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When you write a tweet do you think of it as a novel 140 characters at a time? When you share a photo are you extracting the juice for your post? People don`t buy into brands -- they buy into the story behind brands. Brands are earning the attention of their audience by creating a personal experience -- content that connects! Learn why storytelling is potent and necessary to your content strategy, how to effortlessly weave storytelling into your campaigns, and how to tell your brand story in a way that resonates and that your audience will root for!

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Storytelling for Social Media | Your Muse

  1. 1. Social Media Storytelling Wahine Media social media strategy, training & implementation for business Slides:
  2. 2. Takeaways Why social storytelling is important What is a brand story How to write potent captions How to respond with heart How to create an experience
  3. 3. Why storytelling? In a word... connection
  4. 4. Storytelling is in our soul.
  5. 5. We have always found a way to tell our story Song – Slave songs in the cotton fields of Georgia Whisper – Victorian women whispering birth control methods to their daughters Symbol – Jews sharing symbols of their faith in Nazi Germany
  6. 6. Stories are how we communicate with our tribe “No man is an island and no brand wants to be.”
  7. 7. TRIBE STORY Your Brand Story
  8. 8. What is a brand story? The heart and soul of your brand Who you are + who people think you are
  9. 9. A fluid and living thing Audience sentiment The signals you send Are you walking the talk?
  10. 10. Begin by knowing your brand story “Brands speak human to human with spin, but when they speak their truth and with character, they have no equal.”
  11. 11. Brand stories that rock!
  12. 12. Brand mentors let you in, brand heroes don’t
  14. 14. Share only the juice Think of a whiskey still... Distill your brand story down to one perfect drop, an elixir worthy of sharing
  15. 15. Powerful messaging Create an experience Make the impossible possible Balance your content
  16. 16. Call your tribe 3-8 second attention span Business ‘intel’ proves storytelling The point is always the share
  17. 17. Let your cup runneth over
  18. 18. Paint a picture with your words
  19. 19. Gather your tools Klout (hot topic, hidden gem) Post Planner (Facebook captions) Embracing the ‘awesome’ What you do with it
  20. 20. The recipe Social media is visual storytelling 93% of all communication is non-verbal
  21. 21. The ingredients Use quality photos Lush language Watch ‘love’ and !!! Grammar, typos Hashtags, memes and more
  22. 22. Story: Financial freedom
  23. 23. Subtle meanings...
  24. 24. Both great photos... one great caption.
  25. 25. Lush no, but there’s a story there
  26. 26. Now we’re talking...
  27. 27. Great photos but captions... not so much
  28. 28. Keep it simple
  29. 29. Eye-catching photos + few words = shareable
  30. 30. Only if helps tell your story
  31. 31. Only if helps tell your story... and this does
  32. 32. Yawn...
  33. 33. LOL!
  34. 34. Hashtags and tagging
  35. 35. Memes don’t always need words...
  36. 36. Until they do
  37. 37. Awesome memes, distracting captions
  38. 38. Coldcuts
  39. 39. #FoodPorn photos… getting warmer
  40. 40. Starting to smile… and salivate
  41. 41. Perfection in a cracked-wheat messy bun!
  42. 42. Make their day
  43. 43. Your muse
  45. 45. Respond with heart Responding is walking the talk Continue the connection The fan is your hero
  46. 46. Be selfless Show gratitude for the relationship Use your muse
  47. 47. Genuinely care... it will show
  48. 48. Now we’re talking...
  49. 49. Your muse
  50. 50. THE FEAST Let’s tell a story
  51. 51. Make us smile Add your personality Charm us Care about us
  52. 52. Types of story Tell a story in one sentence Do a parody (Dogfather) Use a quote Ask a question or answer it Put words in people’s or thing’s mouth Give human attributes to non-human things
  53. 53. One sentence story
  54. 54. Inspire us
  55. 55. Add your personality
  56. 56. On the fringe
  57. 57. Take us back…
  58. 58. Rally around a cause
  59. 59. Sell nice
  60. 60. Take us there
  61. 61. Storytelling is in our soul.
  62. 62. Simple message: It’s a beautiful day
  63. 63. Feeling the need for mother earth beneath my feet today. You too? –Zappos
  64. 64. When was the last time you treated yourself to a walk on the beach? –
  65. 65. Happening now: A perfect ‘dig your toes in the sand’ kind of day. Wish you were here! –Sheraton
  66. 66. Story: Great place to stay and play
  67. 67. Here’s our five o’clock shadow…
  68. 68. Story: Hawaii Fashion Week
  69. 69. Green is the new black!
  70. 70. Story: Relaxing vacation
  71. 71. Vacations were meant to be spent just like this!
  72. 72. Story: Fall clothing line
  73. 73. Wicked cool!
  74. 74. Dorothy’s house wouldn’t dare!
  75. 75. Story: Lipstick Co., red lipstick new hot color
  76. 76. Take that Picasso!
  77. 77. Story: Childcare – spark the imagination
  78. 78. Take that Picasso!
  79. 79. Story: Casual Beach Dining on Maui
  80. 80. Take that Picasso!
  81. 81. Story: Made in Hawaii product
  82. 82. Aloha spoken here
  83. 83. Help a braddah out… caption?
  84. 84. The gorgeous hues and beautiful blues of Hawaii. Won’t you join us?
  85. 85. Caption?
  86. 86. What does your garden grow?
  87. 87. Caption?
  88. 88. Stuck in back-to-school traffic, but loving the view!
  89. 89. Caption?
  90. 90. We can’t wait to see those tan lines!
  91. 91. Remember this one? Let’s caption it!
  92. 92. Dip your spoon in this strawberry summer moon.
  93. 93. Epic, #foodporn, instagawk, incredible, surreal, awe-inspiring, #nofiltersneeded
  94. 94. Tribe Story — Know and use the brand voice Gather the Clan —Share only the juice Warrior Heroics —Respond with heart The Feast — Keep it short, they’ll love you for it
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