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  • Backup Slides: Channel Partner Readiness UC Server Portfolio UCS Overview UC on UCS Technical Overview
  • This solution is composed of four elements: 1) Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration applications; 2) an optimized virtualization platform, 3) a centralized management system for service fulfillment, administration and assurance, and a resilient and scalable architecture for end-to-end SLA enablement.
  • U Con Ucs Customer Presentation

    1. 1. Cisco Unified Communications on Cisco Unified Computing System<br />August 2010<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Executive Summary – “UC on UCS”<br />UC on UCS B-series<br />UC on UCS C-series<br />Vision and Values<br />Comparison of “UC on UCS” to Cisco MCS 7800<br />
    3. 3. Executive Summary<br />
    4. 4. UC Platform Evolution: Accelerating Pace of Innovation<br />CUCM 3.x/4.x<br />Cisco UC 5.0+<br />Cisco UC 8.x<br />VOIP, ICM<br />SAF<br />~2000<br />1990s<br />2010<br />2005<br />Future<br />Legacy Voice Enhancement<br />Server(Special-purpose)<br />Virtualization<br />Network Services<br />Appliance<br />Increasing Architectural Flexibility while Decreasing Barriers to Rapidly Deploy/Tailor<br />Business Agility<br />Increasing “Miniaturization”, Consolidation & Avoidance while Increasing Efficiency<br />Footprint, Space, Energy, Cabling<br />No Forklifts  Network Convergence  Commodity Servers/Storage  Virtualization<br />Investment Leverage<br />Increasing Security, Resiliency and options for High Availability / Disaster Recovery<br />Business Continuity<br />Increasing Familiarity, Centralization, Scale and Efficiency<br />Management Simplification<br />
    5. 5. Cisco Unified Communications Combined with Cisco UCS leverages the full benefits of a converged network and virtualization to deliver real near-term benefits as well as long-term extensibility<br />Cisco Unified Communications onCisco Unified Computing System<br />Reduces Capital Expenditures <br /><ul><li>Fewer Servers, adapters, cables required
    6. 6. Consolidate voice, video, data, mobility, storage access
    7. 7. Reduces storage needs</li></ul>Reduces Operating Expenses<br /><ul><li>Further consolidates system management
    8. 8. Reduces facilities costs; power, cooling, space, cabling
    9. 9. One-time wiring serves all communications</li></ul>Increases Business Agility<br /><ul><li>Leverages platform/infrastructure to expand applications
    10. 10. Eases provisioning of new services
    11. 11. Accelerates collaboration rollout</li></li></ul><li>Collaboration Support for Cisco UCS Portfolio<br />Rack-Mount Form Factor<br />Blade Form Factor<br />Processor & Memory Intensive Computing;<br />Mission Critical RAS<br />UCS B440 M1 Blade<br />UCS C460 M1<br />Memory Intensive Computing<br />UCS C250 M2<br />UCS C250 M1<br />UCS B250 M2 BladeUCS B250 M1 Blade<br />UCS C210 M2<br />UCS C210 M1<br />UCS B200 M2 BladeUCS B200 M1 Blade<br />General Purpose Computing<br />UCS C200 M2<br />UCS C200 M1<br />Supported for select Collaboration applications<br />Support is Planned, not Committed – see roadmap<br />Support not Planned<br />
