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04. the delineate on “mohammad wahid abdullah khan’s” surprising biographical report & his personal information’s  work history  (part  04)
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04. the delineate on “mohammad wahid abdullah khan’s” surprising biographical report & his personal information’s work history (part 04)



Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • 1. 04. The Delineate on “Mohammad Wahid Abdullah Khan’s” surprising Biographical Report & his Personal Information’s < Work HistoryWork History >> (Part -04) By: Naima Haque Momo Source- Telecomyou Work HistoryWork History (Work History Collect from Wahid’s Profile)(Work History Collect from Wahid’s Profile) • 2007 – 2009 Meridian Fashion Wear ltd (Dhaka) Chief Cost Accountants: - As a Cost accountant I recorded actual manufacturing costs involved in the manufacturing department. I also prepared regular reports comparing standard costs to actual production costs. This helped the senior management to appropriate corrective actions to reduce costs without foregoing quality and thereby maintain the company's strength in market evergreen. • 2005 – 2007 Mawla Wings (Group Company) General Manager (Accounts & Audit):- I took lead of Accounts & audit operations and took the task of reviews and investigating documents and process in the organization with the help of 06 Accountants & Auditor in my Department. I imparted training, Accounts and audit process for my team to carry out audit efficiently and effectively. I presented audit reports from the audit results given by my team and presented it to the top management with my suggestions and feedback for corrective actions on the same. • 2004 – 2005 Help line cab (pvt) ltd. (Dhaka), Manager (Accounts & Finance):- As a manager of Finance department I took Control of the whole Finance Unit for proper operations. I took the task of Project Management, Project Cash Flow, Project Inventory Control, and Project Budgeting & Reporting. I took the task of implementing target goal process in the Finance department and design, implemented the same in the department to meet the business requirements with best practices. • 2003- 2004 Next Sourcing Ltd. (Dhaka) Asst. Manager (Finance & budget)-I took control and managed the Finance unit of the Organization. I took responsibilities of Budgetary Control, Analysis of New Business and reviewing the same to provide my feedback for the organization, Financial Activities, monitoring and providing my reviews and feedback on Costing & Pricing of the concern which helped the organization to gain profit in business. • 2000 – 2003 Amin sweaters ltd. (Gazipur), Auditor: Took the role of auditor in the organization and audited all departments in the concern. Also took part in meetings, used my analytic skill to analyze existing system in organization and business processes and imparted my audit to propose new solution which helped the organization to avoid business risks & gain stability, strength in market& there by gain profit.
  • 2. Details of Professional coursesDetails of Professional courses • Financial literacy & managing your money • Project management (P.M) • Managing Supplier Performance (Introduction Part of SPSM) • Financial literacy (Up to Level 5) •• Review of Additional EducationsReview of Additional Educations:: Now business is so complicated accordingly Wahid’s tried to learn additional part that he could provide him with the knowledge to apply his business & services providing situation, client’s services & business and analytical skills to different business scenarios. In the logic Wahid’s has completed sufficient of extra courses that - Diploma courses on Financial Accounting, Auditing, Financial & Economic, Business & Enterprise, English language, Business & enterprise, Digital literacy, Management Accounting and so on, Diploma coursesDiploma courses • Diploma in Statistics • Diploma in Web Design • Diploma in Psychology (Certified) • Diploma in Mathematics (Certified) • Diploma in Legal Studies (Certified) • Diploma in Health Studies • Diploma in Programming C (Certified) • Diploma in Customer Service • Diploma in Educational Psychology • Diploma in Human Resources • Diploma in Customer Service (Certified) • Diploma in Project Management • Diploma in Social Media Marketing • Diploma in EU Public Procurement • Diploma in English Language and Literature • Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design • Diploma in Operations Management (Certified) • Diploma in Sustainable Development • Diploma in Business and Legal Studies • Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators • Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology • Diploma in Business Process Management • Diploma in Accounting - Core Practices and Theory • Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies • Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing • Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship (Certified) Financial Management certification & Training CoursesFinancial Management certification & Training Courses:
