3~0.35=HK$2.5 -> Transportation Cost: Depending on the number of hangers. For the small amount delivery, it cost HK$1 or some more. For the mass amount delivery, the cost per hanger is much less. -> Overhead: Web Platform Planning / Developing Cost: Site Designing / Programming Usually Web Platform programming cost a lot, if include DB related shopping function, such as HK$500K if outsource the programming. However, we can use the open source software and programming (Apache, MySQL, and ready made shopping site) and make the basic programming and designing by ourselves, we can reduce the cost. We can outsource only the difficult parts. Then the cost is, lets say $100~200K Web Hosting: $100/month Product Planning / Production Cost: This is basically our own labour for market research and factory negotiation Advertisement and promotion Basically we can start it online for startup. Recycling Incentive – 2.5% total revenue (50 cents) Other miscellaneous cost = briefly HK$100K Considering above, one near minimum cost would be $200K + $1.2K + $100K= HK$$301.2 If we provide 100K hangers in first year, the overhead HK.3.5 would be break even.
  • Schedule Plan. Possibly 3 years?
  • Transcript

    • 1. ECO Hanger Team ACE
    • 2. Team Members
      • Benny Garcia 2009973195
      • Corina Ng 2009960356
      • Elizabeth Mak 2009966051
      • Greg Ng 2009973779
      • Makoto Yamasaki 2009966386
      • Yura Choi 2009973834
    • 3. Introduction
      • Only 15% of clothes hangers are recycled
      • Harmful material to the environment
      • Single function
      • => Neglected ecological impact
    • 4. Hanger Nature Input (Factors) Output (Utility) Product Hanging Storage Organization Provides the base form for product Dictates appearance of product Additional component, element, or modification Material Hanger Design Form ( Dimensions ) Function
    • 5. Mission Statement (Scope) Product Description Multi-purpose, recyclable hanger Key Business Goals 30% profit margin Increase recycling rate by 10% Launch after 6 months Primary market Retailer, Laundry Secondary market Online customer (config to order) Assumption Recycling rate in hk is same as that in US Stakeholder Chain store retailers laundries, household users
    • 6. Data Collection
      • Interview
      • User Survey
    • 7. Interview with the Laundry Owner Video (Interview) (Process)
    • 8. Interview with the Laundry Owner
      • Q1. How many pieces of hangers you will order each month ?
      • A1: Around 752-800 pcs
      • Q2. How much per hanger ?
      • A2: HK$ 0.5
      • Q3: How did you dispose the broken /unused hangers ?
      • A3: To garbage or return to the jobber
      • Q4: How’s the adjustable recyclable hanger concept ?
      • A4: Concept is very good. Coz hanger can be adjusted according to different garment style and size… And I can advertise my company by using this hanger !
      • Q5: What do you think about the “return hanger” concept ?
      • A5: Idea is good but customer may not return the hangers coz they’d rather use it by their own. Also they are lazy to return the hangers even though they get the incentive / discount from the laundry
    • 9. Survey Report Function Cleaning Technology Design
      • Self-Sterilization of the clothes
      • No need for ironing
      • I hate the smell after hanging the clothes in the closet
      • I wish hanger or closet show the time for wash clothes
      • Check out humidity of clothes
      • Mould
      • Germs/ bugs
      • Too many wire hangers from Dry Cleaner: sometimes I don't know how to do- throw it away or keep it
      • I want design my hangers to fit for my clothes
      • Need for appearance checking
      • I cannot find hangers fit for various clothing size
      • My place is too small to use hangers for all my clothes
      • Better portable hangers for frequent travelers
      • Clothes easily slip off the hanger
      • I need hangers for special items- scarf, tie, tubes
      • I hate a peg marks on my delicate clothes
    • 10. Interpretation of Needs Customer Statement Interpretation Business “ I cannot find hangers fit for various clothing size It may damage the clothing shape Isn’t there multi-functional hanger? Check out humidity of clothes HK is very humid and which is harm for the clothes It would be good if hanger can check-up its humidity status Germs/ bugs I need to buy hanger and also purchase to extirpate any germs It’s better to develop a item combining those functions Too many wire hangers from Dry Cleaner: sometimes I don't know how to do- throw it away or keep it Wish somebody solve this problem Recyclable hanger
