Today Matters

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  • 1. Today Matters Wali Memon1 Wali Memon
  • 2. Today Often Falls to Pieces… What is the Missing Piece?2 Wali Memon
  • 3. Today’s Impact on Tomorrow We believe success is impossible – so we criticize it We believe success is mystical – so we search for it We believe success comes from luck – so we hope for it 3 Wali Memon
  • 4. Today’s Impact on Tomorrow We believe success is productivity – so we work for it We believe success comes from an opportunity – so we wait for it We believe success comes from leverage – so we power up for it 4 Wali Memon
  • 5. Today’s Impact on Tomorrow We believe success comes from connections – so we network for it We believe success comes from recognition – so we strive for it We believe success is an event – so we schedule it 5 Wali Memon
  • 6. Today Matters We over-exaggerate yesterday We overestimate tomorrow We underestimate today6 Wali Memon
  • 7. Successful people make right decisions early and manage those decisions daily.7 Wali Memon
  • 8. Today Can Become a Masterpiece8 Wali Memon
  • 9. The Advantage of Today You are preparing for something Preparation today gives confidence tomorrow Preparation today gives success tomorrow9 Wali Memon
  • 10. Making a Masterpiece Good DECISIONS today will give you a better tomorrow The DISCIPLINES you practice today will give you a better tomorrow10 Wali Memon
  • 11. The First Step Toward Success Start with yourself Start early Start small Start now11 Wali Memon
  • 12. Make Your Decisions a Reality Review your decisions and ask yourself, “which good decisions have I already made?” Identify the decisions you still must make Choose one of those decisions and determine to make it this week12 Wali Memon
  • 13. Make Your Decisions a Reality Learn the disciplines that go with each decision Repeat the process until you’ve mastered the “daily dozen”13 Wali Memon
  • 14. Today’s ATTITUDE Gives Me Possibilities14 Wali Memon
  • 15. Attitude Makes a Difference Your attitude at the beginning of a task affects its outcome more than anything else Your attitude toward others often determines their attitude toward you Your attitude can give you a winner’s perspective15 Wali Memon
  • 16. Attitude Makes a Difference Your attitude – not your achievements – gives you happiness Your attitude is contagious16 Wali Memon
  • 17. Changing Your Attitude Take responsibility for your attitude Decide to change your bad attitude areas Think, act, talk, and conduct yourself like the person you want to become Place a high value on people Develop a high appreciation for life17 Wali Memon
  • 18. Managing Your Attitude Recognize that your attitude need daily adjustment Find something positive in everything Find someone positive in every situation18 Wali Memon
  • 19. Managing Your Attitude Say something positive in every conversation Remove negative words from your vocabulary Express gratitude to others daily19 Wali Memon
  • 20. Today’s PRIORITIES Give Me Focus20 Wali Memon
  • 21. Why Priorities Matter Time is our most precious commodity We cannot change time, only our priorities We cannot do everything We choose our life by how we spend time Priorities help us to choose wisely21 Wali Memon
  • 22. Principles of Priority What is required of me? What gives me the a return? What gives me the greatest reward?22 Wali Memon
  • 23. Identify Your Strengths Trial and error The counsel of others Personality tests Personal experience23 Wali Memon
  • 24. Manage the Discipline of Priorities Evaluate priorities daily Plan your time carefully Follow your plan Delegate whenever possible Invest in the right people daily24 Wali Memon
  • 25. Today’s HEALTH Gives Me Strength25 Wali Memon
  • 26. Reasons Why Health Matters Your health impacts you emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually Health often determines quality as well as quantity of life It’s easier to maintain good health than to regain it26 Wali Memon
  • 27. Healthy Guidelines Have a purpose worth living for Do work you enjoy Find your pace Accept your personal worth Laugh27 Wali Memon
  • 28. The Battle to Stay Healthy Eat right Exercise Handle stress effectively28 Wali Memon
  • 29. Today’s FAMILY Gives Me Stability29 Wali Memon
  • 30. Reasons Why Family Matters A safe haven in a storm A photo album of memories A crucible of character A mirror revealing the truth A treasure chest of relationships30 Wali Memon
  • 31. Communication & Caring for Your Family Determine your priorities Decide on your philosophy Develop your problem-solving strategy31 Wali Memon