  • 3. • Strategic Planning • Managing Cash Flow • The Balanced Scorecard • Capital Budgeting Analysis • The Management of Capital • Evaluating Financial Performance • Financial Planning & Forecasting • Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 1) • Mergers and Acquisitions (Part 2) • Creating Value in the Nonprofits & NGO’s • Creating Value through Financial Management • Competitive Intelligence (Part 1 Introductory) • Proof of Additional ProficiencyProof of Additional Proficiency:: Wahid has accomplished more than 300 most valuable Certified, certification & Training courses & Edification. Degree, Wahid has fulfill 28 years Educational background, I believe this real, consultant means a problem solver he has to be acquainted with various sectors of knowledge in this speedy & complex business world too improvement apply the appropriate leadership role, Wahid has gain the knowledge that made him extraordinary, this line up combine into its organization comprehension areas - like •Financial & economic •Management, •Information technology, •Code of ethics, •Business & enterprise •English language and •Personal Development & soft skills, along with the core areas like •auditing, •Taxation •Business law and •Health, Safety & compliance. That provides him with a sense of pride & category, and gives identification to be a very tough contestant “Consultant” in the current business consultant arena. Financial & economic literacy skillsFinancial & economic literacy skills • Financial Funds • Financial Literacy • Modern Economics • Currency Exchange • Fiscal and Monetary Policies • Aggregate Supply and demand • Monopolies in Market Economics • Introduction to Stocks and Short Selling • Introduction to Investment and Taxation • Understanding the American Financial Credit Crisis • Understanding Adjustments for Financial Reporting • How to get Angel Investors Supporting Your Business • Government Economic Policy • Fundraising for the Non-Profit • Trading in a Futures Market • Inflation in Modern Economies
  • 4. • Fundamentals of Economics • Fundamentals of Accounting • Succeeding as a Venture Capitalist • Accounting Theory • Introduction to Behavioural Finance • Accounting – Merchandising Transactions • Accounting - Measuring and Reporting Inventory • Adjustments for Financial Reporting • Recording Business Transactions in Accounting • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting • Understanding Monopolies in a market Economy • Introduction to Arbitraging in Finance • Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts • Laws of Supply and Demand • Introduction to Gross Domestic Product in Economics • Understanding Present Value • Introduction to Venture Capital • Introduction to Fractional Reserve Banking • Understanding the Greek Financial Debt Crisis • Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest • Recording Business Transactions in Accounting, Business & enterprise skillsBusiness & enterprise skills • Fundamentals of Corporate Management • Fundamentals of Operations Management • Fundamentals of Human Resources • Fundamentals of Project Management • Entrepreneurship - Creating the Business • Customer Service Training • Leadership Skills in Business • Growth Strategies for Business • Preparing to Manage - Skills and Practices • Key Elements of Entrepreneurial Success • Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur • Marketing Success for Your Business • Creating Business Start-Ups the Kawasaki Way • What Great Leaders Do • Rethinking the Product Development Process • Creating an Entrepreneur's Checklist for Success • How to Negotiate the Price When Buying a House • Discovering and Meeting Market Needs • Introduction to Banking • Product Design • Creating Meaning for Employees • Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
  • 5. • Developing a Business Model for a Digital Media Company • Developing a Global Online Enterprise • Three Facets of Business - The Endeavor Way • Staying Close to the Customer • Why Risk is Necessary for Business Growth • Introducing the Art of Negotiation • Introduction to Instructional Systems Design • Understanding the Success of Silicon Valley • Introduction to Balance Sheets • Creating a Need for Your Product • Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups • Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture • Why Entrepreneurs Should Think Big • Fundamentals of Incoterms • Introduction to Valuation and Investing • Marketing Success for Your Business: • Developing a Business Model for a Digital Media Company: • Staying Close to the Customer: • Introduction to Cash Accounting • Knowing the Difference between an Idea and an Opportunity • How Commercial Banking Helps Technology Companies: • Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales • Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online: • Developing Business Ideas The Google Way Digital literacy & it skillsDigital literacy & it skills • Systems Engineering • Web Page Development • Web Applications for Language teaching • Design - Applying Design Principles • Microsoft Digital Literacy - Productivity Programs • Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet & Productivity Programs • How the Internet Works • Fundamentals of Human-Computer Information Retrieval • Fundamentals of Perl Programming • Protect yourself from Identity Theft • Systems Analysis • Fundamentals of Information Systems • Fundamentals of Systems Design and Implementation • Introduction to PHP and MySQL Programming • Microsoft Digital Literacy- Computer Security and Privacy • Microsoft Digital Literacy- The Internet and the World Wide Web • Fundamentals of Network Security • Digital Communication Networks • Understanding the Computer Game Development Business
