Applications in Construction


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Applications in Construction

  1. 1. Applications in Construction Wali Memon 1 Wali Memon
  2. 2. Why automate construction? Labor efficiency is alarmingly low Skilled workforce is vanishing Work quality is low Control of the construction site is insufficient and difficult Accident rate at construction sites is high (> 400,000 / year in US) Waste and trims are high (3 To 7 tons per average home; 40% of all materials used worldwide are for construction) Low income housing and emergency shelters are critical Construction is the largest sector of almost all economies All other products are fabricated automatically – construction is still largely a manual task2 Wali Memon
  3. 3. Construction productivity decline Non-farm productivity index Construction Productivity index Labor productivity comparison for non-farm industries and construction industry developed by Paul Teicholz3 Wali Memon
  4. 4. Edison’s concrete houses$175,000 for moldsMore than 2000 pieces500,000 pounds4 Wali Memon
  5. 5. Automated construction in Japan • 89 single task construction robots • 11 different automated construction systemsThis robotabsorbsthe waterwhichremainsafterconcretehas beenset. Concrete Surface Treatment Robot 5 Wali Memon
  6. 6. Big-Canopy high-rise pre-cast concrete construction system. Used to construct the 26 storey pre-cast concrete 30,726m2 Yachiyodai Condominium building in Japan. The system realized a 60% reduction in labor requirements for the frame erection.6 Wali Memon
  7. 7. Form work cost structure Reinforcement Wales Ties Studs Sheathing Brace Concrete footing 10% 7% Form work Labor Concrete Materials Form work Materials 53% 30% Concrete Labor7 Wali Memon
  8. 8. ICF Homes8 Wali Memon
  9. 9. 9 Wali Memon
  10. 10. Concrete filling10 Wali Memon
  11. 11. Insulation11 Wali Memon
  12. 12. 12 Wali Memon
  13. 13. Construction by Contour Crafting13 Wali Memon
  14. 14. What constitutes construction cost?Portion Due to If Automated by CC20%-25% Financing Short project length and control of time to market will dramatically reduce this cost25%-30% Materials Will be a wasteless process45%-55% Labor Will be significantly reduced Wali Memon
  15. 15. Cavities made with CC and filled with concrete15 Wali Memon
  16. 16. Creating hollow depositions16 Wali Memon
  17. 17. Embedding ReinforcementWali Memon
  18. 18. A straight wall builder18 Wali Memon
  19. 19. Full scale wall sections19 Wali Memon
  20. 20. 20 Wali Memon
  21. 21. 21 Wali Memon
  22. 22. 22 Wali Memon
  23. 23. Conventional and CC forms S h ea thin g S tu d s C o n crete fo rm T ie w a sh er W a les F o rm tie T ie ro d T ie nu t C o n e S p rea d er23 Wali Memon
  24. 24. Conventional Structure Construction24 Wali Memon
  25. 25. Adobe structures – Ageless comfort and beautyHouse ofBrojerdi 25Kashan Wali Memon
  26. 26. This image cannot currently be display ed.Interior of anAdobe houseCalEarth Design 26 Wali Memon
  27. 27. House made with vaults and domesInterior of anAdobe house 27CalEarth Design Wali Memon
  28. 28. Ingenious methods Manual construction of adobe form structures A vault structure made of clay bricks using clay bricks (Source: Khalili, 2000) (Source: Khalili, 2000)28 Wali Memon
  29. 29. Free-standing Objects / Industrial parts29 Wali Memon
  30. 30. Supportless structures created by CC30 Wali Memon
  31. 31. Adobe house Construction31 Wali Memon
  32. 32. Extraterrestrial Construction This image cannot currently be display ed. This image cannot currently be display ed.32 Wali Memon
  33. 33. Deployable CC33 Wali Memon
  34. 34. Lunar Construction34 Wali Memon
  35. 35. Road construction35 Wali Memon