Identifying different surgery questions


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Identifying different surgery questions

  1. 1. Identifying different types of questions for the Surgery examTypes of questionsInference Want you to make an inference about a source and explain what in the sources made you make that inference.Portrayal Want you to look at the style of a source.Reliability Want you to assess how reliable a source is.Cross referencing Want you to assess whether sources corroborate (match) one another.Usefulness Want you to assess how useful a source(s) is.Judgement Want you to judge whether the sources back up an interpretation/statement.You will definitely get asked to do an inference and judgement question in the exam andthree of the remaining four types of questions. So, you will answer FIVE questions in total.Now have a look at the two sets of exam questions below. See if you can work out what type ofquestion each one is.Answer ALL the questions. Answer ALL the questions.1. Study Source A. 1. Study Source A.What can you learn from Source A about James What can you learn about the work of Landsteiner fromSimpson? (6) this source? (6)2. Study Sources B, C and D. 2. Study Source C.How far do Sources B, C and D suggest that Simpson’sideas were accepted by other surgeons? Explain your How has the journalist shown his contempt for Lister?answer, using these sources. (10) (8)3. Study Source E. 3. Study Sources B, D and E.What impression of operations has been created by thedisplay shown in Source B? Explain your answer, using How far do these sources support the view that HaroldSource B. (8) Gillies would not have developed his skin grafting techniques without the influence of the first word war? (10)4. Study Sources F and G.Which of Sources F or G is more useful to a historian who 4. Study Source investigating the use of chloroform in the 1850s?Explain your answer, using Sources F and G. (10) How far can this source be trusted to give us a fair impression of public’s response to the use of chloroform inhaler? (10)5. Study Sources C, D and G and use your ownknowledge.“Simpson was far more important in developing 5. “World War One made the biggest difference tochloroform than John Snow.” How far do you agree with surgery in the period 1840-1918.” How far do you agreethis statement? with this statement?Use your own knowledge, Sources C, D and G and any Use your own knowledge and Sources B, D, E and anyother sources you find helpful to explain your answer. other sources you find helpful in your answer. (16) (16)