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Geography 5

  1. 1. Geography 5Photo Journal
  2. 2. FieldTripNumber One
  3. 3. Mormon Rocks were created through theshifting of the North American Plate and the Pacific plate along the San Andreas Fault.
  4. 4. The granular structure of MormonRocks is composed of sandstone.
  5. 5. This stream bed runs along the San AndreasRift Zone. The San Andreas Fault is known as astrike-slip fault where two plate boundariesmove past each other such as the NorthAmerican and the Pacific plate.
  6. 6. Cinder Hill is a known as a cinder conevolcano, it is built from lava that is ejectedthrough a single vent and rarely exceed 250meters in height.
  7. 7. This is Basaltic Lava that flowsfrom Cinder Hill.
  8. 8. This is the stream bed of whatwas the Owens River.
  9. 9. Fossil Falls was formed by lava thatflowed from Cinder Hill and then overtime carved out by the Owens River.
  10. 10. Metate Holes were formed byrocks carving holes in the rock.
  11. 11. These Obsidian flakes were left by the NativeAmericans who used to hunt and fish alongthe banks of the Owens River.
  12. 12. The Paiute Indians created thesepetroglyphs, they are used for ceremonial and religious practices.
  13. 13. These house rings were the base of the houses used by the PaiuteIndians in the Owens River Valley.
  14. 14. Field TripNumber Two
  15. 15. Mt. Whitneyis 14,497 feet, it is the tallest mountain contiguous United States.
  16. 16. The orographic effect occurs when an air massapproaches a mountain range forcing the air upwardcausing moisture to rapidly cool creating rain or in thiscase snow. On the other side of the mountain range itcreates a rain shadow effect.
  17. 17. Inyo-White Mountains
  18. 18. Alluvial FanThe alluvial fan is formed bywater carving out themountainside and depositingmaterial on the valley floor.
  19. 19. Diaz Lake On Tuesday March 26, 1872 a massive earthquake took place alongthe Lone Pine Fault causing the Owens Valley to drop around 20 feet. A stream flowed into the depression created by the earthquake creating Diaz Lake. The lake is named after the family which once owned a ranch in the area.
  20. 20. Lone Pine FaultThe Lone Pine Fault is a defining feature of the Alabama Hills. In 1872 a massive earthquake took place along the fault killing 27 people and injuring many more. The quake was felt throughout California and parts of Nevada, it was magnitude 8.3 on the Richter scale.
  21. 21. Manzanar was one of ten Japanese internment camps. In1942 the U.S. Government ordered those of Japanese decentto be relocated to these camps. The camps were builtcompletely by the interns. They were held there throughoutthe war. Today very little remains except for the guard shack.
  22. 22. Mono Lake has three islands, below aredepicted the little black volcanic islandof Negit and the large white island ofPaoha.
  23. 23. In 1941 during the start of WWII Mono Lake’s elevation was at 6,417 feet, this was also the same year they diverted water to the city ofL.A. Today the lake stands at 6,384 feet. The lake was almost draineddry in 1982 when the lake fell to a record low of 6,372 feet. The white line along the hillside represents the former shoreline.
  24. 24. Tufa Towers are created when calcium comesin contact with carbonates in Mono Lakeresulting in a chemical reaction which createscalcium carbonate-limestone.
  25. 25. PanumCraterThe Lava Dome is composed of pumice and obsidian.
  26. 26. Glaciated Valley was created by a glacier. TheMoraine is the material that was brought down themountain through the movement of the glacier. Theglaciers in California are the southern most glaciers inthe northern hemisphere. The evidence of the glaciercan be seen through the U shape in the mountainside.
  27. 27. Convict Lake The lake was created by theglacier that once filled the area.
  28. 28. A lateral moraine is depression in the groundmade by the moving glacier. A terminalmoraine is the end of the glacier as depictedin Convict Lake.
  29. 29. A moraine is the material that isdeposited by a glacier and isoften depicted by a U shape inthe mountainside.
  30. 30. These are the Oldest Rock Formations in the Sierras, dating back more than 200 million years.Photo from U.S.D.A.
  31. 31. Grant Lake
  32. 32. Silver Lake
  33. 33. Toyo Miyatake was a well known photographer who smuggled a camera lens into Manzanar andphotographed everyday events that took place in thecamp. Without the photos that he took this important part of history would have been lost. Toyo Miyatake Photo: Ansel Adams, Library of Congress
  34. 34. Owens Lake was the largest lake in California. In 1913the city of Los Angeles diverted the water that fed theOwens River and the Owens Lake. Dust from this DryLake is toxic so sprinklers are spread out throughout thelake bed to keep the dust down.