Land Development Process


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Land Development Process

  1. 1. Land Development Process Wali Memon1 Wali Memon
  2. 2. Introduction General Overview of Responsibility Processes Planning, Acquisition, Engineering Goals Please ask questions!!2 Wali Memon
  3. 3. Pre-Acquisition Situational Analysis Option 2 Option 1 Option 3 Property The Market Investigations The Financial Situation Situation The Legal The Physical Situation Situation The Policy Situation3 Wali Memon
  4. 4. Land Acquisition Market Research and Needs Assessment driven from Strategic Plan Site Selection and Pro Forma Offers to Purchase (Carma prepared) / Purchase and Sale Agreements (Lawyer to Lawyer) Due Diligence – Typically 45-90 days (Engineering, Geotech, Traffic, Planning, Environmental, Pro Forma, Leases etc.) Land Purchased and Transferred Lease Agreements (Farming, utilities, cell towers etc.) transferred.4 Wali Memon
  5. 5. The Acquisition Phase Financial Pro-forma Financial modeling to determine value of land based upon: Sales expectations include both timing and price Cost estimates including timing and price Risk / Return based upon industry or corporate expectations.5 Wali Memon
  6. 6. Pro-forma – discounted cash flow method6 Wali Memon
  7. 7. Phases of Land Development Pre-acquisition Acquisition Questions ???? Planning and Approvals Physical Development Marketing and Sales 7 Wali Memon
  8. 8. Planning and Approvals ProcessRegional Policy Plans – (City Document) but backgroundtypically supplied by landowners.Area Structure Plan (ASP) Preparation (City Document)Outline Plan and Land Use (Developer Application) –Typically 6-14 months depending on size and complexity ofapplication.NegotiationsCPAG Detailed Team Review conditions of approvalCPC (Planning Commission or Equivalent) approvalCity Council approvalCelebrate!!8 Wali Memon
  9. 9. Policy Levels The Provincial Level The Municipal Level The Sector Level The Community Level The Sub-Community to Subdivision Level9 Wali Memon
  10. 10. 10 Wali Memon
  11. 11. Sales and Marketing Strategic11 Wali Memon
  12. 12. Physical DevelopmentInternal Production/Sales Planning Sales Continuity and Phasing Plan from Business Plan Preliminary Lotting Plan Approval for Individual Phases Finalize Lotting Plan Engineering Program 12 Wali Memon
  13. 13. Engineering Process Preliminary Engineering and Landscape Design submission Preparation of Cost Estimates and Tenders Preparation of Phase Indemnity Agreement and Bonding by Developer Request Standard Development Agreement “Special Clauses” Preparation of Tentative Subdivision Plan and Submission to City for Approval Review Tentative Plan CPAG (Corporate Planning Applications Group or Equivalent) conditions of approval Architectural Controls Development Permit (if required Shallow Utility Design and Approval Final Engineering and Landscape Design Submission to City for Approval13 Wali Memon
  14. 14. Engineering Process Preparation and Award of Project Approval – Internal Approval Site Grading Preparation of Legal Documents and Submission to City. Submit Final Subdivision “Linens” for Submission to City for final approval. Submission of City approved linens to Land Titles for registration Final Addressing approved by City Underground Utility Permission and Installation Builders Packages (legal survey, urw, building grade plans, surface info plan) Obtain Building Permits (after testing and Fire Marshal Clearance)14 Wali Memon
  15. 15. ServicingRough GradingUnderground Utility Permission and InstallationObtain Building Permits (after testing and Fire Marshal Clearance)Builders Packages (legal survey, urw, building grade plans, surfaceinfo plan)Sale of Lots to BuildersGrade Slips Issued to BuildersSurface Approval from CityConcrete Surface ImprovementsAsphalt Surface ImprovementsInstallation of Shallow Utilities and Energizing (can occur prior tosurface improvements)Landscaping15 Wali Memon
  16. 16. Sales and Marketing Tactical16 Wali Memon
  17. 17. CCC/FAC ProcessCCC inspection conducted by City and Developer representiveafter constructionSome CCC inspections can be self inspected by Consultant(underground) and submitted for approval.Issuance of CCC triggers start date of warranty periodWarranty Periods Underground – 1 freeze/thaw cycle Surface – 2 freeze/thaw cycles (minimum 75% build-out of phase required to issue FAC) Landscaping – 1 year End of warranty period – inspection conducted, maintenance performed (concrete, toplift asphalt, etc.) FAC issued17 Bond reduced or returned when final as built submitted and approved by Wali Memon City.
  18. 18. Phases of Land Development Pre-acquisition Acquisition Questions ???? Planning and Approvals Physical Development 18 Wali Memon