  • 32. Managing the Disciplines of Family Put your family on your calendar first Create and maintain family traditions Find ways to spend time together Keep your marriage healthy first Express appreciation for each other Resolve conflict as quickly as possible32 Wali Memon
  • 33. Today’s THINKING Gives Me an Advantage33 Wali Memon
  • 34. Why Thinking Matters Today Good thinking precedes good results Good thinking increases your value Poor thinkers are slaves to their surroundings34 Wali Memon
  • 35. Practice & Develop Good Thinking Understand that great thinking comes from good thinking Recognize there are many kinds of thinking Maximize your strengths and staff your weaknesses35 Wali Memon
  • 36. The Discipline of Thinking Find a place to think Set aside think time every day Find a process that works for you Capture your thoughts Put your thoughts into action quickly Try to improve your thinking every day36 Wali Memon
  • 37. Today’s COMMITMENT Gives Me Tenacity37 Wali Memon
  • 38. Why Commitment Matters Commitment can change your life Commitment helps you overcome many of life’s obstacles Your commitment will be tested every day38 Wali Memon
  • 39. The Discipline of Commitment Expect commitment to be a struggle Don’t rely on talent alone Focus on choices, not conditions Be single-minded Do what’s right even when you don’t feel like it39 Wali Memon
  • 40. Today’s FINANCES Give Me Options40 Wali Memon
  • 41. Why Finances Matter Money won’t make you happy Debt will make you unhappy Having a financial margin gives you options41 Wali Memon
  • 42. The Discipline of Finances Become a good earner Be grateful every day Don’t compare yourself to others Give as much as you can42 Wali Memon
  • 43. Today’s FAITH Gives Me Peace43 Wali Memon
  • 44. Why Faith Matters Today Faith gives me a divine perspective today Faith gives me health today Faith gives me strength for today Faith gives me resilience today44 Wali Memon
  • 45. Daily Decisions Regarding Faith We already have faith…the important choice is where we place it Understand that faith is often birthed out of difficulties A faith that hasn’t been tested can’t be trusted45 Wali Memon
  • 46. Managing the Discipline of Faith Embrace the value of faith Put God in the picture Associate with people of faith Explore and deepen your faith46 Wali Memon
  • 47. Today’s RELATIONSHIPS Give Me Fulfillment47 Wali Memon
  • 48. Why Relationships Matter Today Life’s greatest experiences involve other people You’ll enjoy life more if you like people You’ll get farther in life if people like you People are any organization’s most appreciable asset48 Wali Memon
  • 49. Initiate & Invest in Relationships Daily Place a high value on people Learn to understand people Give respect freely but expect to earn it from others Commit yourself to adding value to others 49 Wali Memon
  • 50. Building Relationships Put others first Don’t carry emotional baggage Give time to your most valuable relationships Serve others gladly Express love and appreciation often50 Wali Memon
  • 51. Today’s GENEROSITY Gives Me Significance51 Wali Memon
  • 52. Why Generosity Matters Today Giving turns your focus outward Giving adds value to others Giving helps the giver52 Wali Memon
  • 53. Plan for & Model Generosity Daily Give others your money Give others yourself “Greatness is not defined by what a person receives, but by what that person gives.”53 Wali Memon
  • 54. Managing the Discipline of Generosity Don’t wait for prosperity to become generous Find a reason to give every day Find people to receive every day54 Wali Memon
  • 55. Today’s VALUES Give Me Direction55 Wali Memon
  • 56. Deciding to Embrace & Practice Values Create a list of good values Embrace those good values Make a decision to live those values daily56 Wali Memon
  • 57. Managing the Discipline of Values Articulate & embrace your values daily Compare your values to your practices daily Live out your values regardless of your feelings Evaluate each day in light of your values57 Wali Memon
  • 58. Today’s GROWTH Gives Me Potential58 Wali Memon
  • 59. Misconceptions About Growth Growth is automatic Growth comes from information Growth comes from experience59 Wali Memon
  • 60. Why Growth Matters Today Gifting without growth leads to ineffectiveness Growth prevents personal & professional stagnation Your personal growth impacts your organization’s growth Only through continuous improvement can you reach your potential60 Wali Memon
  • 61. Decide to Experience Growth Daily Answer the question: What is my potential? Make a commitment to change Set growth goals Learn to enjoy the journey Put yourself in a growth environment61 Wali Memon
  • 62. Managing the Discipline of Growth Make it your goal to grow in some way every day Have a time and plan to grow File what you learn Apply what you learn62 Wali Memon