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Introduction to Social Media Marketing
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Introduction to Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing for Nigerian businesses and individuals. Learn the benefits

Social media marketing for Nigerian businesses and individuals. Learn the benefits

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  • 1. Winover more Customers using Social Media
  • 2. Social media is a revolutionary force that has come to redefine the way we do business and manage our relationships on an unprecedented scale. Leading Brands have come to realize that it is no longer about reach. Its about relevancy and consumer engagement. Social media provide brands with a unique opportunity to create a two- way relationship with consumers that influences the influencers, which ultimately builds brand awareness, drive sales, retain loyalty and create enduring brand equity and goodwill. Social media is the only “mass marketing” platform that confers “exclusivity” on FMCG brands.
  • 3. Social media leverages advance technologies that enjoys cross platform access and reach (Mobile phones, Tablets and PCs). This creates communication across electronic channels that encourage interaction and sharing leading to viral marketing via buzz (word-of-mouth) and shared relationships.
  • 4. Engagement and Interaction More Cost Effective Fits into Existing Campaigns Better Targeting More Measurable“Instant” Turnaround TimeTactical Response
  • 5. • Facebook as a social media platform is a revolutionary force that has come to redefine the way we do businesses and manage our relationships on an unprecedented scale • People use Facebook to keep up with friends, share their interest and opinions , upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos. • The main focus of social media is to create buzz, maintain top of mind presence, influence the influencers, strengthen brand equity and engender demand and goodwill while creating stronger bonds and deeper brand engagement.
  • 6. • A fan page will be deployed to educate and inform our consumers of the incredible benefits offered by your brand. The page will be dynamic, interactive and engaging. • Note that a fan page can perform all the functions of a full-fledged website and is the anchor of your social media presence. • One of the main benefits of Facebook is the automatic broadcast of comments and actions of our consumers on our fan page to their friends via Facebook newsfeed.
  • 7. • Sponsored stories – Promoted (advertised) positive feedback of consumers and brand updates aimed at celebrating brand’s history, milestones, events and achievements. • The most outstanding thing about Facebook ads (sponsored stories and general ads) is the fact that it leverages relationships by advertising the fact that friend(s) of the ad recipient is already a fan of our page thus increasing credibility, trust and confidence. page post like story page like story
  • 8. • General Ads on Facebook – To drive online traffic to the fan page, create awareness, promote our causes, offer coupons and discounts and advertise the other social/web presence. • Its noteworthy to mention that ads and sponsored stories are measured by impressions (number of times it is displayed) 1 impression = 1 display. • Typically, ads are targeted General Ads
  • 9. Overall Nigerian Stats 45,039,711 - Internet Users 7,630,940 - Facebook Users 350,000 - Unique Daily Users Facebook World Facts Over 400 million Users 100 million Mobile Users 250 million Monthly Users Nigeria’s most visited website S/No. State Audience size Male (25-50) 1 Lagos State 300,700 161,740 2 Imo State 174,200 110,900 3 Oyo State 327,000 124,960 4 Edo State 179,000 91,980 5 Ogun State 327,000 136,760 6 Kano State 109,000 48,460 7 Ondo State 198,000 105,020 8 Ekiti State 66,000 20,980 9 Yobe State 29,000 8,660 10 Osun State 120,000 48,380 11 Kwara State 98,000 42,420 12 Abia State 29,560 14,400 13 Anambra State 120,000 56,020 14 Benue State 12,240 7,340 15 Taraba State 36,000 12,120 16 Nasarawa State 54,000 20,860 17 Plateau State 49,000 8,740 18 Borno State 89,000 31,340 19 Katsina State 10,000 6,240 20 Zamfara State 14,060 8,880
  • 10. Target your message based on • Age, Location, Sex, Marital status, Family size, Interests, Designation, Titles etc?
  • 11. • When you combine messages that are quick to write, easy to read, public, controlled by the recipient and exchangeable anywhere, you’ve got a powerful, real-time way to communicate. Twitter is essentially a mini blog with message length of 140 characters. • Twitter will make it possible to easily and quickly share information with the public, gather real-time intelligence and feedback, create buzz and build goodwill and affinity. • Twitter is rapidly gaining popularity among Nigerians and so an handle will be created to compliment the our main social media channel (Facebook) for interactions with followers ensuring greater ROI overall for social media. Our tweets are formulated to be memorable, funny, creative and witty.
  • 12. • YouTube is the world's most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe. • A YouTube account is like owning a private cable channel and one will be created to promote your brand. • All creatives and clips of adverts, funny, exciting and thrilling moments (especially at events and activations) will be uploaded to further drive awareness and create bonding with audiences.
  • 13. S/No. Item/Details Amount Remarks 1 Social Media Management Content development, daily profile update, management of sales incentives (discounts, rebates etc) on social media, promote corporate events, monitoring of competitive brands on Facebook and Monthly performance report/evaluation. Free Twitter and YouTube Management Free 20,000 impressions advertising monthly. N35,000.00 monthly maintenance fee 2 Social media advertising on Facebook Engaging ads on Facebook with estimated 100,000 impressions spread over 2-weeks N50,000.00 500,000 impressions spread over 4-weeks N225,000.00 1,000,000 impressions spread over 6-weeks N450,000.00
  • 14. • Design Larisa is a 361 degrees Marketing Communications Firm. • Our distinction lies in the fact that we operate as an “hybrid Agency” (combining the benefits of traditional advertising with effectiveness of Digital marketing - Internet, social and mobile). • Staffed by experienced professionals with over 21 years cumulative experience, we bring a fresh perspective that ensures your continued success in a highly competitive, ever changing marketing landscape.
  • 15. Our mission is to enhance our clients’ capacity to do business by facilitating goodwill via effective marketing communication between the brand and her publics (both internal & external).
  • 16. Lets talk today! It will give us great pleasure to make a capability presentation to you at your earliest convenience.
  • 17. Reach us as convenient via; …creative brand expressions Adewale Alaba (COO) 08191594076, 08098710627 Design Larisa Plot 4, Block 5 Dove Estate, Off Unity Str., Oke-odo, Ile-Epo Lagos. designlarisa@gmail.com Facebook.com/designlarisa Twitter.com/designlarisa