    12. 12. PSTN<br />SAN<br />LAN<br />“UC on UCS” B-series OverviewReleased with Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(2)<br />Broadest support for Virtualized CollaborationUnified Communications Manager with Integrated Mobility Unity Connection Unity Unified Presence Unified Contact Center (Enterprise & Express) Unified Customer Voice Portal Others later – CUEA, CUMA, CER, etc.<br />Target Market<br />Medium to high server count & concentration<br />“Ready, willing, able” to support servers, VMware, storage<br />Solution Details<br />Deployment Models - application co-residency support<br />VMware vSphere 4 – ESXi 4.0 only, defined VM templates only, most feature support deferred (Vmotion, etc.)<br />Supported Servers – for most products, UCS B200M1 only at this time<br />Supported Storage - for most products, at this time only blade DAS forESXi, and FC SAN for UC apps<br />Disk Array<br />UCS 6100 Fabric InterconnectSwitches<br />*<br />Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(2)<br />UCS 5100 Blade Server Chassiswith UCS 2100 Fabric Extenderand 1-8 UCS B200M1 Blade Servers<br />
    13. 13. PSTN<br />SAN<br />LAN<br />“UC on UCS” C-series OverviewUpdated for Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(3)<br />Initial Collaboration support at FCSUnified Communications Manager with Integrated Mobility Unity Connection Others later – CUP, CUCCE, etc.<br />Target Market<br />Low to medium server count<br />Ready to move off an appliance model (server/VMware admin)<br />Solution Details<br />Deployment Models – application co-residency support<br />VMware vSphere 4 – required, same “rules” as with UCS B-series<br />Supported Servers – UCS C210M1 only<br />Supported Storage – DAS for ESXi, either DAS or FC SAN for UC apps <br />Disk Array<br />…<br />…<br />UCS C210 M1<br />General-Purpose Rack-Mount Servers with optional SAN Storage<br />Cisco Unified Communications 8.0(3)<br />
    14. 14. Fibre Channel Storage Area Network for UC on UCSCisco MDS 9000 Multilayer Directors and Switches<br />Enterprise and Service Provider<br />Small/Medium Business<br />Performance and density leadership<br />Scalable from 8- to 528-ports <br />Single code stream across MDS and Nexus families<br />Director investment protection <br />Integrated Multiprotocol and Multi-services<br />New<br />MDS 9222i<br />MDS 9148<br />MDS 9134<br /> MDS 9506, 9509, 9513<br />HP/IBM FC Blade Switch<br />MDS 9124<br />Cisco Fabric Manager<br />Management<br />O/S<br />Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS<br />
    15. 15. UC on UCS B-series Value PropositionSignificant TCO Benefits to Customer<br />Example: 5,000 usersDial tone, voicemail and Presence, 10% are Contact Center Agents<br />11 non-virtualized rack servers required for UC, more for other business apps<br />CAPEX<br />Reduced Server Count (50-75%)<br />Storage Consolidation (50+%)<br />Reduced Network Ports (50+%)<br />Reduced Cabling (50+%)<br />OPEX<br /><ul><li>Reduced Rack & Floor Space (36%)
    16. 16. Reduced Power/Cooling (20+%)
    17. 17. Fewer Servers to Manage (50-75% less)
    18. 18. Reduced Maintenance/Support Costs (~20%)</li></li></ul><li>UC on UCS C-series Value PropositionSignificant TCO Benefits to Customer<br />Example: 5,000 usersDial tone, voicemail and Presence, 10% are Contact Center Agents<br />11 non-virtualized rack servers required for UC, more for other business apps<br />* <br />Optional<br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* <br />* CUP, CUCCX supported in Q4CY10<br />CAPEX/OPEX<br />Similar Consolidation and Operational Efficiency/Scale benefits as with UC on UCS B-series<br />Other Benefits<br /><ul><li>Lower initial investment
    19. 19. Simple entry/migration to virtualized UC – Data Center expertise not required unless using SAN option</li></li></ul><li>Cisco Hosted Collaboration SolutionCombining virtualization, management & architecture elements for a comprehensive platform<br />
    20. 20. UC Virtualization Roadmap<br /> Shipping <br />Future<br />Enhancements(Not Committed)<br /><ul><li>More deployment model options (co-residency, VM “sizes”)
