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Medicine revision Medicine revision Document Transcript

  • Medicine1) Which Ancient Roman doctor influenced medieval medicine? 12) Name the Four Humours? 43) If you had a temperature which humour was out of balance? 14) Which religious group were blamed for starting the Black Death? 15) Name five causes of the Black Death 56) When did the Black Death hit Britain? 17) Name 2 things people thought caused the Great Plague 28) When was the Great Plague? 19) Name two ways in which the Church slowed the pace of change 210) What special type of stone did doctors give Charles II to cure him? 111) Who discovered circulation of the blood? 112) Name three reasons why circulation of the blood was discovered? 313) Name two of Vesalius’s discoveries 214) What was inoculation? 115) Name two problems with inoculation 216) Name the person who developed vaccination 117) Give two reasons why compulsory vaccination against smallpox was so important 218) Give three reasons why smallpox vaccination was opposed 319) How did Louis Pasteur prove his germ theory was correct? 120) Who explained how vaccination worked? 121) How did Koch make it easier to identify which micro-organism caused disease? 122) Name 4 things that helped Pasteur and Koch make their discoveries 423) Explain what a ‘magic bullet’ was 1
  • 24) Who discovered penicillin? 125) Give three reasons why Florey and Chain were able to produce penicillin on a mass scale 326) Name three ways Florence Nightingale improved the Scutari Hospital 327) Name the book that Nightingale published in 1863 128) Name 2 ways Elizabeth Garrett Anderson helped women doctors 229) Describe 3 features of medieval hospitals 330) Describe 3 features of late twentieth century hospitals 331) Name 3 ways in which the role of doctors has changed during the twentieth century 332) Name 3 ways in which the role of nurses has changed during the twentieth century 333) What is DNA? 134) Name the 4 individuals who have been credited with discovering DNA 435) Name 3 twentieth century inventions and for each one explain how they help medicine 6Total out of 63