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Overview of WalkSign's value proposition

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WalkSign Consulting

  1. 1. walksign consulting
  2. 2. The Intersection of Meaning and Relevance walksign consulting
  3. 3. Meaning walksign consulting
  4. 4. What does it mean? How does it fit into my life? Work? Play? Where do I find it? Who would be wearing it? Using it? Reading it? When is it available? Why should I buy it? walksign consulting
  5. 5. Relevance walksign consulting
  6. 6. What makes it relevant? How does it cause me to think? Act? Behave? Where did I last encounter it? Who recommended it to me? When is it time for me to get it? Why do I like it? walksign consulting
  7. 7. Services walksign consulting
  8. 8. Consulting Marketing Messaging walksign consulting
  9. 9. CONSULTING WalkSign offers you thoughtful counsel and recommendations to grow your business. Where do we differ from mainstream consultants? In two mission critical areas: (1) We are always thinking about your brand as well as its reputation in the marketplace. (2) We don’t just make recommendations … we thrive on execution Consulting and implementation. Marketing • Change management Messaging • Execution and implementation • Management counsel • Organization effectiveness • Planning and business development walksign consulting
  10. 10. MARKETING Marketing is an economic function. It is the bringing together of sellers and buyers in a marketplace where goods and services are exchanged at a fair profit. Why limit your brand to print, if you really need broadcast? Or why use television, when a newspaper campaign or an event might be more effective? Or, how about engaging prospects and customers digitally? Did you catch the video footage from your most recent office party on YouTube? Consulting We seek the best solutions for your specific needs and your specific Marketing business requirements. Messaging • Brand layeringSM • Consumer communication • Digital strategy • Event planning and production • Maximizing marketing effectiveness • Product launches walksign consulting
  11. 11. MESSAGING You want your company, its executives, to communicate efficiently and effectively. We want to help. Our goal is to help you determine three messaging objectives: (1) Who do you want to talk to? (2) What do you want to say? (3) How will you say it to cause audiences to think or act positively toward your brands, products, Consulting or services? Marketing • Content creation Messaging • • Crisis communication Employee communication • Executive communication • Mergers and acquisitions • Shareholder letters • Speechwriting walksign consulting
  12. 12. Communication Marketing Technology walksign consulting
  13. 13. OUR PERSPECTIVE Communication is based on the five senses. It is as much about listening as it is about sending messages. It is a dialog that is sustainable, meaningful, and relevant to your audiences. Marketing is an economic function. It is the bringing together of sellers and buyers in a marketplace where goods and services are exchanged at a fair profit. It is the way you position, price, and promote your brand, product, or service. Communication Marketing Technology is the enabler. It makes communication and Technology marketing more efficient and effective. It is invisible. It is what is used to make a difference. walksign consulting
  14. 14. Approach walksign consulting
  15. 15. Who Force-Field Analysis Audience Best Drivers Case Current What Reality Message Worst Barriers Case Where Place Audience Profile Segment Planning Focus Reputation Digital Facts Beliefs When Gaps Opinion Time Analysis Character Hypothesis Alignment Recommendations Objectives walksign consulting Client+Agency client walksign consulting client Organization Why Technology Motivation Integration Governance Brand Promise Evaluate Test Strategy Image Rational Measure Point of View Emotional Learn Content How Improve Experience Behavior Position Attitude Storytelling Expression Observation walksign consulting
  16. 16. GET IN TOUCH Scott R. MacIver Founder and CEO scott@walksign.com telephone: Connect T (919) 542-9877 F (919) 542-6077 website: www.walksign.com blog: blog.walksign.com walksign consulting
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