    21. 21. Virtualize rest of UC
    22. 22. More VMware features
    23. 23. More Server options(e.g. UCS C200, 3rd-party)
    24. 24. More Storage options (e.g. NAS, Diskless, FCoE for Vblock)
    25. 25. Additional hypervisors</li></ul>UC on UCS First Offers<br /><ul><li>UC on UCS B-series- UCS B200 M1-IP Telephony- Messaging- Presence- Mobility- Customer Care- Network Management Suite
    26. 26. UC on UCS C-series- UCS C210 M1-IP Telephony- Messaging</li></ul>Legacy Virtualization Support<br /><ul><li>Unity7.x (FCS Feb 2009)- “Software-only“
    27. 27. Unified Contact Center Enterprise 7.5 (FCS Nov 2008)- “Software-only”- Peripheral Gateways</li></ul> - Client AW<br /><ul><li>Rest of UC</li></ul> - Cisco-internal labs only<br />1HCY10<br />or<br />
    28. 28. UC on UCS Roadmap<br />Note: UC on UCS offers are “not an appliance”.<br /><ul><li>VMware installation required
    29. 29. Physical / native / non-virtualized installation NOT supported
    30. 30. Expertise with server, VMware, storage admin required for deployment success</li></ul>UCS B200 M1<br /><ul><li>Minimum Release 8.0(2)
    31. 31. VMware ESXi 4.0 and SAN required
    32. 32. Supported apps as of 8/2010: CUCM, Unity, UCxn, CUP, CUCCX, CUCCE, CVP
    33. 33. Up to 4:1 Co-residency</li></ul>UCS B200 M2<br />UCS C210 M2<br />UCS C200 M2<br /><ul><li>Minimum Release 8.5(1)
    34. 34. VMware ESXi 4.0 required
    35. 35. Most key apps supported on M2 and previous M1 offers
    36. 36. Up to 4:1 Co-residency on all models</li></ul>UCS C210 M1 “Standalone”<br /><ul><li>Minimum Release 8.0(2)
    37. 37. VMware ESXi 4.0 required
    38. 38. Supported apps as of 8/2010: CUCM, UCxn, CUCCX
    39. 39. Co-residency not supported
    40. 40. Can NOT be upgraded to co-residency</li></ul>Aug<br />2010 <br />Q4CY10<br />Shipping<br />MCS 7800<br />ShippingUC on UCS<br />MCS 7835/45-I3<br />MCS 7816/25/28-I4<br /><ul><li>4.3, 6.1, 7.1, 8.0 supported
    41. 41. VMware not supported
    42. 42. All key apps supported
    43. 43. Co-residency not supported</li></ul>UCS C210 M1 “Co-residency”<br /><ul><li>Minimum Release 8.0(2)
    44. 44. VMware ESXi 4.0 required
    45. 45. Supported apps as of 8/2010: CUCM, UCxn,
    46. 46. Up to 4:1 Co-residency
    47. 47. SAN option</li></li></ul><li> Vision and Values<br />
    48. 48. Data Center vs. Communications Architectures<br />Same TCO Drivers: Technology, Facilities, Management Burden<br />Data Center 3.0 with<br />Virtualized Communications<br />Data Center 1.0 with<br />Traditional Communications<br />Data Center 2.0 with<br />Unified Communications<br />…<br />…<br />…<br />Mainframe<br />PBX<br />Servers and Appliances<br />Virtualized Compute/Storage<br />Data Center<br />ConvergedNetwork<br />The Network<br />Communications<br />Data<br />Unified Fabric & Networks<br />Too Many Networks<br />Too Many Fabrics<br /><ul><li>Centralized Operations
    49. 49. Controlled but Inflexible
    50. 50. High TCO
    51. 51. Distributed Operations
    52. 52. Flexibility, but with Sprawl
    53. 53. Medium to High TCO
    54. 54. Flexible Operations
    55. 55. Agility + Governance
    56. 56. Low TCO</li></li></ul><li>Platform & Architectural Evolution Strategy<br />Management<br />Total Solution Required<br /><ul><li>Otherwise customer does not receive full benefit
    57. 57. Running on VMware is not enough
    58. 58. Only Cisco and its ecosystem can deliver</li></ul> ApplicationDeployment Architecture Models<br />Platform<br />Key Goals<br /><ul><li>More, Better Business Continuity Options
    59. 59. Consolidate Physical Servers, Networks, Disks, Adapters, etc.