    • 11. Product Designs
    • 12. Material and Basic Features
      • Recyclable & Water Resistant
      • Paper-based material
      • Reinforced with nanotechnology
      • 100% recyclable
      • This will be the basic feature for all hangers
      • Since hangers will be paper-based, this is a required feature for all hangers
      • Nanotechnology
      • Small particles allows applying new ecological idea in small dimension
    • 13. 1. Adjustable Hanger
      • Adjusting methods
        • Extension
        • Add-on
      • Curved shoulder arm to avoid deformation
    • 14. 2. Moisture Level Indicator Outer Cover Layer Moisture Sensitive Layer Paper Layer “ Hydrochromic Inks” Ink coatings that change color when in contact with moisture
    • 15. 3. Dehumidifier/Insect Repellant Absorbent Layer Separating Layer Paper Layer Silver ions
    • 16. Marketing Strategy
      • Direction/re-Direction
        • Multi Purpose Recyclable Hanger
      • Innovation/Improvement
        • New Style / Material / Utility eco-hanger
        • Advertising Revenue Model
        • Web Platform / Community
      • Positioning
        • Ecology Hangers
        • Hong Kong Market
      • Alliance
        • Retail & Service (Dry Cleaners, Apparel Retail Store, Department Store, Hospitality & Sports Club)
        • Recycling Partners (Government, Local Community)
      • Implementation
        • Schedule / Cost / Patents
    • 17. Targeted Hanger Ad Partners Customers Advertiser example Ad example Dry Cleaning
      • Neighborhood resident
      • Nearby Shops/Restaurants/Fashion Retails etc
      • Recycling discounts
      • Daily specials
      Fashion Retails
      • Depending on the type of retailers
      • Those who promote campaign for price concern customer
      • Fashion retails who announce next season model
      • Web-linked Advertising (Augmented Reality)
      Business Hotel
      • Business travelers
      • Business Information Providers
      • Business Item manufacturers
      • Hotel information
      Sports Gym
      • Health Concern
      • Sports shop
      • Sports fashion / good manufacturer
      • LOHAS housing / related goods
      • Brand enhancements
    • 18. Revenue & Distribution Models Factory Individual Consumers Mass Consumers ACE Advertising Model Retail Model Advertisers ACE Web $ $ Dry Cleaning Fashion Retail Dept. Store Hotel / Sports Etc Ad effect
    • 19. Revenue / Cost per unit Profit Manufacturing Transport Overhead --- HK$2.5 --- HK$1 --- HK$3.5 --- HK$3 Revenue * HK$10 Web Platform Planning / Developing Cost Web Hosting Running Cost Product Planning / Prototyping Cost Recycling Incentive Factory Outsourcing Cost Material Cost Painting Cost
      • Important Assumptions:
        • Revenue is based on average from retail and advertising sectors
        • No labour fee for 1 st year (In-house staffs in start-up stage)
        • No office fee
        • This is simplified sample model. The actual amount is depending on the distribution/ product feature and amount
    • 20. Project (Start-Up) Schedule Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Preparation Stage Business Start Stage Product - Product Concept - Material Sourcing - Disposal / Recycling method - Prototype / Testify - Cost Refinement - Disposal efficiency driver Web Platform - Plan, Design, Implement
      • Mock up
      - Soft launch - Marketing campaign Factory - Discuss price, scheme - Sample Build - Pre-production testing Sponsors/ Partners - Market survey and partners shortlist - Contract negotiations - Target - 5 partners - Continuous discussion and feedback Others - PR and Marketing preparation - Street survey and free samples handout
    • 21. Environment-Business Cycle Product Concept Function Coat Use issues Industry Product Environmental Issues Environment of use Materials footprint Manufacturing footprint Product Integrity Design Preliminary design Prototypes Refine design Material Choice Manufacturing method End-of-life methods Final Review - Product concept issues - Environmental issues - End-of-life issues - Packaging issues Manufacturing Material / mfg sourcing Material / mfg certification Pricing Prototyping End-of-life Recycled by consumer Returned for recycle Disposal in waste stream Disposal vs. recycling Material dispersal Closing the loop Take-back systems Reuse Recycled by user markets MATERIALS MFG RECYCLE
    • 22. Be ECO ……… Thank You