PQASSO - the quality standard to futureproof your organisation


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By the Charities Evaluation Service at WCVA's Annual Conference 2013.

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PQASSO - the quality standard to futureproof your organisation

  1. 1. PQASSO WCVA Conference – 28th November 2013 Jan Aram Charities Evaluation Services
  2. 2. What do we mean by ‘quality’? The extent to which a product or service satisfies the expectations of stakeholders Charities Evaluation Services © 2012 2
  3. 3. PQASSO is... • An off-the-shelf quality management system for the voluntary and community sector • A step-by-step approach to identify what you are doing well and what could be improved • A workpack that is simple and straightforward to use • An holistic and generic approach to quality • A self-assessment tool supported by evidence • A self-assessment tool that now has the option of external assessment. Implementing PQASSO © 2012 3
  4. 4. Who is PQASSO for? • PQASSO is suitable for small, medium or large organisations • It has been used successfully by large national multi-sited organisations with over 1,000 staff • It has been used successfully social enterprises and industrial provident societies • Very small volunteer-led organisations use PQASSO as a capacity building tool, but cannot always complete it. Implementing PQASSO © 2012 4
  5. 5. Benefits of using PQASSO For the organisation • Assesses performance against agreed standards • Promotes continuous improvement • Demonstrates quality of service to purchasers and funders Improves management systems and organisational planning Improves communication • • For service users • Helps users to know what service they can expect • Supports establishment of a usercentred culture • Improves opportunities for providing feedback resulting in better services • Implementing PQASSO © 2012 Creates opportunities for user involvement. 5
  6. 6. PQASSO: the quality areas PQASSO addresses all the key areas of organisational life • Planning • Managing money • Governance • Managing resources • Leadership and management • Communications and promotion • User-centred service • Working with others • Managing people • Monitoring and evaluation • Learning and development • Results Implementing PQASSO © 2012 6
  7. 7. Levels of Achievement There are three levels of achievement in PQASSO Level 1 Sets the minimum requirements that any organisation should meet. Helps organisations to identify and meet their legal obligations. Level 2 Requires organisations to be more strategic in their approach and most policies, procedures and practices to be documented. Level 3 Requires resources and all aspects of organisational life to be systematically reviewed, with reviews resulting in measurable change. Implementing PQASSO © 2012 7
  8. 8. Overall planning PQASSO Quality Mark Prioritise quality areas Detailed selfassessment Review action The implementation cycle Collect information Implement agreed action Develop action plans Implementing PQASSO © 2012
  9. 9. Introducing the PQASSO Quality Mark • PQASSO Quality Mark is the externally assessed service for PQASSO users • It is an optional service which builds on self-assessment • It uses a peer review approach which: - verifies judgements made by self-assessment - keeps learning within the sector and develops staff skills Implementing PQASSO © 2012 9
  10. 10. www.ces-vol.org.uk 020 7713 5722 pqasso@ces-vol.org.uk Implementing PQASSO © 2012 10