Getting More from Your CI Server: Taking Hudson to the Next Level


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Hudson is an excellent open source, continuous integration server with a rich and rapidly evolving feature set. Targeted to developers, lead developers, and architects interested in implementing CI with Hudson or enhancing their existing CI setup, this session will focus on using Hudson's more advanced features to go from Continuous Integration to Continuous Quality and Continuous Deployment.

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Getting More from Your CI Server: Taking Hudson to the Next Level

  1. 1. John Ferguson Smart Principle Consultant Wakaleo Consulting
  2. 2. Agenda What will we cover today Hudson CI Basics Notification Strategies Quality metrics Build promotions Automated deployment
  3. 3. So who is this guy, anyway? John Ferguson Smart Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, Author, Speaker
  4. 4. So who is this guy, anyway? John Ferguson Smart Consultant, Trainer, Mentor, Author,...
  5. 5. CI Fundamentals What is Continuous Integration really about, anyway? Faster Feedback Better Visibility Automated Delivery
  6. 6. Introducing Hudson So what is this Hudson thing?
  7. 7. Introducing Hudson What makes Hudson so great? Distributed builds Continuous Integration Reporting Plugins Easy to use
  8. 8. First Impressions The Hudson dashboard Starring: Nested View Plugin
  9. 9. Working with version control SCM integration and build triggers Build
  10. 10. Notification Use your imagination! Hudson on Cocoa Hudson Tray Application
  11. 11. Displaying test results Test results and trends
  12. 12. Publishing stuff Publishing HTML reports Starring: HTML Publisher Plugin
  13. 13. Automated Nexus deployment Automated deployment to Nexus WAR 1.0.1 WAR 1.0.1 Enterprise Repository CI build server
  14. 14. Code Quality Metrics Code Quality Metrics in Hudson Starring: Violations Plugin Cobertura Plugin Sonar Plugin
  15. 15. Performance Metrics Keeping tabs on performance Starring: Performance Plugin
  16. 16. Build Promotion WARs are good for promotions Starring: Promoted Builds Plugin
  17. 17. Automated Maven Release The Maven Release Process Starring: M2 Release Plugin
  18. 18. Automated Deployment Deploying your apps Starring: Parameterized Build Plugin Deploy To Container Plugin SSH Plugin
  19. 19. Extreme Communication Make your builds glow! Starring: Radiator View Plugin
  20. 20. Distributed Builds Distributing your build jobs Putting your builds on the cloud
  21. 21. Conclusion “Do try this at home”
  22. 22. Resources “Continuous Integration with Hudson” - the book
  23. 23. Thanks for your attention John Ferguson Smart Email: Web: Twitter: wakaleo