Learning for leadership - attracting and developing our future leaders


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By Anne Stephenson, Chair of the third sector skills workstream.

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Learning for leadership - attracting and developing our future leaders

  1. 1. Learning for leadership – attracting & developing our future leaders Anne Stephenson Chair Third sector skills workstream
  2. 2. This session today 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The origins of the workstream How we have gone about our work Results of our work Where we are going now Open the floor to you – what do you think about this approach? Where do you think we should go next? How should we develop the best third sector leaders in the future?
  3. 3. Origins of the workstream
  4. 4. How we have gone about our work • We asked questions • What do we know about the skills needs of our workforce in Wales? • What, as third sector providers are we currently delivering? • What other major WG learning programmes are out there we need to influence? We brought them into talk to us ..
  5. 5. What do you think were the top 5 sector skills shortages in the third sector in 2008? • • • • • Communication Leadership Project management Team working Legal knowledge
  6. 6. Review into skills and leadership needs in the social sector “All of us who are committed to securing effective social action know that there is an urgent need for us to gain new skills to lead and contribute in a radically changed context. We are challenged to do things differently, learn from those doing this most effectively and look forward to be more prepared to take advantage of the emerging changes ahead.” www.leadingsocial.org.uk
  7. 7. Key themes that have emerged 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Strengthen governance Attract and develop leaders Routes into and through the social sector Skills sharing Digital fluency Data-informed social change Enterprise capability Collaboration in the social sector
  8. 8. Mapping exercise • Against the skills gaps identified in 2008 • Are we competing or collaborating? • What is our offer? • • • • 2 new areas of work Strategic use of ICT Citizen engagement and participation What do you think? Refer to handout
  9. 9. Results of our work • Third sector training provider section on WCVA’s website
  10. 10. Results of our work
  11. 11. Where we go next?
  12. 12. How did you learn to be a leader in your field? • What was the best way in which you learnt your leadership craft? • What were the barriers along the way? • What do you think about our work? How could we further engage with the sector?
  13. 13. Get in touch • Tell us what you think about the skills debate in Wales, and keep in touch • Anne Stephenson, chair • Angela Tillcock, workstream lead training@wcva.org.uk