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The palate wala zaid

  1. 1. 1)Introduction. 2)The hard palate . 3)The soft palate . 4)The muscle of the soft . 5)Nerve supply of the palate. 6)The Blood supply of palate .
  2. 2. Introduction The palate Lies in the roof of the oral cavity. Has two parts: Hard (bony part) palate anteriorly Soft (mucous tendon muscular) palate posteriorly.
  3. 3. The Hard palate . Lies in the roof of the oral cavity . Forms the floor of the nasal cavity . Its from by the palatine processes of maxillae and the horizontal palate of the palatine bones .”Its bony part” the hard palate is mobile bone . Bounded. By the alveolar arches and behind is the continuous with the soft palate . It forms floor of the nasal cavities . The hard palate is covered with the mucous membrane .
  4. 4. The soft palate . Its called the mucous tendon muscular . The soft palate is attached to the posterior border of the hard palate anteriorly ,and the pharyngeal wall laterally . Its free posterior border of the soft palate in the midline projection called The uvula So the soft palate is immobile bone. The soft palate is continuous at the side with the lateral wall of the pharynx . The soft palate is composed the mucous membrane ,palatine Aponeurosis and muscle .
  5. 5. The mucous membrane covers the upper and lower surface of the soft palate . The palatine aponeurosis is fibrous sheet attached to the posterior border of the hard palate.
  6. 6. The muscles of the soft palate Name of muscle Origin Insertion Nerve supply Action Tensor veli palatini Spine of sphenoid auditory tube With muscle other side forms palatine aponeurosis Medial pterygoid nerve of the mandibular nerve Tenses soft palate Levator veli palatini Petrous part of temporal bone auditory tube palatine aponeurosis Pharyngeal plexus Raises soft palate Palatoglossus Palatine aponeurosis Side of tongue Pharyngeal plexus Pulls root of tongue upward and backward Palatopharyngeus Palatine aponeurosis Posterior border of thyroid cartilage Pharyngeal plexus Elevates wall of pharyn Musculus uvulae Posterior border of hard palate Mucous membrane of uvula Pharyngeal plexus Elevates uvula
  7. 7. Nerve supply of the palate. 1)The greater and lesser palatine nerves from the maxillary branched of the trigeminal nerve enter the palate from the greater and lesser palatine foramina. 2)The nasopalatine nerve branch of maxillary nerve enter the hard palate from the incisive foramen . 3)The glossopharyngeal nerve supplies the soft palate .
  8. 8. The Blood supply of palate . 1)The greater palatine branch of the maxillary artery . 2)The ascending palatine branch of the facial artery . 3)The ascending pharyngeal artery.
  9. 9. First Thank God, after that Thanks a lot for any one help my , to the search special Dr .Abdullah Mohagab and ever one to Listen to me and help me . Without you I would not be the person I am today . I can never be thankful enough for all your support . Thank you for everything
  10. 10. By student : Wala a Zaid Hassen Dr.Abdullah Mohagab