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Deck as presented at MM Live conference October 2012

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  • A known known – I do not know everything A known unknown – what the consumer will do next Unknown unknown - ?
  • With that great quote in mind be aware I will make some assumptions – all from known knowns I want to share with you elements of research – from Thinkbox in the UK to Deloittes new in depth view of Technology and TV Having now run a number of campaigns across Europe and Australia – I am excited about the potential. The potential for Shazam to connect Intel with consumers in the most personal of ways – on ones handset. I am also sharing some facts, to help frame your thoughts and ways in which Shazam can deliver cut through in the chaotic digital world.
  • Innovators In the past if I really wanted to say something about X-Factor you couldn’t express your opinion, social networks make you feel like they want your opinion, it gives you a sense of involvement, and a sense of voice On my computer I was also viewing applications on my phone such as Facebook and temple run and watching TV. After that I started to type up some work whilst watching TV. I am watching programmes on television that I have recorded while playing Facebook games on my laptop and also keeping an eye on football scores through the sky sports app on my phone On internet looking up news and sports news and also checking Facebook and twitter on my computer I’m also viewing my emails on my mobile phone whilst watching question of sport as well as an episode of south park Intimates I mainly do it for the sociable thing (I.e. Dual screen), like if I’m watching the X factor or The Voice, I’m saying this person is good or this person should go, it’s for the social confirmation thing. I tweeted about the grabbing on my big fat gypsy wedding I am currently watching Hollyoaks while doing some work on the laptop but at the same time texting my friend about it Had a half day off work so put on Facebook that I was watching homes under the hammer
  • TALKING POINTS: … our users make up and power Shazam’s scale, here is a look at our demographics.
  • Set up survey while slide is animating in
  • Set up survey while slide is animating in
  • Set up survey while slide is animating in
  • TALKING POINTS: So many fortune 20 brands have trusted us to incorporate them into the Super Bowl strategy… which is a major milestone for us. We are way beyond “beta” and our metrics have earned us trust and credibility in the marketplace.
  • MM Live! Shazam

    1. 1. The Second Screen:Extending Engagement and LeveragingInnovation with a TV to Mobile Experience
    2. 2. “There are known knowns; there arethings we know that we know.There are known unknowns; that is to saythere are things that, we now know wedont know.But there are also unknown unknowns –there are things we do not know we dontknow” STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2012 Shazam Entertainment Ltd. 2 United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, 2002
    3. 3. Assumptions Research Excitement FactsSTRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2012 Shazam Entertainment Ltd. 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. Nothing offers thereach & impact of TV 5
    7. 7. Why is mobile the platform for driving this engagement? Mobile is TV often drives Multi-screening Inherently already at multi-screening keeps us in the portable scale behaviour room 7
    8. 8. Who are the most active multi- screeners? Innovators Intimates 8 Source: Thinkbox, Screen Life: the view from the sofa. 2012
    9. 9. The drive to live is getting strongerMore triggers than ever to live viewingVirtual shared moments (the virtual sofa)Two tiers of interaction: - Within social circle - Beyond social realmsPrinciple of ‘loss avoidance’ STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2012 Shazam Entertainment Ltd. 9 Source: Thinkbox, Screen Life: the view from the sofa. 2012
    10. 10. Multi-screening keeps us in the room A benefit we never predicted Perceived as ‘time well spent’ – reduces compromise Growing sense of togetherness 10 Source: Thinkbox, Screen Life: the view from the sofa. 2012
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Shazam offers scale amongstsmartphone users 225M, 2M = Shazam internal data Top 10 downloaded app is = Apple iTunes
    14. 14. People of all ages are using Shazam13% 19% 27% 19% 11% 10% 1%<18 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65 *percentages reflect current Shazam users Source: Nielsen/Flurry 2012
    15. 15. 85% Shazam users Of use the App with a TV show or TV Ad Source: internal analysis of current Shazam users
    16. 16. 75% do so at least Monthly Source: internal analysis of current Shazam users
    17. 17. 54% Shazam TV weekly Source: internal analysis of current Shazam users
    18. 18. How doesShazam for TVwork?
    19. 19. Being Human
    20. 20. Immediate engagement with TVShazam enables In a few seconds, viewers are Content can link toits 250 Million brought to a customized and the mobile web or anusers to interact highly engaging experience integrated rich mediawith TV in one experienceclick, Today!
    21. 21. A behaviour that already existsInternet Explorer HP BingToo Close - Alex Clare Promises - Nero Ho Hey - The Lumineers 1+ million Shazams 100,000 Shazams 91,000 Shazams Why not greet them with more than album art? STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2012 Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
    22. 22. Internet ExplorerToo Close - Alex Clare 1+ million Shazams
    23. 23. Updated Shazam ResultGreet them with more than album art, encourage engagement! Previous music Branded Shazam tag result for TV result Title now placed Title now placed under media unit under media unit Commenting enabled Commenting enabled Easy share option to Easy share option to Facebook && Twitter Facebook Twitter 24
    24. 24. Live TV Event: Super Bowl 2012Game Result: up-to Halftime Show: the Ads: More than 1/3 of set list, music,-the-minute stats, Super Bowl ads weregame polls and Madonna App and Shazam-enabled free LMFAO remixrating the ads
    25. 25. The Shazam experience for the Olympics on NBCCustom experience Opening Ceremonies Daytime Primetime Closing CeremoniesIncludes sponsor AT&T. Drives intoOlympics apps, promotes autumnshows and social activation with theOlympics
    26. 26. Examples of Key Features
    27. 27. The Olympics on NBC: Millions of Interactions
    28. 28. Red Bull
    29. 29. But does it work?
    30. 30. Partnered with 10 US networks and ITV in the UK 31
    31. 31. Worked with scores of shows across 100’s of episodes 32
    32. 32. Shazam integration drives engagement and ratings • Shazam engagement • 500% (to 1800%) increase in show’s website content 35,000 30,000 25,000Page Views 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 k4 k9 k1 k2 k3 k5 k6 k7 k8 0 1 2 3 4 k1 k1 k1 k1 k1 ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee W W W W W W W W W W W W W W Being Human Caprica Haven TV Show with a Shazam Call to Action Comparison show 1 Comparison show 2
    33. 33. Shazam integration drives engagement and ratingsEngaging with show content increases likelihood ofwatching the next episodeSince content fuels conversations…Delivering additional content (sometimes exclusive)gives viewers more to talk about:“Offline” around the office and dinner tableNow increasingly “online” via social media
    34. 34. Multi-Screening is a great advertising opportunity Respondents like/use apps – used to instant response Apps for programmes, less so for ads Rewards for instant action Logical extension of behaviour Broadcasters perfectly place to utilise relationship STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2012 Shazam Entertainment Ltd. 35 Source: Thinkbox, Screen Life: the view from the sofa. 2012
    35. 35. Example TV Series: Shazam Tags vs. Tweets vs. LikesMore people used Shazam for this TVseries than tweets and likes combinedUnlike social media, the showproducers curate a positive, engagingexperienceWith a 5-second on-screen message,Shazam engagement can match socialmedia activity 36
    36. 36. Can this workfor advertising too?
    37. 37. 130+ campaigns &counting…
    38. 38. Second Screen Can…provide more info.extend the journeyenable purchase 39
    39. 39. Men in Black 3 40
    40. 40. Men in Black 3 – Shazam Experience
    41. 41. Microsoft - IE9 42
    42. 42. Microsoft IE9 – Shazam Experience
    43. 43. what happens whenyour commercial is over? 44
    44. 44. empowerconsumers toengagebeyond a 30-second spot…