Supporting individuals in poverty


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Info from the Trussell Trust food bank and Buttle UK.

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Supporting individuals in poverty

  1. 1. Trussell Trust foodbank Network in Wales Welcome
  2. 2. ‘You are only a paycheque away from crisis.’
  3. 3. Case Study from The WallichGills story Gill was struggling with her finances andgetting into debt. She was trying to survive on a very small pension, and says “It literally came down to a choice between paying my rent, or putting food on thetable for the kids”. At her most desperate, Gill considered suicide.
  4. 4. Case Study from Pontyclun Foodbank Following domestic violence a mum and hertwo young children were given a new flat as a home. The husband has prevented access tothe mum’s bank account and the mum had to make a new application for benefit. The flatwas unfurnished and the only item in the flat was a double mattress. The mother used the shower curtain as a blanket for herself and her two children to sleep under and was referred to the foodbank for support ...
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  7. 7. All food is weighed in and sorted by
  8. 8. Food is stored in a storage area ready for future
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  11. 11. Through an informal chat over a warm drink volunteers can: Offer a listening ear Assess further needs the client may have Signpost to a range of support services in the borough Distribute relevant information
  12. 12. Other Food Bank Initiatives: Bulk Donations Rural Distribution Emergency Food Boxes
  13. 13. More than a Food Bank Local Counselling Church Support Pointing Drug and alcohol support Debt counselling People to Housing Food Other care agenciesParenting Bank Marriage courses support Basic skills training Befriending
  14. 14. Nigel Smith, 44, originally from Blaina “It gives you hope. Its not just the food and the money, its the fact that someone cares”
  15. 15. The UK 201 foodbanks • Over 120,000 people fed last year • foodbank launching every 4 days • Extensive press
  16. 16. Wales 19 foodbanks • Over 16,000 people fed last year • 5 new foodbanks planned soon • Recognition from WAG and
  17. 17. Wales5,700 children fed, 160 tons of food donated, 1 in 5 vouchers were for those aged 16-24 Reasons for Crisis: Benefit Delay 30% Low Income 23% Benefit Changes 13% Debt 10% Other: Homeless, Unemployed, Domestic Violence, Refused Crisis Loan, Sickness, Child Holiday Meals
  18. 18. The next 3 years• 400 foodbanks across the UK, 500,000 people fed per year• 42 foodbanks in Wales, 60,000 people fed per yearChallenges:Impact of welfare reform and challenging economicconditions?Manage the rate of project growth?Rural Foodbanks?
  19. 19. Further Information: search for ‘foodbankwales’ http//