  • 6. • Introduction to Instructional Systems Design • Introduction to Computer Science: • Introduction to Information technology • Programming in C - Understanding Statements and Logic • Programming in C - Fundamentals of Numbers, Variables and Arrays • Programming in C - Using Pointers, Constants and Strings in C • Introduction to Programming in C • Improving Oral Skills of Students using Voxopop • Using Lyrics Training for Language Learning • Introduction to Moodle Administration • Developing Critical Skills Needed by Entrepreneurs Psychological & diagnostic skillsPsychological & diagnostic skills • Research Methods in Psychology • Memory and Cognition in Psychology • Biology and Behaviour in Psychology • Alcohol and Its Effects on Health: • Understanding Mental Health and Illness • The Human Nervous System • Introduction to the Human Muscular System • Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Anatomy - Head and Neck • Behavior-Based-Safety Auditor • Alcohol and Its Effects on Health • Drug-Free Workplace Auditor • Understanding Dyslexia • Practicing Sustainable Development •Introduction to the Human Respiratory System • Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare - Psychosocial Hazards • Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression, • Introduction to the Human Respiratory System • Introduction to the Human Reproductive System, • Introduction to the Human Sensory Organs • Mental Health Studies - Understanding Behaviour, Burnout and Depression Arithmetic skillsArithmetic skills • Statistics, Correlation and Regression in Mathematics • Differentiation and Functions in Mathematics • Mathematics Upper-Secondary 4 - Distributions and Integration • Advanced Algebraic Concepts and Applications in Mathematics • Maths – Leaving Cert Probability and Statistics Higher Level, • Maths – Leaving Cert Probability and Statistics Ordinary Level • Probability and Chance in Mathematics • Algebra - Functions, Expressions and Equations • Fractions in Mathematics
  • 7. • Geometry in Mathematics • Geometry - Angles, Shapes and Area • Algebra in Mathematics • Advanced Mathematics 1 • Advanced Mathematics 2 • SAT Math Exam • ACT Math Exam Bylaw & Personal Development SkillsBylaw & Personal Development Skills • Legal Studies – Bylaw and the Judicial System • Legal Studies - The Adversary Trial System • Design - Applying Design Principles • Basic Study Skills - A Short Guide • Outdoor Education - Outdoor Recreation and Land Management • Smarter Learning - Improve Your Study Skills and Practices • Achieving Personal Success • Smarter Learning - Improve Your Study Skills and Practices • Introduction to Contracts in Law • Law of Agency: Principal-Agency Relationships in Business • Fundamentals of Business Law • Introduction to Employee Investigation in the UK • Introduction to Growing Organic Food Sustainably • How to Plan Your Career Path Supplementary Information’sSupplementary Information’s:: LanguagesLanguages • English (Full professional proficiency) • Hindi (Limited working proficiency) • Chinese (Elementary proficiency) • Bangla (Full professional proficiency) • French (Elementary proficiency) Honors and AwardsHonors and Awards • Letter of Appreciation (March 2009 – January 2013) Obtained more than 50(Fifty) Appreciation Letters “Through clients for provided consulting assistance” (Good Service, meet up time, budget restraints & proficient perfection) • Presidents’ Day Scholarships (George Washington's Birthday) Educational Awards:Educational Awards:
  • 8. • The Quality Gurus • Presidential scholarship (International) • Introduction to ISO 9001:2008 • Introduction to Six sigma • Internal auditor course • Financial management expertise • Internal Auditing coach • Risk management specialist, Interests & Additional Information’sInterests & Additional Information’s:: Interests & HobbiesInterests & Hobbies > given below are some of the things that I like doing in my free time. • Reading- Prefer reading novel. Favorite Authors include - Humayun Ahmed, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, John Wiley, Alan Wiley, and Don Craig • Writing: - Have written more than 500 articles and case studies in different international journal. Also have a Personal blog that I regularly update. • Others:-Thriller & Action movies, Internet Browsing, Traveling, Music