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cleaning up tagging in the community

cleaning up tagging in the community



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Tagging1 Tagging1 Presentation Transcript

  • Tagging The damage it is doing to our environment
  • What is Tagging? When we first arrived at Lloyd Elsmore Park we discussed the difference between tagging & graffiti. Graffiti is a type of art which you use spray paints for. It is something that is full of drawings and signs but tagging is a totally different thing. Tagging is actually gangster words written on other people’s property.
  • This man on your right iscalled Jack. He is a very niceand helpful man.Jack works with the ManukauBeautification trust. He is avery good painter who helpsthe environment by paintingout tagging. Jack is a verydedicated man.
  • .Here, Jack is painting offsome of the tagging onthe Lloyd Elsmore bridge.Jack is not the only onewho works with theManukau BeautificationTrust.There are two morepeople who work withhim; they are Louis andJonathan. The managerof the ManukauBeatification Trust isBarbara.
  • One of the most excitingparts of our trip waspainting out tagging. Jacktaught us how to do that.First we had to have theexact same colour as thebackground, in this case itwas white. Next we had topaint, brick by brick, thismakes it much neater andeasier.
  • As you can see in thispicture these four boysare working very hardtogether painting thebig blacky-brown wall.These people areDaniel Yeom,Fraser Saxe, GavinWalsh and FraserMacdonald.
  • These are some of thetaggings that thegangsters did. Thepoliceman said thatthey found twohundred spray paintcans in thisunderground car park.Thats a lot of cans.We were shocked tosee so much damageto the environment
  • By this time we wereall very tired fromworking so hard. Butwe were still havingfun.Would we want to dothis every day likeJack ? No way.So the message is usethose spray cans forpainting to better theenvironment not todestroy it.
  • As you can see wehave nearlyfinished and all weneed is thefinishing touches.Even Mr. Jenkinhas been workingvery hard.Thank you Mr.Jenkin!
  • Made by Sara and Nandini of 6DPictures by Mrs. WarburtonAnd a special thanks to the Manukau Beautification Trust.