    60. 60. Energy Efficiency and Reduce Environmental Footprint
    61. 61. Simplify/Scale Management of Data, Storage, Networks, Servers
    62. 62. Customer Investment Leverage
    63. 63. Business Agility: Collaboration + Data Center 3.0</li></ul>OS<br />Virtualized Server, Storage, Network<br />Physical Server, Storage, Network<br />Facilities<br />
    64. 64. UC on UCS Value<br />Aligns with changing customer requirements<br />Improve TCO of Cisco UC (four dimensions)<br />Addresses increasing demand for virtualized Cisco UC<br />Expands Server/Storage Investment Leverage<br />Consolidates and simplifies infrastructure<br />Increases Business Continuity and Operational Efficiency/Scale<br />Drives Platform Vision/Strategy<br />Offer both “Cisco on Cisco” and “Open Systems” <br />Offer both “turnkey software appliance” and “virtualized UC”<br />Simplify the business – consolidate OEM Suppliers<br />All that changed with HP was the OEM…”business as usual” for Software version support, TAC support, RMA, End of Support, etc.<br />No plans to exit IBM OEM<br />Just Enough<br />Easy Button<br />Consistency /Familiarity<br />Green<br />UCS<br />
    65. 65. UC on UCS as a First Step<br />Next<br />Future<br />Now<br />MCS 7800<br />Cisco UCS<br />+others?<br />MCS 7800<br />+Cisco UCS<br />MCS 7800<br />Cisco Server Options<br />“Software-only” Options<br />Longer-term Goal = VMware on X<br />VMware on prescribed 3rd-party specs (e.g. Unity)<br />Prescribed IBM/HP<br />Hardware Support Policy<br />Open support / “Hardware Independence”<br />“Minimum Specs” on Select Platforms<br />Everything Prescribed,<br />“Exact Match” required<br />Co-residency Support<br />Cisco with 3rd-party<br />Cisco with Cisco<br />UC with UC<br />Performance/Capacity<br />“Reference Configurations” + Policy to go Beyond/Below/Between<br />Fixed Limits for Physical Servers<br />Fixed Limits for Virtual Machines<br />Customer Benefits: FLEXIBILITY and SIMPLICITY<br />
    66. 66. UC on UCS vs. MCS 7800<br />
    67. 67. Offer Comparison<br />
    68. 68. User Experience Comparison<br />
    69. 69.
    70. 70. Backup Slide: Channel Partner Requirements<br />UC on UCS B-series<br />UCS ATP<br />DCNI<br />Master or Advanced UC<br />Strongly recommended: VMware VSP, VTSP, VCP<br />Strongly recommended: customer’s SAN solution<br />UC on UCS C-series<br />Advanced UC<br />Strongly recommended: VMware VSP, VTSP, VCP<br />If deploying SAN option, also the UCS B-series certifications<br />
    71. 71. Backup Slide:Cisco Advanced Services offers for UC on UCS<br />Plan & Design Service<br />For channel partner enablement<br />Configuration & Performance Audit <br />For UC, on existing UCS deployment<br />Operation Support Planning Workshop<br />Pre-Production Pilot Service<br />Fixed and Custom options<br />Accelerated Deployment Service<br />Greenfield and Migration options<br />Project Management<br />For more details, see:<br />www.cisco.com/go/unifiedcomputingservicesand www.cisco.com/en/US/products/svcs/ps2961/ps2664/serv_group_home.html<br />
    72. 72. Backup slide:Managing UC on UCS<br />Rapidly deploy and tailor UC services with Familiar, Efficient, Scalable Management<br />Cisco UC Management Suite<br />VMware vCenter<br />Cisco UCS Manager<br />Cisco Integrated Management Controller<br />MC<br />*<br />
    73. 73. PTT<br />SAN<br />Rest ofLAN/WAN<br />Backup Slide:Hosted Solution Example (160K Phones, 12 Clusters, 40 Blades)<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />T1<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />2x UCS 6120XP Fabric Interconnect Switch<br />Each with up to 8xFibre Channel uplinks to SAN<br />Each with 1x 10GE uplinks to LAN<br />Each with 5x FEX ports to Chassis’s<br />M2<br />T2<br />P<br />M1<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />M2<br />T2<br />M2<br />T2<br />10GE<br />TDM<br />FEX<br />M2<br />T2<br />M2<br />T2<br />10GE<br />1b<br />1b<br />1b<br />1b<br />P<br />M1<br />M2<br />2a<br />2a<br />2a<br />2a<br />T1<br />FEX<br />FC<br />T2<br />P<br />M1<br />3b<br />3b<br />3b<br />3b<br />T1<br />FC<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />FC<br />T2<br />1b<br />1b<br />M2<br />SAN Storage Array for UC Apps<br />FEX<br />FEX<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />T1<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />M2<br />T2<br />P<br />M1<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />FEX<br />M2<br />T2<br />M2<br />T2<br />1b<br />1b<br />1b<br />1b<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />4a<br />4a<br />2a<br />2a<br />2a<br />2a<br />P<br />M1<br />M2<br />T1<br />T2<br />2a<br />2a<br />2a<br />3b<br />3b<br />3b<br />3b<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />4a<br />3b<br />3b<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />T1<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />1a<br />M2<br />T2<br />P<br />M1<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />2b<br />Each blade server has:<br /><ul><li> 1 copy of VMware ESXi 4.0
    74. 74. 4 Virtual Machines, each running 1 instance of CUCM 8.0(1)SU1</li></ul>5x UCS 5108 Chassis<br />Each chassis has 8x UCS B200 M1 Blade Servers<br />Each with UCS 2100 Fabric Extender and 2 FEX ports<br />Each blade server runs 1 copy of VMware ESXi 4.0<br />P<br />M1<br />T1<br />2a<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />3a<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />4b<br />3b<br />3b<br />1b<br />1b<br />
    75. 75. Backup Slide:3rd-party Server Support<br />“Software-only” alternatives for MCS 7800<br />VMware on 3rd-party Servers<br />Already supported for Cisco Unity <br />Already supported for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise<br />Planned for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, but not yet roadmapped or committed.<br />TBD for other UC products.<br />IBM x3250-M2HP DL320G5p<br />IBM x3650-M2<br />HP DL380G5/G6<br />Not adding new HP supported configurations in CY10. <br />
    76. 76. Backup Slide:Supported Platforms in CY10<br />Cisco-branded<br />MCS 7816-I4<br />MCS 7825-I4<br />MCS 7828-I4<br />MCS 7816/25/28-I5**Q4CY10<br />MCS 7835-I3 <br />MCS 7845-I3 <br />Cisco UCS C200M2*Cisco UCS C210M2* *Q4CY10, Not committed<br />Cisco UCS C210M1<br />Cisco UCS B200M1Cisco UCS B200M2* *Q4CY10<br />End of Sale in CY09<br />Software-only<br />Equivalent to MCS 7825, 7835 or 7845<br />MCS 7816-I3/H3<br />MCS 7825-I3/H3/H4<br />MCS 7828-I3/H3<br />MCS 7835-I2/H2/H2 V02<br />MCS 7845-I2/H2/H2 V02<br />IBM x3250-M2<br />IBM x3250-M3*<br />*Q4CY10HP DL320G5p**<br />IBM x3650-M2 <br />HP DL380G6** **HP end of sale estimated 1HCY11<br />See www.cisco.com/go/swonly for supported customer-provided servers.<br />
    77. 77. Backup Slide:Mapping of UCS offers to MCS<br />or<br />Single UCS B200 or C210 with co-residency<br />2 to 4 MCS 7835/45<br />Single UCS C200 with co-residency<br />2 to 4 MCS 7816/25/28<br />MCS 7800<br />UCS 7800<br />